The Night After Wrestlemania 2016

I don’t feel the need to review the whole show in any particular order. I would rather touch on a handful of things, and then call it a day. Over analyzing WWE will drive you fucking crazy.

The show kicked off with Vince. Shane came out, admitted defeat, but then Vince still allows him to run the show for tonight. Seriously, that happened. After all of that, that happened. Rumor has it (as it has the past 5 years, this year may have been Taker’s last Wrestlemania).  Consider that the stipulations have potentially done a 180 after 24 hours. For fuck’s sake. Intelligence insulted. Consistency is non-existent. I hate this fucking company sometimes. We will see Shane backstage every once in awhile through the show.

The League of Nations lost to the New Day, and afterward, they beat up Wade Barrett. Now, we have heard that Wade has decided not to re-sign his contract, so this is the way to write him off it seems. Maybe he comes back for vengeance and puts Sheamus over. Then the Wyatts come out and they brawl and the Wyatts look like badasses. Here we fucking go again. Bray gets buried in every Wrestlemania that he’s been around for, then is booked to look strong for a month or 2, then gets buried again. That whole consistency thing is an incredible thing. Oh, and did you hear the crowd for this? Back in February I suggested that they should have The Wyatts vs. League of Nations at Mania. Fucking idiots could have had an amped crowd for a solid brawl. The crowd wants Bray to be face. I hope that they don’t give in. Just let him be a guy who will fight anybody. Same applies to Roman, but more on that later. The Wyatts couldn’t beat Taker and Kane in November. Now they are taking on younger guys, 2 are former world champs, and a Rusev. Watch as the Wyatts win, and logic is tossed out the door, despite being without Luke for awhile due to knee surgery. WWE logic!

The Dudleys won a table match. So much for them not wanting to give the fans what they want. I’m ok with them using tables, but make them more bad ass heels. Bubba can still go in the ring as he showed in TNA. Let him fucking shine while he is still able bodied enough to.

The women’s title celebration ceremony thing was terrible. This is why Charlotte shouldn’t have won. They seemed to want her to be a heel, yet still have this poignant moment, in front of this crowd, with an inexperienced mic worker. Are you for real? The crowd deserves some blame for chanting so much shit, saying how much they like women’s wrestling, but shitting all over the segment. The fans and WWE deserve blame. Charlotte did try at least, I’ll give her that. Why is Paige an after thought? Remember when she was the biggest bad ass? Yeah. I hated this whole segment. Alicia rolling her eyes at one point made me laugh a lot. Sasha would have struggled with this promo. Really, Paige or AJ are the only ones that could have nailed the promo, maybe Becky. That girl has progressed. The Nattie thing at the end, who gives a fuck? Oh, and the fans chanting all the Bayley stuff, go fuck yourself. Stop chanting for things that aren’t there you fucking morons. You are just trying to be the star of the show now, and being like, hey we called it. Stop it. If you get a surprise, save your energy for that big moment. Stop hijacking perfectly acceptable segments. There’s a time to be a boisterous fan, and there’s a time to see how things play out because when Bayleye doesn’t come out and you realize that you just ruined a really nice moment for the women, you should feel like an asshole.

So how about that Zach Ryder IC title run? Yeah, that was cool. Actually, I’m not even being sarcastic. This guy has been jobbing and barely on TV for like 4 years. He shouldn’t be a long term champ. He got his Mania moment, and now a more worthy guy has the belt. I like Zach, I really do. Not enough people give Miz props for getting so many faces over. Miz did more for AJ than Jericho did in my opinion, as far as getting AJ over. I liked seeing Maryse back, but I don’t think she is nearly as hot as so many others do. Not that she isn’t beautiful, BUT she certainly isn’t in my current top 5 looks wise. Still, the best looking person may have been Zach’s dad with his big ass arms. Dude is jacked. I’m happy for the Miz. Keep the belt on him for 4-6 months, make it count when he drops it, and allow him to make somebody, like Zayn maybe. Miz made Daniel Bryan, he can make Zayn. Miz is really good.

Hey, Epico and Primo are returning. I hope with Carlito and some apples.

We have a lot of new faces. The Vaudevillains are debuting on Smackdown, so clearly they are being moved up to be cannon fodder sadly. They have a good gimmick, they are very solid in the ring, but I don’t know if they ever get a run with the titles. We also got to see Apollo Crews make his debut against Tyler Breeze, and he still has that finisher that he can maybe hit on half the roster at most. He needs a secondary finisher and charisma and mic skills. Hey, Baron Corbin had a match with Dolph Ziggler, and didn’t look too bad, especially in the end. He didn’t look great throughout, but the big boot and end of days was good. More importantly, he held his own during his promo and came off about as poised as I’ve ever seen him, and given the crowd, I think that was a damn good effort, not just because I love the dude. Finally, we got Enzo and Cass debut after the Dudley match, and out of any of the new faces, these guys are 100% legit. These guys, if they don’t get over, I will stop watching WWE. Enzo had so many great one liners. Both guys are good on the mix, but Enzo is already top 3 on the current roster. He’s only going to improve. Do not break these guys up for a long while. They need a vicious Dudley Boys to have the best chance in getting over. In Brooklyn, I hope they beat New Day. That would be huge, and the buildup on the mix would be incredible.

Then there’s the main event scene. Roman came out to a shower of boo’s,  You know what? He handled himself incredibly well, and in his few lines, he did more for his character than any of his shitty promos, possibly ever. It’s a small step in teh right direction. We need more guys who will fight anybody. We have Brock, now we should have Roman and the Wyatts. We need more grey and less black and white. It’s more relatable in this day and age. There’s still room for complete douche bag heels, like The Miz or Baron, and happy babyfaces like Kalisto, but 49 more shades of grey could help.

As for the 4 man #1 contender match, I hated seeing Sami go down, but it furthers him and KO, which is great. More importantly, we got Cesaro back. That guy, this is his time to get the push. This is the year. Either capitalize on him, or give him an option out of his contract. He can be your #1 Face if you book him properly. Fucking do it. Unlike Dean or Sami or Seth, Cesaro has legit size and strength to be credible against the hosses, but is quick and agile enough to have great matches with the same guys I just mentioned. The best part is, everybody was upset that Jericho won at Mania. You stupid fucking internet fans expect these older guys to always put people over. But then you complain that a win over Jericho means nothing. So Jericho needed the win, simple as that, but you fucking people can’t get your head out of your ass to understand how to get wrestlers over. 50/50 booking does nobody any favors either. When AJ won it, I immediately though that we may get a triple threat match at the next ppv or the one after. AJ isn’t going to beat Roman, but he can give Roman a hell of  a match, and buy WWE time to figure out how to book Roman heading into the summer.

Overall, it was a night that brings us hope. I think that they shouldn’t have brought up so many guys all in one night. Vaudevillains and Apollo are going to get lost in the shuffle. Apollo is a black Neville. Nothing wrong with that. He has great music, just don’t expect him to ever be more than a midcarder. You can be quite wealthy being a lifelong midcard act. Tyler Breeze is in the same boat, but he’s lower card pretty much now. The Ascension would kill for that role. Baron can go either way. I feel that these guys should stay down in developmental longer though. With the influx in talent, we should not have to see the same matches week after week, and change up who we see every RAW and Smackdown, and buy some of these guys a mini vacation every 4-6 months, even a week off.

I’m not optimistic, I’m not pessimistic. I am realistic. Find yourself a favorite guy that you have no aspirations for getting over. Embrace him and a few other guys, and hope for the best. If all you care about is who is main eventing or who is getting pushed at the moment, you will never be happy watching this fuckery. WWE is not the same as it was 5 years ago, and it wasn’t that great then. You go back 10 years, and now we all have fond memories of Eddie, Benoit, Brock, Kurt, and HBK, but we were bitching just as much then. Looking back, was it any better? Yeah, it was, but it’s all in perspective. When you start having more negative things to say about a product than you do positive, then stop watching or buying and move on. There’s other wrestling. I have heard that Lucha Underground is killing it, and Ring of Honor is still decent, and TNA is mostly about the young guys again, and then there’s Mexico and Japan. Of course there’s NXT which is my favorite. Find something that you can enjoy because life is too short to be pissed off all the time. Please WWE, just stop insulting your fan’s intelligence.

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