WWE Night of Champions 2015 Preview

I have to be honest, I just am not very excited for this ppv tonight. I want to be, but this simply feels like a throwaway type event with a big name attached to lure people in. I am going to do a very quick rundown.

Neville & Lucha Dragons vs Stardust & The Ascension

I really like everybody involved, and I think everybody involved should be involved in feuds with storylines, hopefully over the next month, WWE can find it in their schedule to add some depth. Stardust more than anybody else deserves better. I will pick Stardust here because it’s getting to a point where he needs the opportunity to showcase what he can do higher up. He should be in the upper mid card at the very least.

Nikki Bella vs Charlotte

I don’t care. I am not very enamored by Charlotte. I really don’t like her move set. She is incredibly athletic, and I know that they want to get the belt on somebody new now that the record is broken. I predict that Paige costs Charlotte the match. It breaks up some of this group stuff, and allows 2 women feuds. Charlotte vs Paige and hopefully Sasha vs Nikki. I pick Nikki retaining and people online bitching and moaning.

Ryback vs Kevin Owens

I wish I could get into Ryback matches, but he just is missing that “it” factor. He has really awful feuds with big guys, which doesn’t help. WWE needs to really stop having so many hoss matches. Let the big guys work with the smaller guys. It goes both ways, where the big guys can really showcase their strength, and you can do so many stories. I would love to see Neville get his Rey Mysterio run because Neville is amazing. I have yet to mention Owens. He’s going to win. He’s really the real deal. He belongs. He would be main eventing if there was a roster split. I pick Owens to win the belt and maybe elevate the title. More than likely WWE will give it to him and have hi job in countless non title matches only to have him retain when needed. That type of booking hurts everybody.

Dolph vs Rusev

These guys are so talented, but I hate their matches together. They just don’t mix well. I will lay out a bold prediction. Why not have a double switch where Summer helps Dolph and that turns Dolph heel and Rusev sorta like a face and then you could really extend this another month, and Lana may be healthy enough to have her Miss Elizabeth at WM VII moment. Lana and Rusev may not work as faces, but I think the crowd could get behind him. He’s awesome. I’ll pick Dolph.

The Dudley Boys vs New Day

How long before the WWE has to put the belts on the Dudleys to maintain their momentum? If they play it right, maybe they have to do it at Survivor Series and then New Day gets a rematch at TLC, which is what everybody wants. I’d love to add Lucha Dragons to that match as the high flyers. I’m picking New Day via shenanigans. And somebody will go through a table. I am optimistic that this match will be good.

Roman, Dean, & mystery partner vs The Wyatts

First of all, the Wyatts have to win. They debuted this beast of a man in Braun. They need a win more than the other team. To me, the more important thing is who will be the mystery partner. I think it will be Randy, but possibly Cesaro. I don’t foresee them debuting somebody new because when you debut somebody, they should rack up some wins early on. Let Roman eat a fucking loss for once. If it’s Cesaro in the match, he’ll eat it, if it’s Randy, Dean will most likely. I would love Rowan to return next month to help Dean and Roman and have him turn. That could set up a sweet 4 on 4 Survivor Series match. That’s my hope.  Also, I am hoping Luke Harper steals the show tonight. I love him and Dean.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins

Cena wins. I have no doubt about it. It should be the match of the night and possibly the opener. Instill some doubt into Seth before he wrestles Sting. Seth belongs in the main event, and I do not understand why he is not universally loved at this point?

Sting vs Seth Rollins

At some point, I imagine we will see Sheamus interact with Seth again. I don’t think he will cash in. I think Seth will beat Sting. 2 interesting things could happen that would intrigue me. 1. Seth retains with help from Sheamus, only for Sheamus to cash in. 2. Seth beats Cena, then beats Sting, then beats Sheamus giving him the Jericho night that he can lay claim to for the rest of his career. That would be huge. I could also see Kane or Taker or even Big Show interfering here. So yeah, I take Seth to retain here.

All in all, I’m just not terribly excited for this show. I hope it surprises me and is fun.

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