The Wrestling 9 Deuce: September 12 & 13, 2016 – Best Smackdown Ever Edition?

The Wrestling 9 Deuce September 12 and 13, 2016

WWE Smackdown 09/13/16
WWE Smackdown 09/13/16

Welcome everybody to this week’s Wrestling 9 Deuce. As always, I am joined by Russ and Keri. The format is simple: I ask 9 questions (5 from RAW & 4 from Smackdown) and then have the Bonus Deuce which can be about anything that is wrestling related. We are shortening this blog significantly as we are starting a podcast. This way, you can double the Russ, double the Keri, and double the chins. We got you covered! Please leave a comment below, ask us anything, and we will respond.

The 9

  1. Gallows and Anderson got a clean win over the New Day tonight. That is usually a sure sign of an upcoming loss. At this point, do you think that the New Day will drop the belts to G & A?big-e-pouring-cereal

Russ: Eventually, G & A are going to take them at Survivors Series.  They are making it seem like Big E is needed at Clash of Champions so I think New Day will get the win there.   They need to fix the Tag Division on Raw!

luke-dropping-an-elbow xavier-flying

Keri:  At this point, who knows? Creative had the perfect opportunity at Summerslam to change the tag team division on RAW and they squandered it. So, if the belt is going to change hands anytime soon, it will probably go to Gallows and Anderson.  Why you ask? Because there is no one else that can do it. Except maybe Enzo and Cass but I don’t think Creative will allow that so yeah Gallows and Anderson, it is.


Kent: Nope. Gallows and Anderson are no longer getting those belts. The minute that Finn went down, so did their immediate aspirations at being champs. I like the idea that they can’t win when it’s Kofi and Xavier and Big E is on the outside. I’d take it one step further, and have Big E and Xavier also lose, and then New Day lightly picks of Xavier. Then we have the breakup build up.


  1. Why do you think that there was no mention of a double pin in the women’s 3-way?bayel-sasha-double-pin

Russ: I think it was a mistake at first, but now WWE will have a week to see that this happened and make something of it next week.  I want to give credit to Charlotte this week.  She has gotten a little better in her promos.  She was tolerable today and I liked her outburst for being disrespected by Sasha.


Keri:  I really have no idea. The ending just looked messy. Therefore, I say botches, botches everywhere. But why did Bayley have to take that pin? I think that might be the better question for this particular match.

sasha-and-bayley-flipping-dana womens-tower-of-doom

Kent: At first I was like, OK, that was done to set up the triple threat. Then there was zero mention or reaction about Sasha’s shoulders being down. I am going to say that she wasn’t supposed to pin herself. By the way, Dana Brooke looked good tonight. She’s my female Baron Corbin. Alexa is my Luke Harper. (Kent Note: And look at what Alexa did on Smackdown!!! I wrote this before Smackdown.)


  1. What is up with all of the jobbers getting air time, except Curtis Axel? We had Jack Swagger, Jinder, The Shining Stars, Bo Dallas, and Alicia Fox. There was a chant for the jobber that Bo Dallas was facing. What is happening?bo-dallas shining-stars

Russ: They need to fill 3 hours and they no longer have the top line talent to do it.  They are finally being smart about building up lower level talent.  I also like that they are giving more time to these smaller roles.  It will eventually lead to more interesting three hour shows which, let’s face it, is at this point intolerable.  I also want to know why they mentioned this RAW contract with Swagger … will he be the first to switch shows?  (Kent Note: Doubt it.)


Keri: After the brand split, I think creative got a little more breathing room to include wrestlers on the card that usually ended up sitting around backstage (or possibly working in catering).  I feel that the jobber matches, while not that impactful, are at least slightly interesting as well as something new.

alicia-fox alicia-kicking-nia-in-the-face

Kent: I feel that they are finally doing the smart thing. They need to occasionally rebuild up their lower tier so that they can be used to build up the next person who needs building up. Also, I am curious what is up with Swagger’s contract story line to be perfectly honest.


  1. Will Sami Zayn get a push before year’s end or will he continue to tread water as lovable loser who picks up wins here and there, but is there more in the Cesaro role?sami-zayn

Russ: Eventually Sami will get a push to at least the IC title, maybe eventually a Universal Championship, but it won’t be happening this year.  The Cesaro is strong in this one.   He is over with the fans so he doesn’t need to win all the time, which in his case, like the Cesaro case, is a bad thing.


Keri: As much as it pains me to say it, it’s highly doubtful that we are going to see Zayn in the main event picture before the end of 2016.  While I do feel that we are all missing out, I do understand it slightly.  Very slightly.  Perhaps 2017 will be Zayn’s year. Wow! I think I usually say the exact same things about Cesaro. Well, that just got weird.


Kent: I really liked Sami tonight in his promo with Jericho. That was the best I have heard him in a while.  With that being said, even if he beats Jericho, which is a big IF, he will continue to be a pesky never say die guy, but no push.


  1. We got the main event out of the way. What do you think will be the repercussions of Seth disobeying Mick Foley?seth-sneak-attacking-ko mick-foley-yelling-at-seth-rollins

Russ: Knowing WWE they will forget all about it next week or it will be some asinine punishment.  However, WWE seems to be getting their shit together lately and even admitting to making mistakes.  So I think it will have something to do with benefiting KO in some way for their match at Clash.  For a face turn they sure smacked Rollins in the face this week.  KO was scathing, and accurate, when it came to Rollins accomplishments since coming back.  Rollins who is always great at comebacks …. did nothing.  If they want me to cheer the guy this wasn’t the way to do it.


Keri: I’m in agreement with Kent. KO will probably pick a stipulation for the match.  Any other scenario puts the belt on Seth and I don’t believe that is the direction the company is headed right now.


Kent: First of all, RUSEV CRUSH!!! I will say that Owens gets to pick a stipulation for their match at Clash Of Champions.


  1. What are your thoughts now that we know that Randy Orton is still suffering issues, mainly concussion problems, after his match with Brock?randy-orton-waiting

Russ: They rushed getting Randy back and it was a mistake.  They didn’t really need him for Summer Slam, but I understand why they did it.  Randy should have turned it down.  He didn’t look ready to me coming back.  Usually when guys return, like Seth or Cesaro they look toned and in shape.  Randy kind of looked like he just started getting back into shape, but not quite there.  Still, it is ultimately up to Randy to make the decision himself, but shame on WWE for trying to bring him back early.


Keri: Randy got beat pretty bad at Summerslam. I know I know everything that happened was “planned.” But still the guy was getting nailed in the head by a guy that is trained to fight (MMA not WWE). So it’s only logical that there is going to be repercussions from that encounter. I think the more important question here is how did the WWE not know? And if they did, then why did they put the guy in a match he was never going to fight? It just seems really silly to me and a waste of time.


Kent: I think that Randy was not ready to return at Summerslam. Note that he was not in shape. When you return from injury, you hit the gym hard and look great. Watch any Randy Orton return, and the dude is defined. Not this time. So he wasn’t 100%. Then they did that terrible spot of opening him up, and now he has head issues. Out of the 3 of us, this pisses me off the most for obvious reasons. As a person with lingering issues after my concussions, I can say that this line of thinking needs to stop. They need to care for their wrestler’s safety, especially with head and neck injuries. It pisses me off.

  1. Will Swagger finally get some better support and maybe even a push that he has deserved, or is he simply fodder for the one, the only, BARON CORBIN? (I am not bias in the least bit.)jack-swagger-and-baron-corbin-staredown

Russ: I think this is the better place for Swagger for several reasons.  #1 I didn’t even know he was on RAW.  They tend to do less with all the talent over on the RAW side.  #2 Smackdown has the better creative side.  Smackdown has been killing it lately.  With great wrestling, continuing stories that make sense, side stories for all the talent, and seemingly the rule that Smackdown is the land of opportunity and its proving that it is all make for a better place for someone like Swagger.  Finally,  Smackdown could use a veteran to help mold some of the younger talent.   Baron Corbin will learn a lot from Swagger and going against someone like Baron could help reinvigorate Swagger!  I’m a big fan of his, so I’m hoping this works out for him.


Keri: Why not both? The feud that was foreshadowed Tuesday night did two things. First, it put Swagger in a storyline right out of the gate and put him in line for a possible push. Second, Baron Corbin is finally going to work with someone who can elevate his game and get him ready for a championship run at some point, as well as give him a much needed push. This is really a win-win for everyone involved.


Kent:  This is a show tailor made for Swagger to do good or even great on. I have to admit, Tuesday afternoon, I did suggest to Russ that Swagger should come on Smackdown because he’s the kind of guy that Baron Corbin needs to work with. Now I’m not gloating, yes, yes, you can touch me, but I mean, I’m a genie in a bottle, I mean genius. Very excited because Swagger has long been in the top 3 most underappreciated guys on the roster. Plus, BC will get some valuable lessons.

  1. Speaking of people who I have no bias towards, MY GIRL, Alexa Bliss, is the new #1 contender to the women’s championship. Are you good with the cheap win, considering her character so far, and secondly, are you digging the Harley Quinn thing?becky-lynch-champ 5-women-action

Russ: I am 100% fine with a cheap win for her!  It isn’t like she will win the title at No Mercy anyway.  Let her get some experience with Becky.  I could take or leave the Harley look.


Keri: I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of Tuesday night’s #1 contender’s match. Alexa deserves this shot. Also, she is the only legitimate heel that is not named Natalya right now on the roster. Also, I’ll admit the new Harley Quinn look is pretty cool.

alexa-bliss-opoortunity becky-and-alexa-staredown

Kent: Have I mentioned that she is my girl? Whoopty whoop Ni**a what? Yeah, I may have some black ancestors, so it’s ok for me to say that in a censored way. Let’s face it, she’s not beating Becky. On the plus side, Becky is a girl that Alexa can work well with, will sell for her, and hopefully both get chances to shine. The cheap win was perfect, because if you watch Backlash and Smackdown, you will notice how many times that she was trying to be an opportunist. As for the Harley Quinn thing, I like it, and she’s hotter than the Harley in the porn parody, so there’s that.

  1. To complete the trifecta, my favorite tag team, The Ascension, took on my second favorite tag team, the Ginger Rhynos. Yes, it’s true, it’s damn true. Who will be the first tag team to step up take on the Ginger Rhynos on a PPV?heath-slater-with-contract

Russ: I’m going with Vaudevillians.  They are a great team that once the WWE universe gets to see them in a decent match they will agree with me.  Smackdown is the land of opportunity so let’s start seeing some opportunity for the deserving tag teams.  I know that Gotch got in trouble a couple months back, but they have paid the price.  They are a great team and it is time the audience got to see that.


Keri: Breezedango should be first. The team gets so little love from Creative and they work so well together.  Or if not them, then the Vaudevillains. There’s another team that has gotten very little love from Creative since they came up from NXT. I mean they’ve been NXT tag team champions and one of them is a Guerrero (by marriage but still).   That has to mean something, right? Oh well, maybe not. Just not the Usos. Ok?


Kent: Well next week, I am willing to bet Russ’ left nut that the Vaudevillains challenge the Ginger Rhynos. I’m also willing to bet his right one that it’s Breezedango. The Usos are the logical choice for No Mercy. I have to question who will be taking on The Usos on the Smackdowns prior to No Mercy. On the face side, you have The Ginger Rhynos and The Hype Bros. American Alpha is still out, and it seems only logical to keep them out until No Mercy. I think a team needs to step up and be a tweener, or dare I say, be super creative and let all of them be tweeners, only out for themselves.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Give us your thoughts on Backlash. You can be a little long winded here.
    WWE Backlash 2016
    WWE Backlash 2016


Russ: Backlash to me was a solid PPV.  It wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but everything seemed to make sense and each match got plenty of time to tell a story.  Quick rundown of some of the matches:  I loved the woman’s match.  They had some great spots, the girls continued their individual stories and feuds, and the right person won!  Congratulations to Becky!  Miz vs Dolph was a solid match that told a fantastic story in the ring. Miz is putting a clinic on how to be a great IC champion and this match only helped to solidify it.  Dolph lost, but at least it was cheap and we can continue the feud.  Tag Champs:  Ginger Rhyno Wins, very happy that Slater won!  His story has been great and the payoff was perfect.   Loving the new Usos as they seem reinvigorated as heels can’t wait to see them feud with AA.  AJ vs Dean:  This was the great match!  They had plenty of time in the ring to tell a complete story which is helpful.  AJ is the best performer in the business right now and every match he is in shows that.  I don’t think he has put on a bad performance since coming to the WWE.  AJ also brings out the best in his opponents because I don’t think I’ve seen Dean have a better match in a very long time.  AJ was the right choice here can’t wait to see how he runs the place, as the face of it.

becky-wins ginger-rhynos-win

Keri: I have to say from top to bottom Backlash was solid. The right decisions were made by Creative (yes even the Miz decision) and we got closure more or less on all the storylines. I marked out three times Sunday night. Once when I turned on Backlash and saw Becky giving a victory speech, then when Ginger Rhyno won, and finally when AJ won. I don’t remember the last time that happened. Good job Creative! I’m back to giving gold stars again so gold stars for all!

bray-wins bray-jobs-yet-again

Kent: I already wrote a long ass blog so fuck you. Instead, I choose to say that The Hardy Boys are keeping me watching TNA, along with Lashley. TNA is making a comeback, and I really urge people to give it another shot. The old guard is out minus Abyss, and he is in a tag team. They are really trying new things there, plus Matt is fucking killing it with the Broken Matt gimmick. Hell, you know it’s good when I am openly admitting this and recommending them. Yeah, hell has probably froze over. Still, Final Deletion brought me back, and I will go so far as to say that was the 2nd most important match of the year so far. Cena vs. Styles is still #1. Final Deletion changed the game for TNA, and ys, they are going to milk this in oblivion like WWE does, but for now, it’s still so good. Matt was talking to monkeys and referring to them as spot monkeys, and gave them the names of the X Division. Jeff had to do battle with a kangaroo. I know this sounds absolutely stupid, but trust me, it’s good. Also, Lashley is showing how good he really can be. Great in ring. Then Eli Drake is a guy who the WWE could use right now, along with Moose. How WWE missed the boat on getting him is beyond me. The dude is solid and a charisma magnet. Switch Moose with Apollo Crews and I guarantee that you have a new star on Smackdown. Trade Lashley for Brock, and I would absolutely do that. Lashley will work every show and is still quite successful in MMA.

  1. This Smackdown may have been the best booked wrestling show, end to end, in over a decade. Thinking back, does any one particular RAW or Smackdown stand out for you?

Russ: The Raw that sticks out most to me was the first Raw I ever saw.  March 30, 1998.  My family just got satellite (where we lived it was impossible to get cable.)  Kent had always loved wrestling and so I wanted to see what the big deal was.  So I tuned in.  I was hooked! Honestly, this show had it all.  Fun, excitement, and a good story.  This was my first real taste of wrestling in full.  When Stone Cold came out with the Beer Truck I was going nuts and I just started watching.  I have had ups and downs with wrestling, but I knew that I would always keep an eye on wrestling from that point on.

Keri: Is it wrong that I can’t remember one? Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been disillusioned so much over the past few years that I forgot about the good ones. Either case, I think I’m going to assign myself some homework and do some wrestling history reading.  I mean there has got to be at least one or two episodes from each show that stand out above all others, right? Right? But I do have to say that I would rather watch Smackdown than RAW right now so that’s has to count for something.

Kent:  What an intelligent and handsome question. Since I’m a tubby man, I will offer not one, but 2 great episodes of RAW.

March 30, 1998 – The night after Wrestlemania, ya know, the one with Austin finally winning the belt and Mike Tyson was there and HBK’s career ended for awhile?  That one! This was the night that DX was reborn with a returning XPac and the New Age Outlaws, and HHH was officially on the rise. That night legitimized one of the most dominant groups ever, but was also the passing of the guard. Oh, and it happened, right here, in Albany, NY. Bang bang!

Link to show on YouTube.

November 2, 1998 – This is officially known as Kane’s Night of Destruction when he kept interfering in matches. What a glorious night. I still watch the YouTube clips from that night when I need to feel good about life. This showed how awesome Kane could really be.  While Kane will probably never be remembered as a top 25 guy, he is probably top 40 or 50, depending on how much flippy shit you like. If you watch this clip and don’t walk away saying “Damn, he should have won more world titles”, then I find your lack of faith disturbing. Kane this evening chokeslammed: Edge, X Pac, Christian, William Regal, Goldust, lifts up Marlena, Tony Garea, D Lo Brown, Mosh, lights a steel cage mid match on fire, and assaults Austin and Undertaker. I know that Jericho has the night that he beat Austin and Rock in separate matches. This is still at least the second best night ever, right?

Link to show on YouTube

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