My RAW experience in Albany 9/24/12

I figured I needed to rant and you don’t wanna necessarily write too much on Facebook, so my theory is that if anybody really gives a damn about what I have to say, they will click and read this. If not, fuck em. So we get our seats, and the seating is slightly different than when Raylene and I were last here for Smackdown. Mind you, we have the same seats, third row, 3,4,5. How weird right? Anyway, I’m not a petite gentleman, so seating was a tad squished in together. Sadly, the 2 seats next to me eventually were occupied by this mid aged dude and this girl. At first site, she’s not ugly, but then comes the how old is this girl? And so here I am sitting next to my wife and her dad, and to my right, this potentially decent looking girl and her dad. Awkward. This girl is immediately obnoxious loudly saying things that just shouldn’t be uttered, nonetheless screamed/screeched. I won’t bore you with the wrestling stuff by and large. I will admit I got chills when Mick Foley’s music hit. The guy is one of my all time fav’s, we’ve exchanged messages online, I even have his picture next to me. Got to see Big Show, Ryback, Dolph, punk, cena, Wade Barrett who I love, Santino, Zack, Heath, Del Rio, Shaemus and more. All cool things, very cool. That’s the boring wrestling stuff. During the show, they showed National Guard guys, they were probably 20 feet away. During the Ryback vs Miz match, 2 morons decided that they were gonna jump the railing and they are lucky they don’t let the wrestlers kick their ass. Mind you, these guys were about 20-30 feet from us. They got taken down right in front of us. The ring announcer, Justin Roberts, yanked one of the assholes right down. It was utter insanity. The main point of my contention though was the piss poor job that security/WWE does with allowing people to stand. During the match you should be in your seats but otherwise you can just crowd whereever apparently. So when I finally get my opportunity to see one of the 2 smartest men in wrestling history, Paul Heyman, I am stuck behind like 5 or 6 fucking idiots. How did that happen? I have 3rd row seats? The first row was more off to the side, so only one row in front yet these fuckin mongoloids just rush the railing. And security just stands there. What the fuck is the point in buying these expensive ass tickets if you are gonna allow these cave dwellers to stand wherever the fuck they want. People in my row and the row ahead start bitching. The girl next to me, jailbait I shall refer to her as, is 5’2 and is bitching. The 2 bald guys in front of me are bitching and tell people to scram. Awesome I thought. Then this fucking douche bag, piece of monkey crap,, stands basically the rest of the evening. Really? Really? You just bitched for people to sit down you inconsiderate cunt. This guy is just such a scumbag. The girl next to me moves up a row, sits next to the scum bag. He is clearly flirting with her while her dad sits there looking helplessly. I called this guy a pedophile. I stand by this. His buddy clearly took a picture of her ass while the other guy distracted her. Seriously. Then came the point where I thought I may punch this cock sucker myself, but I thought somebody was gonna. During the main event, one of the many troglodytes came over and was standing with a sign supporting CM Punk,the head “Bad guy”. This bald fucker in front of me grabs this dudes sign and rips it up. I shit you not, that actually happened. Fortunately the guy had a back up sign. But who the hell does this dude think he is tearing up a strangers sign. I had that moment play in my head where I envisioned just beating him senseless. Like, I know I’m not on my meds, but I still think he deserved a near death beat down to teach him how to act appropriately in public. In conclusion, I doubt I’ll go again unless I get better seats. If I get front row, nobody is getting in my fucking space, unless it’s a kid. Kids should be up front if possible because it’s such a spectacle to them. I’m ok with that. Not ok with full grown asshole men crowding so that everybody has to stand during the show. Just thinking about it pisses me off. Just gotta keep in mind I got to see Mick Foley and Paul Heyman in the same night. Now I just need to see Jericho and Brock somehow some way.

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