WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2015

This week has been an amazing week for WWE as they had NXT Takeover Saturday, Summerslam Sunday, RAW on Monday, and I’m also checking out the NXT tapings as well. All of this happened at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and there were some highs and lows, but mostly highs unless you’re a pretentious ass clown. I would venture so far as to suggest, if you couldn’t find some entertainment from this week, then WWE simply isn’t for you, and that’s ok, but you’re probably a little SAWFT.

NXT Takeover

I liked HHH’s opening. It felt important. Yeah, perhaps cheesy, but I liked it.

HHH Welcoming Brooklyn
HHH Welcoming Brooklyn

Tyler Breeze’s entrance was pretty great for him. He is going to take 3-5 years to get over on the main roster, if he ever breaks through. He’s got some HBK, Dolph, and Billy Gunn in him. He’s very technically sound, and he has a decent character.  I enjoy him, but he also finds a way to bore me sometimes. He is missing the “it” factor, for now. I genuinely think he will be a mid carder and occasional upper carder when all is said and done. Very Ziggler like career. As for his match with Jushin Thunder Liger, it was a solid opening match, and Jushin still can go.  It was a good opener and never bored me, but never got me terribly excited either.

Blake and Murphy, why they ever had a run as tag champions, I just don’t get it. They aren’t ready, they aren’t entertaining, and I see no future for them. I hate to say that, but they clearly need to stay in the NXT oven another year, easily. The Vaudevillains on the other hand, they are good to go. I am good with them staying down in NXT honing their craft another half a year, but I would love to see them in a stable, possibly with Cesaro. The match was better than Tyler’s. Blue Pants being involved truly raised the match a bit. Of course, I have a hard on for ole Blue Pants. She’s awesome. Anyway, we have new champs, and I think they can have a good 4-6 month title reign. I’d like for them to have some mic time, and maybe have one of those “intense” personal type feuds.

Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe had a match. OK, Samoa Joe had a match and Baron was there in body. I do not really like Baron, and he is still very green. I don’t think that he has been keeping himself in all that great shape. They want him to be the next Roman Reigns type guy,  Time will tell. Like Nash and Roman, Baron needs the HBK or Seth to really help him figure it out in a tag team. It’s the surest way to make things click. Shame that Neville is already called up. But wait….I did just compare somebody to HBK. Yes, put Tyler with Baron, and watch them both blossom. If not Tyler, then Bo Dallas, and make Baron Bolieve. Oh, and please bring Joe up to the main roster by year’s end. Joe is fucking great. He is one of the few wrestlers that I have loved as heel and face, no matter what. Joe carried Baron to his best match, and it wasn’t even close.

Apollo Crews took on Tye Dillinger. Apollo used to be known as Uha Nation I believe. He is a bulky, black Neville. The dude can go. Tye actually impressed me as well. It wasn’t a stunning match, but perfectly good mid card match. I can see good to great things for both guys. Tye in his own way may have the higher ceiling. I know, I’m an idiot, right? 26 years as a hardcore fan says otherwise.

Bayley finally had a chance at the women’s champion, Sasha Banks.  I want to be very clear, I do love Bayley. I think the world of her, and although she’s not as technically sound as Paige, Becky, or Sasha, she has so much charisma, she has a love-ability that is perhaps unmatched. Sasha on the other hand, has had the single great year for a female wrestler that I have seen. That’s not hyperbole. That’s not saying that she will be half as successful on the main roster when she isn’t given a chance to have 15 minute matches consistently, or given a decent angle. BUT, for this past year, she has gone from average to the best in the business, and it’s not even close. Better than Lita, better than Trish, better than Mickie and Molly. Better than AJ’s best year. But it’s only a year. Let’s see if she can keep it up.

This was the best women’s wrestling match that I have ever seen, but not for the same reason that idiots on the internet are suggesting. The moves were good, and crisp. They didn’t have the awkward movement that most divas have in a match, and they even broke out some newer stuff. But from a move perspective, I have seen better earlier this year. Where this match succeeded was in the psychology and storyline.  I bet somebody like a Jake the Snake, Bret Hart, Macho Man, and Undertaker would have appreciated this story. It was a simple talke of the dominant champ constantly reminding the underdog why she wasn’t good enough. Then they threw in the hand injury and Sasha maliciously working on it. John Cena wants to overcome the odds, he can fuck off. Bayley overcame the odds properly. Whether you cried or just felt joy or pride or whatever emotion you felt, if you were a wrestling fan, you felt something. Isn’t that what wrestling is supposed to be about? And that finishing belly to belly of Bayley’s, that was the hardest hitting belly to belly I have seen in years. It worked on every level.


Praise aside, this is NOT a match of the year contender unless we count the top 25 matches of the year as contenders. Let’s be realistic here. It’s a match that is either loved or talked down too much by the internet. There seems to be nobody properly gauging it. So allow me. It doesn’t have to be one of the 5 best matches of the year to still be incredibly important. So I suggest we may have to say that this may be one of, if not, THE most important match of the year. OK, Brock vs Roman at WM XXXI was more important, as was Kevin Owens vs Cena the first match. But this is right in there with them. It showed the world in voice, we’re gonna live on, we’re gonna survive. Sorry, damn you Independence Day and the greatest film speech of all time. That match was the main event of the night, make no mistake about it. They outdid every male match. They stole the show. They proved that when women are given a real chance, when given material to work with and some time to make it work, they can hang with the boys. I actually wasn’t sure if I’d ever see that day, but it came Saturday, and it was wonderful.


Oh yeah, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens had a ladder match for the NXT title after that. Finn has one of the best big match entrances, no doubt. Kevin Owens is one of the 10 best in the ring, and that is probably undermining his talent.  Here’s an issue I need to bring up. Why does everybody have such a hard on for Finn? He had so much hype around him before signing with WWE, and then I watch him, and he does nothing special. He is proficient but he’s a mid card talent with a main event entrance. I expected more from him in the ring. I need to really look up some of his matches from Japan, maybe see what all the hype was about. I do like Finn, but I find him to be maybe a 6 or 7, and he was treated as a 9 or a 10. One thing that works for him is that there’s a fine example of a wrestler having a flashy entrance, a few pretty moves, and a mediocre move set and be loved and a main eventer for years. Unfortunately, that man’s name is Jeff Hardy. I want Finn to be better, I want to love the guy because he strikes me as a good dude, but it’s not clicking yet. As for the match, one thing that I think rang true was that these were pulling out all stops for the belt, and that makes a world of difference when you can feel the intensity building towards getting the championship. Unfortunately,you can’t help but feel like Owens didn’t go balls out here because he would have a match with Cesaro the next night at Summerslam. I wish they would have added Samoa Joe and even Baron to this match, and I think it would have shined way brighter than the 2 individual matches. Baron could have benefited greatly, Joe and Finn could have been the work horses. It could have been spectacular.

Here’s how I would rate the matches out of 1-10, because I think the 5 star system is dumb. If you want my star rating, divide my rating in half. Simple.

Tyler vs Jushin – 6.0

Vaudevillains vs Blake and Murphy – 6.0

Baron vs Joe – 3.5

Apollo vs Tye – 4.5

Sasha vs Bayley – 10

Finn vs Kevin -7.0

I know that 7.0 may be too low for some, but I then ask you to consider previous ladder matches. You know that you have seen way better, so 7.0 is fair. All in all, the show gets a 7.5 from me.

Thank you for reading. Please make sure to check out my other 3 reviews of WWE in Brooklyn.

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