Episode #033 – February 29, 2017 – Wrestling Weekly Review

On this week’s Are You Not Kentertained, Russ returns, and he never shuts up.  It takes 7 minutes before Kent gets to say anything.  Also, we insult RAW a LOT.  Topics for the week include:

RAW’s women’s segment
AJ Styles vs Luke
Randy Orton burning his relationship with Bray

We also have our fan favorite segments, such as:

Were You Not Kentertained? – The Miz and Cena segment
Russ’ Man Crush of the Week
Keri’s Big Internet Story of the Week
Kent’s What Really Grinds My Gears
Guess the wrestler

We also did a very quick set of predictions for Fast Lane.  We all picked the same with only 2 differences amongst the 3 of us.  Yeah.

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