WWE Survivor Series 2015 Review

Last night, WWE presented us with Survivor Series, and we was guaranteed a new WWE champion…..or were we? Yes, we were. Let’s do a quick rundown.


Preshow match

Goldust, Neville, Titus, and Dudley Boys vs Stardust, Ascension, Bo Dallas, and The Miz.

Well, in my preview, I did have Miz and Bo on a team together, so there’s that. I also had a match with Neville and Dudleys vs Stardust and Ascension. So I got a chunk of this accurate. Goldust looked good I thought and this was a fun, entertaining match that really highlighted the Rhodes’ boys. This was one of the better matches.

Main show

Roman vs Alberto

This match wasn’t bad, but it didn’t hold any interest for me. I knew that the WWE wouldn’t dare get ballsy with something creative, so Roman won. They both did their best, it’s not on the guys why I feel that this match failed me. The ending was nice at least.

Dean vs Kevin Owens

This match was way better. At least there was a shadow of a doubt as to who would win this one, and both guys had pretty good timing most of the time. These are 2 of my 5 favorites right now, so I am biased, just a smidgen. My  gripe is that I wish this had gone 5 more minutes, more nearfalls. This is for the finals, so I have seen Owens kick out of more from Cena, so it made little sense in that regard.

Ryback, Uso’s and Lucha Dragons vs Sheamus, Barrett, and New Day

I fought against convention in not making this team in my preview because I’m an idiot and tried diversifying. I did have New Day vs Luchas and Uso’s correct at least. New Day was great, as expected, and the comedy worked for me because sometimes it doesn’t take much to amuse me. Sadly, this is the high point of the night for me. Barrett trying to not crack up was hilarious. I’m kinda over Ryback. He needs to just be on Smackdown. I think him vs Barrett would be a good match up if creative ever gave an ounce of effort. They don’t though. Always a smart decision to job your Money in the Bank winner as much as humanly possible so that when he cashes in, he looks less credible than Heath Slater.

Charlotte vs Paige

They tried, the match bored me. I don’t like Charlotte, simple as that. Sorry. I was watching Walking Dead and that was far more entertaining.  Charlotte won via submission. Like a DQ would have been nice to drag this out to TLC in a chair or table match.

Tyler vs Dolph

I think Dolph needs something to do, maybe a heel turn.  His character has been ruined, but he can still go in the ring. Why not turn him heel and see what happens? He has 2 years left, so get some mileage out of him. Tyler won, as this is his first ppv.

Taker and Kane vs Bray and Luke

I’m glad that Luke got this spot, as he has earned it. I love everybody involved in this match. Taker is my all time favorite, Luke is my current favorite.  I have an issue though, we know that it is the 25th anniversary of Taker, so you have to give him the win, or let him get the after match beat down. I feel the Wyatt’s gained nothing though. Why not give the Wyatt’s a cheap win, and have Taker and Kane clean house after and pose for pics and shit? That way, Bray could talk tonight about how they won, and move on. Now, it’s like Bray talks a good game, gets a good feud, and then loses, rinse, repeat. That’s not how you build stars, and Vince should know that. Very irritated.

Roman vs Dean

9 minutes????? Really, 9 fucking minutes for a match that this tournament was built around. How many of the matches in the tournament were shorter than this? Not many. This was a fucking joke. Shame on the WWE for doing this. I don’t mind that Roman won because Cena’s time is up, Roman’s time is now, you can’t see me…. blah blahblah. There weren’t many great nearfalls, and this is for the fucking title. It makes both guys look like shit in my opinion, but especially Dean. I may have been annoyed with a 15 minute match, but if performed well, with a good story, it could have worked. 9 minutes though???? Then Roman wins with a spear, confetti, celebration, and then out comes HHH. He wants to congratulate Roman, so Roman spears him like the dick that he is. Sheamus comes out, cashes in MitB, and after his 2nd Brogue Kick, wins the belt. Why the fuck does it take so long from hand off of the briefcase, until the bell gets rung? It is so tedious, and it is a huge pet peeve of mine.

I’m fine with Sheamus as champ. I’m not fine with him jobbing the past 3 months fairly consistently and now he is suddenly champ, and we are supposed to believe that he has gotten better over the course of an hour or so?

Final thoughts

I tried so hard to be positive, but I can’t. WWE is utter trash at the moment, and I hold creative and Vince accountable, and I hate to say that. The Wuatts walk away as losers with nothing to show for this feud. Creative couldn’t be bothered, or Vince, to put together 2-3 traditional Survivor Series matches and advertise them. That is one of the easiest way to pop a crowd is to have gang warfare, and chaos. Crowds will always eat this up. DX vs Nation, 4 Horseman vs Dusty and whoever, WCW vs NWO, Evolution vs Shield, Shield vs Wyatts, etc. It just works, and this ppv basically writes itself and sets up the next ppv if done right.With so many tag teams out right now, this should have been a fun show. Then, we have to deal with the awful women’s feud that nobody gives a fuck about. Tyler is going to get lost in the shuffle I fear as Dolph is no longer sticking out. They clearly missed Rusev, Cesaro, Seth, Randy, Cena, and Batista.

The biggest fuck up of all though, no twists, nothing. The tournament was released really stupidly. A random drawing, or the thing that they used to do in WCW, I think it was Superbrawl, where you had a random partner, shit like that could have worked. As soon as you saw the brackets, I doubt anybody got more than one pick wrong, it was that predictable. That should never, ever be the case. This was a night to make a star. Last year, they made Dolph……ok, maybe a bad example. Still, Roman, Dean, or Owens could have been made. Think about how cool it would have been for KO to say that he beat both Shield guys in the same night for the 3rd shield guy’s belt. That would have been awesome. Instead, we get status quo, boring bullshit. Roman is good, I am a fan of his, but he needs to take a step back, and maybe re-group. The heel turn would have reinvigorated him. I really would like Roman to face Sheamus at TLC, lose. Then the last RAW before 2016, one more match, but if Roman loses, no more title matches. This sets up the Royal Rumble, but Roman doesn’t win. He can lose to Brock, Dean, Bray, whoever. Roman’s confidence goes to hell, he starts losing matches. There’s no incentive anymore. He demands a match with HHH, where if he wins, he gets to be number one contender, but if he loses, he becomes the corporate bitch. That is how you get the crowd back behind Roman. The crowd needs a break from him, and they need to humanize him again. Look at how popular Dean is. It’s because he’s like a normal dude, and he may lose, he doesn’t look like a weight lifter, but he has this spirit about him. Dean is who they should hitch their wage to and I fully believe that he would revitalize interest a bit. I don’t think Punk or Daniel are coming though those doors any time soon. Dean is the guy now that Cesaro is out. Dean vs Bray at the end of the Rumble would be awesome. The crowd would go crazy I feel.

All I know is that the WWE had an opportunity last night, and they blew it. It bums me out because I get sick of the jaded wrestling fans, but sometimes WWE needs to be called out for not having the balls to try something big. Fingers crossed that we have a great TLC card and that Luke, Owens, and Dean get some more exposure.

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