WWE Summer Slam 2015

This week has been an amazing week for WWE as they had NXT Takeover Saturday, Summerslam Sunday, RAW on Monday, and I’m also checking out the NXT tapings as well. All of this happened at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and there were some highs and lows, but mostly highs unless you’re a pretentious ass clown. I would venture so far as to suggest, if you couldn’t find some entertainment from this week, then WWE simply isn’t for you, and that’s ok, but you’re probably a little SAWFT.


Always a pleasure to see Jon Stewart and the Hardcore Icon, and one of the nicest guys in the business, Mick Foley.


Orton and Sheamus part 172 was the opening bout. They both tried hard, they worked their usual match. Sheamus won cleanly, which was surprising. To nobody’s surprise, the crowd gave zero fucks about this match. Please, no more of the following matches, ever: Orton vs Sheamus, Orton vs Cena, Brock vs Cena, Rusev vs Henry, Rusev vs Swagger, Big Show vs Kane vs Mark Henry or any combination, Rock vs Cena, HHH vs Orton. I know Orton and Cena are on this list alot, as are the old guys, and that makes a ton of sense because you can’t always have fresh feuds. Still, Orton and Sheamus have shit for chemistry for whatever reason.

New Day came out and are the best act going right now. I think they are just as over as anyone not named Brock or Taker. They did a nice take on Jay Z, and had us laughing. The 4 team match was fine for what it was. At one point, one of the Matadors fell, and I think his partner immediately recognized the fuck up and got in position and it was fairly flawless. Good for them. PTP didn’t do much for me, and Lucha didn’t get enough spots to leave an impression. New Day won, and they were dancing and gyrating and my god, what a fucking treat they were. Great performance for them!

Rusev took on the returning Ziggler, and it happened, and I can’t remember a single spot. So let’s analyze this. November of 2014, Dolph is the sole survivor in the main event of Survivor Series, and gets the spotlight with Sting in hi debut.  December 2014, Dolph is in opening match against my man Luke Harper in a ladder match for the IC title, and stole the show. January 2015, we see Dolph have like a 3 minute run in the Royal Rumble and Rusev also got kinda fucked over, but nowhere near as bad as Dolph. Dolph was never the same. Wrestlemania XXXI, Rusev comes out with a fucking tank, and he loses to Cena. A man with a tank, lost to Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. Get out the shovels because Rusev got buried and never recovered. Plus Dolph is saddled with Lana, and it just isn’t going ANYWHERE. I love Summer Raw, glad that she is getting time, I think she is beautiful, but this isn’t helping anybody. This feud is so bad. Apparently, the match ended in a double DQ. Sigh.

Neville and Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) took on Stardust and Wade Barrett is a comic book like showdown. This was really good for what it was. Amell came off very good. He did a lot of work, didn’t look sloppy, he looked better than a lot fo NXT guys quite frankly. And the good guys win. They raised a lot of money for Amell’s shirts which he created with WWE. The goal was 10,000 shirts, and they sold over 15,000 and $400,000 went to Emily House charity. That’s awesome stuff. Everybody won, and I don’t think anybody walked away disappointed.


Ryback vs Big Show vs Miz was next, and I like Ryback the character, but he bores me frequently as well. I have a love hate relationship with him. I would have liked the Miz to win because The Miz is awesome, and I know he rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but I dig his work. Ryback won, nobody cares. The best part of the match was when Miz went for like 6 straight pins. That is the small bits of psychology that help make a match that Miz never gets credit for, but it makes so much sense. Moving on.

The Hatfields and McCoys were at it again as Bray and Luke battled Roman and Dean. This is one of those feuds that I know I should be sick of, but I simply am not. It was only 11 minutes, but in a way, that’s all this match needed to be. The Shield boys were victorious and everybody was happy.

We were then treated to a title vs title match with Cena and Seth Rollins. First of all, Seth’s outfit was repugnant. When you are dressed worst than Cena, it’s not a good thing. Go back to black Seth, please. Seth did the thing that so many people want various wrestlers to do, he stepped up his game for the big match. He hit big moves, had some great reversals, and went toe to toe with the biggest wrestler in the business currently, and Cena brought his A game too. It was a great fucking match. Rollins hit a great frogsplash, a crossbody block into a roll through and jacked Cena up for an AA, did his running powerbomb, and did this great superplex and then rolled through into a second suplex. These things matter. Idiots that want to shit all over Seth’s title run…..feel free to stop looking foolish any time now. He has founght and defeated all challengers so far. So Cena gets Seth up for an AA, and the ref gets knocked out. Jon Stewart comes out with a chair, and you know he plans on using it. And then he nailed Cena, and the crowd goes crazy. Seth hits the pedigree, and game over. Thank you Jon Stewart for doing what you did. It was a safe way to end the match without hurting anybody’s momentum.

People were online bitching about the ending. I view that as a positive thing 80% of the time. When you are pissing off of the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community), then you are probably doing things right because the smarks are all bitchy and moaning because their prediction didn’t come true, and because Daniel Bryan does hold every belt in WWE. This is why ECW was the best for awhile. They had so many different things, if you liked work rate, they had those matches. If you wanted a story driven feud, you had that. If you just wanted a bloody brawl or a sexy cat fight, they supplied it. Fuckheads on the internet need to understand that you need to have the good feuds and the bad feuds. If everything was great all of the time, it would stop feeling great, just the norm.

The Diva revolution continued next, and the crowd shit all over it, and that shouldn’t surprise anybody. An actual elimination match would have done them more favors, in the vein of Survivor Series. Unfortunately, this match bombed, and it isn’t the girl’s fault, but they had to hear the crowd. It’s not fair to put the girls out there to fail like that, especially considering 24 hours ago, we had Bayley vs Sasha. I think I am glad that Becky got the win instead of Charlotte, but Sasha or Alicia would have been preferred. Yes, I think Alicia Fox is criminally under utilized. Let’s just move along.

Cesaro found Kevin Owens next, and I have a problem with this. The match was fine. It got 14 minutes. My issue is the placement. I would have opened with this match. This would have pumped the crowd up instead of the boring opener that we got. This was probably the 3rd best match of the night. Shame it was placed so late into the night. Owens won, and I would be thrilled if we get more of these guys.

Finally, we get the rematch that nobody really wanted, but now that we have it, let’s make the most of it. Taker is in the best shape that he’s been in, in years.  Brock is Brock. Taker is second, only to Kurt Angle, as far as putting on a match with Brock. The internet was not kind to this match. We enjoyed the hell out of it watching it live. Taker mocking Brock, Brock flipping off Taker, suplex city, some old school moves, great counters, this match had it all. It also had a very screwy ending in which Brock had Taker in the Kimura and Taker was trying to position Brock into a pin. The ref was looking at the shoulders, and Taker tapped. The bell rings, the ref is mad as he never called for the bell, but the bell ringer saw the tap. The match restarted, Taker put Brock in Hell’s Gate and Brock passes out and therefore loses. Aside from outside interference, this was honestly the best thing that they could do. I personally predicted that the Dudleys came out, cost Taker the Match and Kane make the save, but wishful thinking. I mean, it’s not like any rumors had come out about the Dudleys returning. Stupid Kent.

Let me rate all the matches 1-10.

Orton vs Sheamus – 5.0

Tag Team Title – 6.5

Rusev vs Ziggler – 3.5

Neville and Amell vs Stardust and Barrett – 6.0

Ryback vs Big Show vs Miz -5.0

Wyatts vs Shield – 6.5

Seth vs Cena – 9.0

Diva Revolution – 3.6

Cesaro vs Owens – 7.5

Taker vs Brock – 8.0

Overall, I liked this more than Takeover. The big matches were good to great. It had more big matches, and they got more time. I give this overall, an 8.0. Cena vs Seth, Taker vs Brock, Owens vs Cesaro all did exactly what was asked for them, and possibly more. I enjoyed a few matches more than I anticipated, such as IC title, Tag title, and Stardust match. There were 3 matches that underwhelmed me for different reasons. And then there was the Wyatts vs Shield match. It was good for what it was, but it really could have used a surprise ending, but obviously RAW happened. Still, if that happened at the ppv, I probably raise the match score and overall score to reflect a 4th big match. I liked the ppv quite a bit though, obviously. We had fun, and I think when you walk away from a ppv feeling happy about what you just watched, that’s a good show.

Thank you for reading. Please make sure to check out my other 3 reviews of WWE in Brooklyn.

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