The Wrestling 9 Deuce September 5 and 6, 2016 – The We Never Want to See Another Old Day Promo EVER A-Gain Edition

The Wrestling 9 Deuce

Last week, the WWE provided us with one of the better end to end RAW’s in recent memory. Especially if you take away post Wrestlemania RAWs which tend to be their own category I feel. Any longtime fan would have bet a hundred bucks that RAW would be a letdown.  Still, I didn’t even anticipate it reaching the wretched putrid depths that it did. For fuck’s sake. If you are looking for the power of positivity, don’t read my comments. Seriously, I am incredibly long winded and am angry. Read their comments, not mine.  This will be brutal. As always, I am joined the lovely Keri, and my drinking partner’s husband, Russ. They seem to be in better moods than I am. Also, my apologies for having this up a day late. Wednesday was simply a bad day for me, it happens.

  1. Let’s start off with the most obvious topic: Bo Dallas. He looked in better shape, and they let him show his aggressive side. We know that he supposedly recently got in trouble at an airport. So why is he getting rewarded, and is he on the verge of a push?


Russ:  I just want to say that first:  I didn’t hate RAW as much as Kent did.  It bored me in spots, but I didn’t out-right hate it.  With that said, on to Bo Dallas.  I was really surprised to see Bo Dallas out there and getting, what seems to me, is a legitimate shot at a push.  I have always loved Bo, so I’m happy that he is getting the chance to shine.  I just hope they keep the Bo-Lieving stuff, cause he reminds me of Kurt Angle when he does it… and I had a raging clue for that guy!   As for him getting in trouble the week before I have touched on this subject before.  Vince loves controversy and as long as it isn’t major problem, as I suppose this situation is considered, He will then give that person a chance to prove their worth.  It happened with Cesaro when he went on his shoot about being on RAW instead of Smackdown, though I’m not sure it is working the best way possible for him.   So for a few months we are going to see Bo be aggressive and get some wins over scrubs.  My question is how will he do when he gets into his first feud?

Keri:  I’m not sure what to think about the “new” Bo Dallas. It’s pretty much the same gimmick as before but this time Bo is just really pissed off.  What has caused this sudden personality shift, I wonder?  Perhaps, the break-up of the Social Outcasts or maybe he’s really angry about being in the jobber category. Either way, it was nice to see him in the ring and to see that creative hasn’t completely forgotten about him.  Will it result in any kind of push? Creative has been so fickle with this character in the past that I’m wondering if they will even remember “pissed off” Bo Dallas next week. (Kent Note: He’s pissed because his brother has gotten jobbed worse than anybody else in the history of Wrestlemania….or so I say.)

Kent:  I think they realized that they needed a talented heel for the new Crusierweight Division, and let’s face it, WWE lacks the know how to making a star for some reason. So they can build up Bo as this bad ass in that division, maybe have him win the belt, and have his loss to Neville or Ibushi or whatever the hell his name is, actually mean something down the line. I liked what I saw.

  1. RAW had 3 big female oriented segments, plus 2 backstage. What we were presented with was an adequate match between Charlotte and Bayley, a squash match by Nia over Alicia Fox’s friend, Charlotte yelling at, and subsequently bitch-slapping Dana, Nia bullying Alicia backstage, and the cherry on top, Sasha and her promo from hell. Give me your thoughts on this estrogen-driven ride through hell.


Russ:  All of these Segments were TERRIBLE!   What you want more?  Ok, fine but unlike these segments I don’t want to waste your time.  Charlotte and Bayley was fine.  It wasn’t the best match, but it wasn’t the worst match I’ve seen on RAW.  I despise anything to do with Nia.  Seriously, she is still doing stupid ass squash matches 2 months into her run… MEANS she doesn’t know what she is doing.  She is terrible and WWE should feel terrible for bringing her up way too early.  I love Sasha.  One day Sasha will Main Event a WrestleMania, I just hope it is not as a face.  She is a terrible face and actress.  Please just let her be Sasha.  A mean girl who has a high opinion about herself and can back her words up with actions.  (Kent Note: Do you honestly believe that she will main event a Wrestlemania? THE main event?)

Keri:  I will start first with the Bayley and Charlotte match. I have to admit my first thought was, why are we doing this now? I mean this is something we should see at Night of Champions not on RAW but I went with it. This match was good but I felt like it was missing something. Perhaps, it was in-ring storytelling or general chemistry that was missing. I don’t really know but whatever it was, it didn’t win me over.  Moving on to Sasha’s promo. Based on the previews for this segment, I fully expected to Sasha to come out in a salmon jacket and give a retirement speech a-la Mark Henry. However, this segment wasn’t nearly as good as the Mark Henry “retirement” promo and definitely wasn’t pretty by any stretch of the imagination. But, I think she did ok job with what Creative gave her to work with in this particular segment. Having Dana confront her though, was a bad move. Come on creative, this segment should have had Charlotte coming out (instead of giving her a match earlier in the night) and cutting a promo on Sasha then having Sasha deliver her bad news via the Bank Statement to Charlotte. That would have made more sense but as I said before creative doesn’t make sense.  My only comment on Dana Brooke is: Creative, like the word fetch in Mean Girls, stop trying to make Dana Brooke happen. The fans just don’t care enough about her to like her or hate her.  Can we move on from her, please? Now on to the Nia Jax problem. Ok, we get it, she’s supposed to be a “threat” but having her squash jobbers week after week is now officially boring. I just don’t care now. However, it is nice to see Foxy on TV again so I say let her and Nia feud.

Kent:  I don’t like female oriented things unless it involves porn or Britney Spears. I’m not blaming the night’s suckiness on the females, it’s really not their fault. They are doing as well as they can with what they are being handed, but my god, it is so painful and illogical. Rant time!!! Did UFC give Diaz vs. Conor on free TV? Did WWE give us Austin vs. Rock for free very often, if ever, in a legit match? No? Well come to find out, it’s smart business to not give away marquee attraction matches for the first time on the main roster for free, but here we are, trotting out Bayley vs. Charlotte.  I get it, Paige is gone. But you still have Summer and more importantly, Alicia. Now imagine how the night plays out if Alicia is happy backstage after her win over Charlotte, and you know, actually looks like an opponent that can win, and then Nia confronts her. Holy shit, you would have then still preserved your marquee match of Bayley vs. Charlotte, you would have boosted Alicia’s credibility, and gave us a reason to care about her and Nia, but you know, WWE knows best. OK, so they blew that one segment. There was 5, so they blew the first match. The backstage segment with Dana and Charlotte was brutal, and I will not blame Dana. I think that girl has a lot of talent, just give her time. So Charlotte is mad at Dana, but let’s look at why. Charlotte elbowed/forearmed Dana at the end of her match, which must have caused great confusion to Charlotte’s motor skills, and that allowed her to lose, or so WWE wants us idiots to believe. OK, so they blew 2 segments. Hey, segment 3 featured another Nia Jax squash match, and she’s not making any progress and is kind of an embarrassment for the company (NOT HER FAULT), because WWE couldn’t show patience. That match was so bad. OK, 3 segments blown, there were 2 more. Nia is a bitch to Alicia because Alicia’s friend lost to Nia, and Alicia acted crazy, and Nia didn’t really do anything and neither did Alicia, and fuck, they blew it didn’t they? 0 for 4. Well Sasha is going to come out with some Wade Barrett-esque, bad news, and she will save the day. Oh, she’s still a face? Oh, she didn’t bring back Wade? I don’t even know what was up with her panties or attire, but something looked weird in that region, so that was rough. She kept grabbing her belly, so I hoped that she was impregnated with Kane’s baby, and he would grab her from under the ring. There was no rhyme or reason or payoff to her repeatedly grabbing her belly. She told us all about this women’s revolution, and blasting bra and panties matches. Well excuse you bitch, but some of those matches had merit, and you shouldn’t talk shit about the girls that performed in them, who were making money and laying the ground work for your bitch ass. Furthermore, the majority of your fan base happens to enjoy seeing scantily clad women, because if we only cared about work rate, you wouldn’t have a job because women’s matches are usually, slow motion, poorly coordinated clusterfucks of botches. I’m sorry, but that’s the fucking truth. Yeah, every once in awhile, a women’s match resonates, but the vast majority of them suck. It’s like watching a fat kid run a 25 minute mile and then say he runs as good as Usain Bolt. Yeah, the talent gap is that fucking wide. This segment would normally have been the worst thing on a normal RAW< but this was no ordinary RAW. By the way, this women’s revolution, to quote the great poet Snoop Dogg, which is funny as he’s Sasha’s cousin, can “Eat a big fat diiiiick.” You should have had all the women on RAW and had a real division and had a real evolution you fucking morons. By the way, it’s none of these girl’s faults for being delusional, but Creative has fucked them.  This whole thing can be defined by the worst thing ever in wrestling: the WWE just Brie Mode-d the hell out of the women’s division.

  1. Since we’re talking about shitfest segments, what one segment was the bottom of the barrel for you? There is plenty to choose from including: Opening “before RAW” soap opera acting of Mick and Steph, The never ending Darren Young and Titus O’Neil saga, the We’re going to make you believe that Sin Cara, a legit bad ass, cares about Braun’s opponent from last week and can do some flippy shit on Braun, or It’s an Old Day parody from hell.

Russ:  So I know watching wrestling you sometimes have to take the amazing matches with the badly acted and thought-out talking segments.  However, last night I witnessed something so horrible that it made me yearn for Nia Jax to be on my screen for a 60-minute Iron Woman match.  Old Day!  This was a cringe worthy segment. It made everyone involved look stupid, it killed the crowd, and it was bad.  Not funny bad, but you feel horrible for witnessing it bad.  I’m going to defend the opening segment.  I thought it hit all the right notes.  Yes Steph and Mick were chewing the hell out of the scenery, but I like how they kept the story and the intrigue as to whether or not Steph really was in on it or not.  As for Titus and Young……the less said, the better.

Keri:  How about all the above? Last night, based on what I saw and read in the recaps the next morning, was just plan awful. There wasn’t good segment the entire night. Ok, wait a second, the opening segment and the Rollins-Jericho match was good but everything else was downright awful and unwatchable. Wow Creative! I’m taking back all the stars I’ve given you over the past few weeks because you deserve a big fat F+++++ for this week’s RAW. Right now, you are making me very glad that Lucha Underground is returning this week. For those of you who want to see great wrestling as well as great story telling, watch Lucha Underground, Wednesday night at 8 pm on the El Rey Network. You can thank me later for this rather “shameless” plug.

Kent:  Scathing comments so far, as expected.  You ever watch wrestling with people who don’t regularly watch, and then suddenly a shitty segment comes on, so you try to figure out a way to change the channel before you can be judged on watching some awful garbage? That sums up Hours 2 and 3 for me basically. As sick of this Titus and Darren feud, I felt the shame as that Old Day segment went on…..and on…….and on…….and never seemed like it would mercifully end. I don’t even know what the point was anymore. You had the Dudleys do the honors for Gallows and Anderson, and this is how you book them? They should be the champs, they should have beat New Day at Summerslam. Fucking obvious. Oh, Enzo and Cass jobbed to the Shooting Puerto Ricans.  Like……….FUCK! How are you guys doing such an embarrassing job to such an easy division with clearly more talent than Smackdown? How is this possible? Why are you writing G&A to be so fucking awful. By the time Finn returns, people are going to give zero fucks or credibility to G&A and therefore, the Club.

  1. Jericho fought Seth while KO fought Zayn for the 1,745th time this year alone. How the hell did Jericho and Seth manage to pull out a PPV caliber match while that KO match was pedestrian at best? Was it a timing thing, was it management, was it simply an off night for KO and Sami?


Russ: I’m going to try and break this down based on my feelings of the night.  Jericho and Seth opened the second hour of the show and the first hour was decent in terms of a wrestling show.  Jericho was the perfect opponent for a face turning Rollins.  Jericho is a top notch heel and knows how to wrestle a match as such.  This made for an exciting match a crowd wanting to get behind Rollins and just as the crowd is starting to work it Jericho robbed them.  Until, finally Rollins got the opening he needed.  When Seth hooked that Pedigree the crowd erupted!  This was after only 1 hour of what could be considered a decent opening RAW.  Then everything that happened after that match until KO and Zayn was just horrible and boring.  The crowd was effectively killed and thus so were KO and Zayn’s chances of having anything above a decent match.  The match was good, but honesty I don’t know if they were trying to protect Owens or if they had an off night.  I’ll take this match over a lot of other matches, but for Zayn and KO this was a low point.

Keri:  I think this is a classic case of expectation not meeting reality. Both guys have wrestled each other so much and have set the bar so high that anything less than perfection from them is kind of a letdown. Zayn and Owens can pull off a 5 star match almost anytime they step in the ring together but at some point even they are going to say, what do you mean I have to wrestle him again?  In any case, I say this was just the cherry on top of a really bad RAW sundae and just a bad night for everyone all around. As for the ending of RAW, I’m not even going to address it. You all know my feelings about that particular individual being anywhere near the main event picture. I’m not going to beat a dead horse. It’s just not worth it anymore.

Kent:  It’s not that I didn’t like the KO and Zayn fight, but it wasn’t good based on the standards that they have set. It’s not like Cena vs Orton, where I am beyond sick of them. It simply felt like an off night for them. Meanwhile, Jericho can still go, he’s got moves and I loved that match.  On paper, I expected the KO match to be way better, but nope. Also, fuck Roman Reigns for having to show his stupid face. I can’t wait for the mighty Rusev to return from his homecoming, and real wedding with Lana, to CRUSH that filthy American swine, Roman Reigns. Seriously though, Lana’s twitter is a thing of beauty, as is she. She really has a hell of a smile. Good for Rusev!

  1. Braun Strowman had a hilarious match with Sin Cara. With that being said, in a real life fight, who would you pick? I kid…..well still answer the question, but the real question is in regards to Cesaro.  Do you hate how this has played out? More importantly, how do you feel about Match 4 not even being on TV or PPV, you know, the one where Sheamus can win the whole thing and the title match opportunity?

Russ:  I wouldn’t cross Sin Cara in real life. As for Cesaro I am really disappointed with this best of 7 series so far.  I would have hoped for more of a back and forth between two guys who love to fight and can put on decent matches and leave it all out there on the 7th match.  However, they are now making this one of two things.   1.  Cesaro will now have to fight and claw to each of his victories he is going to be desperate for each win.  2.  Sheamus wins in London 4 – 0 and this was all just a way to Squash Cesaro and slap all of us in the face or wanting him to have success.  I’m pretty sure it will be the first, but we shall see after it happens Wednesday, since you know we can’t see it!  Why the hell would they have one of these matches off screen?  It kills all momentum, and this best of 7 has had so little of that as it is.  I still feel that this will be Cesaro’s series to win and take on Owens later on, but come on let’s build this damn feud up already!

Keri:  I just don’t get the point of this best of seven series. It’s completely one sided and poorly written. So poorly written that the only way they can redeem this storyline, is to have Cesaro basically come from behind and take the next 4 matches from Sheamus. But that isn’t going to happen. Why you ask? Because if we all remember correctly, in Vince’s Stone Cold Podcast interview, he basically said flat out he doesn’t believe that Cesaro has “it.” What a complete waste of everyone’s time this has been

Kent:  First of all, I am absolutely taking Sin Cara. I take Sin Cara over anybody who isn’t Taker, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, and Chris Jericho. I also know that Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and Arn Anderson would not be guys to fuck with. Jericho being the baddest man out of all of them. Anyway, you would be shocked to read this after my long women’s rant, but WWE blew it. You NEVER book a best of 7 with 3 or 4 straight to one person. That helps NOBODY! The whole purpose is to display just how evenly matched these guys are. I imagine when this idea was first pitched, Sheamus was thinking: “I’ll come out of this and be the next Booker T” and Cesaro was thinking “I need to be life insurance for my wife and children.” Admit it, that was funny. They both thought that this was a great opportunity, and we all did. We opened our mouths eagerly and instead of a charm’s blow pop, Vince makes us kiss his ass, and then slides himself right into our collect velvety pouch of an orifice that we call our mouths. Wow, even I found that vulgar. Just haave the guys trade wins. A win streak of 2 is the most anybody should get. This is common sense booking, Vince KNOWS better. On top of that, you don’t have the pivotal Match 4 on a European tour. I’d have held off this week, have Sheamus burst into Mick’s office all pissed saying that Cesaro shouldn’t get a free pass this week, and insult Mick so he puts Sheamus in a match with Braun. Then have Braun really lay into Sheamus for 2-3 minutes and Sheamus simply walk out and get the count out. Then have Match 3 in Europe, and you’re fine. Once again, Vince knows better. For fuck’s sake, I need a beer. (Kent Note: Cesaro won match 4.)

  1. There’s 3 marquee singles matches at Backlash in Aj vs. Dean, Randy vs Bray, and Miz vs. Dolph. At no point did any of these feel important tonight. Tell me, do you even care about any of these matches?

Russ:  For the most part I still care about 2 of the 3 matches.  AJ vs. Dean is still intriguing to me, I honestly thought they did a fantastic job of character development with these two.  They showed how differently the two act.  AJ believes that he isn’t being shown the proper respect for the guy who beat John Cena.  Dean is a laid back guy who doesn’t take too many things too seriously, but he will defend that title.  I really thought they showed that throughout the entire episode.  Randy vs. Bray … ok that’s the one I don’t really care about.  I just know they are going to have Bray lose again making his gimmick totally worthless.  OOOH, he’s a God!  The God of losing all the damn time!  Miz vs. Dolph is still up there for me, but only because The Miz has been on fire the past few weeks and Ziggler is just that damn good.  However, this week didn’t do much for me between the two.  I did like that The Miz sent his wife to get the belt, showing that he is a smart heel and won’t fall for asinine tricks.  I don’t want to go on a rant, but how come WWE portrays intelligence (like Miz sending his wife to get the belt) as cowardice?  This is not the only time they have done it, but it was the first time I really thought about it.  Just because somebody uses intelligence and doesn’t fall for someone’s attempt to make them fight, doesn’t mean they are a coward. (Kent Note: Because….’Murica, fuck yeah. We don’t celebrate the smart or cerebral in this country, we celebrate and create celebrities out of the biggest assholes in the country. That’s why.”

Keri:  Ok to start, I didn’t watch last night because I was sitting behind home plate at the Washington Nationals Game (Big thanks to a couple great friends who got tickets and asked Eric and I to join them). But I read the recaps and it seems like Creative only focused their “efforts” into promoting the women’s championship match and setting up the final for the tag team championship match. Everything else seemed to be an afterthought. With that being said, I’m still interested to see if they actually pull the trigger on Sunday night and give AJ a title reign.  Then, there is the Miz and Ziggler match. This has the potential to be interesting but to keep with the storyline the Miz has to keep the belt. So, unfortunately, I predict more disappointment coming for Ziggler. As for Orton and Bray, not sure about this one and they really haven’t done enough to set it up for me. So, my interest is only slightly peaked on this one. It seems like it was thrown together but it should be an interesting match.

Kent:  To be honest, yeah, I still care, but not nearly as much as I did prior to Smackdown. The best thing was Randy’s silly rabbit story. Dolph has tried his best to make that feud seems good, but the WWE fucked up by not making things more personal with Miz and Daniel Bryan. Rumor has it that WWE didn’t want fans to think that Daniel was returning. So what? You mean to tell me that WWE just now care about not disappointing Daniel’s fanbase? Ha! This would have been a neat thing where Daniel kept choosing his champion to take on the Miz and have the Miz keep winning. Like, you never see a face commissioner have a story like that, and that could have been a fun way to debut somebody down the road, like Shinsuke at Mania, to stand up for Daniel due to their past living together. That storyline writes itself. I swear to Christ, more creative ideas come from this blog than the weekly writer’s meetings in WWE. AJ is going to carry Dean to perhaps his best match ever, which is possible because I don’t know what would be his best match, probably one against Rollins.

  1. Lots of time given to the women for the second straight night. Did you feel the time the ladies got on Smackdown was better used than the time the women got on RAW?

Russ:  Smackdown’s use of the ladies was better than RAW’s use, but that’s like saying a shit sandwich is better than a puke sandwich.  If you have to taste either one, you’re going to have a bad time (Kent feel free to find a picture of the ski instructor here.)


I am honestly just not feeling anything the ladies are doing on either show.  I like pieces of what the ladies do, I love Sasha, but they are using her in the worst way possible.  I enjoy Carmella, but she is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad wrestler.  She is better than Nia, but look to my original comparison to get the idea of where that is going.  Charlotte is only allowed to wrestle on my screen if she talks she gets muted.   Bayley is amazing and needs to keep being Bayley!  Becky is kind of twisting in the wind right now, but hopefully they will give her direction after the belt is awarded to somebody.  That is about all I can say for my enjoyment of the women right now. (Kent Note: I obliged.)

Keri:  Based on what I read/saw, I’m going to say yes. The build on Smackdown allowed the ladies to state their claims for the title and also allowed them back up those claims in a 3 on 3 tag match.  Overall, it just seemed to flow better. It also did not reflect the overall laziness and bad writing we are used to seeing from Creative. This is the match I’m actually looking forward to the most on Sunday. I’m curious to see if they go with the logical choice (Becky), the usual BS choice (Aftermarket Bella (aka Nikki), or completely surprise us and go with someone we never expected. But in short, the correct choice is still Becky but we will probably get Nikki because LOLCenasgirlfriendwins.


Kent:  Welllll, on one hand you set up a really great rivalry with Charlotte and Bayley for down the road, and gave us the first ever main roster match between the 2, and Sasha held her stomach and tried to look like she was emotional, and Nia’s no talent ass had 2 segments, so that is hard to top, but I think Smackdown made better use of their time. Becky was making me laugh. Naomi seems to have gotten reinvigorated. Alexa is progressing nicely. Nattie and Nikki are doing well as the experienced vets. Carmella is doing well at……..well she won the match and can moonwalk. 5 out of 6 ladies are doing good, and that’s awesome, and Carmella has potential, and Eva Marie will make that number a 6 minimum. Watching Becky kinda wait for Carmella to hit her marks was a tad painful, not gonna lie.

  1. The Usos turned heel and Slater and Rhyno made it to the finals. Let’s just talk about everything that we enjoyed here.

Russ:  Alright, if Heath doesn’t win the belts with Rhyno on Sunday we riot!  Seriously though, how great has this whole Heath Slater: Super Free Agent angle been?  It seems to me that they haven’t missed yet!  I loved seeing his “kids” ringside cheering good old dad on.  I will give credit to creative on this one.  They have done a great job.  However, I have to say that this has been all Heath all the way.  He has taken the gimmick he was given and ran with it!  This should catapult Slater into the upper mid-card after all the tag team stuff is done.  Which shouldn’t be for at least several months.  I dare say within a year or two we may be saying Heath Slater is the New WWE Champion!  I for one will welcome that day!  As for Usos turning heel.  About damn time! They needed this in the worst way possible.  It was announced that Usos and Hype Bros.  will have a match at Backlash to see who faces “Rhyater” (I’m throwing my hat in the name game.)   Which we all know it will be the Usos.  I’m just hoping that Rhyater will get the best of them and this time it will be Heath who gets the pin!  Then have them face the Vaudevillians while AA and Usos feud for a month or two.

Keri:  I’m just happy (giddy actually) that my prediction more or less came true and Slater and Rhyno made the finals. It just makes sense with the build that they are doing with Slater right now for this to happen.  Therefore, I stand by my prediction that Slyno (or whatever you want to call them) will win on Sunday and we get more Slater moving forward on Smackdown.  Decent job creative. Still mad about RAW though but I will raise your grade to a D+, for now.

Kent: First of all, since my cohorts enjoy coming up with terrible names, I’ll toss my own take, and no, it’s not some terrible mashing up of their names because that Is so 2006. I propose that we can call them The Ginger Rhynos!  I liked that they had Heath’s kids there, that made me laugh. I really like to see Rhyno in a tag team oddly enough. He’s good in this role. Rhyno has bored me for most of the past decade, so this is nice, and his ad that Kurt Angle did for him was awesome. More importantly, I loved the Usos and American Alpha segment. First of all, you had the experienced duo try to get a quick and cheap win and went super aggressive, only to have it foiled and go the opposite way super fast. That was great. And then the Usos snapped, and I loved both of their “injury” moves to Gable.  This is what the Uso’s needed more than just about anybody on the roster not related to them.  Believe that.

  1. There were only 4 matches tonight. As of now, Backlash has 5 matches. Do you like the set up for Backlash, or should they have utilized their time better this week? If you say the latter, please provide 2 examples of things that you would have done to spruce up the night or the Backlash card.


Russ:  I am choo choo choosing the latter of the two scenarios.  Smackdown was solid so I’m not going to say they needed to fix too much on the show.  Maybe have the ending be a little less anti-climactic.  However, The PPV could use some fine tuning.  I need two examples…I’m surprised I wasn’t asked to come up with 9 examples and 2 new feuds (get it!!!!)   1.  I’m just going to say this for Kent, but where the hell is Baron Corbin in all of this?  Are you telling me in a three hour PPV you can’t find somebody for him to feud against?  How about another guy who could have used a feud in Crews or even Kane!  Since you know they had that little look at each other the other night, that could have been the start of something that could have worked at the PPV.  Second example would have been a gimmick match.  I know we shouldn’t have them every single PPV, but this PPV feels like it needs a ladder match, or no DQ…something.  WWe easily could have put a few of the guys not doing anything for the PPV in a gimmick match.  Since the brand split I can say this about Smackdown:  They have been very consistent leading to good things, but they haven’t been overly too exciting in anything they do.  I am not saying this is bad, but I would like to see some excitement.

Keri:  Given the time that they have had to set up storylines for Backlash, I think they’ve done a decent job. A lot of the card for Sunday, I agree, feels thrown together and sloppy but it should work and provide us with a decent show. Basically on Sunday we are getting a glorified Smackdown with the potential of title changes thrown in. All in all, about par for what we’ve been getting over the past year from the WWE anyways. So, in short, same old same old. However, I think if I could change one thing about this build, it would be not to schedule a PPV so close to Summerslam. That way, we can get well developed storylines and actually have a vested interest in their outcomes.

Kent:  I chose the latter, but I spent a lot of time contemplating this one. I actually really liked Smackdown this week, except this was the “go home” show for Backlash, and tonight would have been better served the week before the go home show. So the asshole who writes these questions insists that I provide 2 examples. I definitely would have announced that The Usos would take on the Hype Bros in a number one contenders match, as they both made it to the semifinals. That’s a solid match, and you could do plenty with that.  2.  We already know who I am going to talk about. Baron Corbin doesn’t have a match on the Smackdown exclusive ppv. Neither does Kane or Apollo or Eric Rowan.  I’d toss in Kalisto, but I am guessing that he is still injured.  So here’s a wacky idea. In the pre-show, have a battle royal with whoever isn’t in a match. Then start the PPV off with Dolph and Miz. Then have the IC champ take on the battle royal winner. Who cares if Miz goes over twice in the same night? That would be something different and fun, and would give everybody some in ring time because Konnor really needs it.  Maybe have Mojo or Rowan win it, just to give them a win, and then have them lose to Miz. I’d enjoy that minor push.


  1. Alberto Del Rio is almost definitely leaving WWE, and it sounds like Paige is almost out the door. How could WWE fuck all of this up (tee hee)? Is Paige worth it? Finally, in hindsight, was having Alberto beat Cena for the US title the right call?

Russ:  WWE can fuck up anything lets never forget that.  As for Paige, I wish they could salvage this, but I think she has to sew these wild oats of hers.  I am pretty sure in a couple years she will be back and WWE will need her.  As for Alberto, I never really liked him that much.  I have always found his style boring, I’m not saying it is his fault, just not my type of wrestler.  In hindsight, I think it was still the right call to have him win the belt, but they totally fucked up his run.  He did nothing and it killed all the momentum Cena had created for the belt.  Again I think that is creatives fault not Alberto’s.

Keri:  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Del Rio should have never left Lucha Underground in the first place! He had a really good thing going there before he left. And for what, a short US title reign and a role in a horrible stable (I blame Sheamus). It just seems like a big waste of time. Especially, since if you believe the rumors, he may be headed back to Lucha or headed to TNA.  As for Paige, she’s a good wrestler and should have been an integral part in the so called Women’s Revolution or whatever it is that they are calling it now.  However, I’m agreement with Kent, I think she lost all credibility the second she stepped foot on the “set” of Total Divas and morphed into Gothic Bella. At this point, I really do consider her a lost cause. She’s not a wrestler anymore and has become just another attention seeking reality “star”.

Kent:  I admit, when Del Rio returned, I was extremely pumped. He was in great shape, looked like he was going to run this place again.  But they stuck him with Zeb, and I love Zeb’s character, but their pairing never made any sense. I know that Paul Heyman was potentially going to be paired with Alberto, and I don’t think that is the answer either.  Alberto is fine on the mic in my opinion. 2 obvious options that would have worked better is for him to work under Lana, and had her be the brains behind League of Nations, and maybe had them not JOB ALL THE FUCKING TIME TO ROMAN REIGNS!!!!!!! Then when they dissolved, everybody could have been pissed at Rusev and there you make feuds for the Bulgarian brute for 4-6 months. Not that difficult. The other option would have been Wade Barrett to give him more mic time and a purpose. Anyway, his run was shit. Him and Kalisto had some good matches. When Alberto was in the ring with somebody that he liked, he could have a good match. Otherwise, it was mediocre and unexciting. Paige is the Ahmed Johnson of the Women’s Division, and I bet Eric just chuckled at that. She had a great, marketable look, and seemed like she was a person who could be fun backstage. Then she got into Total Divas, and that ruined her. Aj Lee leaving stung, Emma never getting a proper push hurt as her and Paige in a money match is a thing of beauty and is every bit as good as the 4 Horsewomen stuff. The “this is my house” garbage always irritated the fuck out of me, but if I closed my eyes and pictured her nude and gagged, it made it ok. They stopped giving Paige good opponents and did way too much shit with the Bellas, especially Brie who sucked, at least Nikki improved significantly, both in the ring, and her tits. Paige and AJ were the first of the women’s revolution, but won’t ever get credit. The 4 Horsewomen because everybody’s shiny new ball, and all fucks were out the window as that became the new focus. Here we are, still drowning in it. Let’s not just integrate them into the division and have Paige and Nikki still as queen bees and make the new girls earn it. Nah, WWE likes to make all rookies look unbeatable and then bring them down to earth because if you look at sports data, that’s exactly how rookies perform. Wait, that’s not true at all? Rookies tend to struggle against the veteran players early on and eventually grow into their role? Get the fuck outta here. Finally, Alberto shouldn’t have beat Cena. In hindsight, I’d rather have Cena hold the belt during his time filming American Grit, come back for the PPV’s, and put on a good match, and then relinquish it due to his injury. After that, I’d have put Cena right back with that belt until Mania 33 and let Rusev come full circle and win it back, or introduce Samoa Joe to Cena.  Cena’s run with that US belt was the best work he has done in his whole career in hindsight, it was really good. Anyway, sayonara Mr. Del Rio and potentially Paige. You both had a ton of talent and potential, but you never lived up to it. As they say in A Bronx Tale: “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

  1. Well, Scott Hall got removed from a bar by some officers because he’s Scott Hall. Also, Cody Rhodes is supposedly on his way to TNA. Pick a story, talk about it.

Russ:  Since I had no clue about Scott Hall I guess I’ll be hitting up the Cody part of this question.  Cody going to TNA is an adequate thing for him to do.  I won’t go nearly as far as to say this is the best thing for him… cause let’s face it this is TNA we are talking about.  I hope that Cody does well there.  I have always liked Cody and his work.  I understand he was frustrated with WWE and wanted something different.  So I will not fault the guy for leaving, I just hope he gets what he needs at TNA and can take care his family and lifestyle as well.

Keri:  Somewhere DDP is shaking his head at the latest Scott Hall incident. Well, so am I and as a result, I’m going to talk about Cody Rhodes. I wish him the best of luck and hopefully he gets to fulfill all of the creative visions that the WWE would not allow him to do with his character. But honestly, I’m just looking forward to his guest appearance on Arrow this upcoming season.

Kent:  Probably nobody is going to pick the bad guy, so I will. Dude, just don’t go to bars. I know that’s like telling me not to go to porn sites, but seriously man. If you have a drinking problem, avoid the bar. I have issues with impulsively buying movies, so when I go to the store, I try to avoid that section. I also don’t get angry or violent in the movie section unless I see Castaway or something about 2016 Ghostbusters.  I wish Cody the best. I think him and Mike Bennett will have great matches.

That wraps up another week in wrestling. I want to thank Russ and Keri for their hard work and diligence. Without them, this week would have been a 6 page rant, so thank them.

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