How Kent Would Book Wrestlemania 32

I wanted to write out how I would book Wrestlemania prior to Fastlane because after tonight, a lot of things write themselves. Let’s face it, come Monday, we will have Roman vs HHH and nobody will give a fuck about that main event unfortunately.

Also, if you missed it, here is my Fastlane preview. Fastlane Preview

It’s a 4 hour show, there should be 10 matches on the card.

1. WWE Heavyweight Title Match

HHH vs. Dean Ambrose – ends with Dean winning and then Roman turning on him, and if Seth is healthy enough, have him make the save. The crowd would go ape shit for this.

2. Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns – Brock wins, as Brock should be the guy that always has Roman’s number. Every wrestler should have one guy who for some reason, has his number.

3. The Wyatts vs The League Of Nations – This is assuming that Wade is healthy enough. I know, 2 heel factions won’t be fun. Yeah, except the Shield and Wyatts were both heel teams and the crowd ate it up. OK, I know that the League isn’t popular, so we got some work to do. The night after Fast Lane, HHH wants to send a message to Dean by banning Roman from the arena, and punishing Dean by making him take on a mystery opponent. The opponents would be the Wyatts. They come out and slaughter Dean, knock him out so the ref stops the match. HHH comes out and insists that the Wyatts finish of Dean so he don’t make it to Wrestlemania, except Bray says that they aren’t puppets and HHH gets in his face, and Bray kinda tells HHH off to end the show. The next week, HHH says that if the Wyatts can’t follow orders, he knows 4 guys who will finish off Dean. So another 4 on 1 match, Dean vs League of Nations. It’s a quick DQ match as they start beating down Dean outside the ring, about to crush his leg with stairs or something bad. The lights go out, and they come back, and the League is surrounded by the Wyatts. I guarantee you that the crowd would flip out for this. Then in the coming weeks, maybe the Wyatts abduct Lana, and then the League get the upper hand. At Mania, make it War Games, and I promise you, that match would get over, even if it is just a street fight of sorts. Oh, and the other nice thing is that it gives Bray a nice 2 -3 month feud with the Authority, and then you could have Luke and Eric turn on Bray, then you have the tag match with them against Bray and Braun. Then Braun can turn on Bray, and you will have a great face that the fans are excited about and Luke will get bumped higher up in theory. That’s solid long term building.

4. Taker vs Cena – Yes, I know Cena isn’t quite healthy, but I feel that he will be good to go by then. If not him, then Sting or Randy Orton, or if none are healthy, give us a Taker vs Kane buried alive retirement match. Something, Taker deserves it. Taker wins no matter what, unless it is Sting….then, ok, maybe not Sting. Sting should have one WWE win damnit!!!

5. Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles for the IC Title – give these guys 20 minutes and let them work and tell a story. That may end up match of the year, no doubt in my mind. I would give AJ the belt, and see how he does.

6. New Day vs. The Dudleys vs. The Usos vs. Y2J & Miz – I wanted to get some veterans in a big match, and Jericho and Miz work, but Dolph could be involved instead. The other option is to call up a team from NXt or quickly elevate The Ascension who deserve better. Either way, New Day or Dudleys should win. I know some may want Enzo and Cass, but wait until Summerslam in Brooklyn or the night after for them to debut.

7. NXT Elimination Chamber with Winner getting called up to main roster

Finn Balor vs Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Creed vs. Austin Aries

This will be a very “smart” crowd, so all of these guys would get good to great pops. You would have it end with Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn I would suggest, and either guy could win and it would be awesome, but probably Sami. Also, instead of Austin, you could do a tournament for the 6th spot and get somebody else, but I say Austin.

8. Stardust vs. Stephen Amell – A match that already has plenty of history. This provides us with some celebrity involvement, which WWE loves to have. Arrow already proved that he is somewhat capable of the basics in ring, and Cody is no slouch, so they could give us a fun 5-7 minute match. Maybe have somebody coach Arrow, like Mark Henry so he gets some screen time, or Goldust.

9.Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks WWE WOMEN’s championship 3 Way Dance – I say 3 way dance, because one will get eliminated, and the other 2 can duke it out. ECW was notorious for the 3 way dance, and when a title was present, it really was a great thing.  I’d have Becky lose to Charlotte, and then Sasha beat Charlotte, hell maybe with some inadvertant interference involving Ric and Becky. Ric should cost Charlotte the belt, because Ric is hilarious. Everybody wants the Sasha title win, so give the people what they want.

10 Andre the Giant Battle Royale – All the leftovers, Big Show, Mark Henry, Truth, Goldust, Sandow, Zach Ryder, Social Outcasts, Darren Young, Ascenion, Dolph, Tyler Breeze, Ryback, Kane, and so on. I’d have the final 2 be Sandow and Mark Henry. I’d give it to Sandow and re-launch his push, he deserves it. It also would give Mark a final thank you as this is rumored to be his final Mania.

Pre Show -Paige, Summer Rae, Natalya vs. Naomi,Tamina, and Camryn – Filler to get the women some love. I’d have Nattie or Summer get the win. Hell, Summer can tag in and steal the win. I think Nattie should get it though.

Pre Show – Kalisto vs. Neville for the US Title – I hate putting this on the pre-show, but it’s either this or the Battle Royale, so it doesn’t matter to me. Kalisto vs. Neville if given 12-15 minutes could be a great opening match for the whole thing, either pre-show or main card. Both guys are young enough and talented enough to make the main card within the next 3 years.

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