The Brock Lesnar Experiment

We are closing in on 3 years since Brock Lesnar made his return to WWE and made a ton of waves. We also are under the impression that Brock’s contract is up after Wrestlemania this year. Let’s face it, nobody knows all the exact facts, and I don’t trust everything I read online. I know, I know, if you’re going to be a wrestling fan online, then you must believe everything and buy into all of the negativity. Nope, not going to do that. What I would like to do is analyze Brock’s almost 3 year run and what to look forward to, and finally, was it all worth it.

On April 2, 2012, Brock returned on RAW, the night after Wrestlemania 28, and the crowd went ape shit. Even more so after he F-5’d stupid John Cena. That pop should have told the WWE that we were sick of Cena, but that’s a blog for another time. Since then, Brock has had 9 matches. Let’s briefly look at those.

Extreme Rules 2012 vs John Cena


Yay, Brock has returned, and speculation is that he is on a weird contract where he only works for 3 months of the year, and has 3 matches a year. Well this was his big return match, and the fans wanted him to destroy Cena. So what happened? Cena overcame the odds and beat Brock. Seriously, you can look this up. This actually happened. You pay this man, reportedly millions, to come back and you job himm foolishly to Cena, a guy most fans that aren’t children or whoooores, absolutely are sick of? That’s a wise investment. That young up and coming Cena really needed that rub. I’m getting angry just writing this. Moving on.

Summerslam 2012


HHH didn’t want to give in to contract demands, so Brock broke his arm, which led to this match. HHH did what Cena couldn’t do, put over Brock and his submission move. The match was ok, and Brock was a hoss here. It was enjoyable, but not great.

Wrestlemania 29


If HHH loses, he’s forced to retire or some such nonsense. Well, you guessed it, HHH overcame the odds and won. Awful booking. I hated this match. It bored the piss out of me. Yeah, let’s bring Lesnar back and in his first year, have him lose 2 out of 3 matches to young up and comers who really could use the rub of being in the ring with the Beast.

Extreme Rules 2013


HHH put Brock over here to end their feud. This was ok, but nothing great either. HHH wasn’t a great opponent for Brock, but HHH has to stroke his ego sometimes. He at least jobs and puts guys over, so I’m not harping on him.

Summerslam 2013

This was by far his best match since returning. It’s no coincidence that he was going against a full time talented wrestler. These 2 had some good chemistry and I would have loved a follow up match. Unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want. The next time Brock would have a match would ironically be the same night as CM Punk’s last match sadly. Such a shame.

Royal Rumble 2014


This match…..why? Nobody expected Big Show to win. Once again, a real young guy who could benefit from being in the ring with Brock. 10 years ago, yeah, these guys put on some really good matches. Unfortunately, Big Show isn’t the same athlete that he was, nor is Brock. We’re seeing that he his best matches so far was Punk and Cena. 2 younger more athletic guys. This was a mess, and wasn’t much of a match as much as a domination by Brock and a chair. What a waste of everybody’s time to be perfectly honest.

Wrestlemania 30

I’m really still not ok with writing about this. When you are part of the biggest mistake ever in the history of the business, when you can make Eric Bischoff suddenly feel that things could always be worse, you have in fact fucked up. The worst decision in wrestling history. Brock would have been better served taking on Bray and then Taker could have fought Cena. That would have been the better decision. I can’t even say hindsight is 20/20 because I was saying that beforehand. This was beyond unforgivable. I must move on.

Summerslam 2014


From worst match on the list to my favorite match. This was great, but I think not was the match direction a mistake, but the aftermath is a travesty. Nobody loved watching Cena just get decimated more than I did. Believe me, I got so much happiness out of this. Here’s the inherent flaw. You have a guy who beats everybody all of the time in John Cena just get wrecked by Brock. Well you have just made Brock unbeatable, plain and simple. I know, I know, when Brock loses it will be such a huge rub. No, not really. It’s illogical to say the least because he lost to Cena and HHH already. If Brock was only going to have these few matches, he should have gone over Cena the first time, and play off that Brock has Cena’s number for instance. I think Cena has had too many matches with Brock, so it feels less and less special every time. There was one way to salvage the aftermath. They should have booked Cena to continue to lose for a months. Brock should have gotten deep in Cena’s head. This would have been far more interesting than what he got.  Stupid booking!!!

Night of Champions 2014


The rematch that nobody wanted to see. Randy Orton should have gotten his rematch here, as he never officially got a legit title opportunity after losing at Wrestlemania. It would have been an interesting dynamic with Authority Orton. Brock would have got a good pop. Would have been far more fun, and something different. Instead, we have an ok match, and Seth interfered, cost the Cena the match, and nobody cared. And Brock hasn’t defend the belt since they don’t seem to care about rules that have been in existence since I have been watching, plus the hilarity of making Daniel Bryan drop it early this year. Fucking morons.


So here we are, building up to a match that nobody, and I man nobody wants to see. Who really wants to see Cena vs Brock for the 4th times since Brock returned? I think they need to add Seth to this match, or the rumored upcoming Wrestlemania main event with Roman Reigns. If Dean could sneak into that match too, it would be crazy great and a great main event for Wrestlemania. We know that won’t happen, but it’s better than Roman and Brock one on one.

I have to ask, was bringing Brock back a good decision now that we can see where we are and probably where we are going? I just don’t know, but I am going to say no, this didn’t work, and it is 100% WWE’s fault. I don’t blame Brock. This was fucked long before he killed the streak.Instead of using Brock to help make some new main eventers, he has gone against Cena 4 times, HHH 3 times, Big Show, Punk, and Taker, all guaranteed in theory of hall of fame, legendary careers. OK Punk may be fucked, but not because of lack of talent. Why the hell didn’t Brock take on a Sheamus or Cesaro or Orton? I really want Dolph, Seth, and Dean in there against Brock. If Daniel Bryan could get healthy, please, make that match happen. There was so many opportunities where by virtue of being in a special attraction match with Brock, these wrestlers would have been truly elevated, even if they lost. I know that’s what they said would happen with Bray against Cena, but I know damn well most of the buzz around Bray has died thanks to Cena. Brock wouldn’t have killed these guys if booked well.

I hate to say it, but I feel that the Brock experiment has been a costly failure. I am curious if this has really helped WWE make money or lose money. I hope come Wrestlemania, when Brock drops the belt, he makes a true superstar, and it better be somebody who deserves it, not Roman. Roman will get there, but there are guys who can take the ball and run with it right now. Dolph, Seth, Dean, Luke, and possibly Bray are all right there. I will keep my fingers crossed that this works out well.

As always, thank you for reading. I have more on the horizon. Last week was insanely busy.

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