The Wrestling 9 Deuce: September 26 & 27, 2016 – What Was Becky Coming Out For Edition

The Wrestling 9 Deuce – September 26 and 27, 2016

OH, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. Well pull up a chair and listen to Russ, Keri, and I fill all of your orifices with this week’s biggest topics in the world of wrestling.

  1.  Are you happy with the fallout from the Cesaro and Sheamus best of 7 series?

Russ:  I’m going to hold Judgement on this particular angle.  At first, I was really irritated by this cop out! After what was close to being a very special match at Clash I was expecting to get “we won’t let this feud end this way!  It has to be decisive!”  Instead we get “you guys are equally good! Let’s team you up!”  However, after a little time to think about it I can see this playing out as a different story than WWE usually sets up and I would be on board if they go this route.  Basically,  Sheasaro ™ (For Kent so he knows I’m not stealing it!)   Team up for the next few weeks, but instead of working out the way Foley thought it might it ends in disaster.  They fight constantly and do not accomplish the goal of becoming Tag Champs.  This prompts Foley to set up a match at Hell in the Cell to be the final one! Of course this will be in a Cell that is similar to a place south of Heaven.  If they go in this direction I can get behind this angle.  If they go in a different direction from what I just described, I’ll revisit this topic.  (Kent: I smell a riot.)

Keri:  At first, I felt like they left things up in the air. However, after watching the promo with Foley as well as the backstage segment, it became apparent what they wanted to do with both guys. By setting things up the way they did, with neither being declared the winner, it enabled both guys to look strong. As for Foley setting them up as a tag team, all I have to say there is paging Dr. Shelby (oh look Kent made a Team Hell No reference too).  I don’t know if this “tag team” will continue past this week but given the fact that Creative doesn’t use the tag teams they have on RAW, I say that we shouldn’t.

Kent: Once I learned that neither Cesaro, nor Sheamus, had suffered any injuries, I totally expected them to finish this feud in a Hell in a Cell match, which admittedly would have kicked ass. Then Foley puts them in a tag team. My instant reaction was a bit incredulous because I just want Cesaro to get himself, but I quickly figured out that this is the next Team Hell No, and it’s a stroke of genius. Let’s face it, Cesaro losing to KO wasn’t going to him any more over than he already is. Now you add some fun dynamics, both guys get plenty of shine, and we could be on the verge of lightning in a bottle. If they were on Smackdown, I would be slightly more optimistic. RAW already has a great tag division that they don’t know how to utilize properly, so between that, and New Day inching closer to the all-time record, I’m a little hesitant. Maybe they will drop the belts shortly after the record is broken. Also, before my colleagues decide to Brangelina the hell out of this name, yes, it will just be easier to say Sheasaro and be done with it.  League of Nations would be a cool name though…….


  1. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for Charlotte vs. Sasha next week?

Russ:  There was a time when I couldn’t wait for Sasha to be the champ.  Then she became champ, did nothing with it, lost it within a month.  That completely killed my ability to care for her getting the belt again.  Charlotte on the other hand has only gotten better recently.  So I say keep the belt on her!  As far as a rating… I’d give it a 3.  I have such a low interest that I don’t really care who wins.

Keri:  Can I say zero? Because I want to say zero. I don’t care about this match. I know how it’s going to end and I’m not excited about that at all. Something did happen for me this week though. I saw something in Charlotte I hadn’t seen before and it quite frankly shocked me. She actually looked and talked like a champ. Her mic skills were significantly improved and she is starting to make me a believer. She keeps this up and I may start saying Team Charlotte instead of Team Sasha.

Kent:  Remember when fans were chanting for Sasha for months, and she was one of the hottest names out there? Remember how we all wanted Sasha to be the champ? Like, that was going to make this women’s division evolve. Yeah, and here we are. Uhmmm, I have one fuck to give, and that’s hoping that there’s a wardrobe malfunction. 1.1


  1. Rusev has been buried twice by guys who didn’t need the belt. Cena really made the most of that opportunity. Would it be wise to have Roman bring back the US Open Challenge? Who do you foresee getting the Roman push?

Russ:  Would it be wise for Roman to bring back the challenge? Yes!  Will they?  No, of course not.  I honestly wonder if they hate Rusev at WWE cause he is one heck of a performer and yet he keeps getting the short end of the stick.  I like Roman, but he doesn’t need this belt at all.  Who will get the Roman push? Probably Kane.  Who do I think should get it?  It is time for Big E to get back into the singles title picture, or have Sami Zayne get the title.

Keri:  I don’t know about bringing back the open challenge but I do have a theory. My theory has to do with a certain tag team that I predict, will not be together too much longer. This break up will eventually give us a rival for Roman that is not named Rusev. So, who is this mystery tag team you ask? Well Enzo and Big Cass. When I watched Monday night’s main event, Enzo and Cass vs. JerichKO, I noticed something very subtle but yet very important. What is that you ask? Well, I think Creative might be starting to foreshadow the break-up of Enzo and Cass. How can I tell? The things that the commentators are saying for starts. The commentators are burying Enzo with their comments and then doing the opposite with Big Cass. Also, look at the match itself, Enzo ate the pin and Big Cass dominated. Not to mention, Enzo has eaten the pin in every match that both guys have had over the past few weeks. Based on this observation, I think they are going to break up this tag team and Big Cass will be the next person to come after Roman’s US title. I also predict this will happen by the Royal Rumble if not sooner. Face it, what better person to take the title off Roman but the guy who Vince also has a thing for and wants to push to the moon. (Kent: As a person who enjoys outlandish theories, I could see this happening, but I still think that these guys get one title run before they break up, or is the cause of a break up……maybe you’re right!)

Kent: If the goal is to keep Roman a face, then bringing back the challenge is probably an easy solution, and ensure that he puts on great matches against everybody, which he is capable of. It’s not lazy writing to re-hash simple story telling.  As for who gets the Roman rub, call me skeptical, but I think he gets suspended or injured before giving the rub, but otherwise I’ll go with Braun which will be a huge mistake.  Sami Zayn or Rusev would be the smart choices, but Y2J would also be fun to be belt buddies with KO.


  1. Speaking of Jericho, can the greatness of JerichiKO save next week’s segment with Kelso and Hyde, I mean Ashton and Danny?

Russ:  Yes, I still firmly believe that Jericho can make any segment he is involved in into something entertaining.  This will be a true test.  Fortunately, I like both Danny and Ashton so I can see this being a pleasant segment that will generate some laughs.

Keri:  Can I just say how mad I am that they are going to waste JerichKO on Kelso and Hyde? I can. Great. I’m mad. I mean come on Creative! When has special guests (outside of Shaq and maybe Hugh Jackman) even been over with the crowd? This just seems like a waste of time not just for the fans but JerichKO. Also, does creative really think that this crap is going to beat Monday Night Football? I’m going to go with a big NOPE on that one.

Kent:  This is a trap. Sometimes no matter how talented the talker, they can’t save a garbage segment. Drink it in this week because next week’s is not going to go down easy, and we will get…..IT in the worst way possible.


  1. Is RAW in danger of being over crowded again now that they have to give the Cruiserweight division time? In 6 months’ time, which division or section of the roster will suffer the most from the added division?

Russ:  This is hard to call.  On the one hand RAW has 3 hours to fill and every week it seems like a struggle to fill it all in.  On the other hand, where the hell was Zayn, Neville, Bo, and a few others this week?  I was in and out of RAW, but I’m pretty sure they were not on my screen at any point in time.   So I don’t think it will be overcrowded as much as it will be booked poorly.  Three hours should be more than enough for each talent to get in there, show us a good match, or shine in a promo.  The addition of the cruiserweights should be helpful.  Yes we need to establish them right now, but in the coming weeks they should be mixed in with the rest of the roster and not treated as something separate from rest of the WWE.  This should be doable and nothing should be over crowded.  However this is WWE and they know how to screw things up!

Keri:  I say anyone that is not in the main event picture, in the women’s division, or is named either Cesaro or Sheamus. Right now, Creative doesn’t have a clue on what to do with anyone else on the roster. The tag team division is directionless. We have Roman and Rusev fighting over a US title in matches that border between halfway decent or as exciting as watching paint dry. Outside of that, what else is there. A big fat nothing that’s what.

Kent:  Mid and lower card. The tag division is already a joke despite having 4 great tag teams now. The women’s division consists of short Nia matches, and a never ending game of grab ass between the 3 horsewomen and Dana, so that’s dull. Still, they get time. Guys like Sami, Neville, Bo, Curtis, and Rusev are likely to get lost in the shuffle. Now that Roman is the US champ, that takes away more mid card opportunities, in theory, but could be a positive.


  1. AJ Styles took on Dean Ambrose in the Smackdown main event this week. We have recently seen them wrestle. How did you feel about the match?

Russ:  It was serviceable.  There was no way Dean was winning this match and with Cena out there on commentary you knew shenanigans were afoot.  Knowing this information hurt the match, slightly, AJ will always put on a great match and I like that Dean was fired up.  It never felt big though and again knowing that Dean wasn’t winning forced the air out of the match, but I thought the ending was well done.  I liked how Cena didn’t cause a huge distraction, but caused enough of one that it cost Dean his chance at the title.  This gave Dean more of reason to dislike Cena.  When AJ did the exact same thing to Dean 5 seconds later and held the pants it put instant heat on AJ.  Again well done and applaud the effort Smackdown takes for the little things.

Keri:  Wait haven’t I seen this match before? Yes, yes I have. I think it was at Backlash. And it was as good last night as it was then. Also, by having Cena on commentary and come in at the end really sold me on next month’s No Mercy main event. However, I don’t believe Cena is going to win though. At least, well I hope not.

Kent:  I enjoyed Cena on commentary. He made the match feel bigger than it would have been without him.  The match didn’t come close to being as great as their Backlash match. Maybe because it was televised, but the first 15 minutes felt very by the book with Dean notably selling a hurt leg. While the last ten minutes were fine, it felt rushed and never got into a good rhythm.


  1. How do you foresee this Miz vs. Dolph feud now that Dolph has put his career on the line?

Russ:  I’m getting my riot gear ready (mostly consists of tissues and chocolate.)  How did Smackdown make Miz vs Dolph the hottest feud of 2016?  It seriously started as a throw away feud to put Ziggler in something after his loss to Dean.  With last night’s promo, the build picked up considerably.  The segment was real enjoyable.  You can tell the guys are very comfortable with each other and I loved how fast The Miz came back to the ring when Dolph put his career on the line.  This is a tough feud to call.  On the one hand The Miz needs to hold onto that belt, because he has made it relevant again.  On the other hand, Dolph being done wrestling doesn’t seem likely either.  I honestly don’t know how this will play out!  Which is a good thing.

Keri:  Well if you believe the rumors (and my Big Wrestling News Story of the Week on the Are You Not Kentertained podcast), this match may be Ziggler’s retirement match. Depending on what happens with his contract, one of two things could happen here. Either Ziggler will end his career with a great match or the belt comes off of the Miz at a time when it really shouldn’t.  Either way, this will probably be match of the night at No Mercy. Seriously, would you expect anything less from Ziggler in his last match? (Kent: Yes, that’s right. Our very own investigative reporter, Keri, has done her investigating and found this nugget. Fine job right there!)

Kent:  I have a feeling that Russ will be rioting soon enough as that Honkey Tonk Man record is safe in my eyes. Unless Dolph needs a break or his contract is up, which I doubt on both ends, I think that Dolph is the last guy on Smackdown that hasn’t really got his due since the split, and I think they put the belt on Dolph to combat RAW and Roman with the US. That was a great segment. Best of the night.


  1. Aside from Dolph and Miz, who stood out most in your eyes after Smackdown?

Russ:  Since Kent has a raging clue for Alexa, I’ll let him talk about that.  I’m going to comment on Carmella and the fine work she is doing as the psychotic heel.  She is nailing it.  The little things she does makes big differences and everyone in the locker room could take notes on what she does.   Blowing kisses to Nikki and freaking out trying to find Nikki, classic stuff.  Two months ago if you asked me if I thought the women of Smackdown would be competing with my interest in the men, I’d have laughed in your face.  Now, I’m hooked I want to see these feuds play out!

Keri:  I’m going to go with Bray and Randy. That was a great set of storyline segments. It really looked like Randy may have finally gotten the upper hand on the face of fear.

Kent:  I mean, do I go with the typical Kent answer and say Alexa Bliss because she beat down Becky Lynch who was coming out for…….wait, why was Becky coming out? Did she have a match with a jobber? Was she going to cut a promo? Carmella deserves props and I have faith that one of my colleagues will choose her, but I gotta say, I love a good beat down. As Russ alluded to, I gotta say that right now, the women’s division is absolutely as interesting as the men’s. Sasha, if you want to main event Wrestlemania, you’re on the wrong brand. BOOM! Barrett Barrage/Bull Hammer to Sasha’s pride.


  1. What in the blue hell was that last bit with Bray and Randy?

Russ:  I totally zoned out for the Bray and Randy stuff.  Not that it isn’t a bit of interesting predator and prey stuff going on, but honestly Bray has been so badly portrayed that I have ceased to care about most things he is in.  I already know how it is going to end… he is going to job to Randy.  I did however see the last part and thought… “What the fuck am I watching?”  This was as confusing as waking up in one of Kent’s dreams.  Sure you recognize the surroundings (usually a restaurant or food is involved), but why are there sad naked clowns dancing with livestock in the corner (Kent has weird dreams, is what I’m getting at here.)  I hope they totally drop whatever the hell that was and I’ll forgive them on this one.  Kent and his dreams on the other hand I just can’t forgive.  (Kent: I don’t have a snarky comeback. I have troubling dreams, and my therapist says that it’s OK as long as I am eating the food at the restaurant or the livestock, but not eating the clowns. I have failed.)

Keri:  Every single one of those segments last night was fantastic. They were all well written and well thought out. Yes, the ending was kind of a wait what just happened moment but I was still entertained.

Kent:  As a fan of everything up the big final edit-fest, I really liked the horror aspects of it. They tossed in a bit of comedy with Rowan’s door being locked. Everything went fine, and then….I just don’t know what the fuck I saw. It was awful and the writers should feel awful for greenlighting that. This is the stuff though that Bray should be doing.


Bonus Deuce

  1. Rumor has it that Luke Harper may be going to the RAW roster. Good or bad move?

Russ:  Well, I think this is a good thing.  Luke doesn’t need Bray to move his career.  So separating them will help legitimize Luke.  With that said, WWE needs to do right by Luke.  He is an amazing big guy with abilities like guys half his size.  This means WWE needs to put him in meaningful feuds with other talented guys and give him a belt!  He should take the belt off Roman, forgetting all I said about Big E and Sami!  Eventually, Luke should get the RAW title, yes he is that good and if you haven’t seen any of his matches shame on you!

Keri:  I’m on the fence on this one for a couple of reasons. First, we have the potential for a Wyatt family reunion on RAW with the Braun and Harper. Face it, Braun is not going to get completely over on his own. So, why don’t we have him team with Harper and have them tear up the dead-in-the water RAW tag team division for a while?  Perhaps, we can still have the Wyatt family just across brands. This could potentially set up something awesome once Finn comes back and we have the formation of the Balor, I mean, Bullet Club.  Second, the chemistry between the original Wyatt family members was incredible. As a result, I feel we would be missing out if we didn’t have Harper join Bray and Rowan on Smackdown.

Kent:  Honestly, it’s terrible. There’s no real room to move up on that side until Luke Is more established, and he’s not high enough on the roster where an injury may get him a good title run. Plus, it could be just a way for him to help get Braun over, when Luke is the one who needs to be getting the push. Smackdown may be stacked, but Luke vs. Cena, Orton, Dolph, Apollo, Swagger and even Dean still all sound amazing, plus the possible turn on Bray all make so much more sense to me. On RAW, there’s nobody to really reasonably get him over because he’s not perceived to be Seth or Roman’s peer, and Sami should be beneath him.


  1. Russ, why don’t you tell us what you thought about Clash of Champions while Keri and I discuss a far more interesting topic? Keri, if you could take any one wrestler, or tag team, from another wrestling organization and bring them to WWE, who would you pick? Russ, you can also chime in with some man crush of yours.

Russ:  Clash of Champions was a tale of two wrestling shows for me.  Let me explain.  From a pure match prospective, this PPV was very solid!  Cesaro vs Sheamus, Roman vs Rusev, KO vs Rollins, Jericho vs Zayne, even the Women’s match were all above average matches and some came close to amazing.  Even the other matches I didn’t mention were good.  So I couldn’t have been happier with Clash when it comes to in-ring talent putting on a clinic.  The other half to me was just the piss poor storytelling from creative.  The build up to most of these matches was pure trash or simply hey lets wrestle … for reasons.  It didn’t give any of these matches the extra spice that good storytelling can do.  This killed the PPV for me and made it feel kind of like another episode of RAW. (albeit, a good RAW, but still it didn’t have the PPV feel.)  I’d rate the whole thing a 6.8 on the old nine-Deuce Scale.

Keri:  Wow, I have a few on my list so this is going to be a difficult decision. So, I guess if I have to pick one, my pick would be none other than Johnny Nitro-Morrison-Mundo (aka Johnny Abs). His character on Lucha is fantastic and his in-ring work is the best I’ve ever seen from him. Also, he has come out and said he is better than Rollins so why not test that theory by bringing him back to the WWE. We can dub it the Russ’s Ultimate Man Crush Match. (Kent: Fair warning, this statement will be vulgar as hell. Russ’ penis would be absolutely devastated if this happened from the beating he’d put upon it. Yup, classy!)

Kent:  Bobby Lashley is 40, and while the Hardys are brilliant at the moment, age is an issue. Eli Drake Is young, but would get lost I fear. My choice is a man named Moose. He’s a big dude who needs a couple of years of polish and he’ll be a solid main eventer in the same vein as Big Cass, but he’s also black. WWE could truly use a top notch black wrestler that they could really use to bring back a fan base that have gone too long without a proper big name to really get behind.  I think Moose would easily be a better Big E.

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WWE Clash Of Champions 2016 Review

I am joined by Keri today. See Russ with previews, Keri with reviews. Yeah.  Without further Apu……yeah Simpsons reference, let’s get on with the blog! Wait, how in the hell did Enzo and Cass not get a match on the first RAW exclusive PPV in years? Cass was in the final four to win the RAW Title. Enzo is one of the 5 best talkers on the roster (Jericho, Paul Heyman, Steph, Foley) and is one of the most over guys at the moment.  That’s just stupid! Anyway, we will be rating the matches on a scale of 1.0-9.2.

Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

Kent:  This match was what you would expect it to be, basically. I felt Alicia got in more offense than I anticipated. She also looked great, the most underappreciated female on the roster because at least Summer Rae gets talked about for being hot, but Alicia is incredibly easy on the eyes too. With that being said, we had the rest hold from hell because Nia needs those in any match that goes beyond 4 minutes. I do like that she has switched up her finisher as I think it is a little safer looking and she can control the bump more effectively. I hated the one where, well it’s the total opposite, she had them in a fireman’s carry and tossed overhead and landed a slam. She was going to hurt somebody as she constantly looked nervous delivering it.  She won. She still doesn’t look like she belongs. She reminds me of Eric Rowan, but at least Rowan had Luke and Bray to team with, and worked a lot with the Shield early on, so he was very protected. Nia is not, and moving up this women’s roster, it may not help her based on their experience.  More on that later.

Winner – Nia Jax. I’d give this match a 2.7

Keri:  This match wasn’t bad or good. It was just a match and it happened.  I say 2 out of 9.2 for this one because it just didn’t hold my interest at all.  I would have preferred something else.

New Day vs. Gallows and Anderson

Kent: This wasn’t a bad match, but it was never really above average, which is a shame. Remember how good G&A were with AJ against Cena, Enzo, and Cass? Yeah, I miss that. New Day is still solid, and I loved how G&A had more of an edge at the very least. I think this match needs a stipulation or an extra bit of oomph and maybe 4 more minutes to rise above hate, I mean mediocrity. Both teams were just there, and at times, felt like going through the motions.

Winners – New Day. Did you really think that New Day was going to lose? Oh yeah, I know SOMEONE who did. This match is about a 5.0 as it did nothing wrong or bad, but I never need to see it ever again.

Keri:  This was a decent tag match. The thing that grinds my gears is the fact that they are keeping the belt on New Day. Why you ask? Because this division, unlike its Smackdown counterpart, is stale and boring. Also, I think it is a travesty what they have done to Anderson and Gallows. This team started out as a legit threat and now they are, unfortunately, a legit joke. At this point, I think they may have been better off staying in New Japan.  Rating: 3 out of 9.2 because this division bores me.

T.J. Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick

Kent:  Business just picked up. Perkins is doing some great things in that ring, and Brian was a perfect dance partner and change of pace guy, with just enough high flying to keep things interesting.  If you don’t think that was the modern day equivalent to Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Dean Malenko, well then you probably weren’t around when Cruiserweights was a new term, and about to change the wrestling landscape. I really, really liked this match. I was watching this with Raylene, and she had zero interest in this match heading into it, but midway through, she was into it. That’s not an easy task. This is a match to be seen for the fun factor. I think the right guy won, but eventually, a heel has to break through. Although in a cruiserweight division, face vs heel dynamics aren’t as important as the quality is, traditionally. Some of the moves, they just looked amazing.

Winner: T.J. Perkins. I think I will re-watch this at some point Monday. I’ll confidently give this match a 7.2 and feel good about it.

Keri:  First things first. It’s The Brian Kendrick not Brian Kendrick, damn it. Ok now that I have gotten that out of the way. Ok, this match had a series of great moments. First, Perkin’s entrance is awesome and made the gamer in me smile. As a result of that entrance, he is also my husband’s new favorite wrestler. Second, the match itself was fantastic. Both were evenly matched and put on a great show.  Lastly, the ending was perfect. That was great heeling on the part of The Brian Kendrick. Sorry I’m not taking the “The” off, WWE, and you can’t make me. Rating:  8 out of 9.2

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Kent:  If you read my preview, you’d know that I suggested this would be match of the night……and damn it feels good to be a gangsta. This was such a well told match, with a great story. Both guys laid it out on the line. I have no idea if either guy is hurt or not, but that Cesaro dive was so scary looking that the ref was outside the ring in under a second. That looked rough. The big clothesline at the end, right before Cesaro connects, Sheamus’ eyes don’t even look right. If nobody is injured, bravo for the excellent job by both guys. All of the nuances in their performance was a thing of beauty. Yes, the ending will sour some people, and it will prevent it from being match of the year, I won’t try to debate that. With that being said, this match delivered and if you can only see one match from this month, this may be the match, this or AJ and Dean, depending on what style you prefer. Oh, forgot to give props to the Cesaro 619. That was awesome.

Winner – No Contest.  I can easily give this match an 8.0 until I know the fallout from the match. Looking on Twitter, and the professionals even lauded this as a great piece of entertainment.

Keri:  Honestly, this match was the one of the ones I was looking forward the most. The set up and build for this match is what the WWE should be doing with everything. The match itself was great. Lots of energy and great spots. The only drawback for me was the ending. However, I get it that last spot looked rough and as a result there may have been the possibility of multiple injuries. Therefore, I’ll let it slide.  Also, was it me or did Sheamus at the end of that match looked like he had no idea where he was or what had just happened to him?  I mean if he’s not injured, concussed, or both, bravo on that selling job.  Rating: 8 out of 9.2.

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

Kent:  Jericho tends to make his opponents stand out, and Sami is such a great talent, this was such a great match to follow Cesaro and Sheamus’ gem.  No, it wasn’t as good as that, BUT this was arguably the second best match of the night. I know, Seth Rollins wasn’t involved, so Russ won’t agree, but this had a clean style, and a clean ending, so that has to count for something. Both guys absolutely delivered, and Jericho continues to impress me, despite that awful wedgie that he was dealing with at one point.

Winner – Chris Jericho. I expected Sami to win, but I admit, I was never confident in that, but I wanted to hear Jericho complain Monday. I feel that this match was every bit as good as the Cruiserweight match, but maybe a notch less exciting, but still great, so 7.1.

Keri: This match was good. Both guys did a great job and kept the crowd going. I would like to see more of these two moving forward.  Also, I think this is a good feud to build Sami’s character as he, hopefully, moves forward onto other things.   Rating: 7 out of 9.2 only because I wanted Sami to be put on Jericho’s list for winning the match.

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Kent: You ever see a really good thing too many times, and it loses it’s luster? If you watch NXT and WWE, then you know where I am going with that. I have been watching these 3 in matches together for far too many months in a row seemingly, and mentally I am tapping out. Sometimes, you can consistently have great matches that never bore you, think HBK vs. HHH or HBK vs. Taker or Punk vs. Cena, Cena vs. AJ, Punk Vs Daniel Bryan, and Sting vs. Flair. The flip side to that is Swagger vs. Rusev, Dolph vs. Rusev, Randy vs. Cena, HHH vs. Randy, Sheamus vs Randy, Kevin Nash vs. HBK, or Hogan vs. Flair. Sometimes it should work in theory, but the novelty wears off quickly. This match was neither. I just wasted a lot of your time. HA! Think Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn, and this is the female equivalent, or Paige vs. AJ Lee. Always better than average, but after awhile, you need a break from it. This match was fine. Charlotte’s moonsault was a thing of beauty, best move of the match. Aside from the obvious, one other thing really glaringly stood out and hurt the match. That ref was terrible. There were times when he should have been counting pins, but ignoring it because it wasn’t an intended pin. Well fuck-o, that’s your job. It took me too far away from my willingness to disbelieve. Go ahead, re-watch it and watch how off the ref was during this match. It just wasn’t his night.

Winner – Charlotte. Nobody should be surprised that she retained. This match forced me to crack open a Monster to stay awake, I’m 100% serious. I will give this a 5.0 because I never want to see it again despite the quality deserving higher numbers. Still, I just wasn’t into the match. Sasha is losing her edge, and she needs a character change in the worst way.

Keri:  At this point of the night, I was kind of done. This match was just ok for me. It just seemed like neither Bayley nor Sasha had it last night. Charlotte pretty much dominated both of them which shouldn’t have happen given the potential of all three women. I just can’t believe the difference between this division and Smackdown right now. RAW it seems to be same old same old and Smackdown is well not. I’m just bored with this storyline and think we need a change in the division to keep things interesting.  What should change though? I’m not quite sure.  Rating: 4 out of 9.2 because this division also bores me.

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

Kent: I know that I am supposed to be a realist, and try not to take a fake sport so seriously. I actually think that Roman is a talented performer, and like him in the upper mid card. With that being said, fuck this match. WWE has killed off one of their most promising young guys on the roster by jobbing him to Cena and Roman. FUCK THAT!

Winner – Roman Reigns with a 3.5 rating because the in ring stuff was fine, but I reiterate: FUCK THAT!!!

Keri: I went to bed after the women’s match so I didn’t see this one or the main event. So recaps, I shall read and then evaluate then. Ok, so it looks like Rusev and Roman did a half way descent job and we finally got Lana involved in a match. You know instead of standing there with that smile on her face and letting everyone at ring side stare at her ass (not that they were complaining about that view). (Kent: Black dude in front row was getting great ass shots of her on his phone. He was my favorite fan of the evening.)  Also, it finally happened. We got that lolromanwins moment. Too bad it came at Rusev’s expense.  Why Rusev though, creative? I think we should have that lady from the sept in Game of Thrones follow all of you around with a Bell saying, Shame! (Kent, this would be the perfect place for a photo or gif of that lady).  Rating: 4.5 out of 9.2 because Roman.


Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

Kent:  This match was very good and did what you would want it to do. Jericho’s interference was smart so as not to abuse the HHH angle quite yet. The ending will cause Seth to have even more issue with Steph, despite her getting a ref to come out to try to help. Somehow, this makes her evil. I love WWE logic some days.  I should point out that some matches get more scrutiny due to prestige of match or championship, or if it’s a main event or something. Compare this to other main events at PPV and this was perfectly suitable, it was fun, but it never got to that level where you suddenly feel like you are watching something memorable or great. While I enjoyed this match, it simply never got beyond very good in my eyes.

Winner – Kevin Owens. No complaints, but I am not in love with it. While it was great to see KO main event a PPV, I am unsure if this match deserves a 7, so I will give it a 6.9 as I felt it missed that IT factor. Yes, it missed Bobby Roode.

Keri: So after reading the recap this morning, I think I missed a good match. KO, in my opinion, is the best heel in the business right now. He’s great in the ring and the comments he makes during the match are just fantastic (“I hope he’s all right”).  Well, KO, apparently not since reports came out this morning saying Rollins may be injured. And if that rumor is true, then that sound you hear readers, is Russ yelling out a resounding Noooooooooooooo! (Kent-Do we have a pic of Vader with No above it because that would be awesome). Rating: 6 out of 9.2


Final Thoughts

Kent:  I really liked this PPV. If KO vs Rollins is the 3rd or 4th best match on the card, then something has gone incredibly well. The Kick Off show is becoming a really big missed opportunity. For the hour, you could have given us an Enzo & Cass vs. Shining Stars vs. Golden Truth #1 contender match. Then I would have given us a decent Cruiserweight match and had less WWE Network commercials and hype videos. I see these hype videos during the actual PPV. I actually pay for the Network, so I don’t need to be reminded why it’s worth my $10. At this rate, it’s honestly worth way more I don’t think you can say that it’s not worth $15-20 a month, so $10 is a bargain. I will rate this PPV as a 6.9 as a whole due to the consistent high quality of the matches, even the ones that didn’t tickle my taint, they were good at least. Lack of memorable moments really hurt the rating. You should be able to look back a year from now and remember something significant from any PPV really, for it to be a success.

Keri:  This PPV to me was good. The matches were good and action packed. I enjoyed watching most of them. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that it seemed that the action was building up to something big. Then once the ending happened you were left scratching your head (or wherever) and saying wait is that it?  Therefore, my final rating is 6.5 out of 9.2 because it wasn’t that eventful or memorable for me to want to rate it any higher.

All pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are property of WWE and The Vader picture is via George Lucas, Lucasarts, Lucasfilms, and Disney. The Shame picture is property of HBO and George RR Matin, and whoever else owns it. Go watch all of these things.

WWE Clash Of Champions 2016 Preview

WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Preview

Hi everybody. I wrote this up, then I decided to harass Russ until he submitted…..a copy of his picks. Ahhh. Anyway, enjoy us in all of our mediocrity as we do our best to guess who’s winning what this Sunday Night, ONLY on the WWE Network!

Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax


Russ: Yay!  Nia Jax, my favorite cardboard cutout of a human and Alicia Fox, crazy wrapped in a tiny cute package.  I’ll be honest I have no interest in this match.  Therefore, I don’t care who wins it.  Since it is Nia’s first PPV for the red brand I believe she will win in a decisive manner.

Winner: Nia, cause WWE is still trying to make me care about this bruiser.

Kent: I would love to see this go 10 minutes where Nia competently works a match. But I have my doubts, and I don’t know who to blame. You can’t have a bad match with Foxy unless you are trying to fuck up.  If you put in the effort, Foxy will bump like crazy for you. I just hope that she doesn’t go overboard because I still fear that Nia is unsafe in the ring, and Summer Rae is apparently injured.

Winner: Alicia due to DQ or Count Out


Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho


Russ:  They didn’t really build this feud other than Sami was KO’s former friend and Jericho is his best friend!  Honestly, though that is good enough for me because this will be a good match.  Jericho is seasoned pro who can put on a match with anyone, while Sami seems to be hitting a stride in the ring.  I’m hoping this match makes Jericho’s List.  List of best matches (Kent thought I was going to steal his idea again!)

Winner: Jericho after a code breaker out of nowhere!

Kent: Russ, you sanctimonious son of a bitch, yes I did. I know that we heap praise on Jericho a ton, and rightfully so, but has WWE misused his greatness to get over the main event and tag division, and not focused enough on his actual Sami feud? I’m not blaming Jericho or Zayn, but they had that one great promo, and I’m not as excited for this as I want to be. I think Jericho loses to add more to the complaint list.

Winner: Sami by roll up


Cruiserweight Championship Match

TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick


Russ: I feel this will be a match that a lot of people are going to be talking about the next night on RAW.  I won’t go as far as say match of the night, because these guys are new to RAW and a lot of fans have no clue who they are.  I can’t see WWE switching champions already.

Winner: TJ Perkins, cause WWE isn’t that stupid are they?

Nothing would say fuck you to the fans more than holding this extremely long tournament only to immediately put the belt on somebody else. Yeah.

Winner: Brian Kendrick because they have more faces than heels


Best of Seven Series – Match #7

Cesaro vs. Sheamus – Winner gets World Title Opportunity


Russ:  This is going to be my match of the night.  This has the best story going into Clash.  The match on RAW was really good and was a precursor to what I think is going to be a show stopper.

Winner: Cesaro, cause this has been a forgone conclusion since this whole thing began.

Cesaro is the obvious choice, probably the most obvious pick of the night. WWE likes to fuck with fans sometimes, like Sasha last month. Still, KO vs Cesaro is a feud people would care about. Sheamus vs. KO, not so much. I cannot find a single logical reason for Cesaro not to continue his ascension.

Winner: Cesaro in possibly match of the night


RAW Tag Team Championship

New Day vs. Gallows and Anderson


Russ: Time for a changing of the guards.  New Day has held the belts for long enough.   If WWE wants to make the RAW brand Tag division anything close to a competition with Smackdown it is time to pump some new blood into the dying husk that is the Tag division on RAW.  Also, I want Big E getting the push he deserves.


I just don’t see the point in putting the belts on G&A right now. They will wait for Finn to return. If they wanted to do the switch, Summer Slam made sense. Not anymore. I know that for avid fans, we crave change, and then we bitch about not legitimizing champions by giving them long reigns. When one does get one, we bitch, but 5 years later, we say how good it was, like JBL’s. This is why the IWC is a bunch of twits. New Day is retaining the belts.

Winners: New Day


RAW Women’s Championship Match

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Bayley


Russ:  I suppose Sasha could win this match, but it would have made more sense if she didn’t lose the title at Summer Slam!  Bayley isn’t winning this thing yet her time will be later in this year say a January PPV or an End of March PPV.  That leaves Charlotte.  That doesn’t bother me as much as having to listen to her talk on Raw the next night.

Winner:  Cause WWE wants to have my ears bleed – Charlotte

In a match that everybody wanted….at Wrestlemania, we instead get this now.  Bayley isn’t winning, that’s for Rumble or Mania. Sasha could, but Paige is due back soon. I say keep it on Charlotte, and give Paige a title win. Then she can transition it to a heel Sasha, and then Bayley vs. Sasha at Mania. Yes, that would be great.

Winner: Charlotte thanks to Dana


US Championship Match

Rusev vs. Roman Reigns


Russ: This feud has been a shitshow since it started and has done nothing to change my opinion on it.  I think they will have a decent match, but who the fuck cares since giving the belt to Roman will do nothing for the show or either guy.  So yeah I’m calling WWE to say fuck you people…

Winner: Roman, and pretty much everyone else loses.

I don’t even know if either guy has been booked well since Summer Slam. Is Rusev about to get a one way ticket to Jobber Town again, or will intelligence prevail, since Roman has been the bully this whole time? I say they utilize Roman to get KO over some more after the Seth feud. Somehow, Rusev shall retain, hopefully by just getting counted out. That’s my style of victory.

Winner: Rusev CRUSH!!!


RAW World Title

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins


Russ:  As much as I am in love with Seth, come on people he is cute!  There is no way he is going to take the belt off KO, already.  I do believe that HHH is going to interfere or Stephanie.  This will lead to a big angle for Seth that will last until WrestleMania.  Afterwards, Seth will go after the belt again and of course win it!  A day I will wait for with impatience!

Winner: and Still WWE RAW Champ KO

Seth isn’t getting this belt back. It’s not happening. Maybe he gets screwed over by HHH again, but he’s not beating Owens this early in KO’s reign. I expect a great match tarnished with some interference by the end, and half the fans will be happy, and half will be bitchy, and that’s how you wrap up an unremarkable PPV, with 1 whole title change!

Winner: Kevin Owens, hopefully via Jericho’s help

We hope that you enjoyed this, and more importantly, we hope that we’re right in order to inflate our minuscule ego. Feel free to leave a comment with some predictions. Also, let’s hope to see this man Sunday.


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My RAW experience in Albany 9/24/12

I figured I needed to rant and you don’t wanna necessarily write too much on Facebook, so my theory is that if anybody really gives a damn about what I have to say, they will click and read this. If not, fuck em. So we get our seats, and the seating is slightly different than when Raylene and I were last here for Smackdown. Mind you, we have the same seats, third row, 3,4,5. How weird right? Anyway, I’m not a petite gentleman, so seating was a tad squished in together. Sadly, the 2 seats next to me eventually were occupied by this mid aged dude and this girl. At first site, she’s not ugly, but then comes the how old is this girl? And so here I am sitting next to my wife and her dad, and to my right, this potentially decent looking girl and her dad. Awkward. This girl is immediately obnoxious loudly saying things that just shouldn’t be uttered, nonetheless screamed/screeched. I won’t bore you with the wrestling stuff by and large. I will admit I got chills when Mick Foley’s music hit. The guy is one of my all time fav’s, we’ve exchanged messages online, I even have his picture next to me. Got to see Big Show, Ryback, Dolph, punk, cena, Wade Barrett who I love, Santino, Zack, Heath, Del Rio, Shaemus and more. All cool things, very cool. That’s the boring wrestling stuff. During the show, they showed National Guard guys, they were probably 20 feet away. During the Ryback vs Miz match, 2 morons decided that they were gonna jump the railing and they are lucky they don’t let the wrestlers kick their ass. Mind you, these guys were about 20-30 feet from us. They got taken down right in front of us. The ring announcer, Justin Roberts, yanked one of the assholes right down. It was utter insanity. The main point of my contention though was the piss poor job that security/WWE does with allowing people to stand. During the match you should be in your seats but otherwise you can just crowd whereever apparently. So when I finally get my opportunity to see one of the 2 smartest men in wrestling history, Paul Heyman, I am stuck behind like 5 or 6 fucking idiots. How did that happen? I have 3rd row seats? The first row was more off to the side, so only one row in front yet these fuckin mongoloids just rush the railing. And security just stands there. What the fuck is the point in buying these expensive ass tickets if you are gonna allow these cave dwellers to stand wherever the fuck they want. People in my row and the row ahead start bitching. The girl next to me, jailbait I shall refer to her as, is 5’2 and is bitching. The 2 bald guys in front of me are bitching and tell people to scram. Awesome I thought. Then this fucking douche bag, piece of monkey crap,, stands basically the rest of the evening. Really? Really? You just bitched for people to sit down you inconsiderate cunt. This guy is just such a scumbag. The girl next to me moves up a row, sits next to the scum bag. He is clearly flirting with her while her dad sits there looking helplessly. I called this guy a pedophile. I stand by this. His buddy clearly took a picture of her ass while the other guy distracted her. Seriously. Then came the point where I thought I may punch this cock sucker myself, but I thought somebody was gonna. During the main event, one of the many troglodytes came over and was standing with a sign supporting CM Punk,the head “Bad guy”. This bald fucker in front of me grabs this dudes sign and rips it up. I shit you not, that actually happened. Fortunately the guy had a back up sign. But who the hell does this dude think he is tearing up a strangers sign. I had that moment play in my head where I envisioned just beating him senseless. Like, I know I’m not on my meds, but I still think he deserved a near death beat down to teach him how to act appropriately in public. In conclusion, I doubt I’ll go again unless I get better seats. If I get front row, nobody is getting in my fucking space, unless it’s a kid. Kids should be up front if possible because it’s such a spectacle to them. I’m ok with that. Not ok with full grown asshole men crowding so that everybody has to stand during the show. Just thinking about it pisses me off. Just gotta keep in mind I got to see Mick Foley and Paul Heyman in the same night. Now I just need to see Jericho and Brock somehow some way.

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The Wrestling Mount Rushmore

I assume you know what this is gonna be about, but if not, that is why we have introductory paragraphs. The idea is, what 4 wrestler belong on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling.  One has to think about the criteria. First of all, let’s establish a time frame. Whether this is fair or not, I am starting at 1985, the year of Wrestlemania 1.This eliminates a lot of truly great legends. this also eliminates me trying to guess what crowd reactions were, how they impacted ratings, tickets, sponsors, championships, just so many things to take into consideration. I know going into this, the choices are going to seem obvious, but half of the fun is the elimination process, right? So let’s start throwing names out there and see where we end up.

Andre the Giant

Why he’s being considered: He’s the first inductee into the WWF Hall of Fame. He may be the only wrestler who’s name was just as big as Hulk Hogan’s. He went into acting and did an honest to God great movie in the Princess Bride. Helped cement Hogan as face of the company and passed the torch at WM 3. Legitimate once in a lifetime performer.

Why he doesn’t make it: He started in WWF in 73, the bulk of his work came prior to the cut off date. Had he been born 10-15 years later, my god, things would have been so different. His timeframe simply doesn’t fit the criteria, otherwise he makes a hell of a claim. Points for knocking out Warrior when Warrior wouldn’t follow Andre’s instructions during a match.

Macho Man Randy Savage

Why he’s being considered: To this day, almost 20 years after his pinnacle in the business, I literally just heard the crowd in Boston cheering his name when CM Punk hit the elbow off the top rope. He’s still relevant. WWF world champ twice, one of the all time greatest IC champs, 4 time WCW world champ, World War 3 winner, headlined 4 of the first 5 Summerslams, main evented WM 4, 5, & 8 and stole WM 3 with Ricky Steamboat and WM 7 with Warrior in the career match. Perfected and may have originated the jealous boyfriend in wrestling with Miss Elizabeth. Allowed a snake to bite him. Epic slim jim commercials that people still remember. Every guy has tried to impersonate him at some point in their life. He made a rap album and called Hulk Hogan a coward. He got a role in Spiderman.

Why he doesn’t make it:  He’s probably top 10 material, but he doesn’t make the cut as he was never given the ball to run with it enough times for long enough periods. That, and the rap album. His appearance in TNA was terrible and an absolute abomination. Also, he may have fucked Stephanie McMahon. Not sure whether that belonged in this segment or second segment.

Ric Flair

Why he’s being considered: 16 time world champion, the jet flying, limousine riding nature boy, one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time, could wrestle for an hour, made Sting among others, 4 horseman, Evolution, actually lived his gimmick, won the 92 Royal Rumble that I attended

Why he doesn’t make it: Way too much time spent in WCW, never had that proper Hogan feud in WWF, one of the toughest omissions

Hulk Hogan

Why he’s being considered: He’s Hulk Hogan, he headlined Wrestlemania 1-9 & 18. He made wrestling cool in the 80’s, Vince built a company around this guy. He is considered the icon of wrestling. He left WWF, goes to WCW, makes them relevent, they start up Nitro, gets stale, takes the chance of a lifetime, goes heel with NWO, reinvents himself and gets a second life in his career. You go to a wrestling event, you most likely see somebody dressed as Hogan.

Why he doesn’t make it: ……..He makes it, this is obvious.


Why he’s being considered: Has done damn near everything there is to do in wrestling in WCW and TNA, like Hogan, his career became stagnant and was revitalized by NWO when he became the Crow version of Sting. He was for all intents and purposes WCW’s version of the Undertaker as far as being their mainstay, they guy they could put in any feud and it would still feel important.

Why he doesn’t make it: He never wrestled in WWF. Now even if he has a run, the time has passed. Had he signed when WCW got bought out, the argument could have been made for Sting honestly. Still, tough omission.


Why he’s being considered: It’s Vadar time, was one of the most gifted big men of all time, akin to Bam Bam, but main evented more, main evented WCW and WWF

Why he doesn’t make it: A really bad video.

Bret Hart

Why he’s being considered: Along with HBK, he helped bridge the gap between Rock N Wrestling era to Attitude Era. In a way makes a more compelling argument than HBK despite me liking HBK more and I like HBK a lot more. Bret helped make so many people. He gave Bulldog his best match. He gave HBK his first championship. He made Austin. He made Owen. He had teh awesome figure four around the ring post on the outside. Most importantly though, when he left WWF, that gave us the Montreal Screwjob, he gave WCW too much false hope and they utterly squandered his greatness, and helped create the greatest heel of all time in Mr McMahon which was the most important aspect in the turnaround in the Monday night wars.

Why he doesn’t make it: His time at the top as “The Man” is only a couple of years, always seemingly overshadowed. Kind of a whiny bitch for quite a few years.

Shawn Micheals

Why he’s being considered: So you just read the Bret stuff. HBK wasn’t as great a technician as Bret, but he was so charismatic. He was and still is a great cocky prick. Degeneration X pushed the boundaries. DX was instrumental in getting fans to switch from WCW, whether it was lewd comments or getting girls to flash. He taught HHH a lot in how to work a crowd. Put Austin over before retiring for years. He comes back, steals the show, acts like he never missed a beat and becomes champ again, has some of the best feuds including against HHH, Jericho, Flair, and of course stealing the show against Taker in back to back Wrestlemania’s. HHH tried doing the same and it paled in comparison.

Why he doesn’t make it: That 4 and a half year lay off honestly. If he stays healthy, he puts himself really high on this list.


Why he’s being considered: Greatest gimmick wrestler of all time. Greatest big man wrestler of all time. Capable of taking the shittiest storylines and often makes them watchable. Everybody wants to call HBK Mr. Wrestlemania, Taker deserves that nickname just as much. HBK ain’t ever had to work with Giant Gonzalez. Never left WWE during the rough years, one of the most loyal and respected guys in the locker room. More important than anything else, I think he is the icon of WWE, and his streak shall never be broken.

Why he doesn’t make it: He makes it, when you have the most important streak in wrestling history, more so than Backlund, Sammartino, and Goldberg.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Why he’s being considered: Was the face of the company at it’s peak during the attitude era. The guy who rebelled against his boss and got away with it. He drank beer, gave the middle finger, did his own thing, and looked like a bad ass while doing it. And he could work a hell of a match when he wanted to, his promo skills were top notch, had tons of charisma, a great mind for the business, and sold a ton of merchandise.

Why he doesn’t make it: ………

Mick Foley

Why he’s being considered: Because he’s the hardcore legend. Because of Hell in the Cell. Because he is genuinely one of the nicest guys in the business and is very approachable and sincere. He brought hardcore wrestling to the warped minds of Americans. He is one of the few guys who had prominent feuds in WCW, ECW, WWF, and TNA. Amazing at promos and master of the cheap pop.

Why he doesn’t make it: Never truly considered “the man” at any point in his career.

The Rock

Why he’s being considered: The most electrifying man in sports entertainment, multitime everything champion in WWF. Willing to put people over moreso than most big names. Considered by most to be top 3 all time on the mic, cut some of the funniest, most scathing promos in history. Not the greatest wrestler, but had a good sense of timing.Gave back to the industry. Along with Austin was the face of the attitude era.

Why he doesn’t make it: ……….


Why he’s being considered:  He had a hell of a run on top as the man in the main event. Was at the helm of DX and Evolution, member of the Corporation, married Stephanie McMahon, so just involved in upper card matches for a long period of time. 10 time world champ now I think. Puts up great matches usually, especially in brawls or specialty environments. Works well with any type of wrestler, underated trait, good if not great promo. Was a great heel. Helped make quite a few wrestlers.

Why he doesn’t make it:  Honestly, just barely misses the cut. He was much closer than most people would probably like, but it’s true if you really want the truth. 7 or 8th probably.


Why he’s being considered: Because if I left him off some jackass would say, “What about Goldberg?” he looked intense, had a good entrance song and was strong and very popular due to his streak.

Why he doesn’t make it: Whisker Biscuit was a prima donna bitch. I don’t like him at all.

Kurt Angle

Why he’s being considered: Probably the best wrestler I have ever watched. Yeah, he’s that damn good. Not only that, he was amazing on the mic, both serious and comedic. On top of that, the only wrestler I have met twice and a very nice dude. Can still go. Probably the most impressive rookie ever. Bald.

Why he doesn’t make it:  He doesn’t have enough time as the man in the big leagues. His insistence in pushing his body too far was such a concern that he ended up getting released and going to TNA because Vince feared for his safety. Fuck, that is scary. And Vince was right for doing so. All the potential and talent in the world, but he needed to slow down, and never did.

Brock Lesnar

Why he’s being considered: If Kurt isn’t the greatest rookie of all time, then this guy is. The best natural athlete ever in wrestling quite possibly. Nah, he just is. If he doesn’t have diverticulitis, my god, he goes on to be a legend in fighting as well as wrestling.

Why he doesn’t make it: His heart was never in it totally, still isn’t, it;s just not his personality. Unlike other guys who eat, sleep, and breathe wrestling, Brock is a farm boy at heart who is a dad and husband and those are his priorities, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Chris Jericho

Why he’s being considered: First ever undisputed champion. Never injured. Great promo and in ring work. Still finds ways to reinvent himself and be entertaining. Still somehow underrated.

Why he doesn’t make it: Never enough time as the full fledged man, held down too much in his prime by HHH, sorry but it’s the truth.

John Cena

Why he’s being considered: Whether us adults like it or not, this guy has been a main eventer for almost a decade now. His brand is worth almost 100 million. He now has his own clothing line at KMart. He’s not going heel any time soon. He is what he is. He will break Flair’s record. He is to kids nowadays what Hogan was to us 20 years ago. Interestingly enough, kids started rebelling against Hogan towards the end and he went to WCW and when that fell flat, he had to go heel to remain relevant. Let’s hope history eventually repeats itself. Everybody involved deserves it. They need to build up some new stars now though. That is a blog for later.

Why he doesn’t make it: Unfortunately, he has to make it, he’s too important to wrestling. I don’t hate Cena, I admire him, I like him. I respect the hell out of the guy and all the charity work and make a wish work he does, that stuff is tremendous, I’m just sick of his on screen character.

Ultimate Warrior

Why he’s being considered: I have to, I have a pair of testicles and grew up in the 80’s. Remember me just mentioning getting sick of Hogan and how the tide started turning? You know why? Because there was a cool alternative and it was the ultimate Warrior. Unfortunately, he was a fuckhead and didn’t do what was best for business. He had strong runs as the man though, insanely popular. Most males in their 30’s know who he is. Not as recognizable as Macho man, but damn close surprisingly.

Why he doesn’t make it: He’s a fuckhead. Really, just a complete dumbass that didn’t do right by the business and was almost as dumb as Goldberg. Too full of himself. Would just quit. Cut the craziest promos ever (part of his appeal as well). Terrible worker. Just can’t, but he had to be in this blog.


Why he’s being considered: Edge deserves a lot more respect than he is often given. While Cena was given so much, Edge busted his ass. Edge became one half of the greatest tag team in WWE history. I still say Dudleys are greatest in all of wrestling, but E&C in WWE only. Edge is 14 time tag team champ, 5 time IC champ, 1 time US, 1 time King of the Ring, Triple Crown winner, royal Rumble winner, 2 time Money in the Bank winner, 2 time slammy award winner, 11 time world heavyweight/WWE champion, and hall of famer. Who on this list has a better resume statistically speaking? Flair and Jericho are the only comparable I would think. He was a good face, but a great chickenshit heel with a great viscous streak. He could be hilarious, rude, lewd, and downright mean when needed. On a personal note, I was there in Albany when he retired, and it was a genuinely sad night, not gonna lie. I wish he had 3-5 more years. He seemed like a well liked hard working guy that gave back to the business.

Why he doesn’t make it: He wrestled in the same era as Cena, so unless he was wrestling Cena or Taker, the spotlight never shined brightly enough on him, plain and simple. During the time frame, he performed in probably more great matches than Cena, but they weren’t always the main event. It sucks, but he may well go down as the Macho Man to Cena’s Hogan. Or maybe Randy Orton will be Macho.  Hmmm.

So with that being said, the final say on the wrestling Mount Rushmore are these 4.

1. Hulk Hogan – OBVIOUS

2. John Cena – Modern day Hogan sadly

3. Undertaker – In 20 years, people will still remember the streak, Hell in a cell, his confrontation with Kane. They will remember his 20+ years of greatness.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin – He was the face of the Attitude era, the best era in wrestling history.

Honestly, I know a lot of people think the Rock belongs, but he doesn’t belong anymore than Bret, Flair, HHH, or HBK to be honest. Had Rock not gone to do movies, you’d be correct, but I am sorry, his run as a wrestler is not THAT impressive. While he did it, sure, he was amazing for awhile. But he road the coat tails of Austin.and Vince. Let’s not forget, HHH was very instrumental in the Rock’s ascension as they went up the rankings together basically, and were awesome. In the late 90’s, if you went in a mall, you was likely to see a few Austin 3:16 shirts, not always guaranteed to see even one rock shirt. And Taker over the Rock is a no brainer in my opinion for longevity and what he has meant to the industry. Look at when I posted on FB, damn near everybody mentioned Taker. that tells me something.

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WWE Wrestlemania XXX – The why the WWE just stabbed me in the back edition

I try my best not to be a jaded fan of WWE. I have been watching since the summer of 1989. It’s gotten to a point of being so predictable that I over complicate things in my head to try to create intrigue. Every once in awhile, they do strike gold. Sometimes a character is really good and has a great run. Unfortunately, WWE then WWE’s them into the F’N ground and before I know it, I have become annoyed by their super Cena-ness and them being shoved down my throat in convoluted ways instead of allowing them to just being the characters that brought them to the dance to begin with. Look at at Randy, Miz, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan,  Mark Henry, and wait for it to happen to Roman Reigns. It’s inevitable. Before I tackle Wrestlemania 30, or WM as it is so much quicker to type, I want to touch on how WWE fucked up prior to the event.

Daniel Bryan’s build up. Yeah, all the marks in the end bought into, Hey maybe WWE knew what they were doing all along, and I have said it sarcastically. I don’t buy it. Royal Rumble, they fucked up. Rey Mysterio should have come out a few spots sooner so he didn’t get shit on by the crowd. The last guy should have been a heel. As he made his way down to the ring, Daniel should have attacked him, stole his spot, maybe a hoss like Ryback. Daniel Bryan as #30 would have made the crowd go ape shit. He goes on an elimination tear. The final 3 are Batista, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan. Batista and Roman get tied up by the ropes, Batista eliminates Roman. Daniel quickly dumps out Batista. DB’s music is playing, crowd goes crazy, and then HHH comes out, gets on the mic, says to stop playing the music, you can see he is yelling at the ref. Suddenly we have a decision. Daniel Bryan was never an official entrant in the rumble, therefore Batista officially is the winner. BAM. Build that crowd up and kill them. Would have been so much better. Give the fans as much false hope as humanly possible.

Secondly, I felt prior WM 30 that it should have been Brock vs Bray and Cena vs Taker. I explained this to Russ. Brock loses all the time and is still a huge draw. Him vs the Wyatt’s would have been fucking money. Heyman vs Bray on the mic. They could have kidnapped Paul at one point. Hell, Heyman could in theory have turned on Brock, but I wouldn’t have done that. I just want a hellacious fight and let Brock put over a young guy like all the vets did for him a decade ago. Let Bray take some punishment in the process. It would have been creepy and epic. They missed this opportunity. Especially since WWE insisted on blowing their wad on Shield vs Wyatts a month early….which was the dumbest decision of the year….or so I thought. I mean, we are only in the month of April and the amount of epic fucking mistakes, it feels like 2001 all over again. The year WWE bought WCW. I would have Taker vs Cena because that is a fucking money match. If Taker is ready to retire, that should be his last match. If he isn’t, either way, it’s WM 30 and I have been saying this match should happen at 30 since WM25, I’m not even making this up. Finally, IF you insist on ending the streak, you have the opportunity to turn Cena heel to end the most sacred thing in WWE history while on the verge of having the new face of WWE. Yeah, that’s a pretty good time to do something like that. Let’s face it, Daniel has what, 3-5 years at the top maybe, by then Cena can go back to face. Taker vs Cena should have happened. They could have done Taker vs Bray if they really firmly believed he was long term solid, but Cena was the best bet. But we know how this turns out.

Now it is time for me to fucking rant.

First of all, how dare they fucking put over Cena instead of Bray? What the fuck does that accomplish? What? Absofuckinglutely nothing! It is one of the most disgusting booking decisions I have ever seen in my life. This is Wade Barrett all over again, and look what he’s doing now. I’m so sick of people saying, oh he can rebuild from here, just be patient. I heard that about a gentleman by the name of Damien Sandow last year after failing to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Super Cena. And before I go any further, for the past 3-4 months, I have actually been defending Cena. I truly have. No more. That fucker needs the Iron Sheik to teach him to be humble. Cena needs to fucking realize the product  sucks because everything gets recycled because there aren’t enough credible established heels because he doesn’t help establish them. He has to help. He has to check his mother fucking ego or leave. Seriously, Cena, go away, if you never wrestle again, I’m fine with it if this is how you are going to be. The industry needs guys like Edge, Jericho, Christian, Mick Foley, and The Rock, guys who aren’t so full of themselves that they know that the industry is cyclical and they gave back, they helped establish the younger guys. It took a long ass time before HHH got it through his thick skull, but I think he eventually got it. Shawn got it. Flair got it. Kurt, he gets it. Austin got it, but he wanted to make sure he made money, but I think that sometimes his stubbornness gets misconstrued, as I think he knew his body had only so many matches left, so if he was gonna take a loss, he wanted it to mean something. Cena, take a fucking loss. Not to Orton. Never wrestle Orton again. You owe Wade, Ryback, Bray, Kane, Daniel Bryan (summerslam doesn’t count because it was all because of Cena’s injury), Dolph, Mark Henry, hell every member of the Nexus except Otunga cause he sucks and never improved, Damien Sandow, Alberto, and the list probably goes on for awhile. You get the point. If the streak didn’t end, this WM would still have pissed me off because I was fuming mad about this shit. But then, well you know.

And here it comes.

How dare they end the streak. I don’t care if Taker agreed to it. Vince, you have final say. To say that I am a fan of The Undertaker is an understatement. When all is said and done, I often will make the argument that he is the greatest of all time. I always say that the streak is the most important and sacred thing in pro wrestling. Hey, if Taker wants to retire, then either don’t wrestle, or let him go out on top. Don’t end the streak. Just don’t. As much respect as I have for Undertaker, from everything that I have read since it happened, it’s not just me or my wife or my friends, or the fans in the crowd, it’s so many people. It meant something. It held value. And Vince should have put his foot down and told him, this is about your legacy and looking back, we want that 22-0, that will be something legendary that nobody will ever touch, maybe some will aspire for someday, but will never attain. 21-1, that’s just a number. To me, it would be like if Michael Jordan had the choice between going for his own personal MVP’s or scoring titles vs winning a team championship for the Bulls. As he got older and wiser, that championship meant everything. That championship is something that involves everybody. I have seen every one of those 22 Mania matches. I may not have been there, but I have seen them, the vast majority live as they have happened and have paid handsome sums of money to do so.

Here’s the even bigger thing. The build up to the match. Wow, what a fucking travesty. Hey Taker and Brock, maybe you guys could have given a fuck and showed up more than 3 times instead of putting it all on Heyman to try his best to sell it on the mic and via video packages. Heyman is the best, but even he couldn’t make me give a fuck. Secondly, if you are going to drop the streak, instead of retiring, which I would have preferred his last match to just be against Punk where they stole the show, then drop it to someone deserving. Now granted, I did propose it to be John Cena, and I am in hate with John Cena right now. I know nobody works harder (to hold people down) than John Cena, so he would be a good choice as he should still be around for 5-10 more years and Vince has a hard on for him. The other option was to hand pick a younger guy and keep your fingers crossed, think Randy Orton back when Randy was the legend killer. Who would you possibly consider? Any member of the Shield is an option but too sketchy as none are sure fire yet, although I feel deep down that Dean and Seth will be stars and Vince will do everything in his power to try to make Roman a huge name. Big E just isn’t allowed to connect with the fans due to lack of screen/mic time. Cody seems like he could break out at any time or could be a mid carder the rest of his life, I just don’t know. Bray Wyatt, there is something special with him, but how far can he go with this gimmick and can the character evolve to have long term sustainability? My current favorite guy along with Dean is Luke Harper, but he is not acknowledged to be great yet. By the way, mark my words, he will be a world champ. He’s a big man with enormous talent, just stay away from Cena please. My pick would have been Dolph. Originally I had considered Cesarro, but Dolph is better. He just is. He has some HBK, Perfect, Rick Rude, and Billy Gunn mixed together and I love him. You can tell, he loves this business, and he will do whatever it takes to make his opponent look good. If he came out 10 years earlier, he would have been in with Jericho, Edge, Christian, Kurt, Benoit, and Eddie and it would have been seamless. Taker would have truly had a great match with Dolph I feel, and Dolph would have made Taker look like the biggest bad ass ever.

In the end, it sucks because he dropped it to a part timer who doesn’t give a fuck about this business all that much. He treats it like a business and I respect that. He’s earned that right. Brock is awesome at what he does. He’s a once in a life time athlete. He’s many things, he’s earned plenty of accolades, but he certainly was not worthy of breaking the streak. If anybody was worthy of ending the streak, and by the way, it goes without saying, Kane is also a person that I have heard in the past was a possibility and flat out refused to end the streak out of a little something called RESPECT. Brock, you fucking meathead, so angry at you. So yeah, if anybody was gonna end it, it should be somebody who gives a fuck about the industry, somebody who has been giving their body for years now, and have earned it and needed that boost. That’s why I would say that Dolph would have been the best candidate. Still, you know what, he would have most likely said no, because of, that word, RESPECT. Fuck you Brrrrock Lessssnar.

Ever since the 3 count, everything has just felt off. I know it’s only wrestling. It shouldn’t affect me much. But this is like my thing. This is something I spend anywhere from 5-20 hours a week on from watching, to reading, with the network and websites and video games, and just talking about it. I spend way too much time with this shit. It’s a part of me. And last night, it felt like a tiny treasured part of me died. In the end, it is what it is. I can’t change it, but the powers that be could have and should have known better. Will I enjoy wrestling as much anymore? I don’t know. I really don’t. The last hour of Mania, I sat there stunned and then swearing and talking about being raped.  I went to bed early, I couldn’t cope with what I had seen. It didn’t make sense. Why would they just destroy something some precious and beautiful and make us all watch? It got nobody over. Brock will be gone after tonight for months, soooooo that accomplished jack shit.  What the fuck did you accomplish WWE aside from crushing a lot of fan’s spirits? You didn’t create a new star. You didn’t cement a current star’s legacy. You didn’t get somebody “more over”. You helped a part timer who wrestles 3 times a year who is already a future hall of famer who doesn’t want to wrestle full time, his decision, who had everything in wrestling handed to him, have THE accolade handed to him. Wow, that accomplished alot. Oh and Taker apparently suffered a concussion early to mid match, and that last F5 looked rough to be honest as well, just my opinion, so Vince reportedly left his own show to be with Taker at the hospital. Fuck that shit.

Shame on you WWE. You really should have known better. You can’t undo it. You can’t redeem yourselves. Will I watch tonight? Sure. Will I be pissed? Yeah. It’s going to feel empty though. They didn’t have to break our hearts. They chose to. They chose to break our spirits. They could have told us this was Undertaker’s last match no matter what so Taker got the proper respect he deserved on his way out.  They could have and should have done so many things differently, but they didn’t. Unfortunately, the show must go on and like Batista says, we just have to deal with it. But really, and I mean this with all due respect to the Undertaker, fuck you WWE. You were wrong and no matter what explanation you wish to provide, I refuse it. The streak should have remained intact for the fans. Anything less is unacceptable. At the end of the day, your business ain’t shit without us. Fuck you very much.

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Saying Goodbye to The Ultimate Warrior

I’ve been meaning to write more, but boy I wish it had been under better circumstances. If you can’t relate or sympathize, hey, I totally understand. But with that being said, I’m gonna still do my thing.

Tonight, I got bored of watching Storage Wars, and I decided I was gonna play Dark Souls 2, take some aggression out on a video game because that’s just a way to blow some steam off. Usually when I do that, I play some music or a video on my laptop. Tonight I decided that I would catch up on some NXT on the WWE Network. I go to and the first thing I see is that The Ultimate Warrior had passed away. I just stared at my computer screen for what had to be 20 seconds. I felt this feeling literally 2 days earlier, that state of disbelief, but yet you know it to be true. I thought to check out other sites, but this is WWE’s official site, this isn’t some bullshit to try to get some hits. I go and click on the story. I read and all these thoughts are pouring in my head. And it’s all soaking in my head like a sponge.

Like many of you, my first thought was that it had to be his heart. He got inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame Saturday night and delivered a tremendous speech. On Sunday, I think he appeared to be grabbing his chest occasionally which may not mean anything, but when things like this happen, you start looking for any clues to latch on to to make sense of things. Then Monday, we see the picture of him and Vince backstage smiling, which if you know their history, it was heartwarming. Finally, Monday night on RAW, he came out and gave this rousing speech that was inspiring and now in hindsight may be one of the eeriest things I ever heard. He didn’t look quite right again on Monday, but who am I to judge? Maybe that’s just how he was nowadays, ya know? Then today, I get this news, and sigh, fucking A. I thought the wrestling world had drained me emotionally between Cena not doing the right thing and the Streak ending, but this is on a whole other level.

Every wrestler’s death has a meaning, it has an impact, and I don’t wish to discredit anybody, but some obviously hit other’s moreso than other’s. When I was younger, Andre the Giant died, and I was sad, but I had only seen the tail end of his career so although I was sad, it didn’t really impact me, although I bought the special edition magazine, and I read up on him because I knew he was important, and I was a student of this business. Then Texas Tornado was another one around that time, but it didn’t affect me too bad. The first big impact really was Owen Hart to be honest. I’m not gonna lie like so many others do and say they were big fans of Owen. No you weren’t. But he had a great run, and I loved his run against Bret. I still have his tribute show on disc somewhere and it choked me at one point. I had seen him since he had debuted, so yeah, it had an impact on me. Then you had Pillman, and that stung. But the deaths started piling up. Perfect, Bulldog, the steroids era was getting it’s victims and as much as I loved those guys and Hawk, and Bossman, Mike Awesome, at some point you became numb to it.

But then Eddie Guerrero died and that had such a different feeling to it. Another active wrestler, like Owen, but he didn’t die in front of the crowd, but he died in his hotel room the night before he was to supposedly win a belt. Eddie was special. He was a guy who wore his heart on his sleeve for the world to see. He was a mess and he had to go to rehab, but he cleaned up his act and went on to become such an entertaining performer. One of the greatest moments in wrestling history that is forever burned in my memory is him and Benoit embracing in the middle of the ring after Benoit won the belt at Wrestlemania XX. The 2 guys had left WCW with no guarantees of making it in WWE and here they were on the grandest stage and the big anniversary show and center stage to end the show at Madison Square Garden. It was perfect. The Eddie tribute show is still tough to watch. I remember that Monday going in to work to Amsterdam Print and a girl asking me how I could be so sad about a wrestler’s death. I asked her nicely, how did you react after Kurt Cobain’s death. She told me she was very sad, depressed, mopey, may have cried. I said, well there you go, same damn thing. These guys are the same damn thing.

More deaths, the next big one is Benoit’s, but that one is even more depressing than any of the other ones because his head is so fucked up from all the years of punishment his head has taken from wrestling moves, the examiners say he had the brain of an 85 year old man with dementia, but WWE didn’t want to discuss that and let the newspapers and TV networks run with steroids because believe it or not, that was actually the lesser of 2 evils. Funny how that works out. A mother and son murdered and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time is demonized for all time and nobody is willing to take any responsibility? I just need to move on.

More and more deaths, my god, do a search for wrestler deaths and it will make you nauseous. Don’t watch old pay per views from the mid 90’s or earlier because half those guys and gals are dead sadly. My boy Test died around 2010 I think, that hit me hard, but he appeared to be doing some extra shit he shouldn’t have. Then Macho Man and Paul Bearer are 2 recent ones that really hit hard for me personally. Paul was much more expected. Macho Man, he should have had another 20 years on this planet, but some things just aren’t meant to be.

And that’s the fucking problem with being a wrestling fan. You sit there, you get invested in these storylines. You start to find a few guys that are main eventers you like, but unless your a Yankee fan, you will inherently start liking a few underdogs and start hoping they pick up steam and root for them to make it big. Right now, I’m pulling for Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and Wade Barrett. But then they eventually get released or their body gets so worn down they need to take a break and don’t come back or whatever so then they’re gone and then a year or 2 later, you hear they are dead. And it’s rinse and fucking repeat. So you get your guard up, you don’t want to get too attached to these guys, but you can’t help it. If you’re gonna be a fan, you gotta go balls out. That’s what being a true fan is all about.

For me, I started watching in 1989. Hulk Hogan was the face of the company brother. Ultimate Warrior was trying to recapture his Intercontinetal title form ravishing Rick Rude at Summerslam, and he did. This Ultimate Warrior was such an intense bad ass. Wait, why doesn’t the Intercontinental champion hold more stroke than just the WWF champion? As a kid, I was like, this WWF champion can only work in the US, but Rick Rude can go to Europe and wrestle, so who cares? I’d rather have the IC belt. Being young and naive, good times! My logic was flawless. Hogan would get the belt from Macho man at some point or already had it, I don’t remember, who cares. Fuck Hogan. I just didn’t like Hogan as a child. He was fake to me. He was doing all this stuff to try to make himself feel good about himself, not try to do what was right. Even as an 8 year old, I knew Hogan was in it for himself, I just didn’t understand just how right I was until much, much older. Of course I also thought Brutus the Barber Beefcake and the Red Rooster were cool, so I wasn’t THAT smart. But I liked demolition and Jake the Snake if that redeems me in any way.  Any way, the Big Boss Man and The Ultimate Warrior were my boys. My hair was similar to Boss Man’s and I was fat like him so I loved him, but man if I could have had muscles and hair like Warrior, well shit negro, that’s all you would have had to say.

The first Wrestlemania I would see is Wrestlemania 6 which is where he would beat Hogan in the champion vs champion match, which for 9 year old me was the greatest match of all time. A year later, he’d take on Macho Man in a retirement match, which would then become the greatest match of all time, and actually that would hold true until Wrestlemania 10 with Shawn vs razor’s Ladder match. Wrestlemania 8 would have the biggest mark out moment possibly ever for me as a kid from a wrestling perspective when Warrior saved Hogan at the end of Mania 8. I mean, Warrior was so much apart of my formulative years of a wrestling fan. Without him, I am a completely different wrestling fan. I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to this man. There’s only ever been 2 times I questioned whether what I was seeing was real or fake. One was when Jake’s snake was biting Macho. the other was when Taker locked Warrior in the air tight coffin for what seemed like 5 agonizing minutes as I looked on worried for his safety. Yup, I was a total dumbass. Granted after about 2 minutes I was like, well this is fake, but at first it got me thinking. I was a dumb kid, it happens.

When Warrior just up and left the last time when him and Savage were to team up, I never understood what happened. There were rumors he had died and they replaced him. Stupid playground rumors that they had used like 3 or 4 different Ultimate Warriors. And then WCW had him and he was the Renegade. He wasn’t by the way. Warrior came back at Wrestlemania 12 and destroyed HHH and fought Lawler and released a lousy 2 comic books and like Keyser Soze, he was gone out of my life again. But you can ask Russ or Eric or anybody that used to watch wrestling, especially Royal Rumbles with me. Every year, I’d predict, “this is the year the Warrior returns” only to be let down every year. But I loved the guy. I couldn’t help it. He ended up in WCW for a couple of weeks, made a bunch of money, appeared in a mirror, scared Hogan, had 2 shitty matches, and left. It was pretty bad.

He would go on and seem to have lots of negative things to say about a lot of people. He seemed like such a negative agitated dude online. Like a self righteous asshole. He seemed so bitter, like something was eating him up internally. Maybe I was misinterpreting what I was seeing. It was sad to see. My childhood hero was now just not the same. Maybe he was that not so great popular song from your youth that you loved but looking back, you know damn well that it wasn’t great, but you still cherish that song. I still wanted something great for him. Yeah, I laughed at the Self Destrustion DVD, but I also sat there and watched every promo as a child and hung on to every one of his words fully enamored.

He finally got his moment in the spotlight one last time. This time, he wasn’t the butt of a joke, he was getting the praise he deserved. He was getting the respect and admiration that he deserved. Whatever bad stuff existed between him and Vince I think ceased to exist. I think they exorcised their demons. On Saturday, Warrior seemed so proud to show off his family, he was so proud. On Sunday, he seemed touched to be accepted by his peers to be considered amongst the best of all time. And on Monday, the crowd finally gave him the reaction he deserved and he gave every last ounce of him in perhaps the best speech of his life.  It was short, it was sweet, but it was about the spirit of the Warrior and what he has tried to stand for and it was amazing. A day later, the man would be dead.

In his final speech, he talked about loyalty and honoring and being immortalized. What I am about to say should come as no surprise to most of you. I think I have decided what my next tattoo will be. I have always considered having wrestling related tattoo and the Warrior mask was an idea. I think maybe this is the sign and or motivation I needed to honor the man that inspired me 25 years ago to keep watching this crazy spectacle that I still keep watching through the highs and the lows. This week has been trying. But I think there’s honestly only 2 wrestlers out there deserving of body art on my body, Warrior and Taker. And I have to imagine if I ever come up with a good idea for Taker, he won’t be too far behind. While writing this, a song came to mind, and I know it’s probably cheesy and whatnot, don’t feel obligated to check it out, but it makes me think the Warrior would have heard it on his flight out of New Orleans and had a smile on his face after all he accomplished this past weekend.

I don’t own the rights to the song or video or anything like that. Just thought it would be appropriate.

Anyway, rest in peace Warrior. I hope you found peace in the end and I hope you enjoyed your place in the sun. You were one of a kind.

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WWE Survivor Series 2014 Preview

This won’t be mind blowing by any means as far as writing goes, nor is any of my other work. I did want to toss some thoughts and predictions out there at the last moment.

Let’s get rid of the garbage first.

Divas Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Natalya, Alicia Fox, Naomi & Emma vs. Paige, Summer Rae, Layla & Cameron

This is your bathroom break match. If this match goes 10 minutes, I will be shocked, and bored most likely. Let’s first get rid of Layla and Cameron. Neither can wrestle. I haven’t seen it. Emma is there to job sadly and she is among the 3 best talents in the ring. This girl can wrestle, and is easy on the eyes, but not total whore. Also, her ring attire does suck. Alicia Fox is another incredibly talented diva who is there to job and enhance the untalented ones. I don’t foresee Summer Rae winning, and i adore her, but she has taken several steps backwards once she left Fandango. That leaves 3 possibilities. I don’t really love Paige, and I think she can stand to put over somebody. I think Naomi comes out of this as a survivor, and she needs to step her game up as she was improving and then got stuck feuding with the awful Cameron. That leaves Natalya. She’s the one I can’t figure out. I say she loses to Paige, but could see her surviving as well.

Sole Survivor: Naomi.

Divas Title: AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

Don’t care. I want AJ to win because I like her theme song. Nikki is the more talented of the sisters. Brie is more overrated than Paige somehow. Oh it’s because of her husband? Glad we sorted that out. Nikki has some good moves surprisingly, and is easy on the eyes. Still, I gotta side with AJ. I am picking Nikki to win because if she doesn’t, what the fuck is the point of the Bella storyline?

New Diva’s Champion: Nikki Bella

Tag Team Titles: Goldust & Stardust vs. The Usos vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. Los Matadores

I expect this to be the first match of the actual show. I expect to give zero fucks about the Usos, they bore me. I expect to be bored by Los Matadores. I expect The Dusts to carry the match, and for Damien to do his same shtick which I am fine with. I have to assume Miz & and Sandow win so they can maybe break up, and get new partners and feud over the belt. Sadly, if they make Sandow face now, yes it capitalizes on his great momentum, BUT he will get lost in the shuffle on the face side unfortunately. Sandow is the kind of guy who should be in the main event tonight. Insanely talented, and insanely ripped off due to Mr. I don’t job to lesser talents unless it is a 5 on 1 match in which I overcome the odds, but a 6th man comes out, and shoots me, then I can be pinned. I hate Cena.

New Tag Team Champions: Miz & Sandow

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Time to get pissed off. I have so many things to tackle. Dean was the most over face last month. Dean gets screwed over in a very odd way at Hell In A Cell by Bray, and then this. Dean should have won, no disrespect to Seth. Dean needed the win more. Post match beat down would have served the same purpose. I’ll get back to Dean in a moment. Let’s talk Bray. Thanks to John Cena, Bray Wyatt’s career has plummeted. After the second dumbest booking decision at Wrestlemania this year, by letting Cena win, it’s been all downhill. I do not wish to hear how Bray became a bigger star by wrestling Cena. You are wrong, very wrong. That feud did far more to hurt Bray than it has helped. The only win that Bray got against Cena has absolutely stupid as fuck and made Bray look even weaker than simply losing. So the WWE attempts to repair Bray’s image by bringing Jericho back and having Jericho try his best to put Bray back on the map. Unfortunately, the damage had been so devastating, and the WWE didn’t seem to have enough interesting aspects to make it work. They both tried, but it didn’t work. They bring Bray back to fuck over another guy who is hitting his stride, and Bray pulled a Cena on Dean’s push. And this leads to one of the worst booked feuds all year. What has been accomplished? Honestly, why are we supposed to really care? Since Hell in  Cell, what the hell have they done to further the angle? Dean doesn’t have shit for matches. Bray doesn’t have shit for matches. I hate this. Both guys are so incredibly talented and should be at the top of the card, and instead are stuck in a feud where somebody has to job, and I’m not sure if it really helps anybody if nobody cares. Bray has to win, he’s the returning wrestler, so Dean is going to job again. This fucking sucks.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan & Ryback) vs. Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Mark Henry & Luke Harper)

If Cena’s team wins, The Authority loses power. If The Authority wins, all Team Cena members are fired except Cena according to stipulation announced on Smackdown.

Let’s see, this is an interesting one due to the new stipulation. I had Cena and Ryback winning all along, but with the new stipulation…..I am unsure. Well played WWE. So let’s knock out the guys who aren’t winning. Big Show, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler all seem like guys that won’t survive. I will go one step further and speculate that one of them gets “injured” prior to the match backstage. We’ll say Big Show or Dolph. Mark Henry and Kane aren’t winning, they just aren’t/ As much as I love Luke Harper, my favorite wrestler currently along with Dean, but he ain’t winning. I imagine Harper and Rowan take each other out. That leaves Cena, Ryback, Seth, and Rusev. I say Rusev gets DQ’d by leaving Dolph in the Accolade past the ref’s count. Seth taking on Cena and Ryback would really help Seth. Or should I say Cena, Ryback, and the returning Randy Orton, it is in St. Louis after all, his hometown. This allows the authority a loophole as Randy was never officially on Cena’s team. I also imagine HHH interferes. OR Seth takes everyone out. The authority is destroying everybody, looking like a great team, and eliminate everybody except Cena. After a brutal beatdown on the worst WWE star ever, he loses. And then the big surprise appearance happens. I won’t name names, and if you don’t want a hint, skip to the next paragraph. This gentleman will make his WWE debut if it happens.

Winners: The Authority with everyone surviving because that would be sweet.

That’s all folks.

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WWE Survivor Series 2014 Final Thoughts

I was going to do a review, but that almost feels too formal. I want to touch on the show in general without any play by play nonsense. Let’s tackle the divas first.

I thought the 4 on 4 traditional Survivor Series match was incredibly well done given the state of the divas over the past 3 years. It wasn’t without it’s flaws, Cameron, but by and large, it really surprised me. I love Emma and Alicia, and both got to do some good work. I like watching Paige and Emma work together as they have excellent chemistry due to being rivals in NXT. I really have to admit that Layla stepped up her game last night, I was very impressed by her. Summer Rae on the other hand, she can still go in the ring, but it’s not like it used to be. To make matters worse for me as a fan of hers, her character is atrocious. It makes me cringe, and I shouldn’t be cringing when a girl that talented and good looking is on my screen. Finally, I have to say that Paige has slowly gotten more comfortable. The screaming is toned down significantly, and she is getting better. I am happy for her because for months, she has been a Rocky Maivia level of annoying. Naomi needs to get some matches in her where she not only hits her normal moves, but shows that she is more than just a spot wrestler. By that, I mean, you don’t want her to be young Jeff Hardy who didn’t understand how to put together a match. He simply looked for a handful of his spots and nothing felt fluid, as opposed to somebody like Rollins, Ambrose, Angle, Benoit, HBK, HHH, Punk, and Taker. They know how to make it feel like a match. Naomi can be great, but she needs time to tell the story, and when she gets the time, to use it better.

The Diva’s championship match was clearly the low point for me. I actually wanted to see them have a 5-7 minute match to showcase their talents. Instead, we got Brie kissing AJ, and 2 moves later, and we have a new champ. AJ, nobody is gonna blame you if you want to go home and spend time with Punk if they aren’t going to utilize you better. I don’t mean just this night. I can live with an angle, no matter how silly it is, as long as there’s a payoff. What I don’t understand is how they have yet to give us a compelling AJ angle. It’s not like their roster of divas isn’t stacked, not a boob joke. AJ, Alicia, Emma, Paige, Natalya, Nikki, Brie, Summer, Naomi, and Layla can all wrestle to varying competent degrees. Rosa and Cameron can’t, but who cares? Sometimes women are simply eye candy. My point is, when was the last time that the divas division had so many average to good wrestlers? It’s been awhile. And AJ is the best of the bunch, and she deserves a truly rivalry. And for the love of God, I don’t ever wish to hear the term BFF ever again in the divas division. Can we all agree that this high school bullshit can stop?

Adam Rose and the bunny had a match against Slater and Gator after a terrible toy spot in the back. The match went exactly as expected. I dig Heath and Titus. I wish they would get it more together, get more time and have a run with that tag titles next year sometime. As for poor Adam Rose. When I think of Adam Rose, 2 names come to mind: Fandango and Zach Ryder. Woo woo woo, you know that’s not good company. All 3 caught on fire with the right crowd, and instead of the WWE capitalizing on the momentum and see where it went, they ruined each and every one of these guys by not using them properly. I’m not arguing that Adam is a great wrestler, but he’s serviceable. Could he have been in a feud for the IC or US title for a month, just to see if he could have maintained his momentum? I don’t see why not since both titles are more of a prop than something prestigious. Zach and Fandango actually both have talent, and they couldn’t stay over. Adam, I expect your release within 6 months sadly. I kinda like the guy, I really like his music. I really like the hot chick that is always with him. I don’t see his run in WWE ending well. I hope I’m wrong, but with his momentum gone, he doesn’t have enough talent to be getting more time than so many other individuals in the company. AT least TNA got a new TV deal, so he can fall back on that probably.

The tag title match was a one trick pony. All the crowd wanted was for Sandow to get in and have his moment. They teased it and teased it, and they did it at the right time, and he got the win and the titles. In that sense, it was a huge success as the crowd really was into it. I feel bad for saying this, but I didn’t like it. It had too much talent to be focused on one simple thing. I get why they did it. The outcome of Sandow and Miz winning was the right call. I just didn’t like the execution. Shame, because a year ago, the tag division was ridiculously strong.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt was my favorite match of the night, no question. It my not have been the best, but it was exactly what it should have been. These guys know what they are doing and that match didn’t hurt either guy. It was one of the hardest hitting matches that I’ve seen in a long while. There was a lot of big spots. The ending was almost perfect. I know most of us wanted Dean to do a spot off the ladder, but with all the carnage with the tables and chairs, it wouldn’t have been safe. Yes, that was very reminiscent of an ECW spot from years and years ago, and that’s not a bad thing. I love both guys, and I truly hope they both leave the feud better than they were coming in. Was it a perfect match? Hell no. Did it plod early on at points? Yeah, but so does damn near every other match in existence. I’d rather start slowly and continuously build up than to start fast, cool down mid way, and go for broke at the end. The crowd is already excited at the beginning, so I think this formula works better.

The main event was as close to perfect as you are going to get from WWE in 2014. Would I have changed something here or there just a bit? I’m not even sure. It started off in a great way with Big Show knocking out Mark Henry. Perfect, because now team Authority is down one, and you can build off of that panic. I thought for sure that Big Show, Dolph, or possibly Rowan would be the first out, but mainly Big Show. Instead, Ryback goes out, but it was well done. By the way, Rollins worked his nuts off during the match, in a great display. Rusev’s elimination was not what I expected, but I loved it nonethless. Luke, Seth and Kane did a great job as a unit. I think Rowan was the next one out.Ziggler at this point has been on the ground for awhile. In comes Big Show and Cena, and then came Big Show’s yearly heel turn, a month after Mark Henry’s yearly turn. Gotta love the WWE. I was so happy because it eliminated the 2 worst wrestlers in the match in Cena and Big Show. Big Show should be a heel 80% of his time anyway. Now it is down to Dolph taking on Kane, Luke, and Seth. Holy shit, Cena isn’t going to overshadow the young talent? I would like everybody who predicted that the final 4 participants in the match were Seth, Luke, Kane, and Dolph to raise their hand. Oh, nobody? Yeah, I was shocked and thrilled. Dolph was put on full display, and he fucking put on a show. Ziggler keeps fighting, taking hard hit after hard hit, but he got rid of Kane, then got a nice roll up on Luke that was fairly believable as far as roll ups go. Seth and Dolph are now the final 2. Wrestling nerds around the world had raging nerdgasms at this point I’m sure. It was fantastically well done. Dolph finally gets the upper hand, and the ref gets pulled out of the ring by HHH. By the way, throughout the match, HHH was fantastic with his facial expressions, as was Steph, but HHH really stole the show at points. Another ref, and HHH interferes again. HHH with the Pedigree on Dolph. Oh boy, you can hear the nerds freaking out now. I’m absolutely loving it because I love all 3 guys involved now. HHH motions for referee Scott Armstrong, Road Dogg’s brother, and he slides in to make the count and then it finally fucking happened.

The arena goes dark, and then some unfamiliar music, and you watch the titantron, and after years of rumors and hope, there was one of the most beloved wrestlers in my lifetime making his WWE debut, none other than WCW’s franchise, Sting. I get pumped every so often, there’s some awesome moments throughout the year, every year, no matter how shitty wrestling is. When Batista returned, or every time I see Undertaker I can’t help but be overly excited, the first time in teh ROyal Rumble where time stops and 2 hosses go head to head for that big moment, when a new guy debuts or returns at the Royal Rumble, when Jericho returns, shit like that. But to get the genuine goosebump, feel good, moment of electricity? That means something when I have been watching for over 25 years. When you started Wrestlemania off with Hogan, and Austin and Rock. That’s the feeling I am talking about. When in Brooklyn, Rusev is out talking and out of nowhere The Rock appears. This was like that, but more meaningful.

I haven’t enjoyed the main event scene this year, but you have to admit, this year has been one of the most memorable years in wrestling history. I know Randy will be back soon as will Wade Barrett, and Roman Reigns, and those are all nice, but this was monumental. For the same reason I couldn’t describe why the night the Nexus formed was special to Raylene, or why when Punk sat down on the entrance ramp and dropped his pipebomb was changing the landscape as we heard every word out of his mouth, or when Brock came back and F5’d Cena. All were great, memorable moments. And I hate to put this moment in here, but it belongs for very different reasons, and it wasn’t just one moment, it was a series of moments. The Ultimate Warrior not only being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but the prophetic speech he gave that Monday will always haunt me. You realize with these retired guys, this appearance may be the last, and there was so much promise and simultaneous finality to it. To the point, I can still hear him say those words, and it honestly makes me sad thinking about it now, but that was also an amazing moment. Back to the match.

Stings comes out, and he punches the ref. HHH is staring him down. By the way, you can tell HHH has been getting into in ring shape again, he was jacked under that shirt. HHH had enough, he swings, Sting avoids it, kicks him, and then does the Scorpion Death Drop.  The crowd goes crazy. Sting pulls Dolph on top of Seth, and the original ref slides in and makes the count. Sting exits, and Dolph gets his big moment. Of course Cena meets him on the ramp, which I didn’t like, but it made sense. He didn’t take away the attention I didn’t feel. The crowd starts up the Na na na song, and HHH is stunned, and Steph does an amazing job, she’s so good. And this is my one extremely minor gripe. Their in St. Louis, which is where Randy Orton is from. How great would it have been if HHH started flipping out when some refs or security tried escorting him out, and suddenly Orton RKO’d him and draped Steph over his shoulder while they dragged HHH away. In a ppv that didn’t need anymore big moments, I get that, but that would have been the proverbial cherry on top.

This was the best ppv since February for me personally. Too much Cena bullshit, not enough Brock. Bray wasn’t used properly. That’s been the story since February. Remember, February had the sweet Elimination Chamber plus Shield vs Wyatts. You know what I really liked aside from the obvious? The fact that at the end of the day, the older guys were used to enhance and help the young guys and not steal the spotlight, ahem Mr Cena. Seth, Dolph, Luke, Rowan, Dean, Bray, Roman, Wade, Ryback, Rusev, Cesaro, Sandow, Cody, and even Sheamus are the future of the company. And if you look down at NXT, you’ll find Sami Zayn, Aaron Neville, The Ascension, Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Kevin Owens, and my favorites Enzo and Cass, and you’ll see that the WWE has the dawning of a great era. I just hope the old guys do the right thing.

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WWE TLC 2014 Preview

Yes, I am slacking on a couple of other blogs, BUT this was a busy week. I just completed yet another successful LingFest. It was fantastic. I may do a quick blog about it, but I want to focus on wrestling right this moment.

I want to say that if you haven’t been watching NXT, you should. It’s better than the WWE’s main shows in my opinion. It is a mixture of WWE and ECW in a lot of ways. I include ECW because of the fans. They make the show feel special week after week for me. The talent is hit and miss at times, but the future is amazing at the moment. Let’s face it, Taker, Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry, and Goldust are pretty much done. HHH has a match 1-3 times a year. Cena, Randy, and Brock are getting to a point where the opportunities that they have been taking need to be passed down to the next generation. Think about Dolph, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Ryback, Miz, Damien Sandow, Cody, Cesaro, Swagger, and Sheamus and how they are quintessentially the middle men that need to really put up or shut up. Then there’s the new guys that are really grabbing the infamous “brass ring” such as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, Rusev, Eric Rowan, Fandango (this guy is the real thing, and may take longer like Dolph did), Roman Reigns (shaking my head as he don’t deserve his push) and of course that young strapping buck known as Batista. Then there’s the NXT roster, and they have anywhere from 5-10 legit superstars in the making down there. Adrian Neville can be, but I don’t think he will be. Sami Zayn really is so damn unique, and he can work with damn near anyone, and I think he’s a future champ. Tyler Breeze….I’m just not sure about quite yet. Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, and Kevin Owens are all no brainers. The Ascension will be the best tag team of this decade, I am 80% positive. They have some of the best qualities of all time teams like Demolition, Legion of Doom/Road Warriors, The Eliminators, and The Dudleys. Yes, they are my can’t miss prospects above anybody else. There’s a few others like Baron Corbin, the Vaudevillans, Bull Dempsey, Bailey, and Charlotte. I’ll tell you 2 talents that are really showing me some outstanding potential: Sasha Banks and Enzio and the tall dude. Sasha is potentially our next great heel diva, I truly believe that. The guys, they are funny, they stay in your mind, they have so many catchphrases, and they have a hot chick. Even is their in ring talent is average, people like The Rock, John Cena, Road Dogg, and Hulk Hogan have all proved that if you’re charismatic and can work the crowd, you can be a main eventer.

Sorry, that went on too long, but please, if you have the WWE Network, watch NXT R Evolution. Fantastic show from top to bottom. On with the TLC preview.

The New Day vs Star and Goldust

I already hate The New Day despite being a big fan of Kofi and to a lesser extent, Big E. I know that for a PG non controversial show, making them a more militant Nation Of Domination type stable may not be best for business. Unfortunately, I also believe that’s the only way that they get over. Kofi needs a heel turn, and Big E could too. Add R Truth as the older guy to partner with Xavier to help him get over and I would like that. As it is, they are bombing. They will get the win, but I don’t give a fuck. And they need new attire.

Raylene’s Prediction: “Probably stupid New Day.”

The Miz and Damien Sandow vs Usos

I really dislike the Usos. They don’t do anything bad mind you, but they got a much bigger push than they deserved and kept the belts for too long while other teams would have benefited more. Harper and Rowan or Real Americans should have won them much earlier this year. As for the Miz and Sandow’s act, I hate saying Mizdow, it’s good. The question is do they fear it wearing out it’s welcome and pull the trigger on the split too soon, or do they give Miz the reigns and say be the heel that we know you can be? I say ride it out and let Miz heel it up more. Whether they have the titles really won’t matter if it’s drawn out. The other logical scenario is the have the split sooner than later, with each guy remaining as half of the champions, and have a match between Miz & partner vs Sandow & partner. If things start sucking or stagnating, pull the trigger. Who would I have as partners you may be wondering? I would reunite Big Show with Miz and have Show Miz and reunite Damien with Cody. Why? Because the Miz treats everybody like shit and if this was to play out, Big SHow may be due his annual face or heel turn. Also, that team is intimidating in theory. The Dusts should continue jobbing, not much of a story. Cody is offered a chance to go for the titles, and Goldust gives his blessing. Goldust should interfere in the match, start the Cody vs Goldust rivalry and have a good team as champs.

Anyway, yeah, the Usos lose because they bore me.

Raylene’s Prediction: “I’m going to take Miz and Mizdow. I fucking hate the Usos.”

Eric Rowan vs Big Show (Stairs match)

Eric Rowan wins. He has to, right? He’s the guy that really needs the rub and Big Show has no problem taking some big hits and putting over a young talent. I do hope they continue this feud because Rowan can learn a ton from Big Show. Big Show gains nothing if he wins.

I got Rowan here.

Rayelene’s Prediction  “I gotta go Big Show.”

Nikki Bella vs AJ Lee

I like AJ, and she’s still in my top 3 with Alicia and Emma, BUT she has to up her game if she plans on staying relevant. That’s not entirely fair when not given much to work with, but her work has dropped a bit I feel. Nikki on the other hand, may be the most improved Diva this year, at least in ring. I don’t hold her awful storyline against her personally. Let’s face it, the Bella storyline was the worst of the year probably. Brie is garbage, and I hate brie mode. I’ll predict Nikki because I have a sinking suspicion that the twins break up in time for Wrestlemania pay day. I hate them some days.

Rayelene’s Prediction “Yeah I’m keeping stupid Nikki. I hate her.”

Rusev vs Swagger for US championship

Rusev is winning, no doubt. The question is, once he does lose, will he be able to retain momentum and continue to rise or at least hold his position?

Rayelene’s Prediction “Again? You know what I am going with Jack Swagger. He needs it.”

Ryback vs Kane (Chairs Match)

Kane is here to job in under 5 minutes. Don’t go any longer because I like Ryback, but long matches don’t suit him.

Rayelene’s Prediction “I’m just picking fucking Ryabck.”

Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler (IC title Ladder Match)

Well, this will be match of the night no doubt, especially if they are given 20 minutes. This could end up as match of the year really. Aside from Seth and Dean, nobody else is at this level in ring currently, and I mean that all 4 are at the peak with no distinct order. Dolph is getting pushed. Luke needs the title more. I have no clue. I think I stick with Luke Harper retaining and somebody fucking over Dolph.

Rayelene’s Prediction “I got Luke retaining.”

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt (TLC)

Like last month, I expect another great matchup, and instead of it being too much of an angle, it’s going to be a balls to the wall match, and these guys may steal the show if Luke and Dolph get less time.

Rayelene’s Prediction “Eh, I’ll give it to Dean.”

John Cena vs Seth Rollins (Tables Match)

Cena don’t put over young guys. Cena is the destroyer and eater of pushes. Cena needs to retire if he’s not going to be putting guys over. BUT you already knew that. Meanwhile, Seth has been the 2nd half of the year’s MVP, without a doubt. He not only is killing it in matches, BUT his mic skills have improved, he is one of the best trash talkers during a match, and he is getting in ridiculously good shape. Despite this, Cena wins, the show ends on a down note.

Rayelene’s Prediction “I already told you Rollins. I just don’t want to give it to fucking Cena.”

So there you have it. I think this ppv has sleeper potential. We have Harper/Dolph, Dean/Bray, Cena/Seth as the 3 matches with most potential. We need one more good match, but where does it come from? I’m guessing the Miz match or Rusev. Divas, and the 2 hoss match ups will be exactly what you expect, little to nothing. Thank you for reading!!!!

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