WWE Survivor Series 2014 Final Thoughts

I was going to do a review, but that almost feels too formal. I want to touch on the show in general without any play by play nonsense. Let’s tackle the divas first.

I thought the 4 on 4 traditional Survivor Series match was incredibly well done given the state of the divas over the past 3 years. It wasn’t without it’s flaws, Cameron, but by and large, it really surprised me. I love Emma and Alicia, and both got to do some good work. I like watching Paige and Emma work together as they have excellent chemistry due to being rivals in NXT. I really have to admit that Layla stepped up her game last night, I was very impressed by her. Summer Rae on the other hand, she can still go in the ring, but it’s not like it used to be. To make matters worse for me as a fan of hers, her character is atrocious. It makes me cringe, and I shouldn’t be cringing when a girl that talented and good looking is on my screen. Finally, I have to say that Paige has slowly gotten more comfortable. The screaming is toned down significantly, and she is getting better. I am happy for her because for months, she has been a Rocky Maivia level of annoying. Naomi needs to get some matches in her where she not only hits her normal moves, but shows that she is more than just a spot wrestler. By that, I mean, you don’t want her to be young Jeff Hardy who didn’t understand how to put together a match. He simply looked for a handful of his spots and nothing felt fluid, as opposed to somebody like Rollins, Ambrose, Angle, Benoit, HBK, HHH, Punk, and Taker. They know how to make it feel like a match. Naomi can be great, but she needs time to tell the story, and when she gets the time, to use it better.

The Diva’s championship match was clearly the low point for me. I actually wanted to see them have a 5-7 minute match to showcase their talents. Instead, we got Brie kissing AJ, and 2 moves later, and we have a new champ. AJ, nobody is gonna blame you if you want to go home and spend time with Punk if they aren’t going to utilize you better. I don’t mean just this night. I can live with an angle, no matter how silly it is, as long as there’s a payoff. What I don’t understand is how they have yet to give us a compelling AJ angle. It’s not like their roster of divas isn’t stacked, not a boob joke. AJ, Alicia, Emma, Paige, Natalya, Nikki, Brie, Summer, Naomi, and Layla can all wrestle to varying competent degrees. Rosa and Cameron can’t, but who cares? Sometimes women are simply eye candy. My point is, when was the last time that the divas division had so many average to good wrestlers? It’s been awhile. And AJ is the best of the bunch, and she deserves a truly rivalry. And for the love of God, I don’t ever wish to hear the term BFF ever again in the divas division. Can we all agree that this high school bullshit can stop?

Adam Rose and the bunny had a match against Slater and Gator after a terrible toy spot in the back. The match went exactly as expected. I dig Heath and Titus. I wish they would get it more together, get more time and have a run with that tag titles next year sometime. As for poor Adam Rose. When I think of Adam Rose, 2 names come to mind: Fandango and Zach Ryder. Woo woo woo, you know that’s not good company. All 3 caught on fire with the right crowd, and instead of the WWE capitalizing on the momentum and see where it went, they ruined each and every one of these guys by not using them properly. I’m not arguing that Adam is a great wrestler, but he’s serviceable. Could he have been in a feud for the IC or US title for a month, just to see if he could have maintained his momentum? I don’t see why not since both titles are more of a prop than something prestigious. Zach and Fandango actually both have talent, and they couldn’t stay over. Adam, I expect your release within 6 months sadly. I kinda like the guy, I really like his music. I really like the hot chick that is always with him. I don’t see his run in WWE ending well. I hope I’m wrong, but with his momentum gone, he doesn’t have enough talent to be getting more time than so many other individuals in the company. AT least TNA got a new TV deal, so he can fall back on that probably.

The tag title match was a one trick pony. All the crowd wanted was for Sandow to get in and have his moment. They teased it and teased it, and they did it at the right time, and he got the win and the titles. In that sense, it was a huge success as the crowd really was into it. I feel bad for saying this, but I didn’t like it. It had too much talent to be focused on one simple thing. I get why they did it. The outcome of Sandow and Miz winning was the right call. I just didn’t like the execution. Shame, because a year ago, the tag division was ridiculously strong.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt was my favorite match of the night, no question. It my not have been the best, but it was exactly what it should have been. These guys know what they are doing and that match didn’t hurt either guy. It was one of the hardest hitting matches that I’ve seen in a long while. There was a lot of big spots. The ending was almost perfect. I know most of us wanted Dean to do a spot off the ladder, but with all the carnage with the tables and chairs, it wouldn’t have been safe. Yes, that was very reminiscent of an ECW spot from years and years ago, and that’s not a bad thing. I love both guys, and I truly hope they both leave the feud better than they were coming in. Was it a perfect match? Hell no. Did it plod early on at points? Yeah, but so does damn near every other match in existence. I’d rather start slowly and continuously build up than to start fast, cool down mid way, and go for broke at the end. The crowd is already excited at the beginning, so I think this formula works better.

The main event was as close to perfect as you are going to get from WWE in 2014. Would I have changed something here or there just a bit? I’m not even sure. It started off in a great way with Big Show knocking out Mark Henry. Perfect, because now team Authority is down one, and you can build off of that panic. I thought for sure that Big Show, Dolph, or possibly Rowan would be the first out, but mainly Big Show. Instead, Ryback goes out, but it was well done. By the way, Rollins worked his nuts off during the match, in a great display. Rusev’s elimination was not what I expected, but I loved it nonethless. Luke, Seth and Kane did a great job as a unit. I think Rowan was the next one out.Ziggler at this point has been on the ground for awhile. In comes Big Show and Cena, and then came Big Show’s yearly heel turn, a month after Mark Henry’s yearly turn. Gotta love the WWE. I was so happy because it eliminated the 2 worst wrestlers in the match in Cena and Big Show. Big Show should be a heel 80% of his time anyway. Now it is down to Dolph taking on Kane, Luke, and Seth. Holy shit, Cena isn’t going to overshadow the young talent? I would like everybody who predicted that the final 4 participants in the match were Seth, Luke, Kane, and Dolph to raise their hand. Oh, nobody? Yeah, I was shocked and thrilled. Dolph was put on full display, and he fucking put on a show. Ziggler keeps fighting, taking hard hit after hard hit, but he got rid of Kane, then got a nice roll up on Luke that was fairly believable as far as roll ups go. Seth and Dolph are now the final 2. Wrestling nerds around the world had raging nerdgasms at this point I’m sure. It was fantastically well done. Dolph finally gets the upper hand, and the ref gets pulled out of the ring by HHH. By the way, throughout the match, HHH was fantastic with his facial expressions, as was Steph, but HHH really stole the show at points. Another ref, and HHH interferes again. HHH with the Pedigree on Dolph. Oh boy, you can hear the nerds freaking out now. I’m absolutely loving it because I love all 3 guys involved now. HHH motions for referee Scott Armstrong, Road Dogg’s brother, and he slides in to make the count and then it finally fucking happened.

The arena goes dark, and then some unfamiliar music, and you watch the titantron, and after years of rumors and hope, there was one of the most beloved wrestlers in my lifetime making his WWE debut, none other than WCW’s franchise, Sting. I get pumped every so often, there’s some awesome moments throughout the year, every year, no matter how shitty wrestling is. When Batista returned, or every time I see Undertaker I can’t help but be overly excited, the first time in teh ROyal Rumble where time stops and 2 hosses go head to head for that big moment, when a new guy debuts or returns at the Royal Rumble, when Jericho returns, shit like that. But to get the genuine goosebump, feel good, moment of electricity? That means something when I have been watching for over 25 years. When you started Wrestlemania off with Hogan, and Austin and Rock. That’s the feeling I am talking about. When in Brooklyn, Rusev is out talking and out of nowhere The Rock appears. This was like that, but more meaningful.

I haven’t enjoyed the main event scene this year, but you have to admit, this year has been one of the most memorable years in wrestling history. I know Randy will be back soon as will Wade Barrett, and Roman Reigns, and those are all nice, but this was monumental. For the same reason I couldn’t describe why the night the Nexus formed was special to Raylene, or why when Punk sat down on the entrance ramp and dropped his pipebomb was changing the landscape as we heard every word out of his mouth, or when Brock came back and F5’d Cena. All were great, memorable moments. And I hate to put this moment in here, but it belongs for very different reasons, and it wasn’t just one moment, it was a series of moments. The Ultimate Warrior not only being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but the prophetic speech he gave that Monday will always haunt me. You realize with these retired guys, this appearance may be the last, and there was so much promise and simultaneous finality to it. To the point, I can still hear him say those words, and it honestly makes me sad thinking about it now, but that was also an amazing moment. Back to the match.

Stings comes out, and he punches the ref. HHH is staring him down. By the way, you can tell HHH has been getting into in ring shape again, he was jacked under that shirt. HHH had enough, he swings, Sting avoids it, kicks him, and then does the Scorpion Death Drop.  The crowd goes crazy. Sting pulls Dolph on top of Seth, and the original ref slides in and makes the count. Sting exits, and Dolph gets his big moment. Of course Cena meets him on the ramp, which I didn’t like, but it made sense. He didn’t take away the attention I didn’t feel. The crowd starts up the Na na na song, and HHH is stunned, and Steph does an amazing job, she’s so good. And this is my one extremely minor gripe. Their in St. Louis, which is where Randy Orton is from. How great would it have been if HHH started flipping out when some refs or security tried escorting him out, and suddenly Orton RKO’d him and draped Steph over his shoulder while they dragged HHH away. In a ppv that didn’t need anymore big moments, I get that, but that would have been the proverbial cherry on top.

This was the best ppv since February for me personally. Too much Cena bullshit, not enough Brock. Bray wasn’t used properly. That’s been the story since February. Remember, February had the sweet Elimination Chamber plus Shield vs Wyatts. You know what I really liked aside from the obvious? The fact that at the end of the day, the older guys were used to enhance and help the young guys and not steal the spotlight, ahem Mr Cena. Seth, Dolph, Luke, Rowan, Dean, Bray, Roman, Wade, Ryback, Rusev, Cesaro, Sandow, Cody, and even Sheamus are the future of the company. And if you look down at NXT, you’ll find Sami Zayn, Aaron Neville, The Ascension, Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Kevin Owens, and my favorites Enzo and Cass, and you’ll see that the WWE has the dawning of a great era. I just hope the old guys do the right thing.

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