The Wrestling 9 Deuce August 29 & 30, 2016 – The Owens Era Begins Edition

Wrestling 9 Deuce August 29 & 30, 2016

Hey Yo! This has been an interesting week in wrestling. We have had rumors, Ryback running his mouth, Bret running his mouth, and the death of a legend in Mr. Fuji. Oh, and RAW had a great turnaround night. This week, I am joined by Russ and Keri, as is tradition. Let’s see what everybody thinks about this week’s hot topics. No, not the stupid store that occasionally has nice bandannas. I have to be honest, so much happened that I had to actually overlook some noteworthy things. It goes without saying that we do this week’s column in memory of Mr. Fuji.


The 9

  1. Let’s start off with the obvious, RAW. This was the best RAW from top to bottom in a very, very long time. Let’s focus on the build and the main event. We had the great sit down interview to open the show, then each guy had his own minute long hype video, Seth had a backstage promo with Stephanie and Mick, and finally the really good match, which ended with the big summer surprise that we have been waiting for all summer long. We finally have the angle. Let’s talk about any and all of this.

Russ – All I can say is wow!  This was a great way to build a match up and then deliver it with excellence!  It wasn’t perfect, which I’ll get to in a few moments, but overall this was an incredible set up.  The opening segment was done very well.  Owens was amazing on the mic.  Roman played his part well I like the aggression with Roman.  Instead of having him talk, have him fight.  Cass played his part perfectly.  I like how he recognized he doesn’t have the “prestige” like the others in the fight, but he is the biggest dog in the fight.  Rollins of course did exactly what was needed of him and helped move the segment in the right direction.  I loved the hype videos.  They really set up the feel of the match.  For the match itself… Amazing!  These 4 guys had great chemistry in the ring.  It made for an exciting fast paced match that had a lot of reasonable near falls.  I also like how WWE did what I thought for sure would never happen.  They gave the opportunity to Kevin Owens!  I thought for sure Cass would be eliminated 1st (he was, but he sure got to showcase his talent.  I think he looked really good here.)  Then Kevin would be eliminated or treated like an afterthought.  He was definitely treated like an afterthought in the match, which scared me.  Then they did the swerve we’ve been waiting for since summer began.  (not necessarily HHH turning on Rollins, just a swerve in general.)  I was excited after this match.  My mind raced at all the possibilities for future matches they just set up.    I also thought the emotion that the wrestlers showed and Steph showed are spot on.  Has there been training on how to show emotion at WWE cause Owens looked genuinely surprised when HHH Pedigreed Rollins.  This tells me he wasn’t in on it and he can move away from any Authority without having to tied down in storyline by it.  Steph looked genuinely shocked when HHH walked past her without saying a word.  She honestly had the look on her face of what the hell is he doing!  He put her in a major compromising situation and she just looked exasperated and confused!  Also, her and Seth’s interaction after (I saw a video of it) perfect!  Rollins was pissed and taking it out on Steph and Steph who was so flustered and angry well done!  I can’t wait to see how this plays out.  Now the flaw.  HHH got two of the three eliminations and made it all about him, instead of all about Owens winning.  Still I’m willing to overlook it since the rest of this was so well done.  Ok, This got real long, real fast I’m done for now.

Keri – The build for the main event Monday night was some of the best writing I have seen from Creative in years.  The opening segment set the tone for the night. All four guys (yes including Roman because he didn’t talk that much) did a phenomenal job in this segment. Even Big Cass showed he can hold his own with the “big boys.”  The hype videos, I feel, helped to further the story of this particular main event. It gave us that big fight feel we usually don’t get from Creative. Usually it’s, here is a match, try to enjoy it, but we aren’t going to tell you the how or why this particular match is occurring.   As for the match, I went to bed before the match started (sorry 5 am workouts come really really early for me) so I didn’t see it. However, I saw what I needed to see in the recaps. The match itself was great. The outcome was perfect even with the added Triple H factor.  But, really, even the Triple H factor made sense here and is setting up what I believe will be an epic feud of the pedigrees down the line at another big event.  Perhaps, the stipulation for that particular match should be the loser relinquishes the right to use the pedigree.  In short though, the right guy won and in turn, made this very jaded fan believe in the product again. Good job WWE! I feel the need to give out one of my famous gold stars to you right now. (Kent – You know stuff is good when gold stars are being handed out.)

Kent – I loved how they opened the show. It was really well done, and the less Roman has to say, the better for his character for now. Cass did well, but KO and Seth owned the opening. Everybody’s video was really good to great. When it was time for the match, it occurred to me that despite Cass’ size, he needs to add more muscle because visually, I would be more intimidated by Roman than Cass. If Cass’ big selling point is his size, then he needs to add 20 pounds of upper body muscle in my opinion unless he is going to add some Luke Harper style offense. I think Cass has the athleticism to eventually do it, but I still worry. I do have a minor gripe, and that was how after Cass got pinned, he was instantly up and didn’t sell anything it felt like. It comes with experience, but I hope somebody pulled him aside backstage and told him to take 3-5 seconds to sell it before moving. Otherwise, he did well for his first time in a big singles style match. I have to say this because I feel that it’s important. Roman Reigns’ in ring work since Wrestlemania has been main event level. I’m not saying shit about his push, but his in ring work for his style is really going great, and it’s been noticeably better since his fight with AJ. When you have any Shield members going against each other, the familiarity make the match flow better. Roman’s big Undertaker style leap over the ropes for a RAW match really impressed me. I hope he hangs on to that only for big matches as he has in the past as it is a cool thing to see. I loved how all of the guys worked their asses off to make this match look amazing. There’s a little kid in me that for a second speculated, how cool would it be if the 3 guys knew that HHH was going to interfere, but nobody knew the outcome. They were just told that if HHH approached you, to be ready for a Pedigree. Think about how much cooler that would make that match.  I’m also left wondering if HHH would have eventually helped Finn to beat Seth down the line, and this was the alternative. Most importantly, I am so, sooooo, sooooooo fucking happy that WWE did the anti-WWE thing, and rewarded the right guy and made a new star. They had only a 25% chance of doing the right thing, plus it was what the IWC wanted, so a smart betting man would have bet against it. I am beyond elated for Kevin Owens and if he can hold it til Mania when Finn should be back and healthy, that works for me. Hell, if Sami wins the Royal Rumble, THAT works for me. This is why Sami should have never pinned KO to begin with because then that moment at Mania would have been worth so much more.

  1. Cesaro and Sheamus put on a hell of a good match for the time allotted, but ended after that “injury” spot, and now Sheamus is up 2-0. The winner gets a world title opportunity. Now that KO has the belt, I know we all have a proverbial hard on for Cesaro to varying degrees. If Cesaro wins the best of 7 feud, who do you want to win the KO vs Cesaro match? DO you opt for KO to have a fulfilling 7-8 month reign, or do you hotshot it to Cesaro and hope that it solidifies both guys as legit main eventers.

Russ –  This is a tough question Kent!  On the one hand KO needs a good run with the belt, at least 5 months to establish himself as a real champ!  However, its Cesaro and that man has deserved the belt since 3 years ago!  I’m worried that Cesaro won’t get that many more chances after this and that’s if Cesaro wins the best of 7.  His match with Sheamus was, well, awesome.  I also liked how Cesaro got “injured” and it was a quick tap out afterwards.  It shows a little realism which is needed every once in a while.  Also, I like how they seem to be setting up Cesaro having to overcome insurmountable odds to win the whole thing.  I honestly hope the best of 7 lasts until Survivor Series (I know that seems like a long time away, maybe hold off on a few matches between these guys and put a few tag matches in to lengthen the series.)  Afterwards, Cesaro wins the series and is awarded a championship match against Owens at the Royal Rumble, where honestly, have Owens win it, by hook or by crook.  Have Cesaro Chase until Wrestlemania and then give him his win!  I know I’m grasping at straws here and this will never come to be, but Raw gave me hope again this week.  They do this every once in a while.  They do something that is awesome and right and makes me excited to watch, but then I get disappointed over and over and I feel this will be no different.    Still YAY! Owens has the belt for now at least!

Keri – Can why not both be an option here? Both guys deserve it and I don’t want to take the opportunity away from either of them. So, here is my suggestion, let’s keep the belt on KO for the time being and have Cesaro chase him for a while after this business with Sheamus is over. Then after a good KO title reign, give Cesaro the WrestleMania moment he so rightfully deserves with him winning the belt.

Kent – I hate this question. It’s the epitome of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It’s like the Dolph vs. Dean feud. You don’t want to cut the champ’s reign for fear of him not coming off as a credible champion, but simultaneously, you question just how many more opportunities that Dolph/Cesaro are really going to get that great of a build, and do you capitalize on it. In this case, I think maybe Cesaro and KO can switch it back and forth a bit, really build them up from say January and onward. Have Sami win the Royal Rumble, and then have KO beat Cesaro for the belt in February or January, whenever the last RAW PPV is before Mania, and then have Cesaro invoke his rematch clause and give us one of the all-time great wrestling main events at Mania. All 3 have amazing chemistry, and there’s only one match that I personally would want to see over that one, which says a lot. Cena vs Taker should be the main event this year.

  1. That interaction between Paul Heyman and Steph was interesting. In what I would speculate is our last Brock related question for a bit, where do you foresee this story going?

Russ – I don’t think we will see any fruit from this interaction until later in the year or even early next year.  I really liked the interaction even if it didn’t make much sense in the long haul.  I get that Steph had to look like the power that runs the place (which set up well later in the Main Event when HHH ruined that in one fell swoop!)  Heyman had to set up the Beast to be that power that Steph wanted on Raw to give the brand the boost it needs to be better than Smackdown.  Still I wasn’t sure what they were trying to go for.  I will say this Heyman is a master on the mic and knows how to sell something.  I am not 100% sure what this will lead to in the future, but color me intrigued!

Keri – So I have no idea what this segment was for other than to waste the viewer’s time. It’s not going to go anywhere storyline-wise so what was the point of it. All I know is Heyman is amazing on the mic and that itself is a treat so I guess it was worth it in the end, right?

Kent – I imagine that this is one of those things come January, this whole thing is all but forgotten because by then, Steph and Shane will have loved and hated each other 20 fucking times.  Maybe this leads to Kurt or Goldberg or something. I don’t know. It sucks because Paul is so good on the mic, yet I feel that this may have been a waste of time long term.

  1. The tag team and women’s division means so much to WWE, that in a 3-hour show, they combined all of their efforts outside of a Nia squash match, to one whole match and backstage segment. Seriously. Give me your thoughts. Feel free to touch on Sasha’s lack of mix skills in updating the fans, Charlotte’s obnoxious voice on commentary, Gallows and Anderson’s new vignette plus the addition of Dana, or even about Bayley and New Day. Or all 4.

Russ – Charlotte needs to stop getting talking time on TV.  I like her in the ring, she is ok in really small doses, but for the love of god… don’t give her more than 1 minute of talking time.  I hated every second of her talking on commentary!  Gallows and Anderson are still hilarious in the most sophomoric way possible.  However, I still get a giggle or two out of it so it’s all good!   Bayley is so much fun to watch.  I thought putting her with New Day was excellent, if not just slightly creepy.  It reminded me of the segment with Enzo and Sasha.  It wasn’t terrible, but you could tell someone was trying too hard to be “flirtatious”.    I am really done with Nia squash matches.  I’m actually done with Nia all together, but maybe they can salvage her if she just starts doing something in an actual match.

Keri – I didn’t understand the point of Sasha’s update so I’m not going to say much about it. It was what it was. As for the addition of Dana to Gallows and Anderson, it worked and limited her talking and in ring time so I was all for it. Also, pairing Bayley with the New Day was just fantastic and oh so fun. But given the current state of both divisions, this should be a one-time thing. Creative needs to focus on story building for both divisions in order for us to legitimately care about both divisions again. However, I think this week, so much creative energy was placed on the main event that everything else was really an afterthought.

Kent – Sasha’s update on the RAW pre-show was cringe inducing. This is another example of her being a face not working at all. I actually like Dana with Gallows and Anderson.  I wish that she would tone it down on all of the makeup because she’s a very pretty girl without it, and she could add a dynamic to G&A while they wait to get the Club back together.  Dana’s not going to be in title contention for a long time, so I like it.  Here’s my big concern. Listen, I like rape as much as the next guy, but Xavier seemed a tad creepy and aggressive towards Bayley last night. I know that it was meant as over the top, but still. With that being said, if they used him being overly touchy with Bayley and made it into an angle and turned him heel, it would be a thing of beauty. The New Day needs a break up eventually, and Xavier has all the talent to be a star, as does Big E and well, Big E. know that it’s still PG, but this could work. If they aren’t doing it, keep him away from her. It was uncomfortable. By the way, I’m incredibly happy for Bayley. Just wanted to say that.

  1. Chris Jericho…….he’s possibly the most entertaining guy on the roster, yet again. Him and Heath are fighting for that spot I believe. Do you feel that we sometimes under value Jericho?

Russ –  If you asked this question 13 years ago I would say it was a travesty what they do to him and he is undervalued by the company.  Now, I think we, the viewers, do undervalue Jericho.  We look at him now as an old guy who should be putting over the new talent and that is it.  However, I think Jericho has made himself relevant again to the point that I can legitimately see him holding the title one more time.  His newest character is just fantastic.  He is condescending, funny, and a huge jerk perfectly mixed to make you hate him and want to lose!  I am happy that he has stuck around for a longer haul this time around and I really hope he does get one more title run!

Keri – 100% yes. He has been undervalued his entire career.  The guy is incredibly talented both on the mic and in the ring. The only problem with him, is the fact that in the early years of his career he was overshadowed by the likes of the Rock, Austin, Taker, etc.  So people really didn’t get to appreciate the gift of Jericho.  However, I think we are now starting to see what we missed out on during the early years of his career. So, I say let’s drink it in, man.

Kent – Yeah, we absolutely do. I am willing to bet that most wouldn’t have him in their top 20 all time. Why not? Everybody gives the Rock a free pass, but Jericho has done more, done it longer, and is just as funny, and on top of that, managed to reinvent himself numerous times. Same can be said for somebody like Sting and Macho Man. Does Jericho deserve top 10 all time? I’m starting to think that he does. After you get past Austin, Hogan, Taker, Flair, HBK, Bruno, HHH, and Cena, you can really start making a bunch of arguments. I listed 8 guys that all are in most people’s top 10. I know Rock gets a pass, but that still allows one open spot.  If we limit it to the Wrestlemania era, we can actually lose Bruno, and I think Jericho makes the top 10. Better than Bret, Foley, Edge, Brock, Kurt, and Macho. I think the question is where does Sting and Orton end up? I know I left out RVD, Kane, Big Show, Rey, Benoit, Eddie, Test, Warrior, Batista, Steiner, Dibiase, Perfect, Rude, and Vader, but I think those guys are all second or third tier, or in Test’s case…..well he nailed Kelly Kelly, and you haven’t, so there.

  1. That Miz promo was so good last week on Talking Live. I’m sure all of you have seen it and would concur. Then on Smackdown, Miz cuts another good promo, then his good buddy Dolph joins him in ring, gives another good promo, and then Miz walks away.  Are you excited for this feud?

Russ –   This was a great segment!  Miz was fired up and Dolph is continuing his re-energized love for the sport and being a part of it.  At first I was kind of pissed that they made Miz walk away, but as more time has gone on, I have changed my mind.  This was great! The crowd was hating on Miz calling him a coward!  He was getting legitimate heat from the crowd and didn’t care one bit.  That is the true nature of a heel and he played it perfectly.  As for the feud, with the way Dolph and Miz have come out and basically said that their careers are far from over I actually can’t wait to see this go down.  I hate that Dolph has to lose another feud, but I have a feeling they are going to give The Miz the chance to make the Title relevant again.

Keri – This feud has some serious potential. But considering those involved, I’m not sure if Creative is willing to take it where it needs to go, in order for us to become invested in it.  Therefore, I’m cautiously optimistic on this one. However, I feel if they are given the right material to work with, this rivalry could overshadow anything else that Creative currently has planned (cough… Ambrose and Styles..cough…cough).

Kent – These guys are really good friends in person, both from Ohio, travel together. Some of the best rivalries are between real life friends. Dolph has been working his ass off and getting mic time, and a motivated Dolph is a must see Dolph in my mind. Miz should win. Miz is going to make this title relevant again perhaps. That crafty bastard.

  1. So it appears that Carmella and Nikki have done the double switch. Carmella was getting very little fan response as a face, but will she do any better as a heel, or is it just a result of pushing her up to the main roster too soon?

Russ – I like a heel Carmella so I think the switch worked, for me at least.   If they wanted her to get over as a face they should have left her with Enzo & Cass.  I still don’t know why they separated those three…  Anyway, I also think that they brought her up a little too soon.  She has mic skills, but her in ring is mediocre at best.  I think having her in a program with Nikki will really be good for her.

Keri – I think we are judging Carmella unfairly. Especially, after only a few main roster outings and some really poor booking decisions. Keep in mind, she was sort of over in NXT. First with Enzo and Cass and then on her own.  I think people just need to be reminded why they liked her in the first place. And honestly, this thing with Nikki could do just that. With that being said though, this beating up Nikki thing week after week without an explanation is going to get old, really fast. So, Carmella needs to explain her actions so we can get the feud that Creative has been teasing us with for the past couple of weeks. So, I say in short, stay tuned on Carmella, at least for now.

Kent – She was fairly entertaining as a heel in NXT, and she is beating up Nikki Bella, so that works for me. I think it was wise to make the switch now rather than let her consistently flounder. Unfortunately, we all probably agree that she was brought up too soon and on the wrong show. If they put her with Enzo and Cass, they would have had another over, sympathetic face, that would also help when they break up E & C. But hey, fuck logic.

  1. The Headbangers returned, and my boy Thrasher looked a little out of shape, BUT they had a match with Slyno or Rhater or whatever awful combination of names you can come up with. They also did a vignette with Renee visiting Heath’s trailer and met his wife and Rhyno. Which segment did you prefer: the match or the vignette?

Russ – As much as I enjoyed remembering who the head bangers even were, I have to say the Vignette was better.  I just loved the whole thing.  Slater was spot on in his performance and funny in the right ways (seriously this could have gone waaaaaay worse.)  Renee was great in her role and watching her reactions was priceless.  However, Rhyno was the star of this piece.  He was funny in the way he was acting.  Being the creepy neighbor watching whatever was going on outside.  His little nod to Renee.  I also enjoyed his cheese whiz Cracker’s face.  Before I was just kind of hoping that “Slato” ™ would get into the main event and this be the beginning of the Push of Slater.  Now I think this truly is his shot.  They are giving him a chance to shine, like never before and he is killing it!  Have him start putting on some amazing matches and we are witnessing the rise of a future Champion!  I think the best thing to do is have Rhyno win the next match for them again making Slater do nothing, but then for the final match in the tournament have Slater show his talent in the ring and win the gold!

Keri – I have to go with the vignette over the match since the match was just ok. The vignette was just too funny. Everything about that segment worked. It had everything: Renee looking uncomfortable, a funny silent Rhyno, and Slater was just being Slater. The ending of this segment where Rhyno hit on Renee (think Tormund and Brienne from GOT) basically was the Vienna Sausage (?) on a very uncomfortable Cheesewhiz covered cracker. (Kent – Solid Tormund reference!)

Kent – I am legitimately torn on this question. As much as I loved seeing one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasure teams return, to zero fanfare, I think I have to choose the trailer piece. Rhyno was the MVP of that segment with his reactions, and frowny face cracker. All that was missing was Slim Jims. Renee was also really top notch here. I really liked both segments though. Oh, here’s a picture of Keri’s husband, Eric, and I dressing up as the Headbangers for Halloween. We truly believed in them.


  1. You know what this one is about. After a few weeks of doing nothing, my boy Baron fought the WWE World champion, Dean Ambrose. Provide some analysis of the match and if you think this leads Baron to anything down the road.

Russ –  The match was ok.  It wasn’t a bad match and it wasn’t a good match.  If anything it kind of showed that Dean can’t carry people in a match very well.  I love Dean, but if he is the one who has to carry the match it isn’t going to be a very good one.  I encourage you to watch Dean vs Dolph, then immediately watch the Dolph vs AJ match and tell me you can’t tell the difference in pacing and combinations.  Dean needs to work on these things if he is going to be a main eventer.  Notice, I didn’t put any of this on Baron, he is the new guy he should be learning so he gets a pass, but this was not his best match either.  As for future hopes, well I’d like Baron to get into a meaningful feud with a guy who works well with him.  He’d benefit from a match with AJ, so I’d like to see that.  It also wouldn’t hurt to have him in some tag match, but he is the lone wolf, so I’m not sure how that would work.  I could see the working together out of necessity, or the unlikely pairing scenario for that.  I still think Baron is a future hall of famer, I just think he needs someone who wants to work with him and make him better and bring out his natural talent.  (Kent – Really good point about Dean not being capable of carrying a match very well. I hadn’t considered that in totality until just now.)

Keri – To start, I watched the recap of this match since I feel asleep before the match came on last night. So, my analysis may not be completely sound. After watching the recap, however, I noticed a couple of things about the non-AJ Styles aspects of this particular match.  First, Corbin is still a little too green to be in the ring with Ambrose. He looked stiff and that affected the match for me. It looked like Ambrose was carrying him the entire match. He got in some good offense but really it just an ok match for me in the end. However, while the match looked stiff and uncomfortable, it did show that, in time, and with the right booking, the main event could be a good spot for Baron Corbin. Just not right now. He needs more time and then we shall see what the future brings for Kent’s chosen one. (Kent – I would recommend that you watch that match in full. Russ is on to something. Dean isn’t capable of being the lead dog in a match, but that has been hidden throughout his run as he almost always goes against top notch talent, or guys he is very familiar with like Eric Rowan. Corbin is still green, but if you put him in with Cena, RKO, Bray, AJ, Dolph, Luke, and others, that match is at least 1.5 points better. Too many rest holds for some reason was baffling. I have watched the match twice nitpicking it.)

Kent – I feel compelled to say that Smackdown had a next to impossible task of following up a really great RAW, but I think they did a really good job at sticking to what’s working and not trying to outshine RAW, but continue to pit out the most consistently entertaining show. With that out of the way, I didn’t care much for the chemistry between Dean and Baron. It felt off, really off. I hope that they get to work together some more moving forward because Dean actually matches up well with Baron, and should provide some good matches down the road. With that being said, Baron never got into his groove early on, and for some reason, that often affects his matches more than your typical wrestler. You can see when it clicks for him. I can only hope for some wild brawls between these 2. Also, I like how Baron didn’t like AJ either. It’s a cool dynamic so far that Baron simply doesn’t work well with anyone, the lone wolf and whatnot. It may limit him from participating in some great tag matches, but I think I’d keep him from tagging with anybody for a few more months. I’d like to see AJ vs. Baron with dean on commentary next week. Oh, and one final thing. My guy technically has a win over the world champ, and no losses to him.  You two can keep your Seth and Finn respectively, I’ll keep my guy that could kick both of their asses in my delusional mind. WOOOOOOOOO!

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rumors are flying that not only is Mr. Whisker Biscuit, Goldberg, talking to WWE about a potential return, possibly against Brock at Mania, but also The Rock vs. Vin Deisel. We both know that these are absolutely fucking terrible ideas, but which one do you hate more?

Russ –  I never liked Goldberg (give me Gilberg any day!)  so I really hate wasting Brock on Goldberg at Mania.  Rock vs. Deisel is a necessary evil.  The movie comes out right around then, the Rock always shows up at Mania might as well give him a 5 minute match with Deisel, (Not Kevin Nash).  They both can do stunts, so maybe this won’t be as horrible as we might all predict.  However, Goldberg is a tool and I would be pissed if he took out Brock ruining the chance for a new guy to get that amazing rub!   Honestly, I’d rather see Kurt Angle come back to fight Brock, if an older guy were going to get the win over Brock, let’s make it Angle!  (I wrote this before I read Kents’ comment.  I like how both of us went to Angle.)

Keri – Why, oh why can’t we get through a Wrestlemania without the Rock showing up? He doesn’t need the validation from the fans anymore and quite frankly has moved onto bigger and better things.  And why add Vin Diesel to this discussion. He is not a wrestler. He’s an actor (and a really good D&D player apparently) but he’s not a wrestler. So, seriously, why? Oh, that’s right, Vince logic. As for the Goldberg rumors, from the sheets I read I thought he was never coming back to the WWE. What changed? Why now? Again, it’s that Vince logic that does not make sense to us normal people but makes perfect sense to him.

Kent – I hate both. Goldberg is still in shape, and can be a fun side attraction, but you can’t have him be the one that takes out Brock, and that is the worst case scenario. If it’s a one off match, this is my pick because I doubt that Bill agrees to one match to come out and job. If it’s for multiple matches, then the obvious answer is Rock vs Vin. Vin isn’t a good talker, and has never been a wrestler. Rock is a great talker, and has never been a great wrestler. Ohhhhhhh, I had to say it. Rock isn’t capable of carrying Vin to an entertaining one on one, and this whole thing wouldn’t drive up interest in another shitty movie in a shitty franchise. Don’t defend that franchise, please. Give me Rock vs. Brock in a safe match, sure, sign me up. Give me Rock vs. Goldberg part II, and I am sold. Leave Vin out of this. I’d rather Kurt Angle be involved in this conversation.

  1. Mr. Fuji passed away, and that seemed infinitely more important than Bo Dallas getting arrested for being drunk at an airport. Priorities, yo. What is your favorite memory/memories of Mr. Fuji?

Russ –   Man, I hated Fuji and Yokozuna!  I was young and whenever those two came onto my screen, I was angry!  He was the first manager I actually hated and wanted to see get what was coming to him in the worst way!  I think that says a lot about how amazing Fuji was as a manager.  Sure, I was young and still wasn’t 100% sure if wrestling was fake or not, but I knew one thing… I wanted Fuji to get his!  I remember him yelling Bonzai as Yokozuna would bring his opponent to the corner and decimate them.  I don’t remember too many things from back then (I didn’t watch wrestling fully until I was a bit older), but I remember him.  That’s how much of an impact he had on me as a young watcher of wrestling.  He helped show me how to get invested in wrestling as more than just a smark, but as a pure fan.

Keri – Unfortunately, I don’t have too many memories of Mr. Fuji. I was way too young when I first started watching wrestling to have any concrete memories of him. I do remember the Bonsai thing that Kent mentioned in his comments but not much else. Either way, RIP Mr. Fuji.

Kent – I wasn’t watching back when he did those parodies, but they are funny as hell. I can say that I did see him live managing The Orient Express a couple of times, and I love him managing Demolition and then The Powers of Pain. All great stuff. My favorite stuff was him working with Yokozuna though. Screaming Bonzai (or is it Bonsai?) will always make me smile. He was a great manager, and I think the term devious will always be attached to his character.

I’m ending it with a ton of Mr. Fuji pictures. All pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are property of WWE and

All pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are property of WWE and

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