Episode #059 – July 12, 2017 – Important Wrestlers Under 226 Pounds Edition

Welcome everybody to the only wrestling podcast that keeps coming up with unique things to do every week in a world of incredibly boring wrestling.  Join Russ, Keri, and Kent as they talk about the week in wrestling and play a game involving great wrestlers who weigh under 226 pounds.

Finally, we have a blog that is a literary companion to this located over at 9deuce.com.  It is called The Wrestling 9 Deuce, and we discuss even more topics there.  Please check us out at facebook.com/9deuceblog or on Twitter @official9deuce.  Share this, like this, write us an email with a question at wrestling@9deuce.com.  If you like us, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  I won’t know it because iTunes doesn’t give me statistics, but I’ll know somehow.  Thank you.

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