Wrestlemania 32 Rewind: Baron Corbin Edition

Sometimes, I enjoy being a big dick with a small penis. Every once in awhile, I take special interest in a particular talent in WWE, or back in the 90’s with ECW or WCW. I’ve been right more often than I have been wrong. I’m proud of this. Sometimes you see somebody so good and you are wondering why they aren’t getting a push yet. Some of my best examples would have to include Batista, Test, Diesel, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Stevie Richards, Raven, Kanyon,New Age Outlaws, Edge, and most recently, I have taken Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper under my watch in WWE and in NXT, I have been patiently waiting for Enzo and Cass to make their way up. I have been wrong before with New Jack, The Ascension, and Scott Norton. Last night, it was my pleasure to see my newest prospect get his time to shine. Obviously, I am talking about Baron Corbin. For most of last year, he improved. He went from a guy who tried to wrestle less than a minute in his matches, to a guy with Rhyno, and then going on his own, and eventually a guy so pissed off, that he blindsided Austin Aries upon his debut. Last night, he entered the Andrea The Giant Battle Royal. Yes, I was the only person in the room excited, and I kept making fun of Raylene as she likes to tell me how horrible Baron is, and I tell her that he is the real deal. Let’s take a few minutes to remember the greatest Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal of all time…..easily.


They start off with a mass of men coming out before a few guys get their own intros. Initially, we get the Social Outcasts, Jack Swagger, The Ascension, Tatanka, Goldust, R Truth, Tyler Breeze, Darren Young, Fandango, Damien Sandow, and there is Mr. Corbin at the end. Cole even mentioned Baron, but to be honest, I was too busy gloating at the moment, making sure that everybody knew how happy I was. Then we get the solo guys in this order: Mark Henry, Kane, DDP (super happy to see him), Big Show, annnnd Shaq???? The fuck is this?  Needless to say, Shaq and Big Show have their stare down.

Everybody is staring, and then Kane goes and grabs both big guys by the throat, so Shaq and Big Show double chokeslam Kane for his efforts. Then everybody piles into 2 corners, each trying to take down one giant, but both giants ward off the attack. Mark Henry then gets the KO punch from Big Show, and down goes Mark! Everybody is down minus the big boys. Fandango dances for them, so Big Show eliminates hims. Sandow comes in to a huge pop, so Shaq tosses him out. Back to the Hoss fight! All the guys are on the floor just watching. They each grab each other by the throat so everybody slides in and gang up and eliminate both Shaq and Show. It was a cool moment.

I watch Baron most of the time, well him and DDP. Baron does a lot of work with the Social Outcasts, as he has familiarity with Bo and Adam at the very least. Goldust works over him. Baron is probably teh second biggest guy in the ring after Kane, although Konnor and Swagger are both big boys. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on Viktor and eliminates him. Konnor seeks retribution. Baron is busy with Bo. DDP goes for Diamond Cutter on Konnor and fails, and he eliminates DDP. Shortly after, Konnor is eliminated from behind. Tatanka is now try to get fired up, and that guy has shit for talent, just saying. He is taking on Adam Rose. Tatanka is lining up Rose, but Baron is working on Bo, but just has his arm on Bo, keeping him at bay. Tatanka goes for the hit, but Baron rushes from behind and eliminates Tatanka!!! This is amazing!  Corbin laughs at Tatanka.

Swagger attacks Baron, then gets eliminated by Kane. The Social Outcasts are dominating this at the moment. Truth is getting some offense on Curtis, but then says whats up and is eliminated by Heath and Rose. Now they work on Goldust, and gets eliminated by Bo and Curtis. We are down to the final 8. We have the Social Outcasts, Darren Young, Kane, Tyler, and my man Baron.


The outcasts start running around in the ring celebrating until they run into Kane who is now up. Celebration is over boys. They decide to head to the right, but they now find a standing beast named Baron, and they back up some, fearful of the Lone Wolf.  Baron attacks Bo and Rose, while Kane attacks Heath and Curtis.  Curtis eliminated by Kane. Rose is out by Corbin. Kane chokeslams Baron. Ohh shit, Mark Henry rolled back in, I had forgot about him. Heath goes for a top rope splash, but Mark catches him. See ya later Heath. Tyler goes after Mark, and Mark gorilla presses him out  of the ring.


We now have a hoss match up between Kane and Mark. We are down to 5 men. Kane gets the upper hand, and Darren helps Kane to eliminate Mark. Darren celebrates and so Kane grabs him by the throat. Bo comes at Kane, so Kane grabs him by the throat and pushes them back to the rope for a double elimination. Baron gets up and eliminates Kane from behind.

Here is your winner……..Baron Corbin!!!!! The crowd is chanting NXT and you can see Baron is pumped beyond belief. What a huge moment. This young man has been a boxer and a pro football player, and has started from the bottom and has risen to win the 3rd ever Andre The Giant Battle Royal.


Let’s be honest, this was the best part of the whole show. Nothing after this moment was in any way better, even if I may have been a little silly previously, this Mania would go in a downward spiral from this point on.  We don’t know if this is a call up for Baron. I hope it’s not because to be honest, we don’t need another Roman Reigns situation. Baron is very good, and is a nice young prospect, but he needs more seasoning in NXT for another 6-12 months, then slowly move up the rankings in WWE. He doesn’t need to get the jet pack strapped to him. Let him continue to evolve and become a true superstar. This guy has Batista like potential, and that’s saying quite a bit. All I can say is that for one night, and maybe one night only, I was right.

And damn it feels good to be a gangsta. Thug life! 9 Deuce!!!!

I will have a better Wrestlemania review later today, but I had to rejoice in Baron’s monumental victory. Thank you for reading.

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