Episode #027 – February 1, 2017 – A Sit Down Talk With Jay About Chick Flicks

Hi everyone.  This is a pretty special episode for me.  I have my good friend, Jay, with me on this one.  In February, I spend the first half of the month making myself miserable by watching chick flicks in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Jay likes these sort of flicks, he even makes them.  He was the perfect choice as my leave to Fuckeroo February. Jay is the guy that got me to start this whole podcast thing to begin with, and has actually helped me immensely with the blogs and the website and pretty much everything.

We discuss some of Jay’s all time favorite chick flicks, Kevin Smith, some wrestling and basketball even make it in at the very end.  If you are a film fan, this is one of the podcasts that you probably shouldn’t miss out on.

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