WWE My Instant Reaction to Brooklyn Weekend

I try my best to avoid writing this stuff because I usually need a day or 2 or 30 to settle down on my rage. Yes, I sometimes take things a little too seriously about this stupid form of entertainment that I am addicted to. In this case, a lot happened, and I gotta vent.


NXT Takeover was great. I wanted Joe and Shinsuke to be a more balanced match, but in all fairness, I kept falling asleep from exhaustion, so that is probably on me and not the match. Same can be said for Bayley and Asuka and me falling asleep. I walked away satisfied, but not overwhelmed like I was at last year’s NXT Brooklyn. The tag title match stol the show, but upon rewatching, my opinion could very well change. This really isn’t a gripe or a vent, just my initial observation, and also acknowledging that being exhausted could have skewed my perception. From top to bottom, it was a great show though.

On to Summer Slam, and this is where I really need to bitch.

1. I hated the order in which they gave us the matches.

2. AJ and Cena II is probably match of the year at this point, as much as I enjoy Shinsuke vs Aries and Shinsuke vs Zayn. Yes, the Aries match is better. No, you probably don’t agree, but watch it without the emotion of the night, and just on a sheer match quality, you may change your opinion.

3. Why the fuck did Brock main event the second biggest PPV with such stupid build up, chock full of lies?

4. Sasha already dropped the belt, and is not booked for the next 33 days. Did she get a Wellness suspension? It’s either that or her suicide dive in her earlier match with Charlotte or just a nagging injury is hindering her. Still, 33 days.

5. Either way, we are stuck with Nia getting overpushed, or Bayley getting the Finn Balor treatment. I’d rather Summer Rae or Alicia be taken seriously while Bayley gets a slow burn build. Yes, I prefer my storylines that are built up and with a pay off down the road, as it is more satisfying.

6. New Day retained. That was a clusterfuck. Enzo and Cass lost. What in the actual fuck is happening? Rumors are swirling that there are more wellness policy offenses out there, so maybe that plays a role into this. I guess JeriKO can feud for the belts, or continue with Anderson and Gallows, but that match didn’t make me yearn for an immediate rematch. Demolition keeps getting brought up and if New Day hold on to the belt until December, I believe, they hold the record, so maybe that’s the plan. Still confused.

7. They ended one of the most stacked cards in PPV history with 2 non-finish fuck you’s. The Rusev thing, it angered me so fucking much. This is what happened with Cena. Eventually, your rage goes from booking to the individual themselves, even though rationally in your head, you know that it isn’t their fault, you irrationally hate them.

8.What the fuck happened with that main event. I have read so many theories about what happened. I wondered if Randy bladed, but nope, that looked legit hard way via the elbow. I find it hard to believe that Brock did this out of anger because Orton sandbagged the suplexes. As a matter of fact, it appears to me that Brock was trying to be careful with Randy due to his recent injury. I don’t buy that Brick went into business for himself, yet with so many negative things lately, it is enough to fuel the fire, unfortunately. ┬áSo was the cut intentional or not? Was Bray ever intended to interfere? Also, the thing with Shane happened. Taking everything into consideration, I think the elbow may have been planned to get a little blood in the match as Brock is notorious for wanting blood and I could see Randy digging that idea. Randy probably thought that he could handle it, but it just hit him really bad as I legit think that Randy was hurt there. That throws off Bray’s interference. Shane still has to come out to eat the F5, which may result in a suspension storyline or some such nonsense. Like I said, a lot of factors are in play, but that’s my best guess. Still, this is why you don’t end the night with this match.

9. No Heath Slater, Kalisto, or Baron Corbin aside from that little bit on the pre-show. Oh, and no fucking Bray Wyatt, who has been involved in like 3 out of the 4 Smackdown main events since teh draft. What the fuck?

10. Fuck Finn winning the belt. This is terrible business. To take it a step further, to keep basically the same fucking paint scheme as the one from RAW, I was right for bitching about it on Monday and have been vindicated by this tonight.

11. Why did the do Dolph like that? I mean, he could have lost, but that match deserved way more time. That match and the Sasha match got cut at least by 5 minutes if not longer. Dolph and Dean deserved so much more. Rumors have it that Dean has backstage heat on him, and I tend not to buy into rumors, but maybe this has some merit. Still, Dolph didn’t deserve this shitty of a booking.

I’m really disappointed with WWE, and I don’t feel that many of my gripes are way out of line. I have been providing reasonable options for them to consider, every month, yet this is what we get. Fuck that. I really hoped that tonight was going to be something special.

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