The Wrestling 9 Deuce for August 8 & 9, 2016 – The Cesaro False Hope Edition

The Wrestling 9 Deuce August 8 & 9, 2016

This week, I am once again joined by Russ and Keri. They make my life infinitely easier, and I almost feel like I have friends. We have lots to say this week because I posed questions that required lengthy response. My apologies to everybody except Taylor Swift. Thank you and enjoy!

  1. So Cesaro had a hell of a night. I believe all three of us thought that he would get buried, but last night he had two good matches, and he had a chance to showcase his talent. Is this the beginning of a push at long last, or is WWE simply trolling us fans? Also, when was the last time there was a “this is awesome” chant during a Sheamus match?


Russ: First of all, A singles match with Sheamus in it getting an “this is awesome” chant was bizzaro world!  As for Cesaro himself I think this may finally be the time of Cesaro and this time it isn’t the WWE trolling us.  With the brand split it seems like there aren’t any top shelf guys.  They need to establish a few.  Fortunately, they have Cesaro and KO ready to go.  Cesaro really got to shine tonight and even though he didn’t win the last match, it was a screwjob so he gets sympathy.  They are giving him a chance to show what he can do and he is delivering!  Two above average matches in one night, remarkable!   I truly believe this is his time they will pull the trigger on him by Wrestlemania!

Keri: Maybe Creative is reading this blog and came to the realization that what they were doing to Cesaro was a travesty. The matches and opportunities that he has had the past couple of weeks makes me think that someone has realized that fact and is trying to do something about it. With that being said though, last night Cesaro dragged an awesome match out of Sheamus and got a halfway decent match out of Rusev. This would lead one to believe that this push is for real.  However, in the meantime, I will remain cautiously optimistic because we have all been here before and we all know how this usually ends

Kent: I’m going to be wrong no matter what I say. I don’t necessarily see much wiggle room for Cesaro to rise much higher than that upper mid-card, knowing how WWE is with these things. There are always exceptions, and sometimes they pull the trigger on somebody like Daniel Bryan, Edge, and JBL, but usually it’s false hope. Still, that was a lot of time. I say the push continues and WWE finally does something smart and have Cesaro win the Royal Rumble after coming up short throughout the fall. Maybe even have him falsely beat Finn for the belt only to have it over turned, because that draws sympathy. Finn can go heel very fast. There is a need to make more stars on RAW, and Cesaro is more than capable and has built a great following.

  1. What did you like better: the opening segment or the match that followed? Also, does this match at Summerslam have match of the night potential, or is it doomed based on how stacked the card currently is?


Russ: I enjoyed the match between Jericho and Enzo, but it wasn’t earth shattering.  Enzo needs to work on his in ring stuff. He is magic on the mic, but he is only average in the ring.   The opening segment I thought was really well done.  KO and Jericho are an awesome team and they played off each other well.  KO ear muffing Jericho and acting like he helped Jericho win was just hilarious.  Enzo and Cass are always fun on the mic.  The match is set for Summer Slam and I think this will be the opening match.  It will get the crowd fired up.  Each guy will be given a few moments to talk, which will cut into match time.  As for the show stealer… It has potential, because of the talent in the ring.  However,  I don’t think WWE is going to give them enough time to tell the story properly to make it a show stealer.

Keri: The opening segment over the match. Enzo and Jericho having a promo off is must see TV. I thoroughly enjoyed it for the second week in a row and I say keep it coming until Summerslam. I was not prepared for the addition of KO to this little feud but I’m sort a liking it. Not sure why, I mean KO should be somewhere near the US or Universal (it hurts me to type that) title picture. However, the year is not done yet so I may get that wish at some point. With that being said, we have four guys in a feud that are great in the ring and on the mike. People will be entertained by this and should enjoy it. Will it be Summerslam’s match of the night? Possibly, but given a couple of the other matches on the card I’m going to say right now it’s only a possibility. However, this feud, the build-up, and the final payoff is going to be some great TV. And I’m not just saying that because creative is giving me exactly what I wanted in the first place.

Kent: The opening was a marked improvement over last week’s. Enzo in the opening segment in back to back weeks is a great sign for him. I think the card is too stacked for this to be match of the night, but it could be the most fun match of the night. There is a difference. I preferred the mic work over the match. I don’t like how close Enzo was to beating a 6-time world champ.  He wasn’t even good enough to win the tag titles in NXT but now can hang with Jericho? Eh, sorry, logic ruined it for me.

  1. With the possibility of Finn Balor walking out of Summerslam as the champ, is that cool with you that he just leapfrogged so many talented guys? Also, will it be the closing match at Summerslam?


Russ: I will start this out saying I support Finn, I think he is a great talent, and he is not a rookie so I get why he doesn’t need to start at the bottom.  With that said, I am not cool with him leap frogging the other talented guys in the WWE who have put in their time and are more deserving than Finn.    Guys the likes of KO, Cesaro, and hell even Sami deserve the shot more than Finn does.  These guys have put on amazing matches and have paid their dues.  They deserve a title run and it would have been a nice gesture of the WWE to give them the shot.  Everyone was butt hurt when Roman was shoved down our throats.  They screamed he doesn’t deserve this meteoric push he has gotten.  Even though it took him over 2 years to get the WWE title people still hated him when he finally won it.  So why is no one crying or getting angry that Finn has a legitimate chance to become the first WWE Universal Champion within his 1st month of getting into the WWE.  The problem I see is that he is a good talent in the ring, but he needs to strengthen his mic skills.  When he was talking with Seth in their segment together last week it was clear that Seth had to do the majority of the work to get the match over.  Full disclosure, I am a huge Seth Rollins mark and I really want him to get the title so I might be a little biased here.

Keri:  I’m on the fence on this one. I mean yes, I’m a huge Balor fan and I’m extremely happy that he has this opportunity to take the RAW brand in a new and possibly less boring direction. Sorry but Rollins being champ again just makes me want to go to sleep.  His title reign was not that memorable. However, that being said, there are plenty of guys that should have had this opportunity before Balor. Ones that have paid their dues over the past few months and years that should be given the chance for a title run. But, we also have to keep in mind that is this isn’t just a championship match. This is a face of the brand match. The one that wins is the one that the company wants to carry the RAW brand. Rollins or Balor both have the ability to carry the brand. It’s just the question of who the company thinks is more worthy. While I don’t see this closing out Summerslam, I do see it as one of the final matches of the night.

Kent: Nope. Nope. This question and push is insulting. Who the hell is writing this? Finn is incredibly overrated. I like him, but he’s the next Jeff Hardy. His mic skills are abysmal, his in ring skills only shine when he’s with another talented performer, and the bitches love him. Mark my words, he’s going to be over, and he’ll probably have The Club, and that will get over, and he will sell merchandise, but at some point, people are going to open their eyes up to him.  He’s really not much better than Enzo in the ring. There, I said it.

  1. On the RAW side of things, are you more interested in the women’s championship feud (Sasha vs. Charlotte) or the tag team title feud (Gallows and Anderson vs. New Day)?


Russ: Raw is doing a better job with the women than Smackdown, but there are still major issues with the Raw women.  The first being that they are totally using Sasha wrong.  She is a great heel character, the same character as a face is bland.  Let her be a heel and be the cocky girl that we loved in NXT.  She can deliver in the ring and even elevate those around her.  However, Charlotte is … still terrible. Can she hold her own in a match with Sasha?  Perhaps, but I still think it will take Sasha to carry this match into watchable territory.  So I am more interested in the tag feud.  Am I the only person who loved the Doctors Gallows and Anderson?  Both New Day and A&G are hot tag teams and both are over with the crowds with their respective gimmicks.  I’m also intrigued because I really want A&G to win the titles at Summer Slam and I think they will.  It’s a good time to move the titles to a new team and start to split up New Day!

Keri: The women’s championship feud has its up sides and both ladies will put on a great match. This week kind of showed that creative is done with the build for this match. Dana Brooke is out of the picture so the build will be more or less normal for this match with nothing particularly flashy or earth shattering.  With that being said, the tag team title feud, has the potential to be entertaining. The New Day, in my opinion, have grown into something no one could have envisioned. They have the total package that you expect from a great tag team. However, with that being said, things are starting to get stale and I feel it’s time for a change. It’s just the question of which direction that change will take and if Anderson and Gallows are the ones to bring forth that change.

Kent: The tag team match is far more interested and well done. This is a direct result of Sasha winning the belt. Their match no longer seems important to me, and if it was on the pre-show, I’d be OK with it. Charlotte isn’t winning. Sasha is still smiling too much, and Paige is missing. A month ago, I would have picked the women. On the other hand, Gallows and Anderson are getting time to showcase their personality a little more, and I like the Doc/Doctor reference as Luke was known as Doc Gallows in the past. I expect that tag match to be very similar to Hart Foundation vs. Demolition back at Summerslam 1990.

  1. Cesaro had a great night, but so did the Bulgarian brute, Rusev. Last week Russ brought up a point about giving Rusev jobber matches, such as the Mark Henry one. My question is, given the RAW roster that we have, if you are trying to get Rusev over, how do you book him? Do you continue booking him in dominant fashion over the lower end guys who have no chance, or do you book him dominantly in the mid-card, even at the expense of all those internet darlings, 50/50 booking so nobody looks too weak or too strong, or some other way? I know you want to build stars, so how do you go about it in your opinion?


Russ: This is a good question and one I’m ready to tackle! Let’s face it, when you see a no name out for a squash match that’s the time you go for a snack break.   I know there is no chance of Rusev losing so why watch? However, Rusev needs to be booked strong because he is supposed to be a monster!  So how do you do that and not make the rest of the card look bad.  It is pretty simple in my mind.  First, you need to feed Rusev some of the lower card.  Now when I say feed, Im not talking about a 2 minute squash match.  I mean Rusev looks dominate, but the lower card guy gets some offense in and they have a decent dance for a 5 minute match before Rusev crushes them.  He only needs one of those a month (or every other month since they look to be separating the PPV’s). Then, he needs to fight a semi-legitimate threat, someone like your Titus, Darren, or even someone like Zack Ryder (Editor’s note, Zack is on Smackdown, so we’ll say Neville).  These guys put up a fight, give us a decent to awesome match, but in the end Rusev comes out with the win and the fight only has to be between 5-10 minutes.  Then once in a while he has to fight someone we think could actually beat him (KO, Cesaro, Jericho … etc.)  This needs to be a showcase match.  Both guys put in the effort for a stellar match.  Give it between 10-15 minutes when Rusev pulls out the legit victory (we are creating a monster not a cheater).  This will create Rusev as the unstoppable monster that makes us want to tune in and see who can beat him at the PPV.   With this formula we get few decent title matches a month. The lower-mid card guys get a match to work and the upper-mid card guys put on a clinic with him (making them look strong even with a loss) and of course with Rusev beating everyone he looks like the monster WWE wants.

Keri: In the case of Rusev, he is an established powerhouse so the jobber matches are getting very boring and repetitive at this point. We know he is a legit US champ so we don’t need that reminder week after week while he fights jobbers. I think, in order to further Rusev’s case, I say put him fully in the mid-card. He, has what is considered, a mid-card belt so he should be working with superstars that are mid-card. I say have him wrestle Cesaro, KO, Zayn, etc and have it look like they stand a chance against him in a title defense. Creative is still booking him as powerhouse who crushes jobbers but we already know this about him and are quite frankly bored with it. What we don’t know is how he measures up with the mid-card talent on the roster. By booking him in an actual feud, with wins and losses, would legitimize him and the title in my opinion. Also, utilize Lana as more than eye candy. If I were booking things, I would have her play a vital role in the story and in the matches.  She should be interfering in the match not standing on the sidelines smiling every time Rusev does something great. With that being said, I think they are off to a good start with the Rusev-Reigns (sigh and shakes her head) storyline but whether or not they can continue with this plan post-Summerslam still remains to be seen. (Ed. Note: I full agree that Lana could be utilized in such a better way, like Sherri with Macho King Randy Savage.)

Kent: Rusev is one of the hardest guys to book, and it comes down to who you need to push, and then go from there. Let’s say that Seth and Roman are going to be utilized in helping get some guys over, along with Sheamus, Jericho, and probably Zayn. That means that we are trying to elevate Rusev, Owens, Finn, and Cesaro. We’ll suggest that Finn and Seth do a double turn. We are trying to get over 3 heels and one face.  I’d say that the best way is to have Seth get Finn over, and maybe have Reigns put over Finn.  Cesaro should have a feud with Sheamus, and let’s make Sheamus look better so that Cesaro comes out better. Reigns loses his feud with Rusev, this is important. Jericho and Owens will lose to Enzo and Cass. At some point, I’d have Owens turn on Jericho and go face, making it easier to get over 2 faces and 2 heels. Owens can go back to heel in a year or so, no big deal, or just be a tweener. I would have Reigns put over Finn while Seth put over Rusev in a few months. Rusev can actually drop the belt to KO by Royal Rumble or Mania. Rusev will be established by then, so a few wins over him could really catapult somebody like Zayn or Joe or Shinsuke. Reigns, after jobbing to Rusev and Finn should absolutely turn heel.  Cesaro should take the belt off of Finn and feud with heel Reigns, and Brock at some point. To get back to Rusev to finish this off, for right now, I’d keep him away from Zayn because that will be a good feud. Unfortunately, the best way is to involve Rusev in the main event scene in multi man tag matches where wins and losses aren’t as important.

I’ll offer an original idea though. Maybe 2 months before Rusev is to lose the belt to KO, I’d have Rusev say that nobody on the main roster has what it takes, so he wants to feast on NXT. He comes to NXT with open challenges, beats guys that can eat a loss without any real set back. This could lead to a short feud between him and Sami as he’s like the face of NXT, but Rusev wins. I’d have this culminate in Rusev vs. Shinsuke. Rusev cheats to beat him, and does a post-match beat down, like really brutal at one of the NXT takeovers. KO can make a save or just challenge Rusev to the title match out of respect to his NXT brethren.  Rusev can look dominant, but then Shinsuke’s music hits towards the end of the match, and gives KO the opening to beat Rusev. Rusev is then the first guy to put over Shinsuke on the main roster. Tell me that you wouldn’t eat that up. That’s how you fucking book Rusev. He’s dominant for months, and then is so built up, that when Shinsuke beats him, it means something. By Wrestlemania, you have made Cesaro a legit main eventer, Roman has finally been set up or already turned heel, Rusev is the monster that he should be, and Owens gets over huge being the guy that stops Rusev by sticking up for the little guy in NXT. Hell, you can keep Owens heel until he shows up to defend NXT’s name.

  1. Let’s talk about the obvious thing right here and now. Why is it that half of the women on Smackdown have red in their hair? Alexa, Becky, and Eva all have a shade of red. Smackdown is the blue brand. This confuses me. Anyway, what has you more intrigued: Natalya’s new found bullying style or Eva and Becky’s “rivalry”?

Russ: I think the girls having red in their attire is subliminal messaging by WWE to tell people to watch RAW.  I like Natalya in her new persona.  They are using her in the best way possible, for now.  She can help elevate and showcase the new ladies and work on her gimmick and wrestling.  Hopefully she will come out better as well as her opponents.  As for this whole Eva gimmick, I hated it at first cause it was a waste of time on TV.  It still is a waste of time, but now it is laughably stupid.  So now I can’t wait to see what stupid thing they will come up with next week!

Keri: As much as I hate to admit it because she just plain aggravates me, this storyline with Eva Marie really is the best thing going for the Smackdown women’s division right now. She is actually doing some really good heeling and anticipation is, in fact, starting to build from week to week the longer this goes on. The question is will she wrestle or will she find some way out of it? Inquiring minds really want to know. As for Natalya, I just don’t buy her as a heel. It’s just not her thing and it’s really painful to watch. Bored now.

Kent: I am still ok with Becky and Alexa being on Smackdown, but Eva’s gimmick is everything red. The logic is just baffling. Plus, putting her on the roster with more veterans would be the best possible way to evolve her in ring skills. I’m more into Natalya at the moment. Let her be a bully and just stretch and torture her opponents while talking shit.

  1. During American Alpha’s match tonight, The Ascension, Vaudevillains, and Hype Bros all came down to watch the match, and then of course got into a big brawl at the end. Out of those 4, what match up interests you the most?


Russ: I think Vaudevillians and the Hype Bros would be the feud I could get behind.  Vaudevillians are criminally underutilized and could use a good feud to give them the exposure they need.  I believe the Hype Bros are good enough talents that both teams can shine in a program.  Now, as for American Alpha I just don’t see any of the other teams even close to competing with them.  That isn’t the teams faults its WWE creatives.  They have done nothing to get me interested in the Ascension, Vaudevillians, and Hype Bros.  It is just sad because I loved vaudevillians in NXT and they have died on the main roster.  So American Alpha really has nothing going on for them.

Keri: I’m going to have to go with Kent on this one. The Ascension and the Hype Bros need to get hyped (ok that was really really bad and I’m so so sorry). But in all seriousness, both teams are pretty much unknown (or were buried by commentary before they even got started on the main roster (yes, I’m looking at you JBL)). The brand split gives them a clean slate so I say let them fight and let the fans decide. Keep in mind both were really great in NXT. The casual fan doesn’t know that the Ascension dominated NXT for a good portion of the time they were down there and are actually a really good tag team.  Nor would they know that the Hype Bros have amazing chemistry as a tag team and are fun to watch. I mean the creation of the Hype Bros probably saved Zack Ryder’s career so that alone should help them get over with the fans.  Overall, I’m just really interested to see where they go with all of this since this is the first focus they have placed on the tag team division since the brand split.

Kent: OK, the obvious answer is that I got a raging clue watching Konnor and Mojo brawling. Both teams need more exposure to get over. Let’s face it, American Alpha are already one of the top 2 in ring teams along with Anderson and Gallows. Right now, no team comes across as any competition, so that’s why they weren’t in my answer.

  1. What is Heath Slater’s ceiling if he ends up staying on Smackdown?


Russ: Congratulations WWE you have done something I never thought possible!  You made me want more Heath Slater.  He has been dynamite with this gimmick.  His interaction with Rhyno was hilarious and the match wasn’t bad either.  As for a ceiling… I’d like to say that he could be WWE Champion if creative keeps him humorous and he can perform top notch matches.  However, I know the WWE, and Heath will be lucky if he gets the IC title.  The last time someone who was incredibly over and should have had a meteoric push is now no longer working in the WWE.  I’m of course talking about Damien Sandow.  Heath is sadly following in the same direction.  From no one caring about him at all to getting a great gimmick so now we will wait for creative to pull the trigger and they never will or they will wait till it’s too late.  Either way …. poor Heath.

Keri:  IC title, maybe. He’s good but he doesn’t have the presence or the crowd following for the World title belt.  However, I do think that a repackaging maybe in order before he is “signed” and added to any storyline.  In short, it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Kent: World champion. No, I’m not even kidding. If Daniel Bryan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Christian can do it, Heath can too. His charisma is infectious. He has managed to stay over for all of this time despite being given some of the worst booking. Heath can wrestle, and they can add a boxing finish to really exemplify his gold gloves background. Why that hasn’t been done is fucking insane. I tell you right now, with time against the upper card guys, he can hang with them. In a year or two, I can see myself really craving AJ Styles vs. Heath Slater. Realistically, he will win the IC title at some point as long as he stays on Smackdown. That will probably be the high point in his career.  The brand extension offers opportunities, and this may Heath’s chance, so he better not lose himself in the moment, he should own it.

  1. Which match did you enjoy more: Randy Orton vs. Alberto Dellllllll Rio or Dean and Dolph vs. Bray and Rowan?

Russ: Honestly, none of the matches real spoke to me on Smackdown.  Randy vs Del Rio was average.  They had a good amount of time to tell a story and I guess they did, but I knew Randy would win or Del Rio would get DQ’d.  Randy can’t lose until Summer Slam (gotta make him look strong to go against the Man Beast.)  So it was too predictable for me.  I hope this is the start of a feud between the two of them, I think they can bring out the best in each other given a proper feud.   As for the Tag Match at the end of the night again it was ok, but predictable.  I would have liked to see Dolph attack Dean instead of the other way around.  Dolph needs to be the aggressor here after last week’s awesome Shoot style promo.  I still have no clue what they are doing with Bray for Summer Slam and that is a shame considering we are a little more than a week out.  I hope that Bray has something to do with the Main Event, but it turns out Dolph became a Disciple of Brays and Bray helps Dolph win the Title.  I know it won’t happen but a guy can dream.(Editor’s Note, How quickly can Dolph grow a beard?)

Keri: Any match with Boreton, I mean Orton, makes me want to fall asleep and that is exactly what this match did on Tuesday night. It was predictable and boring. However, both wrestlers bore me so I shouldn’t be used as an accurate judge of this match. However, I do have to say, Del Rio go back to Lucha, you were much better when you were wrestling Johnny Nitro-Morrison-Mundo. The chemistry  there was better and it was just all around better than this match. With that being said, after watching both matches back today, I have to say the tag match was far more exciting and, sort of, unpredictable. I’m still waiting for creative to revel their masterplan for the Bray part of this story but it’s exciting to watch the build up to what will probably be an inevitable triple threat match, maybe at Summerslam? Because you didn’t think Creative was actually going to push Ziggler, did you?

Kent: Randy and Alberto I felt delivered the match of the night. I think they work incredibly well together. It would be even better if Orton wasn’t taking on Brock because then the match may have been more unpredictable. They had great chemistry though.  So that is my choice. I do have to say, Bray is really doing great as of late, and I’m starting to think, maybe Rowan has a future after all. He has moves, he has some athleticism, and we know that he can talk. I like watching somebody evolve before my eyes, and Rowan has shown marked improvement, and if he was booked better, imagine he’s allowed to hit more of his power moves, then I think you have something special. I also loved all the hard hitting clotheslines and basic moves in this match. It goes to show, just like Sheamus and Cesaro, sometimes good old fashion hard hitting slobber knockers are just as fun as all the flipping midgets.

Bonus Deuce

  1. What did you enjoy more: the banter between Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan OR Sin Cara’s new attire?


Russ: I fell asleep for Foley and Bryans banter, and I didn’t bother watching it because I was pretty bored throughout the night for the most part.  Sin Cara’s new attire looked smashing as it really brought out his eyes.  I think we need to focus more on what Sin Cara wears to the ring than what he offers in the ring.  I hope every week it’s something new!  That could be his gimmick!  I’m in! (Ed. note, I love  the idea!)

Keri:  To me, it looks like Sin Cara must be working with the same group that provides attire to the wrestlers on Lucha Underground. Very different from the normal colorful attire he is usually sporting. Is he trying to tell us something? Are we going to see Sin Cara in the temple at some point? Moving on to the Foley-Bryan segment. It was ok and both guys did a good job.  But, it was the typical promo segment that usually would have open the show in the not new era. I do have to say that the comments that Bryan made about Cesaro were spot on during that segment.  I almost felt like those comments could have foreshadowed a story line of Smackdown courting him and trying to steal him away from RAW. But we have to remember, creative isn’t that smart. So instead, we have him fight Rusev and lose due to interference from Sheamus (so not new era-ish of them). How is he not being underutilized again? Looks like same old same old this time, to me.

Kent: Sin Cara’s attire is my answer. I expected greatness from Mick and Daniel, and they delivered, and I really enjoyed it. With that being said, I have been calling for Sin Cara to go heel, so this may happen.

  1. I would like to ask you who gets the Brock rub? Who finally gets to pin him cleanly? I’d also like to know how you would book it.

Russ: I’d say Cesaro but we all know that would never happen.  However, if it were to happen he would be a great foil for Brock.  He is freakish in strength and he can do everything Brock can do in the ring.  Ok, so who do I think will really pin Brock? I’m going with Big Cass.  Big Cass is a Main Eventer in the waiting and all he needs is a huge rivalry win over a major opponent.  Pinning Brock would sky rocket him and he is popular enough that people would pop huge for his victory.  So how would I book it?  Ok this is going to be a long set up maybe a year.  At this year’s Royal Rumble have Brock and Cass both in the Royal Rumble.  Have them both be Beast and clean house.  Then have them go after each other and have Cass put Brock over the top rope.  Now this won’t be the end Cass shouldn’t win the rumble either.  However, this is going to make Brock angry of course.  Fast Forward to Summer Slam, have Brock Fight the Current WWE Champion (whoever it is… it doesn’t matter.)   Brock of course wins and becomes champion.  Around November or December Cass comes out and reminds everyone that he is the one who threw Brock over the top rope at the Royal Rumble so he thinks he should get a title shot.  Heyman, will be against this, knowing how much of Hoss Cass is.  Brock will override Heyman, but Heyman will add a stipulation that if Brock wins Cass cannot get another chance.  PPV time:  It will be a good match and it looks like Cass might win, Heyman scared he gets on the apron distracting Cass just enough for Brock to get the F5 and the win.  Angry, Cass goes after Heyman, but Brock stops him.  Cass is furious, but he can’t get another chance.  At the Royal Rumble Cass is in the Rumble and of course he is going to win this one so he can have another chance at Brock.  Cass and Brock will cross paths a few times during the course of the next 3 months and Cass will even win a stipulation that bans Heyman from ringside at WrestleMania.  Of course you know where I’m going with this.  This is the time Cass gets the clean win over Brock to become the new WWE Universal Champion!  It would be an amazing story and it would elevate Cass to another level.

Keri: I think this depends on Brock. Brock ultimately does what Brock wants and he makes damn good money to do just that. But to answer the question, there are several potential options with Samoa Joe, Braun, and maybe even Bray Wyatt leading the list. We have to remember Bray and Brock have some unfinished business after this year’s Royal Rumble so for me that may be the best choice. That storyline never really went anywhere and the possibilities of what that storyline could be and what it could do to elevate Bray’s status, make me think Bray may be the best choice.

Kent: As much as I would love the answer to be Luke Harper, I don’t think that is an option. Add 20 pounds of muscle, and then yeah. But WWE has to really support Luke, and I don’t foresee that. I think Owens for a lot of the same reasons as Luke, he is not in contention. All the shield guys and Bray are out. Finn is too small, same for Sami. I don’t think Braun will ever get to a level that he can be considered for that push. It has to be a young enough guy that can be main event for 5 years I’d say. I’ll offer 3 options. 1. Cesaro has to be considered because he’s right there with Brock and John Cena with that freak strength thing. Cesaro can do the same power things, but unlike everybody not named Brock, he can also wrestle, and he actually wrestles better than Brock is allowed to anymore thanks to Suplex City. My concern is that it’s Cesaro, and he may be mid-card for life. That’s why he gets a 20% chance.  2. Shinsuke Nakamura has fought Brock before, and Shinsuke has vastly improved since that match. I know that size is a factor, but if built right, Shinsuke can be huge. He’s the one guy in NXT that is a bonafide main event star without question, and that’s with all due respect to Joe and Aries who I really love. Still, this is WWE, and I’d give Nakamura a 39% chance. 3. DO I even have to say it, you knew this was an excuse to talk about Baron Corbin.  Why Baron instead of Cass, as they are similar in a lot of ways? I think Baron has an easier path to the main event status by the time Brock is ready to give the rub. Big Cass has to break up with Zo, probably turning heel, then needs to really learn how to work a singles match better, and get more endurance. Baron is on Smackdown, and the path is easier to be made a star. Big Cass can be Kevin Nash or Billy Gunn. Too soon to tell. Baron, he’s got some Hall in him. He’s still young, he acts like a total badass, and I think they are high on Baron because they need to make new monsters with Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane, and Taker all within a year or so of retirement. Braun, Cass, Rowan, Harper, and Baron are the future monsters.  I say it goes to a monster.

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