WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Review…….A Week Later

Let me be forthright with you now. Rocket League made me slack on my blog early in the week. There, I said it. It’s a phenomenal, addicting game that is fun, but hard to perfect. With that out of the way, let’s talk about Extreme Rules, and the week of wrestling.


This picture is from WWE.com and I don’t own the rights believe it or not. This is before Extreme Rules. I liked it.

On the pre-show, they did this bit with the Dudleys getting on the mic and then Big Cass coming down and taking out D-Von. The segment was stupid. You have the greatest tag team ever (my opinion), and they are taken out by Big Cass? I love Cass. I have been backing him since I first saw him. He’s good, but nobody, not Austin, not Taker, not Super Cena, not the Roman Empire, and certainly not a new guy, should be able to single handedly get the upper hand on The Dudleys. If you’re gonna bring Enzo back on RAW, wouldn’t it make more sense to have the Dudleys destroy Big Cass in a 2 on 1 beatdown. On RAW, have Dudleys come out and run their mouth and Big Cass comes out with some bruises or something, but this time he’s not alone, and boom, you have a match for Money In The Bank. FUcking easy booking and make both look like a legit threat. MORONS!!! We also had a match between Baron and Dolph and it was adequate, and Baron won with the low blow. Smart. Baron and Dolph need to team up.

Then the main show kicked off with Usos vs. G&A match. This was good fun. It should have been the opener. Everything went exactly as one would expect and it was paced well. No complaints.They followed it up with Rusev and Kalisto, with Rusev crushing Kalisto is a good match. People forget, Rusev can have good matches with just about anyone. He’s the real deal.  Good match, good ending. New Day took on the Vaudevillains next, and New Day won an ok match, but probably the weakest of the night so far. At Extreme Rules, I would have done something to make the match more vicious. The Vaudevillains are doing way better on the main roster than I ever thought they would, so props to them.

Up next is the IC Title match, and as expected, this match delivered. All 4 guys are legit future stars/ Yes, even The Miz. There is no question in my mind, this was the match of the night. All of these guys work incredibly well with each other. Owens and Zayn have amazing chemistry, and Cesaro and Miz are incredibly adaptable. This is one of the 5 best matches that I have seen this year so far on the main roster.  Lots of action, lots of good nearfalls, and the ending made a ton of sense with The Miz winning while Owens and Zayn were fighting outside. I would have been fine if it had got another 5 minutes, but to be honest, it was a pretty perfect length match that told it’s story and did everything right. If you didn’t like this match, why are you even watching wrestling?

We go from great to the Asylum match with Y2J and Ambrose. I had high hopes for this match. I loved everything that they have been doing. And then they had this long ass match, with silly weapons, and the spots were too bland. The pacing just wasn’t there, and at times, it got boring to be honest, and I hate to say that. These are 2 of my favorites. The match concept simply didn’t work. It was too gimmicky, and it seemed like WWE trying to over-compensate for how bad Dean vs. Brock was at Mania. I didn’t like this one.Jericho went a little too much with the tacks I felt unless he was really trying to sell.

Unfortunately, we had to deal with another Charlotte vs Natalya match with a submission stipulation, and Ric was banned from coming out. So we get this boring ass match, and then the music plays, and a person comes out in a robe, and it’s Dana Brook, and this is enough to help Charlotte win. So another match where it was poorly booked. This is like the female equivalent to Dolph vs. Rusev last year in how bad it is booked. At least we got the term “Dog Ziggler” from that. This match was just the worse. Please, no more between these 2. I don’t understand why so many people think that Natalya is that great. I have tried, and she is fine in ring, but she does very little to entertain me. I like the Dana pairing with Charlotte while Emma recovers from back surgery. I will miss Emma, one of the hottest, and best wrestlers in the women’s division. I think it was a mistake elevating Dana by the way. NXT’s women’s roster is trash at the moment, and Dana could have really benefited from a true feud with Bayley. The main roster could have easily slid Alicia in Dana’s role. Poor booking. I just want Sasha back and healthy.

And then there was one: the main event with Roman and AJ. This match was pretty fucking good. So you mean to tell me that Roman can have a great match if he works with more experienced medium to smaller build guys? No fucking way! Christ, he shouldn’t have been working against the Big Show and others, he should have been learning his craft and looking like a total bad ass all along and getting mentored. He should have been like Batista, in a group, being the muscle, but not the champ. Common sense fails WWE often. With that being said, this was a solid outing, easily the second best of the night.Both guys played their roles incredibly well, and then we had the interference. BUT all of this praise is destroyed at the end. So let’s discuss the one thing that WWE does all the time and it makes me hate being a wrestling fan.

I hate when your over exposed face of the company can get his ass kicked really badly, and then hit 1-3 moves, and win after kicking out of the second best guy’s entire arsenal. It makes no sense and makes the other guy look like shit. Feel disagree, but you are wrong. AJ with the Styles Clash twice, plus all the chair shots, that’s a win. Just don’t give him all of that offense. OR you can have Roman make the comeback, but actually beat down AJ, not the stupid ass fucking spear. I loathe that move with every inch of me. It’s the worst finisher ever in my opinion. Great set up move, horrible finished. If you get pinned after a spear, you aren’t tough, you look like a fucking chump. AJ should have kicked out of the spear since Roman kicked out of everything, and then Roman just go on a rampage and beat AJ down with chairs, and then Superman punch, or a powerbomb. Something that should knock someone out. They have done with with Cena losing 18 out of 22 minutes of a amatch, then suddenly catch the guy, hit the AA, and win. Austin’s stunner, the Rock Bottom and people’s elbow, the Big Boot and Leg drop of Hogan, are all examples of this happening time and time again. The best use of this is the RKO or Diamond Cutter because it can happen out of nowhere and knock a person out. Big Show’s KO punch is another one or JBL’s clothesline from hell, because they can just catch you and it feels more legit. Roman needs to focus on a better finisher than the spear. That Razor’s Edge move that he used was great, so maybe that. Just not the fucking spear. It will hold him back.

Oh, Seth Rollins came out and Pedigree’d Roman after the match, and that was cool.

On Monday, Cody Rhodes got his requested release from WWE and his wife, Eden, got hers a day or 2 later. Sad to see him go. Him, Barrett, Dolph, among others, all got fucked over by the Cena’s of this world hogging the spotlight. Cody deserved better, and he could have been an upper mid carder at the very least, but they wouldn’t let him drop the Stardust gimmick reportedly. I don’t blame him. There’s too many talented people to push, and they insisted on pushing guy who didn’t pay their dues. I have to put the onus on The Shield and The Wyatt’s especially. They were awesome, but they got main event spots that belonge dto other guys who had paid their dues. I’m just waiting for Ryback to be next.

Adam Rose also got released. That’s not a particularly big surprise. Sadly, it appears that the suspension, whether it was justified or not for his prescription, but him going public about it, really hurt. Then to have the domestic incident, which I don’t know the full truth, but that really was the final straw. If he was higher up on the card, maybe he gets some months off to get his shit together. Unfortunately, he is easily replaceable, so when you are easily replaceable, and this stuff happens, you tend to get got.

As for RAW, we got the Seth vs. Roman match set up. We had 5 qualifying matches for Money in the Bank with Sami, Cesaro, Jericho, Dean, and KO all qualifying. Del Rio snagged a spot on Smackdown, and that leaves one more spot. I assume all the losers will have a battle royale for the opportunity, or maybe a garbage night of beat the clock. I predict it will be Kalisto for some odd reason, although Zach Ryder is my dark horse. Charlotte had a bit where she basically made Ric cry and made him leave, and we got to see Arn Anderson at least. AJ losing cleanly to Dean after he told G&A that they couldn’t work together professionally, well that’s a storyline. The Social Outcast interrupted New Day, and Heath got cake in his face. Finally, Enzo returned, and Big Cass defeated Bubba one on one. That was easy enough to wrap up RAW.

Other tidbits

Smackdown will be airing live on Tuesdays and that brings a brand split very soon, with early odds on Roman staying on RAW and Cena being the Smackdown flagship. If that’s the case, I’d put Dean on Smackdown and Seth on RAW. KO can do RAW, move Sami to Smackdown. Enzo and Cass on RAW, New Day to Smackdown. Randy can be Smackdown, as can Kalisto. I will do a fantasy draft when the day is closer, so we know who else is in play, such as Finn, and any other NXT folks. If I was them, I’d do separate belts for everything. World, tag team, and Women’s. I hate the idea of people being on both shows. It ruins it they do a special angle, like HBK vs. Kurt. They have the roster size, make it happen. The women division will be thin, so they need to sign about 8 more women that are on the indies who can come in and work while Bayley and Asuka hold down the fort in NXT and prep Nia and Eva. Alexa may be prepared, and some blonde chick who wears her hat backwards, she could be ready to get some wins on NXT.Blue Pants would be good, and Carmella is improving at a normal pace. All in all, this brand extension is needed. Maybe Apollo can finally shine.

Kane may be running for mayor soon. That’s awesome as Glenn Jacobs is very into politics and knows his shit.

Del Rio and Paige are now dating. That’s an odd pairing, but I like both, so hopefully it works out.

Ryback made a post about possibly being in TNA. They can have him. I’m done with the Big Guy. We have Baron Corbin.

Ric Flair is going to have a 30 for 30 ESPN documentary made soon. If you have never seen a 30 for 30, you should check them out on NetFlix. The Detroit Pistons one is a must watch.

That wraps it up from my end for this week. Maybe I will try doing this weekly. What do you think?

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