Episode #021 – December 28, 2016 – Wrestling Weekly Review

Welcome to another edition of Are You Not Kentertained.  This week, Russ, Keri, and Kent go through the week that was in wrestling.  Basically we make fun of RAW, what little bit of it that we saw, and then praise Smackdown.  It’s a typical week for us.  Topics that come up are:

The big man revolution and the difference in how Baron and Braun are booked
The Dusty Rhodes bear story
What John Cena’s return means moving forward
Who is El Luchadora
How Big Cass and Enzo are being perceived

All that, plus our Guess The Wrestler segment and we hype up next week’s Year in Review Awards, like a best of 2016 type thing.  It will be fun.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our wrestling blog called The Wrestling 9 Deuce.  We go more in depth on other topics and there are some music videos too.

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