The Wrestling 9 Deuce August 15 & 16, 2016 – The Alberto and Paige got suspended today edition

The Wrestling 9 Deuce: August 15 and 16, 2016 edition

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…..wait, I’ve heard this before. OK, let’s get right to it, that was one of the worst RAW’s that I have ever seen. It was pathetic, so don’t expect me to be kind and rewind this week. I typically try to be positive, but I simply have run out of positivity for this week on the RAW side. Joining me today is our Demon Queen, Keri, The Ravishing Russian Russ, and I’m the Curtis Axel of the group. Later this week, I will have previews and reviews for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II and Summerslam.

The 9

  1. Now that you know all of the RAW roster matches, which one are you looking forward to most based on the storyline of the past month? Matches include: Rollins vs. Balor, Rusev vs. Reigns, Sasha vs. Charlotte, New Day vs. The Club, Enzo and Cass vs. Jeri-KO, or Cesaro vs. Sheamus? (Note, I’m not counting Brock vs. Orton here because it’s not a pure RAW match.)

Keri:  How about none of the above? Just kidding. All have their plus and/or minuses. But if I have to choose, which it looks like I do, I would have to say Enzo and Cass vs. Jeri-KO. The build-up for this match has been fantastic and, in my opinion, better than the build-up for any other match on the RAW side of the card. The only exception would be the build-up for Reigns vs. Rusev. But I’m not picking that one cuz well Reigns.  Originally, I was going to go with Balor vs. Rollins but Creative majorly botched that one for me already this week. So no and more of my ranting on that in a moment.

Russ: Alright, so full disclosure I skipped watching Raw live this week to watch Stranger Things.  I highly recommend that you watch Stranger Things, as Kent would agree, it is a great show only on Netflix!  This made watching Raw a lot easier for me because, let’s face it, This Raw was boring!  Suffice it to say I fast-forwarded a lot.  As to this question, all of the matches have something I’m interested in so I guess that is a win for Raw.  The match I’m most looking forward too is Rollins vs. Balor.  First, Rollins is my favorite wrestler so I’m always interested in what he is doing.  Second, I think this match has the potential to be the match of the evening.  The story leading up to this match was sub-par unfortunately.  I would have liked to see these two get into the ring and fight if not with each other, then with somebody else.  Still Rollins is always amazing in ring and Balor can handle his own.  They ruined Balor’s entrance. Seriously, WWE save that for the Summer Slam!  However, I’m still looking forward to his entrance.  I also can’t wait for Rollins to be crowned the first ever WWE Universal Champion!  (Editor’s Note and shameless plug time…..I have been writing a ton about Stranger Things, so please click here to see everything written so far.)

Kent: In all honesty, on paper, all of these matches intrigue me. But I can easily eliminate the women and the tag team as I think both matches are simple, and won’t get, or deserve the time. Rusev and Reigns may be slightly ahead of the Jeri-KO match because I don’t think that Jeri-KO match gets much time after the lengthy entrances. Still, if you know me well, which you don’t, then you would know how much I adored Booker T vs. Chris Benoit’s best of 7 series in WCW. That was designed to get both talents over and raise the bar, and they are 2 hall of famers, so it clearly worked. Sheamus probably is a hall of famer, or at least on the cusp already, but needs to have something to get him back on top, and Cesaro needs to be made. This match is officially my pick to steal the show at Summerslam, at least today it is.

  1. Will any wrestler who got the upper hand in the feud this past Monday, actually win at Summerslam? The people who got the upper hand were: Balor, Roman, Charlotte, New Day, Jeri-KO, and not counting Cesaro or Sheamus as I don’t feel either had a clear advantage.


Keri: I have to go with Reigns here (and it pains me so much to do so). Let’s face it, him winning at Summerslam is inevitable, people. The saying LOLRomanwins exists for a reason and that reason, unfortunately will be once again proven at Summerslam. Ok, end rant and I will now take a deep breath and calm down (lets out a sigh and smiles).  As for the others, I have the following comments. New Day:  My power of positivity says that Anderson and Gallows are your new (cue Big E hips) Dubya….Dubya…E Tag Team..Champ..eons.  Charlotte: Too bored. No witty comment for you, daddy’s girl. Except that the Boss is keeping her belt this time around and for the foreseeable future. Jeri-KO: I see a cuppa haters that are going to lose to Enzo and Cass on Sunday. Balor: I’m rooting for you but it’s too soon for me to hate you so no belt for you.

Russ:  Typical WWE booking is if you get the upper hand on the Raw before the PPV you are going to lose, but this is a “New Era”. Will it change the status Quo too?  Balor shouldn’t win, it will be a major injustice to a lot of wrestlers if he does.  Roman doesn’t need the belt. A loss to Rusev will give Rusev the rub he needs to be more of a monster.  Charlotte… is not winning. (Ed. Note: HA!) New Day should drop the belts, they have done everything they needed to with them. Let the Tag Division flourish by giving it to A & G.  Enzo and Cass … are winning.  So I’m going to say no, based on the evidence.  Now WWE hates me, so let’s all watch Balor get his undeserved Title Reign!

Kent: I’m going to say no. Enzo and Cass seem like a lock in Brooklyn, Sasha seems like a lock in Brooklyn, Gallows, Anderson, and his hot Asian wife seem like the team to finally take the belts off of New Day, and Rusev isn’t dropping the belt.  The only mystery is the Balor and Rollins match. I don’t think we are getting the double turn at Summerslam. I think the big story will come from the Smackdown main event, and there’s no need to have multiple big stories. Seth is the smart and safe choice to win, plus Jeff Hardy, I mean Finn Balor isn’t ready.

  1. Was the Heath Slater, Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman segment a smart way to utilize Brock and Paul?


Keri: Probably not, but it did a lot to elevate Heath’s storyline. I’m in agreement with Russ here. This segment made Heath look strong and gave us hope that we won’t see him wasted like he has been so many times before.  I mean yeah he got his ass handed to him by Brock, but that was inevitable because it’s Brock. With that being said though, the best free agent out there storyline is now one of the most interesting and entertaining things on either brand. Bravo creative!! You’re finally getting one right. Gold star for you.

Russ: I am not sure if this was the best way to utilize Brock and Paul, but man it was the best way to utilize Heath!  Wow, Heath came off looking like a million bucks!  Sure he got thrashed by Brock (he was going to either way), but he stood his ground and did what he had to do.  They need to keep this angle going for him.   People can relate to doing what it takes to make sure your family has food on the table.  I honestly don’t know if Heath has kids or not, but they played it like he did.  When Heath finally gets his win I think the audience is going to pop big for him!  I agree with Kent, Heath is a future World Champ and this is the angle that starts his career to the top.  I think Heath will be my Baron Corbin. (Ed Note: Everybody needs their own Baron Corbin, and this is a solid choice, although typically the “Baron Corbin pick” has significantly less talent and you watch them blossom, like Batista early on, for instance. Good choice!)

Kent: At first glance, this seems like a definite no, but I have thought long and hard on this question for 10 full seconds, and I gotta say yes.  I can praise Heath all night, I said last week that he’s a future world champ. This was definitely a way to prove himself on the mic with one of 5 greatest on the mic or all time, in Brock….I mean Paul. I like Brock on the mic too, just saying.  Heath didn’t come off like a schmuck, and it may have helped legitimize him, and they are clearly doing something with Heath soon. I will laugh if he costs Brock the match at Summerslam. But the main reason I say yes is, what the hell else was Paul going to do or say? No matter how much you like Randy, or realize that he is an all timer, at no point do you think that Randy has a chance in hell against Brock. At least this way, they allowed Heath to get some shine off of Brock and Paul’s luster, while selling the PPV match.

  1. Well, Nia Jax looked like shit and bored the piss out of me this week after I complimented her last match. She gets a push, but Alicia Fox gets treated like crap. Paige is either hurt or having some issues, but she’s not on TV. Dana is trying really hard, but she really only has good matches with girls who work a lot better than her. I assume we all consider it a foregone conclusion that Sasha wins against Charlotte. How do you see the WWE moving forward with their stacked women’s division (comparative to Smackdown) after Summerslam?


Keri: I’m not sure about this one. Nia is way too green to be a threat at this point. I still think she was brought up too soon. Paige, well she was great and a legit threat, a couple of years ago when she first won the title. But now, with the injury rumor mill running wild, and her so far gone in total divas (and Del Rio) land, I say NOPE.  Foxy, I think her time has unfortunately passed. She has been booked so poorly for so many years that no one is going to take her seriously at this point. Dana, wow I can’t even evaluate that one with a straight face. So, I’m going to go with a whole lot of nope on that one as well.   Which leaves us with… YAWN…Charlotte.  Look at this way her and Sasha are being billed by some as Trish vs. Lita 2.0 so I guess we have that to look forward to after Summerslam. YAWN!

Russ: A fascinating question Kent has posed and one I have no real answer for.  I wish I just fast forwarded the Nia Jax match, because it was terrible.  She has no sense of timing and no sense of ring presence.  She needs somebody to work with her on how she can be a dominant performer.  Dana is ok, I really have no complaints about her.  Charlotte… just get her off my TV screen.  Raw needs to focus on the wrestling and less on the story.  It feels odd to say that, but the ladies stories of late have been pretty stupid.  I have no clue who could be a credible threat to Sasha except Charlotte, and frankly I’m done with those two fighting already.  Paige is injured from what I read in the rumor mills so she won’t be back for a while.  Alicia seems to be there just to be fodder.  I really think they need to just have all the women on Raw (it’s 3 hours so more time for the ladies) and devote more time to them during the show.  Although, if it were like this week that could suck.

Kent: Nia needs Paige back to help get her over. Alicia needs a push (I have been saying this for years!) if she is going to be considered a threat. Getting jobbed to Charlotte hurts the division really badly. Nobody thought this one through. Nia needs to be made before she can look like a credible threat to the belt. Dana is a lackey, Alicia is a jobber, and Paige is busy being Alberto’s female Perro. They are stuck. Alicia should have been booked to beat Dana this week and get beat down by Charlotte and Dana until Sasha made a save and then got destroyed too. Actually, that should have happened last week, and then had Alicia lose in a very close and competitive match to Charlotte when Dana costs her the match.  Charlotte still would win, but now Alicia looks like a threat. Wow, that was a whole 2 weeks to make a new contender. How do these people in creative have a job again? We are stuck with more Charlotte and Sasha in a feud that I am so sick of already. Seriously, they shouldn’t have pulled the trigger on the title change. Like a false title win, but the win gets overturned by a technicality would have been the smart route. We all know that Nia is getting into the title conversation long before she is ready. Also, her fireman’s carry into splash move looks like shit every time. I think her outfit’s shoulder things are hindering that move, and she’s going to hurt somebody. I have seen it a few times and I cringe every time. Nia will then get labeled as a sloppy worker. This will happen. By the way, all of a sudden, Smackdown’s women’s roster is starting to look better than RAW’s.

  1. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being no big deal to 10 being a colossal fuckeroo), how would you rate WWE’s decision give away the Demon body paint, one of their biggest moments saved for the year, on a throwaway RAW for all intents and purposes?


Keri:   Is 1 million a possibility on this scale? Cuz I say 1 million. This was a HUGE mistake. You do not, under no circumstance, unleash the demon before a PPV.  Especially on a RAW that sucked as bad as this one.  The whole point of the Demon is to shock and awe both the audience and the Demon’s opponent before the match starts. It’s a psychological move that Balor was extremely successful with in NXT and the crowd looked forward to Takeover after Takeover. Creative, seriously, this isn’t rocket science. In short, this should have been handled much differently.  I mean, they could have had Seth looking for the Demon all night until the last segment of the show. Then, during the last segment, have Balor use the type of psychological taunting the Undertaker has become so famous for to mess with Seth’s mind to close out the show. Using the demon like they did in this segment, is just very lazy writing and planning. Bad creative! I’m taking away the gold star I gave you earlier for Heath. Now you sit in the corner and think about what you have done.

Russ:  I’d say in terms of fuckeroo’s this is a big ol 8!  I have no clue why they would waste such an awesome moment on a terrible show, such as this Raw.  I mean for the live audience I’m sure this was the best thing they could have done.  For those of us playing at home though, this was just a wasted moment.  They should have had Rollins looking for the Demon King.  Then have Balor come out and say Rollins doesn’t determine when the demon comes out.  They would exchange a few words, then a few punches.  After a few moments Balor would get the upper hand grab a mic and tell Rollins that not to worry, At Summer Slam the Demon King will be there and ready to fight!  Boom!  That would have sent this feud to the next level and everyone would be anticipating Balor’s entrance.  Now, it will just be cool (it’s always cool, I’ll give that credit) but not a great moment in WWE.  (Ed. Note: That was simple and would have been effective. Also, Seth could have found Kane and say that he thought Finn was saying “Demon Kane” rather than “Demon King”. 80’s sitcoms would have loved this!)

Kent:  10, this isn’t debatable in my mind, yet I am guessing at least one if not both of my dear colleagues disagree with me. Every year in wrestling, you know that you are going to have 5-10 big moments in a calendar year. This year has been bigger because of all the talent debuting from NXT, AJ and The Club, and the Shield Triple Threat all come to mind. Finn Balor’s main roster debut of the demon was all set for Summerslam. For the plebeians at home who don’t watch NXT, this was going to be a huge moment, and for the NXT fans, we were salivating over that moment because we know how cool it is. Then they managed to jerk off to some hot Asian porn, and couldn’t help but to blow their shameless load 6 days prematurely.  Out of all of the mind numbing decisions that make ZERO FUCKING SENSE this year, this one is reallllllly high for me. Hey WWE, thank you for taking away the one thing I was looking forward to in that match. No, really, thank you so much. I will watch your Rollins vs. New Age Jeff match with great disdain now. Go fuck yourselves for ruining it.

  1. Man, Smackdown wasn’t much better, but at 2 hours, it still managed to somehow have better matches, which makes no sense. Call me crazy, but after this week, it has become oddly apparent to me that Smackdown’s lady’s division is better than RAW’s. Which brand’s women’s division do you prefer at the moment? Also, what the fuck is up with Naomi’s new entrance and attire? Are you a fan?

Keri:  Ok, Crazy, I agree with you (sorry Kent you opened yourself up for that one). The Smackdown women’s division right now has the best storylines and gets a gold star for the best use of talent. Way to prove me wrong Smackdown writers. I’m now giving you that star I took away from the RAW writers for demon botching.  In all seriousness though, this division has been gold for the past two weeks. The Eva Marie storyline just keeps getting better week over week. Still don’t like her as a wrestler, but I like what they are doing with her.  Alexa and Carmella are getting a chance to show what they can do and pairing them with Becky and Natalya, even temporarily, will help them developmentally. As for Naomi, not sure about the new ring attire and entrance but it’s nice to see her back in a face capacity. Sorry not sorry but Heel Naomi, was just plain awful.

Russ: I’m bored by Raw’s ladies division already.  Nia is not ready, Paige is missing, Charlotte needs to get better.  Sasha is the real deal, but she has nothing to work with. Alicia is already just a loss away from being a jobber.   On the Smackdown side the women are not better, but I’m digging the storylines more.  I hate to admit it, but I now enjoy the Eva gimmick, Carmella is fun and fresh.  Becky is a Lass Kicker that’s enough for me with her. So Smackdown overall has just been better to me, which is odd cause I like more Raw Superstars than Smackdown.  As for Naomi, my mother always told me if I don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything.  Well, Naomi’s entrance was interesting… I think that is a nice way of saying it and as for her attire ….

Kent: I base this on the idea that I like fresh match ups. I’m not going to suggest that Smackdown’s women are more talented, but with Paige out and Nia being Nia, and poor booking, suddenly this dumb shit with Eva Marie is looking solid, and Becky may end up being the best of the diva’s revolution. Or maybe I just prefer a 2-hour show. Honestly, the same can be said about tag teams. Smackdown is loaded with new, fresh match ups. Raw has 3 of the top 4, maybe all 3, tag teams, but being top heavy wasn’t the way to go on the 3 hour show. Breezeango is pretty good. Naomi’s entrance may be worse than Blake and Murphy’s on NXT. Her attire makes Nia look nicely dressed. So no, I don’t like eyesores.

  1. So, Heath Slater killed it again. I am so happy for this guy right now, and he continues to make me laugh, but also come off as this scrappy underdog, and after RAW, I wasn’t sure what to expect. They book him against Orton, and he may or may not have a contract now. Which roster would you put him on where he would be best utilized? This isn’t about which roster needs him more, but where Heath would have the better chance to flourish.


Keri:  I’m picking Smackdown. There is just so much potential for him on that brand versus RAW. With the talent on RAW (KO, Zayn, Cesaro, etc.), he would, again, get lost in the shuffle. Putting him on Smackdown though, opens him up to title possibilities down the road. I know I know I’m aiming high but he has won me over so I say give him a belt. Sooner rather than later Smackdown writers cuz this momentum he has isn’t going to last forever. Wrestling audiences are a fickle fickle bunch.

Russ: ………. (Editor’s note: Russ thought so little of my question, he is going to grab a chair and sit in the middle of the ring until his demands are met. I’ll speculate what Russ would say here.) “Smackdown, duh. But more importantly, let’s talk about Baron Corbin. He is getting creepy with his “attacking” Kalisto from behind. I’m just sayin’, Kent, I think your guy may be the first victim of WWE wanting to include more LGBT storylines. Haha, you suck.”

Kent:  I’m hoping Smackdown because his stuff with Shane and Daniel is great, and The Miz is looming, and I think that may be a great rival for Heath. With that being said, could you imagine how big of a star Heath would be if he pinned Rusev for the US Title?

  1. A month ago, if you showed me the Summerslam card and asked me which matches I would have main event, it would probably be Seth vs. Finn, AJ vs. Cena, Brock vs. Orton, Sasha vs. Charlotte, and then MAYBE Dean vs. Ziggler. A month later, I am asking you, should Dolph and Dean get to main event the second biggest show of the year based on their story, promos, matches, and all the little intangibles?


Keri:  I say with 100% certainty, yes. The build and the work done by both guys has been fantastic. Ziggler, I have a feeling, is channel actual frustration in this storyline. And it comes across great on camera. In turn, it has also given Dean the opportunity to do what he does best, and that is talk. I predict an amazing show between these two on Sunday and one that should be the final match of the night. I don’t think anything else is going to come close to this match, so I say it will also be match of the night.

Russ: The Dean and Ziggler feud has been executed very well.  The fire that Ziggler has shown in this feud has really elevated him back into the main event status for me.  Dean’s character development has also been spot on.  I didn’t mind the crazy shtick, but he didn’t seem to be going anywhere.   Same could be said about Ziggler.  Two months ago if you asked me if I thought this would have been a main event bout I probably would have laughed in your face.  These two have done great work together.  The only other match that could be the better Main Event would be AJ vs. Cena.  That match doesn’t need anything except to happen… and AJ win.

Kent:  I think they have had the best program going, and it’s not even close. At times, I still think, yeah, but it’s Dolph and Dean, but then I rewatch the programs and say that this feels like one of the best done feuds in a very, very long time. Both guys have cranked up the attitude and personality, and both are finally motivated at the same time. This is what fans have wanted for both men for the past year plus. Especially after the Dolph and Rusev rivalry that killed both of their careers for months. I think Roman and Rusev are close to second place, but Cena and AJ speaks for itself.

  1. Cena and Alberto had a match. AJ attacked Cena after the match, and then Cena put AJ through an announce desk. Cena ended with the upper hand. How likely is it that Cena is going to do the job for AJ at Summerslam? Please give me a percentage number.


Keri: I’m 99% sure that Cena jobs at Summerslam. The reason why is pure and simple. Cena is slowly moving away from the business that made him. From the looks of things, he is starting to become reality TV and daytime TV’s version of the Rock. I guess we should thank Nikki Bella (and Total Divas) for getting him off wrestling TV programing and into mainstream TV programming. Nope, nevermind still too much Cena. In all seriousness though, Cena represents the old era in more ways than one. He really needs to pass the torch and give AJ the win in order to usher in the new era correctly. With that being said though, there is that glaring 1% chance that says that Cena overcomes the usual odds and wins on Sunday. Why? Because LOLCENAWINS, that’s why.

Russ:  I’m going to say it is a 50/50 chance that Cena does the job at Summer Slam.  The right thing to do here is have AJ go over cleanly giving us a kind of passing the torch feel to it.  However, this is the WWE and they hate their fans!  Vince has an ego, and if he didn’t make the wrestler he doesn’t want them going over the wrestler he made.  AJ was big before he got to the WWE so I don’t like what I am seeing.  Cena doesn’t need the win clearly, but Vince may cockblock the inevitable and make us hate Cena that much more.

Kent:  We all know that Cena doesn’t need the win, but when has that ever stopped him. My case is that Cena jobs a lot at Summerslam, and this isn’t Wrestlemania where he buries anybody with talent.  I don’t mean to get penis-y here, but I gotta go with 92% likely that Cena is jobbing. If he’s taking time to film his reality show and not doing many house shows, then this is the right thing. I still say that you keep Cena hot by and large, that way his losses matter more. This is a time to do it.

The Deuce

  1. Ryback was released finally. This year, the WWE has managed to lose Ryback, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, and Damien Sandow. Out of those 4 names, if you could hire one back and give them a real, legitimate push in hopes that they finally become the star that people have long anticipated, who do you pick among those 4?


Keri:  Let me see here. Sandow, I mean Aaron Rex, burned the bridge that would bring him back to the WWE with his TNA promo last week. Quite frankly though, I think he’s now in the right place and should stay there until the company folds. Cody Rhodes, he’s not coming back and if he did it would be the same old stuff for him. Therefore, I think he’s also in the right place. Ryback, not even going to go there. That was tried already on multiple occasions and failed miserably. Which leaves me with Barrett. There was so much potential there and WWE squandered it because Cena. I say they give him another shot like they did when he first started with the company. Just leave out the Cena factor this time, ok?

Russ:  Who out of the 4 could be a legitimate star if given a second chance?  All of them could possibly do it, so who has the best chance? Well I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you!  See cause that was Wade’s gimmick and I’m choosing him…. Wait don’t leave!  So Ryback is just too boring and I don’t think could ever be better than a mid-card guy.  Sandow is fun, smart, and could wrestle, but he was at best average in all those categories.  Could he improve? Sure, and I hope his time in TNA he does.  Cody could, but for some reason creative has a hard on for Stardust.  Cody doesn’t want to be Stardust anymore.  If you have a performer who isn’t fully into it the character you are going to have a bad time.  (Ed. Note: The Ringmast, AKA Stone Cold Steve Austin says hello.) Since I can’t see creative giving up on the Stardust character I don’t see Cody going all the way.  That leaves Wade.  Wade should be a WWE world champ right now!  He has put on match of the year caliber matches with other great superstars.   He had an amazing gimmick (that WWE creative just dropped) in the bad news.  They seemed poised to push him (he won the King of the Ring) and then nothing.  If they brought Wade back I can see, with a legitimate push, him going all the way to the top.

Kent:  I’ll assume that one of you will foolishly choose Sandow, I can’t do it. He was very average in the ring, and I’m not sure how to keep him over, because you really have to rebuild him. I am torn between Cody and Wade. Cody is the easier one to book, just do a road to redemption where he overcomes the odds, and adds some hustle, loyalty, and respect before dethroning the 16-time world champ, John Cena, I don’t think Cody is good enough in ring, he’s above average, but that’s about it. My choice has to be Wade Barrett. Wade would be a superstar right now if Cena didn’t bury him and the Nexus to keep some of his pride. Barrett has the tools to be a funny or mean dickhead. He also has that bareknuckle brawling background with a few moves that can look devastating.  He’s perhaps the best on the mic out of these 4, second best at worst, and probably second best in ring, or possibly tied with Cody. In the end, Wade was worth investing more into. Also, Ryback was the clear cut last guy that I would ever put over.

  1. What the hell is the WWE doing with Bray Wyatt and Rowan, to a lesser extent? Does Bray interfere in a match at Summerslam, and if so, which match?


Keri:  Honestly, I don’t think Creative knows what to do with either guy. At this point, they need to break those two up and give them solo opportunities. The Wyatt family is dead and has been since Battleground. There is no need to beat a dead horse here, people. Given the build-up, I say Bray interferes with help from Rowan, in either of the Smackdown championship matches at Summerslam.

Russ: I don’t know why Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt family get so misused.  They have a great gimmick and can be used at every level on the roster.  So why are they always toiling in mediocrity?  I would give Bray a similar path that the Undertaker took.  However, if you want to make them dominant stop making them lose and then have them feud with no-one at the second biggest PPV of the year!  If Bray is going to interfere on any match it is going to be Dean and Ziggler.  Maybe that will make Dean lose and give Ziggler a chance with the belt (hopefully a heel Ziggler).  I guess that he could interfere in Orton and Lesnar to start a feud with Orton, and it makes sense for storyline purposes, but I just don’t see that match having interference.

Kent:  I hated how Smackdown ended, unless it was all a rouse. I still think when Luke returns and the Wyatt Family establishes some dominance and feuds with AJ and his club, I think Bray will turn face. As for Summerslam, they gave us another option on Smackdown, and that was involving Orton. I have long speculated that Orton vs. Brock is not going to have a clean ending, and Dolph and Dean should be a clean cut story without Bray. I’m all for Bray attacking both Brock and Orton because he owes Brock, and he can feud with Randy now. It makes perfect sense to me.


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