The Wrestling 9 Deuce August 22 & 23, 2016 – The We Like Sweaty Men Edition

What a week it has been! I don’t say that with happy excitement. I say that with bags under my eyes and a weakness in my soul. This week has been excruciating, and I am glad that we are finally done. How about NXT this weekend? Fucking Amazing!!! How about that 6 hours of Summerslam? What? Oh we don’t want to talk about this? Fair enough. Surely RAW was better, right? Man, not a happy audience.


Anyway, I’m Kent, and I’d like to welcome you The Wrestling 9 Deuce. Drink it in, man. I am joined by distant gal pal via marriage, Keri, and my on again, off again special gentleman friend, Russ. Each week, I ask 9 questions, and then at the end 2 bonus questions that can be about anything in the wrestling world, or a way to talk more about a specific topic. I just realized, if Keri would just change her name to something that begins with an O, our initials would be RKO. Yes, the same could be said for me, but it’s my idea, so I think it is fair for Keri to sacrifice her namesake in the interest of a blog that 50 people read. OR if both Keri and I get names that begin with an O, and then add Eric to the group, we could be OREO. Yeah, don’t you dare be sour, you know this is brilliant, and totally unnecessary. Please enjoy.

Please forgive me, I forgot to ask a question about Johnny Knockout. Hell, I didn’t even get to ask about Miz’s great promo on Talking Smack, which is must see.

The Wrestling 9 Deuce August 22 & 23, 2016:
The why does WWE hate it’s fans edition?

I don’t get it. How can the same company give us basic, entertaining storylines on a Saturday night, leave fans totally satisfied and happen, and the next night, with the most stacked card in recent memory, and collectively tell it’s fans to go fuck themselves? With that being said, this week I am being joined by Eric’s special lady friend, Keri, and my special guy friend, Russ. I have a feeling that this is going to be a scathing read.

Russ:  My vacation had me watching wrestling in a marathon last night (Tuesday).  So I am going to keep most of my answers short this week.  I know you are all disappointed mightily.

The 9

  1. So Sasha lost the belt at Summerslam in one of the most underwhelming matches of the year. Sasha is sidelined with injuries that supposedly aren’t as serious as feared. On RAW, they have Charlotte, Dana, Summer, Alicia, and Nia as their healthy stable of females, and Sasha and Paige are out. Then we get the inevitable call up of Bayley. What are your thoughts on the aftermath of all of this women’s division fuckery?


Russ: This Woman’s division on Raw is a clusterfuck of terrible choices.  I heard that Sasha was injured which explains her loss on Summer Slam (SS).  However, I’ve also heard that these a small minor injuries.  So why not keep the belt on her and just take it easy on her for a month?  This has Vince being a tool written all over it.  A few months back I heard the rumor that he doesn’t believe that Sasha would be too injury prone to be a good woman’s champ.  I think he took advantage of her minor injuries to prove that he was right and took the belt off her.  When the Draft occurred I really thought the Raw Brand had the superior Women’s Division and on paper they still do.  However, Raw must have drafted the worst writers too, because the way they are running this division is terrible.  I’ll give Charlotte credit here, her match with Sasha at SS was way above average.  However, I just hate hearing her talk.  So what do I get on Raw… Charlotte talking.  Nia is just terrible in the ring and should never have been brought up.  I am glad Bayley is here to stay now and is a welcome addition.  Overall, Raw needs to focus more on the wrestling with the ladies and less of the story.

Keri:  All I have to say is what a mess this stacked on paper division has become. To start, we have too many heels and not enough faces in the division. Add to that a championship caliber wrestler that is so far up her still married (?), half way out the door boyfriend’s ass that she gets herself suspended and subsequently buried for the foreseeable future (Yes, I’m talking about you Paige).  Now, we have Sasha (our only “credible” face) out for a month with nagging injuries. So, with all this going on the next logical thing for creative to do is to put the belt back on Charlotte and bring up Bayley.  Don’t get me wrong. I love Bayley. I’m ecstatic that she’s now on the main roster and believe that it’s about damn time she debuted.  However, at this point in time, adding Bayley to this division is a band aid for a surprising huge bullet wound.

Kent: So let me get this straight. In the draft, RAW was the clear cut winner for the women’s division. They used high picks to acquire Charlotte, Sasha, Paige, and Nia. Not a single one of them works well as a face. Now, their only 2 faces, compared to the 5 heels, are now injured, so they have the luxury of calling up Bayley. This division needs a face champ in the worst way, and instead we get one of the worst champions in recent memory. I don’t understand why anybody appreciates Charlotte aside from acknowledging that she is capable in the ring, especially with a decent opponent, and that she is very athletic. Well so is Naomi, and nobody wants to put a belt on her. I truly thought that Sasha got tagged for Wellness Policy, but so far, no news. I don’t get how short sighted this company is. On Smackdown, they lose Eva, they can just plug Nikki or Billy Kay in her place. They have 3 faces, 3 heels, and an Eva. At some point, WWE needs to hire somebody who is like an Ambassador of Logic. This may help them out. I’m not excited about Bayley. I wanted her on Smackdown in the worst way. They need the talent, but instead, Smackdown will continue to do more with less. I am going to fast forward through this month’s women shit I think.

  1. The WWE chose not to pull the trigger on the tag title switch. Then we get news earlier in the day on Monday that the Dudley Boys are going to retire. Everybody at home has noticed the dissension between Bubba and Devon the past 3 weeks and are like, OK, we about to have a Mark Henry moment. Well, then they gave a speech, beat up some Puerto Ricans, and got beat up by 2 bald guys and no pay off. Meanwhile, New Day is fairly directionless. What are your thoughts on the aftermath of all of this tag team division fuckery?

Russ: I have no idea why WWE didn’t decide to pull the trigger on the title switch at SS.  It makes no sense!  New Day needs to move on to something different, like give Big E that push he deserves!  Dudley’s Retiring was not a shock, but I was a little surprised.  I don’t know if this is going to be like a 2-month retirement party?  The way they ended the segment with A & G taking out the Dudley’s made little to no sense if the Dudleys are gone forever.   As for the Titles.  Who goes after them?  A & G are the only team that has a legitimate reason to be the number 1 contenders.  The rest of the division has just been awful.  How is it that Smackdown is doing things right with the two divisions we thought Raw totally destroyed them on?

Keri:  I’m at a complete loss for words on this one. I get Creative’s decision to keep the belts on New Day and give them the one year title reign they deserve. However, the thinking on the go-forward plan for this division appears to be non-existent. Earlier, I predicted that things post-Summerslam would be boring but this is completely ridiculous.

Kent: Bubba and Devon never made sense to be split up. Bubba has seemingly packed on about 50 pounds since his awesome Bully Ray run in TNA. The Dudleys have been booked terribly since their big return. Remember, there was like a 2-3 month span where they were the most over tag team last year. So whatever, I’m OK with them retiring, and then getting that Hall Of Fame induction. Then The Shining Stars show up and I think, well this is a nice way to send off, arguably the greatest tag team in wrestling history, which I think they are. Then they get senselessly beat up by Anderson and Gallows, and as much as I love A&G, this didn’t do anybody any favors. They didn’t get any more over because of that, and that is potentially our last in ring memory of the Dudley Boys. What purpose did this serve? Also, looking back on Summerslam, you book the Dudleys to lose against a team of guys that never team together. Then you have the awful bit with New Day and Jon Stewart and the non-ending to the tag title match. I don’t see the point. Are they going to have New Day beat Demolition’s record? That seems to be the case from my perspective. After Anderson and Gallows, the only heels left are the Shining Stars, who never win. I guess they could put Bo and Curtis together as a tag team, but they don’t need another jobber heel team. I legit have no interest in this division.

  1. What the fuck are they doing with Rusev and the US Title? The brand split is supposed to give more of a shine to the secondary titles, yet Miz and Rusev are booked beyond terribly. The secondary champs should be booked well, no matter who they are. I know the lolreignswins is coming.  To think, just a few weeks back, we were not really cool with Rusev just beating jobbers, well Russ wasn’t. Well here’s the alternative, and free of charge, a big fuck you to the fan. So my questions are simple: Can they salvage Rusev moving forward, and what the hell do they do with the US Title?


Russ: WWE can screw up anything!  I was mad about Rusev fighting jobbers because I wanted to see Rusev be a monster and the best way to do that was to have him have 3 to 4 star matches against legit threats and not jobbers who you know you can go get something to eat during the match cause it will be a squash match.  So it seemed like WWE was kind of listening before SS cause they did that for the most part.  Then the WWE did the stupidest thing at SS.  They have Roman beat the shit out of Rusev before the match and then end up not having the match.  You don’t do that at a PPV like SS.  This was so disappointing and as Kent suggests they are tarnishing the US title.  Can they salvage this?  Yes, and it won’t happen.  The only way to salvage this is to have Rusev now beat Roman cleanly, which we all know isn’t happening.  Rusev is utilized poorly, he should be racking up wins against mid-carders and having amazing matches against the likes of Roman and other top stars.  Instead we are getting his burial.  WWE doesn’t care and I’m running out of reasons to see why I should.

Keri:  I’m at a loss for words on this situation, as well.  I do, however, have a suggestion for the RAW creative team. If you are not going to do anything with Rusev or for that matter with the US title, either get the belt off Rusev and give it to someone else or just retire the damn title. Especially, if you are not going to create a valid storyline for it.  Creative, it’s really time to stop insulting our intelligence and either put up or shut up with this title already.

Kent: I try to argue that Rusev can come out of this sewage pipe cleaner that Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption, but WWE is making me humble. I must stop believing in the Bulgarian Brute. He’s the new Wade Barrett.  The guy should be main eventing a couple of PPV’s a year to get over. He’s still the heel, while Roman has been nothing but the antagonistic bully during this burial. If WWE doesn’t wish to care about the US Title, then neither will I. I’m legit tapping out due to lack of fucks given towards the booking of this title. Last year, Cena made this shit must see TV every week. The feuds were high stakes, and him and Owens had a great feud. It wasn’t that Cena made it great, it’s that they put the emphasis on defending it and treating it with importance and dignity.

  1. Titus O’Neil gave us one of the worst promos of the year on RAW. What the fuck just happened there?  Was it nerves, or does Titus simply not have the talent to do this? If/when he fails, does he get released shortly thereafter?


Russ: I like Titus, but that was a real painful segment to watch.  I’m going with nerves on this one I’ve seen Titus give decent promos in the past.  Titus will fail, not because of anything he does, but because the Raw writers are shit!  After Titus and Darren are done with their feud The writers won’t have anything for Titus to do and they will just put him in a terrible feud with someone else and the crowd just won’t care.  However, WWE won’t get rid of him he will have to walk out on his own.  He is great PR for the WWE.  Why won’t WWE let Titus play the type of character he is… a great dad and funny in that playful kind of way.  He would be a huge star if they let him just be him.  Oh well, see ya in TNA in within 2 years’ time.

Keri:  I didn’t watch this but read that it was a complete clusterfuck. Given all the talent that we have on the RAW roster and the talent that is currently in NXT, I say let’s cut our losses on guys like this who either can’t hack it anymore (or couldn’t to begin with). Then, let’s bring in talent that can actual do what is required as part of their job. It really is that simple people.

Kent: I can hear it now, come April: “Is it, my god I think it is. What is Neil O’Titus doing in the Impact Zone? Is he here to accept the challenger of BackRy or Bear Wadett? Nope, he’s going to go after Aaron Rex.” Seriously, Damien Sandow’s name is Aaron Rex. Fuck me.  I like Titus, but he’s just spinning his tires. I don’t even think that he could get over down in NXT, and if you can’t get over there, you should probably leave. That promo was so fucking terrible.

  1. So Finn beat Seth and won the Red Title in his 3rd match on RAW. He also got injured, because if you wrestle Seth Rollins, you get injured. Seriously, people get injured in matches more frequently with Seth than they do with Swagger. That is impressive. So Finn has to relinquish the dumbest named title, you know, the one that looks really 3rd rate. Then all of these guys come out, but Foley and Steph don’t even really announce like what’s going to happen to make it crystal clear to everybody. Somehow Neville gets involved, but he wasn’t out there. Enzo was out there, but he doesn’t get a match. Rusev wasn’t out there…I don’t even want to talk about Rusev anymore. In the end, the 4 winners were Seth, Roman, Kevin Owens, and Big Cass. How do you feel about this, and where do you foresee this going?

Russ: Here comes the #lolreignswins that we’ve been fearing for the past couple weeks.  So this won’t happen, but I think Owens is the best and smartest choice to win this fatal-4-way.  He should be the main event right now anyway, so let’s give him the belt and see what he can do.  I like Big Cass and he will one day hold that title or one similar to it, but he is not even close to being ready to main event.  Go back a few weeks ago I said that WWE will blow it’s load with Big Cass and Enzo and break them up way too soon, this is dangerously close to doing that.  Still, even WWE must know that Cass isn’t there yet.  Of course I won’t be mad if Seth wins it here.  However, if he does win it they have to make this a run where he makes a new star.  Seth needs to hold the belt and be a massive heel champ that puts on fantastic matches and wins by cheating.  In about 5 months he should drop it to a guy who hasn’t held it yet to help establish a new main event guy. Also Kent:  I am ok with Seth not getting the belt again until Wrestlemainia.  I want him in epic feuds and maybe clean up his more dangerous moves.  Seriously he injures way too many guys!

Keri:  I’m going to take a deep breath and not type completely angry on this one. Ok, I think I’m ready. First, let me start off by saying I was a very happy Balor fan Sunday night. I couldn’t have been happier with the match or its outcome. Let’s move to Monday morning and afternoon, shall we?  Where over the course of 12 hours that happiness turned to sadness then turned to anger. Alright, screw it I need to rant for a minute.  While I understand what happened Sunday night was an accident, it looks like the powerbomb Rollins uses needs to be banned alongside the curb stomp.  Apparently, he can’t do that move correctly either.  Seriously, how many people has he injured with that damn thing?  At last count two. The first being Sting, who subsequently had to retire as a result of his injury and now we have Finn on the shelf for 4 to 6 months. Not to mention there was the incident over year ago where Cena’s nose was broken. Yes, I admit Finn shouldn’t have broken his fall the way he did but the history is there with Rollins.  In fact, Bret Hart said, after the Sting-Rollins match, that Rollins was reckless and everyone said he was overreacting. Don’t know about anyone else but I’m now a little more convinced that the Hitman maybe be right on this one.  Alright, let’s move on to the creative clusterfuck that occurred Monday night after the title was relinquished. What was that? I know this was all done at the last possible second given the circumstances but come on creative, give us something we can all work with, huh? With that being said, out of the four that are left, put the belt on KO. I think it is in everyone’s best interest that he gets a title reign. It will be highly entertaining for all involved and not some of the same old shit that we have come to expect from Creative lately.

Kent: First of all, I would like to mount Keri’s topic for a moment, and I will get angry, just not at her, but rather Bret Hart. I just read an interview with Bret Hart, click here to read it. Bret Hart is the smuggest asshole in wrestling I think. If we want to talk about Rollins and his safety, I’m game for that. I truly believe that the Cena knee was 100% fluke as we see knees go awry from time to time, especially considering the variety of strikes being used. Anybody going to call out Shinsuke for breaking Joe’s jaw? Doubt it. Sorry Bret, but strikes are becoming more integrated into a lot of matches. Back in your day, you gave a shitty punch, stomped the mat to make noise, and you thought that you were God’s gift to wrestling. Then the Rollins corner powerbomb on Sting which ended Sting’s career. I am almost positive that I have heard that Sting fully approved of the move prior to the match. When you are as old as Sting, any match can be your last, and it’s likely. You shouldn’t be taking a bump like that. That move shouldn’t be used because it never looks terribly safe, but Seth should have said no, and Sting should have adamantly said no. For Bret to blame Seth and no blame to Sting is absolutely ludicrous. Now we have this Finn situation. Once again, this is more on Seth’s part, but Finn plays a role. If you watch some of the stuff Finn has done with Joe, KO, and Shinsuke, I start to question just how beat up his body was coming into that match. It’s a combination of various things, but Finn isn’t some 20 some year old anymore. I feel that if you replace Seth with Owens doing that same move to Finn, there is at least a 50% chance that the same thing happens. So I have a hard time labeling Seth as unsafe like Bret does. Yeah, these are 3 big injuries, and some of that is on Seth, but if you break it down, maybe the timing is shitty. Then Bret called Samoa Joe unsafe because he hurt his buddy Tyson Kidd. Flukes happen. Remember a year or 2 ago, and AJ had a few injuries with the Styles Clash? Yeah, we see him and don’t consider him unsafe, but because the injuries were so close to one another, that label came up. So I gotta say, fuck Bret Hart. He never hurt anybody because he did a Russian Leg Sweep, a second rope elbow drop, a small package, threw some of the shittiest punches, and had the Sharpshooter. Yeah, didn’t take shit for risk most of the time and quite frankly is no better than Hogan or Cena with their 5 moves of doom. Finally, fuck Bret Hart for calling everybody out, but what about his very own brother, Owen. He fucking broke Austin’s neck and didn’t have the common courtesy to check in with Austin for awhile after it happened. He cut short one of the all time careers because he couldn’t do a move that nobody else seemed to have an issue with at the time, but because they are brothers, Bret says nothing. That’s the kind of shit stain Bret Hart is and I simply don’t find much credibility in his old man ramblings. He’s a whiny punk ass bitch and I am glad that he went to WCW. Perhaps Seth can tone it down slightly, but Bret can just go mute and do the whole world a favor. Back to the question though.

You know what? Fuck it, Seth and Roman should have both lost. Rusev, Sheamus, Cesaro, Zayn, Owens, Jericho, and Neville are names of guys who should be involved to give us fans something fresh. Well, Owens made it. Big Cass, as much as I love the guy, he is so so sooooooo not ready and doesn’t belong. Braun Strowman would have made more sense, or Heath Slater. Think about that, Heath getting a fluke win. This could have been something different and fresh. Big Cass, while fresh, isn’t capable of main eventing. Owens is the only smart play here. Russ, don’t even try telling me that Seth is the smart choice because what’s the fucking point? We need new stars, who have put in the work on the main roster, who’s time is now. No more hot shotting it to new guys. No more Shield champs for awhile on RAW. Make a star. I love Seth, but this is not the time for him to be champ. We all know that Seth, or Roman will win it either way, so fuck it. Cesaro or Owens would have made the most sense here. By the way, is WWE so naive as to think that Cass is the star on that team? He’s not.

  1. The main feud is now established with Dean vs. AJ as has been long rumored. I think that it’s a great feud, and I like it.  I can’t help but feel for Dolph though. Does he somehow involve himself in the match? Is he going to be used like Bray was? What happens with Dolph?

Russ: I can’t wait for this feud to pick up.  Dean has been great as champ and AJ is, well AJ.  I hope that Dolph does get involved somehow though.  Dolph has been great this past month and has really renewed my love for him.  I fear that if Dolph isn’t in the main even picture he will just sink to mediocrity again thanks to horrible WWE booking.  However, I doubt they will interject Dolph into the main event when an amazing Feud between AJ and Dean is happening.  So what happens to Dolph?  He needs to get into a good feud that helps elevate a newer guy and keeps Dolph Relevant.  Most importantly he needs to go on a winning streak here.  Then after a few months have him go after the title again, but you know what let him WIN!

Keri: First, let me start by saying that Smackdown this week was entertaining from the start and washed the nastiness, which was RAW, from my brain entirely.  Alright, now to my thoughts on this new championship feud. This feud has so much potential and I can’t wait to see the match that results from it. THIS is the dream feud the internet wanted after the brand split occurred and it looks like now they are going to get it. Also, could creative actually prove me wrong and give AJ the title reign that I said they probably wouldn’t?  Perhaps. He did #beatupjohncena after all and is now the face that runs the place.  With that being said though, it sucks that Dolph is getting pushed aside, yet again, after the work he did pre-Summerslam. The poor guy deserves so much more than what he is given. Perhaps they will figure out a way to integrate him in this feud, but I highly doubt it.

Kent: Dolph’s finishers are treated with enough respect. Most finishers aren’t, but his especially. People kick out of the superkick, fameasser, and zig zag all the time. This is a huge problem. I feel that they need to give him an end all finisher and get him over by year’s end or send him on his way. He clearly is capable of having great matches with the upper echelon, and the fans will gravitate towards him when given a reason to do so, but I am pessimistic here. I think Dolph is done. Summerslam was the best shot to do what needed to be done, and they chose not to, so wasted opportunity. He will probably be utilized to get Samoa Joe over when he comes up.

  1.  They are doing some form of a tag team tournament, which wasn’t clearly explained at all. Who do you think makes the most sense for the first tag champs of this new Smackdown era?

Russ: Well, I think what is going to happen is that Heath and Ryhno are going to go all the way!  I also happen to think they would be a good fit for the championship.  Heath is getting a ton of fan support right now and WWE needs to catch lightning in a bottle here and give the belts to them.  The fans will blow the roof off the place if they give it to Heath.  They also seem to be setting it up that way as well with the stipulation that Heath has to win all the way to get the contract.  Now, I’ve been known to be wrong a lot and WWE is probably just getting my hopes up to expertly dash them later on.  Still they make the most sense because honestly, The Uso’s and American Alpha don’t really need the titles at this moment in time.  If they are going to win them, they should take them off a dastardly team that is abusing their power not win them in a tournament.  Deserving teams that need to make a name for themselves won’t make it past the first round of eliminations (I’m looking at you Vaudevillians and Ascension.)  Breezeango makes some sense, but they are already out so there is that.  So I’m going to put my money behind my boy Heath (Corbin) Slater.  Speaking of Corbin why was he not on my screen at all this week?

Keri:   That’s easy. Anyone, I mean anyone, but the Usos. They don’t need the validation at this point and should be there solely to put over the new talent. With that being said, American Alpha is the more than likely choice here. But I say, let’s think outside the box and give it to the best new tag team on the show- Rhynoslater. Sorry, I couldn’t come up with a better name than that right now. It’s a great ending to the Slater storyline.  He’s no longer a free agent and he gets Smackdown’s first tag team title reign. It’s the perfect ending to the perfect story. Creative make this happen. You’ll thank me later. I promise.

Kent: First off, Russ, you bring up a great question that I simply couldn’t find room to ask. Where the fuck is Baron? I get that Smackdown is only 2 hours but he can’t just be brushed off to the side like Bray. You put the mean, bully, bad guys on screen every week, because we need heels that do heel things. I swear, the better you are at being a heel, the less likely the WWE is to push you. Looking at you KO, Bray, and Corbin. Oh, and then there’s Rusev and Miz. Notice how well all the heels are treated.  Keri, I like the idea, but man, we need a better team name than that, although Rhynoslater could almost be a porn star’s name, so there’s that. Anyway, look at my Summerslam preview, and you will see that I suggested a round robin tournament for these belts and that would have made for great pre-show matches. I have to ask this very basic question: what purpose does the pre-show serve, especially a 2 hour one? Either you put a bunch of matches on it and treat it like the preliminary rounds like UFC, or get lots of live interviews, something. With the current model deemed obsolete, like Brother Nero, this system is Broken, like Matt Hardy. The pre-show is shown exclusively on the WWE Network, which you have to pay for. The PPV is shown exclusively on the WWE Network, which you have to pay for. You are hyping up fans for a show that they have already paid for, and kind of defeating the purpose. Oh, there was a question asked. Breezeango makes the most sense, or the Ascension. No, this isn’t me being a fan boy. Think about it, this is an opportunity to make somebody who isn’t already getting attention and sort of made. That eliminates The Usos and American Alpha to an extent. Those teams are both face, so you put the belts on a heel team, and let’s face it, The Vaudevillains are The Shining Stars of Smackdown, no matter how unfair that may be. I say give it to Breezeango, and when they drop the belts, they can still lay claim to being the FIRST champs, which will help maintain their relevancy. Then you can eventually have your Usos vs. Alpha Wrestlemania match. By the way, is it just me, or do the crowd not seem properly excited for American Alpha? Are they not getting over as anticipated? I’m confused because their pops are not where I feel they should be.

  1. We are going to have a 6 pack women’s bout for the new Smackdown Women’s title. That’s fine. We saw Carmella show something different on Smackdown. We saw Alexa wrestle a little sloppy as well, unfortunately. My question is a simple one. Looking at the current landscape of the women’s division, on Smackdown, including Eva’s eventual return, who do you think should be the first champ? This isn’t who you think will become the first champ, but who you think should be.

Russ: Becky deserves the title.  She is established enough and one of the better in-ring competitors overall for the ladies.  She can help establish the other girls in a few good feuds and eventually drop it to one of the other girls who could use the shine of the belt and getting a win over someone like Becky.

Keri: Eric and I were talking about this last night when it was announced. Our collective decision was Becky. She deserves the title run that she didn’t get in NXT and quite frankly there isn’t any other logical choice. However, my dark horse choice would have been Alexa.  I feel that girl has been overlooked way too much. Face it. She was overshadowed in NXT because of the 4 horsewomen. As a result, she really didn’t get a great chance to showcase who she is and what she is capable of so a title reign, or at least being part of the title picture would have done her some good. Either way, at the end of the day as long as it’s not Nikki Bella, I will be happy with whatever decision is made.  But, really, the only choice that makes any sense is Becky.

Kent: Becky as there are 4 heels, 2 faces, and whatever the hell Carmella is now.  More heels provides more challengers to sustain a long reign to get this division off to the start it deserves. I have a bad feeling that Nikki wins it, but I think Becky makes the most sense here. I will obviously be pulling for Alexa. Keri, and to a lesser extent, Eric, make a great point about Alexa. The 4 horewomen completely  stole all the limelight for a period of time making it impossible for Dana, Emma, and Alexa to really showcase themselves properly and more importantly, get those bigger matches on Takeover that allowed the girls to showcase their talents. Then Asuka came and she had to be pushed. Bad timing I suppose. Alexa is a star though. A star with a sweet ass.

  1. NOW Bray Wyatt wants to take on Randy, because he didn’t want to get paid at Summerslam. Fuck WWE logic. In 2016, does this feud interest you based on what we have been presented so far, and how would you play it out until the end of the rivalry?

Russ: Overall, I am interested in this rivalry.  Orton was on fire before his smashing at SS.  So I’m interested in seeing where else he can take this face run.  As for Bray, I think this will be his typical work and result.  Bray will continue to run his mouth to Orton.  Orton will eventually attack Bray with an RKO outta nowhere and then at the PPV Orton will get the win thus burying Bray ever so slightly more until they want to prove to us that he is still some kind of threat.  That’s how it will play out now for some fantasy booking.  For a week or two I would have Bray run his mouth to Orton, it’s what Bray is good at it after all.  Finally, as Orton is getting sick of it he will try to hit that RKO outta nowhere however, Bray will be ready for it and turn it into a Sister Abigail.  Then the final week leading up to the PPV have him try it again but this time have Rowan take the RKO.  Finally, at the PPV have the match, and an RKO outta nowhere, but the lights go out and Rowan comes out to stop Randy from getting the win.  (I’d say have it be Luke, but I have no-clue when he will be back.)  Afterwards, Bray will get back on his feet and hit a Sister Abigail outta nowhere for the win.  This feud will continue until the next PPV Smackdown has (Survivor Series?)  where they both form teams to go after each other.  Finally, RKO will get his individual win at the December PPV.

Keri:  I’m intrigued that Creative choose to put Bray and Randy in a feud. Randy’s ok on the mic but Bray is amazing. He is going to play so many psychological games with Randy and those games are going to be fun and entertaining. However, those games are also going to frustrate Randy to no end which means Randy will get violent and that’s where HE does his best work.  I see this feud playing out for a couple of months with entertaining promos, a few beat downs, and a few good matches. Overall though I’m not sure how I feel about this feud yet to make a really sound judgment call.

Kent: I’d have Bray continue running his mouth to Orton, just be a total dick. Make it really personal though, talk about how Orton hasn’t done shit as of late, and no longer can get the big win. At Backlash, have Orton and Bray have a really good match, very back and forth, nobody coming off dominant. Bray gets frustrated that he can’t get the pin after a few good moves, and Orton hits the RKO. After the match, have Bray just walk away, no anger, more destitute than anything. Have Orton brag about being the big bad Bray. Orton can taunt and challenge Bray to come out.  Bray doesn’t respond. The next week, Orton does more trash talk, maybe on Miz TV. Bray comes out in street clothes and plainly tells Randy that he doesn’t want to do this anymore and walks away.  We don’t do anything the following week. The next week, Randy finds Rowan backstage and decimates him. Drags Rowan to the ring, and continues the beatdown and grabs the mic and tells Bray that it isn’t over yet. We can have a throwaway street fight between Rowan and Randy at a shitty PPV. Orton uses the chair a lot. He’s about to take out Rowan, and the lights go out in typical Wyatt fashion, but in the ring, we get Luke Harper who is there to help Rowan. Randy makes an alliance with somebody, say Dolph or Apollo, and they have some shit feud with Rowan and Luke. This can culminate in Bray having seen enough, and he makes the save, reunites The Wyatt Family. At Survivor Series match, 3 on 3 elimination style match. If Randy loses, he retires. That month, make the Wyatts absolutely vicious. This finally seems like their time to finally take over. At the PPV, just as Bray is about to get the win, Luke attacks Bray, and Rowan join in. They drag a beaten Randy and put him over Bray. Now we have finally turned Bray without making him look bad or burying him, yet using him to get others over, the epitome of everybody wins. Luke can explain that they turned their back because for weeks, they reached out to Bray for help, and he finally decided to return when it was convenient for him, and not for the better of the group. This is how you make Luke into a superstar and Bray into the next Taker.

The Deuce

  1. How do you feel about the whole Brock and Randy match at Summerslam, and the aftermath with Jericho and Brock getting into a fight?


Russ: I’m not sure what Kent is talking about with Jericho and Brock so I’ll leave that for the professionals.  However, the match at SS between Randy and Brock was a bunch of garbage juice combined with a hint of shit.  Listen I love Brock, he is fun to watch in matches, but come on! I don’t want to see squash matches with him and the rest of the main event roster of the WWE.  I can’t believe that Randy would agree to this type of match.  This would have been an epic main event if they just had it be back and forth for a little while toward the end.  I don’t know if it was supposed to end this way or that Randy was legitimately hurt and they had to stop the match.  However, the way it ended left a bad taste in my mouth.

Keri: All I have to say is I’m so glad I went to bed after Balor-Rollins because I get to say that is how Summerslam ended for me. Especially since things went so far off the rails after that match. Based on what I read, time was wasted and the main event was worst main event ever. How did Creative, Brock, and Randy think that what they were planning was going to make good TV? In short, I think it’s time for all parties to realize that Brock does not fit in with the new era and its new style of wrestling.  He’s way too reckless to be put in the ring with the talent that is now on the roster. He is going to serious hurt someone especially if his behavior goes unchecked by the company like it has been over the past few months.  I say it’s time for him to retire or return to the UFC after he finishes up what will probably be a two year suspension from that organization. As for the Jericho-Brock altercation, I read about this as well.  For the reasons I just mentioned, I think Jericho was right to question what he saw and make sure that what was seen was not ok by any stretch of the imagination.  At the end of the day, Brock only cares about Brock (at least character wise) and his reaction during that incident proved it.  As I said, it’s time to let the part-time go.  He has served his purpose.

Kent: It was a fucking travesty. That was your main event. You just had a non-finish between Roman and Rusev, and then you end the match like that? You hear about guys getting in trouble for blading. You hear about how WWE is so concerned about concussion protocol.  Randy is a damn fool to have agreed to this to begin with. This was an insulting culmination to an insulting night of fuckery. The best thing to come out of it was to hear that Jericho was concerned for Randy’s health, Michael Hayes acted like a little bitch, Brock acted like a hothead, and the GOAT, Jericho, ended up in a physical altercation with Brock, and it required HHH and Vince to simmer it down. Jericho has now taken on Brock and Goldberg.  He deserves a title run immediately as far as I’m concerned.  That Summerslam match was boring as fuck. They need to either change Brock’s approach to matches, or set him free. You jobbed the Streak in order to accomplish what? Have a guy do a bunch of German Suplexes? I wish Benoit was alive, or Kurt Angle for that matter. I like watching Brock, but it’s the exact same thing over and over and over again. What is the point? I am struggling to see the real value in Brock Lesnar, the wrestler, not the human. I like Brock as a dude, but his character and whatnot is totally stale as fuck. We sit here as wrestling fans and shit on Roman or Sheamus or Cena, yet they all have put on some great matches this year. When was the last time Brock had a great match? The match with Seth and Cena at the Rumble is my best guess.

  1. Mick Foley, a man that I love and have much respect for, had the audacity to bitch about the Brooklyn fans during the Finn vs. Seth match at Summerslam. Foley also encouraged the fans to be vocal to get Daniel Bryan over and to voice themselves. Granted, the fans were obnoxious here. Whose side are you taking: The fans or Foley?

Russ: To be honest I hardly noticed the chants (AC was on and volume down low) So I really only witnessed the match, which I thought was really good, with the exception of Balor winning (Why didn’t they go ape shit about this guy winning?  He won a major title in less than a month of being on the roster and yet we hate Roman for being shoved down our throats.)  However, on this particular argument I’m going to side with Foley.  I am all for Fans hijacking a show when a deserving performer gets buried or someone undeserving wins a title.  It’s what makes the WWE great sometimes.  However, it seemed to me that the fan’s dislike the way the belt looks.  Yea, ok it has a terrible name, and looked like it had that cherry dip you put on ice cream at your local ice cream shop, but who the hell cares?  It is just a belt. I have always thought it was the person holding the title that made the title great or not.  Not how stupid it looked.  This crowd got too snarky for its own good and there were way worse offenses at SS that the crowd could have “hijacked” the show for (Brock Randy match, the way the Rusev Roman match went, etc.)

Keri: I’m not going to choose sides in this one because I see the point that both were trying to make. I get the fan’s point, the belt is hideous. But let it go people. If they stopped for one second and stopped bitching about the damn belt, they would have witnessed what was an amazing wrestling match. Both guys really did leave it out in the ring and either one deserved to win in the end. Hell, Finn popped his shoulder back into place not just to finish but to win the damn match. That’s just badass in my book.  With that being said though, I understand the crowd’s frustration and say some of the same things that they say myself sometimes. But there is a time and place for everything and during that match was not the time. The crowd, in this case, just seems petty and could have distracted others from what was a damn good wrestling match. All in all the situation was kinda sad and I expected better from the Brooklyn crowd, who is usually a good, yet smarky, wrestling crowd.  Very disappointing, indeed on all counts.

Kent: I hate when fans think that they can just hijack a show. Why are you even there if you are already displeased with the product? It’s not like you didn’t know the matches before entering the arena. So what is your point as a fan to hijack a known match? I’m all for voicing your displeasure if something happens and it is incredibly unpopular, then shit all over it. In this case, you knew the belt was ugly, you knew who the match was between. Both guys are supposedly popular with hardcore fans. Yet the fans, the vocal minority which always makes the majority look awful in all walks of life, made this all about them. You fans, you are trying to be like ECW fans, and some of you may have been, but you’re pathetic as fuck. ECW fans knew who they were and made sense. Simultaneously, Foley is being a hypocrite after encouraging fans to do whatever in order to help Daniel Bryan. Well which is it Mick? People are too mindless to have a modicum of self-control, so once you open the flood gates, it’s tough to close them.  Quite frankly, everybody here is wrong. That isn’t the right match to chant for Heath or Punk. It makes no sense and shows how selfish the fans are. As always, there are better solutions to solve a problem. Bring in signs, they are seen and showcases your creativity. Chants can just be edited. Yes, signs can be confiscated, but if done right, they won’t be taken away and still get your point across. OR, just don’t go and pay for a ticket. Novel fucking idea, right? Finn and Seth deserved better, as they were the ones who suffered the most.

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