2016 WWE Battleground Preview

I want a short and concise preview because I don’t have the gumption to explain my thoughts on the draft at this very moment. All pics were taken from wwe.com.

Kickoff Show

Tag Team Match

The Usos vs Breezedango


Has there been any build to this match? Seriously? I don’t really recall..Well the WWE hasn’t cared to give us a reason to care, therefore, I don’t care.  Breezedango has the brighter short and long term futures, so logic dictates that they should win.

Winners: Breezedango

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya


Hey, this has a better story than the main women’s story. That’s cool. I wonder why? Oh, Charlotte sucks and still can’t cut a promo? I see. Well, I love Becky Lynch. So time for her to get her redemption, right after she eats a cheap roll up loss.

Winner: Natalya

The Highlight Reel with Randy Orton will be Jericho working Orton up until he hits an RKO out of nowhere and the crowd will pop while failing to acknowledge just how great Jericho is. Oh, and fully expect Orton to be in great shape, or per JBL, “the best shape of his life” or something to that effect.

Sasha and Mystery Partner vs. Charlotte and Dana Brooke


Sasha is claiming that the wrestling insiders can’t guess who it is. I still say that it is likely Nia Jax to help give her a nice rub despite being the most untalented person on the main roster in years. If not Nia, then Mickie James or Lita or Victoria make the most sense. Bayley isn’t happening. It would make zero sense. Ric Flair would also be hilarious. Either way, Sasha wins. Awesome Kong would be the best choice, but she is not gonna be it. Nikki Bella has the slightest shot as well. Dana eats the loss.

Winners: Sasha and Partner

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens


This match will be great. Owens should win. He is main event ready. Zayn is great where he’s at and let him be that little snowball that gains underdog momentum like Daniel Bryan. Owens time is now. Make it happen.

Winner: KO

Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz vs. Darren Young


Of course if Darren Young wins, then the US Title needs to switch hands too and most people see Rusev as retaining. So in that spirit, I will say that Miz retains. Darren Young has a ton of potential, but Miz needs some feuds to really be as great as he can be. Also, I love Bob Backlund.

Winner: The Miz

US Championship Match

Rusev vs. Zack Ryder


Rusev CRUSH!!!!! I really like Zack, I’m very high on him, but Rusev is back to being dominant. Rusev will win.

Winner: Rusev and Lana’s sweet tits

John Cena, Enzo, and Cass vs. AJ Style, Gallows, and Anderson


This one is tough to predict, but I think the good guys win. I think AJ and Cena are gonna fight at Summerslam, for the new Smackdown world title. I think AJ wins it there. This gives Cena some cute momentum, but basically helps Enzo and Cass more, but they need to be the ones who get the win. That is what is most important because they need to win the belts in Brooklyn. That NEEDS to happen.

Winner: Cenation and Brooklyn

New Day vs. The Wyatt Family


This is the hardest match to predict for me. With Braun going to Raw and Bray and Rowan to Smackdown, that’s just not cool. Braun won’t lose. Bray shouldn’t lose. Bray should be dominant, so he should get the win. New Day are the tag champs, so they should win. I had a dream this afternoon that Big E died tonight, seriously. It was sad as hell. I am predicting Bray winning because Xavier gets frightened or intimidated or else that whole storyline was worthless.

Winner: Wyatt Family

WWE World Championship

Shield Triple Threat


Seriously, at Battleground? Fuck you WWE! This was supposed to be a Wrestlemania main event, not Battleground. Whatever. Dean deserves to win. Dean isn’t going to win. Roman doesn’t deserve to win. Roman is going to win. It will be a gigantic fuck you to the fans. This will help Seth turn face. That’s how I see it, because it is dumb as fuck.

Winner: Roman Reigns

It should be a solid PPV, so sniff you jerks later.

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