WWE Hell In A Cell 2015 Preview

Hi everybody. I want to do a quick preview of tonight’s WWE Hell In A Cell. We have 2 Hell In A Cell matches, neither for a title…….how the hell does that make any damn sense??? Oh well, who am I to question the booking of WWE? I’m just here to preview and not be judgmental.


Kickoff Show Match

Cesaro, Neville, Dolph vs Rusev, Barrett, and Sheamus

I hate seeing the match play out on RAW and then have it on the ppv. Hell I hate seeing the re-match on RAW the night ever, but I accept that a little more. Why pay money for something that you just watched? Anyway, this is a great group of guys, but I have questions. Why isn’t Tyler Breeze in this? If Dolph is his main target, shouldn’t he be involved? Why aren’t Cesaro, Rusev, Sheamus, and Dolph all on the main card? Sheamus wins Money in the Bank and what has he done since? I think it was 2-3 month of fighting Orton, then nothing at Night Of Champions aside from teasing that he’d cash in at the very end, and now the kick off show. To give a guy the MiTB briefcase, that guy should start winning his matches and be put on a pedestal so that he is seen as a viable threat as champion as opposed to just the guy that pins a guy after a grueling 20 minute match. Make them look like a beast, a legit building block of the company. Please give Cesaro and Rusev something better next month. And why doesn’t Cody have a match?

Prediction: Rusev’s team because Barrett and Sheamus are forming a really good team surprisingly.


IC Title match

Kevin Owens vs Ryback

I like Ryback, but I have to admit, if he was injured for a year, I probably wouldn’t notice all that much. Ouch, I know. He needs the correct opponent to look good, as do a lot of guys, the problem is that he doesn’t do enough to wow me. I want him to cut more promos because I think he could really shine, but they avoid that too much. Oh, and hopefully this is the end of this feud. I like Owens and he needs better opponents, like anybody in the opening match, any of those 6 guys.

Prediction: Owens retains via cheating, but gets pin


Tag Title match

New Day vs The Dudley Boys (no z’s, stop being an idiot)

The New Day are the most over act right now, and it’s not even close. When I am fast forwarding during RAW, I watch New Day. They are what I consider “must see TV” at the moment. When Vince decides to ride these guys into the ground, they may be lucky to still be hot by year’s end sadly. I would keep the belts on them until TLC and then give it to the Dudley Boys in a TLC match, UNLESS the WWE has a shot and the Hardly Boys by Wrestlemania time. Then you do the TLC there in Dallas with Hardys, Dudleys, New Day, and probably one other team like Harper and Rowan, The Ascension, or Usos. Either way, now is not the time to have New Day drop the belts.

Prediction: Dudleys get DQ’d


Women’s Title match (I fucking hate the term diva)

Charlotte vs Nikki Bella

I honestly don’t care. The most interesting woman is out of this match (Paige) and the sham with Nikki breaking AJ’s record, this whole revolution can eat a dick. It’s just a matter of when Sasha gets her run to show the world just how great she is.

Prediction: I get bored and read stuff online, and then I look up and see that Charlotte retained.


Hell In A Cell

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

Both guys could use a solid win. I like both guys. If the tag match is now off of the card, then I think you gotta go with Bray. Keep that group strong because Roman is a beast and can take some losses and still look good right now. He’s really improved, which is why it was smart to not put the belt on him, because you see that he is coming into his own, slowly but surely this year. Bray’s faction needs to keep rolling. I would put Bray in the title match at Royal Rumble actually. I would imagine we see the whole Wyatt Family and Dean involved at times. I don’t see Bray losing, nor do I see ROman looking bad.

Prediction: Bray gets the win after a very violent, over booked match. This may never feel like it’s as good as it could be. I also can speculating that Luke may not be involved, just a guess.


US Title match

John Cena vs ?????

Who will it be, and will they win? Cena is taking some time off after this, and this may be where Tyler Breeze or Carlito come into play. Stardust would be considered too boring. Dean would be a phenomenal choice, but he will have his time during Roman’s match. I think Tyler will be the one, it will make an impact. If in the tag match, it ends up being Xavier and Big E, I would put $100 down on Kofi answering the challenge and winning, making New Day an even bigger threat. I prefer this over Tyler as I am a huge fan of Kofi’s.

Prediction: Kofi because earlier this week, I watched the great MSG moment with Kofi boom dropping Randy through a table from like 5-6 years ago. Kofi deserves this. As long as Cena loses, we all win.


WWE World Heavyweight Title match

Seth Rollins vs Kane

Seth needs a legit win if he is going to hold the belt to Wrestlemania. Yes, he beat Sting, but that was really via injury. He needs that win where he wins on his own and looks awesome. I would love Kane to have one last title run, and maybe they give it to him for a day or a month, but I imagine Kane would turn it down.

Prediction: Seth via weapons, but a legit win. It’s either now or never to give him a real win.


Hell In A Cell

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

Their final match supposedly. Taker did more to put Brock Lesnar over than any other wrestler during his first main roster run a decade ago, including a brutal, bloody hell in a cell match. Taker likes Brock a lot, and Taker is ok with doing the job for the good of the company and for somebody he likes and respects. I hate to see Taker lose. I genuinely hope that they brawl and leave out too many big moves that could injure Taker as he is an always will be my all time favorite. Still, I see no way that Brock doesn’t win…..unless somebody screws him over. I don’t think this stays with just the 2 men. Somebody will interfere and cost the loser the match. So, in a perfect world…..

Prediction: The lights go out and a druid comes in the ring, and it ends up being Luke Harper who screws over Taker. Luke more than anybody on the roster needs the feud with Taker. Luke needs to be taken seriously, and the big guys need to have the Taker experience. It would be unexpected, and Luke is my current favorite wrestler on the main roster, so fingers crossed.

That’s it, a review will be up tonight or Monday. Enjoy, tell me your predictions if you have any.

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