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That’s right, a live running blog of a WWE pay per view. Why? Why not? I have high expectations for tonight.  Please update throughout the evening, in between matches especially.  Also, if you want to see my preview, check this out.

Hell In A Cell Preview

I’m clearly in a Wyatt mood tonight. I’m the amalgamation of Bray and Luke.

We start off with the kickoff show match.


We have the evil foreigners vs the good foreigners and Dolph. I like that Stardust and the Ascension have a Stardust section and is out to be dicks. Always great. What the hell is Cody wearing? Cesaro and Neville have great chemistry.  Dolph doesn’t fit in really.  Cesaro just dominated, then did a ridiculous swing on Barrett, followed by a red arrow by Neville. The heels didn’t do that great and had a pretty piss poor showing. Expect them to win the re-match tomorrow night. After the match, Dolph grabs a fan’s Cesaro Section sign, brings it in, and shows it to Cesaro, and he flips it over and it says “Hi Dan” and Cesaro clearly was entertained. So they cut to the Dudleys backstage.

Well, my bold prediction about Kofi beating Cena is pretty much off the table as Xavier is on his honeymoon. So I am going to switch it to Kurt Freaking Angle. It’s 8PM. I’m allowed to change my mind, always remember this.

They are starting off with the US Title open challenge. Please be Kurt!!!


Oh boy, we are in LA, and we have Sophia Vergara or however it’s spelled. Swagger’s music hits, and out comes Zeb Coulter! Wooooo, Alberto Del Rio!!!!  Well, I just marked out like an idiot. Great to see him back. Alberto is in great shape, because he hasn’t had to be on the road all the time. I would have been happy with Swagger to be honest. This is just fantastic.

Cena was in control early, to nobody’s surprise.Now Alberto is hitting a backbreaker, his running enziguri, and then he got a nice “Si” chant going. Of course Cena overcame the odds. Cena goes for the AA, Del Rio reverses it to a back stabber, followed by the kick to the face, the cover, 1…2…..3? Really? That easily? After all the people Cena has killed including Rusev, Owens, Cesaro, Dean, Dolph, etc. Like Rusev punished him way more I feel. Oh well. Cena lost. We all win.

Winner and new WWE US Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage with HHH and Steph, of course Seth comes in, and then Kane joins them. I am ok if Kane wins. Nobody, and I mean nobody deserves it more. Next up is Roman vs Bray. C’mon Bray!!!


Leet’s face it, the crowd loves Bray, and they like Roman, but they love Bray. Roman is tossing Bray around, and showing a nice powerful, controlled offense. Really good sowing so far.  Bray has the Singapore cane (I hate the term kendo stick, thanks Steve Blackman). Bray is whooping on Roman, but I don’t know how much he is even feeling with that vest. Bray has a chair, and he uses it to sit down and beat Roman with the cane. Bray just put the legs of the chair into the holes of the cage. That is going to be great. He put the cane in the corner holes, and slammed Roman’s face through it. Nice spot!!  Bray went to throw Roman, and Roman pushed him into the chair. The cell is being used.  Roman is double fisting canes, now using them both in a baseball swing.

Now Roman gets a table into the ring. Roman decides he needs 2 tables. Go on. Roman sets one up on the outside, and it ends with Bray doing his Rock Bottom move from the apron through the table. Bray is in control, and he just did his back splash. Bray has been in control with his offense for 2-4 minutes now. He’s trying to do a 2nd rope suplex through a table, but Roman fights back.Roman gets the powerbomb through the table!!! This is pretty solid. We are due interference soon I would suspect. Both guys struggle to get to their feet. Roman with clotheslines in the corner, Bray goes for Sister Abigail, but Roman counters with a roll up, and Bray kicks out at 2, and then immediate Superman punch, and another kick out. Both of these guys are very good. HOLY SHIT! Both guys are on the apron, Roman spears Bray off the apron through a table on the floor. Wow.

Roman looks to be gearing up for a spear. He’s in the corner, and Bray is trying to stand up in the ring. Bray stands, boot to Roman’s face, Sister Abigail, and only a 2 count. Damn! Bray is setting up 2 canes in the corner, one in the top, one in the middle. Bray drags him over to them, but Roman reverses, there’s the reversal, Bray goes into the cane on top, spear, Roman wins. Man, I wanted Bray, but that was a fucking good match.

Haha, there’s Mark Wahlburg, and there’s Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, as he always is. The tag title match is next. I am predicting that New Day loses via DQ.


New Day is out talking about how they are missing Xavier and how his trombone is broke. Oh, the unicorn horn thing is ridiculous. I love them.  Kofi promises to play the bongo drums on D Von’s head. Big E is gonna play the bass on Bubba’s belly like a Caucasian Kamala. Awesome! Good back and forth, Kofi tried pulling an Eddie by fake getting hit and tossing the trombone at Bubba. The ref lets it go. Big E gets a trombone hit in on Bubba, Trouble In Paradise, and still champs, New Day.

It looks like the women’s match is next. Booooo.


I don’t care. I’m going to watch Walking Dead. Charlotte won and damn near killed Nikki with one move it appeared, but I wasn’t paying much attention. Nikki actually had the move of the match with the Alabama Slam  on the apron.  Walking Dead is incredibly good right now. Kane vs Seth is next I think.


This match wasn’t bad, and Seth got the clean win after some sweet knees and kicks to the head head followed by a frogsplash and pedigree. It was the right call to put Seth over clean I do believe. He needs his clean wins.


Ryback vs Owens was exactly what you’d expect. I’m impressed that Owens was able to win via pop up powerbomb. Short match, no real complaints. I expect a re-match on RAW.


Then the big one, Taker vs Brock. They keep saying that Brock won his only Hell In A Cell, but don’t mention that it was against Taker. Guys, stop treating us like kids. You want to know why I said that you guys can fuck off and why Walking Dead had my full attention? Shit like that. Brock took a bad shot to the turnbuckle and is bleeding legit, no blading. This is what WWE needs for this type of match. It makes it feel more dangerous. A doctor did clean up Brock pretty well. Brock is wailing on Taker with a chair. Fucking ouch. His last shot especially. Brock takes off the gloves. This leads to Taker being busted open via a couple of hard punches. This is perfect for what it should be. Loved the chair slam into the throat move. Neither guy stays in control for too long, 2 minutes apiece typically. Now Brock is getting his suplex on. 3 in a row and an F5, Taker kicks out. Doctor is trying to attend to Taker, and Lesnar. He pushes the Doctor, F5 and Taker kicks out. This is great. Ring steps are now in the ring courtesy of Brock. And he nails Taker, but Taker kicks out. Brock goes to hit again, misses, again, and Taker kicks the steps back into Brock’s face. I love how Brock laughs when in control. He has great ring psychology. Hell’s Gate is applied. Brock pounds his way out and like pummeled the shit outta Taker. Ow.

Brock is ripping up the ring canvas. He pulls up a layer of foam, and the wood boards are exposed. Taker chokeslams Brock onto the wood. The crowd is loving this.Who can blame them. Taker with the Tombstone, but Brock kicks out. Taker’s pants are moist. Taker slashes his throat, so Brock uppercuts Taker in the nuts. Nice call back. Brock with a smile, and F5 on the exposed boards. That is really how it should have played out based on the story that was told.

Winner: Brrrrrrrock Lesanr

But it ain’t over. Taker looks and shakes his finger looking and acknowledging Brock. Brock walks out and gives Taker teh ring to stand up and get his standing ovation and loud cheers that he so rightfully deserves. This feels like a farewell tour to me. It makes me sad because this guy is my favorite of all time. You know something is going to happen. There it is, They’re here…….all 4 Wyatts. This is the feud that we deserved for Mania. Taker fighting the numbers. It’s his 25 year anniversary for his WWE debut at Survivor Series. 4 on 4 sounds amazing to me. Dean, Roman, maybe Kane with Taker would be epic, but Sting would be great too. They get in the ring, and Luke takes him down while Braun and Rowan put the boots to Taker while Bray gives the orders. I like how Luke is second in command. Bray hits him with kicks and punches, and the family drag him out of the ring and carry him to the back. Luke has blood on his shirt and pants. This is great shit. By the way, I got my wish of Luke being involved. My preview is proof.

Overall, this pay per view had 2 great matches, 2 adequate ones, a sham of a US Title match, an expected mediocre IC Title match, and the opener was good. If you missed the Hell in a cell matches, watch those. Aside from that, the tag and Rollins matches are watchable. The only reason to watch the Cena match is to laugh. I guess this pay per view in totality was a let down, but both cell matches are match of the year contenders in my book, and I think the Brock Taker match is my match of the year so far, that or Brock, Rollins, Cena at Royal Rumble.

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