WWE TLC 2014 Review

Yes, I am slacking on a couple of other blogs, BUT this was a busy week. I just completed yet another successful LingFest. It was fantastic. I may do a quick blog about it, but I want to focus on wrestling right this moment.

I want to say that if you haven’t been watching NXT, you should. It’s better than the WWE’s main shows in my opinion. It is a mixture of WWE and ECW in a lot of ways. I include ECW because of the fans. They make the show feel special week after week for me. The talent is hit and miss at times, but the future is amazing at the moment. Let’s face it, Taker, Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry, and Goldust are pretty much done. HHH has a match 1-3 times a year. Cena, Randy, and Brock are getting to a point where the opportunities that they have been taking need to be passed down to the next generation. Think about Dolph, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Ryback, Miz, Damien Sandow, Cody, Cesaro, Swagger, and Sheamus and how they are quintessentially the middle men that need to really put up or shut up. Then there’s the new guys that are really grabbing the infamous “brass ring” such as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, Rusev, Eric Rowan, Fandango (this guy is the real thing, and may take longer like Dolph did), Roman Reigns (shaking my head as he don’t deserve his push) and of course that young strapping buck known as Batista. Then there’s the NXT roster, and they have anywhere from 5-10 legit superstars in the making down there. Adrian Neville can be, but I don’t think he will be. Sami Zayn really is so damn unique, and he can work with damn near anyone, and I think he’s a future champ. Tyler Breeze….I’m just not sure about quite yet. Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, and Kevin Owens are all no brainers. The Ascension will be the best tag team of this decade, I am 80% positive. They have some of the best qualities of all time teams like Demolition, Legion of Doom/Road Warriors, The Eliminators, and The Dudleys. Yes, they are my can’t miss prospects above anybody else. There’s a few others like Baron Corbin, the Vaudevillans, Bull Dempsey, Bailey, and Charlotte. I’ll tell you 2 talents that are really showing me some outstanding potential: Sasha Banks and Enzio and the tall dude. Sasha is potentially our next great heel diva, I truly believe that. The guys, they are funny, they stay in your mind, they have so many catchphrases, and they have a hot chick. Even is their in ring talent is average, people like The Rock, John Cena, Road Dogg, and Hulk Hogan have all proved that if you’re charismatic and can work the crowd, you can be a main eventer.

Sorry, that went on too long, but please, if you have the WWE Network, watch NXT R Evolution. Fantastic show from top to bottom. On with the TLC preview.

The New Day vs Star and Goldust

I already hate The New Day despite being a big fan of Kofi and to a lesser extent, Big E. I know that for a PG non controversial show, making them a more militant Nation Of Domination type stable may not be best for business. Unfortunately, I also believe that’s the only way that they get over. Kofi needs a heel turn, and Big E could too. Add R Truth as the older guy to partner with Xavier to help him get over and I would like that. As it is, they are bombing. They will get the win, but I don’t give a fuck. And they need new attire.

Raylene’s Prediction: “Probably stupid New Day.”

The Miz and Damien Sandow vs Usos

I really dislike the Usos. They don’t do anything bad mind you, but they got a much bigger push than they deserved and kept the belts for too long while other teams would have benefited more. Harper and Rowan or Real Americans should have won them much earlier this year. As for the Miz and Sandow’s act, I hate saying Mizdow, it’s good. The question is do they fear it wearing out it’s welcome and pull the trigger on the split too soon, or do they give Miz the reigns and say be the heel that we know you can be? I say ride it out and let Miz heel it up more. Whether they have the titles really won’t matter if it’s drawn out. The other logical scenario is the have the split sooner than later, with each guy remaining as half of the champions, and have a match between Miz & partner vs Sandow & partner. If things start sucking or stagnating, pull the trigger. Who would I have as partners you may be wondering? I would reunite Big Show with Miz and have Show Miz and reunite Damien with Cody. Why? Because the Miz treats everybody like shit and if this was to play out, Big SHow may be due his annual face or heel turn. Also, that team is intimidating in theory. The Dusts should continue jobbing, not much of a story. Cody is offered a chance to go for the titles, and Goldust gives his blessing. Goldust should interfere in the match, start the Cody vs Goldust rivalry and have a good team as champs.

Anyway, yeah, the Usos lose because they bore me.

Raylene’s Prediction: “I’m going to take Miz and Mizdow. I fucking hate the Usos.”

Eric Rowan vs Big Show (Stairs match)

Eric Rowan wins. He has to, right? He’s the guy that really needs the rub and Big Show has no problem taking some big hits and putting over a young talent. I do hope they continue this feud because Rowan can learn a ton from Big Show. Big Show gains nothing if he wins.

I got Rowan here.

Rayelene’s Prediction¬† “I gotta go Big Show.”

Nikki Bella vs AJ Lee

I like AJ, and she’s still in my top 3 with Alicia and Emma, BUT she has to up her game if she plans on staying relevant. That’s not entirely fair when not given much to work with, but her work has dropped a bit I feel. Nikki on the other hand, may be the most improved Diva this year, at least in ring. I don’t hold her awful storyline against her personally. Let’s face it, the Bella storyline was the worst of the year probably. Brie is garbage, and I hate brie mode. I’ll predict Nikki because I have a sinking suspicion that the twins break up in time for Wrestlemania pay day. I hate them some days.

Rayelene’s Prediction “Yeah I’m keeping stupid Nikki. I hate her.”

Rusev vs Swagger for US championship

Rusev is winning, no doubt. The question is, once he does lose, will he be able to retain momentum and continue to rise or at least hold his position?

Rayelene’s Prediction “Again? You know what I am going with Jack Swagger. He needs it.”

Ryback vs Kane (Chairs Match)

Kane is here to job in under 5 minutes. Don’t go any longer because I like Ryback, but long matches don’t suit him.

Rayelene’s Prediction “I’m just picking fucking Ryabck.”

Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler (IC title Ladder Match)

Well, this will be match of the night no doubt, especially if they are given 20 minutes. This could end up as match of the year really. Aside from Seth and Dean, nobody else is at this level in ring currently, and I mean that all 4 are at the peak with no distinct order. Dolph is getting pushed. Luke needs the title more. I have no clue. I think I stick with Luke Harper retaining and somebody fucking over Dolph.

Rayelene’s Prediction “I got Luke retaining.”

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt (TLC)

Like last month, I expect another great matchup, and instead of it being too much of an angle, it’s going to be a balls to the wall match, and these guys may steal the show if Luke and Dolph get less time.

Rayelene’s Prediction “Eh, I’ll give it to Dean.”

John Cena vs Seth Rollins (Tables Match)

Cena don’t put over young guys. Cena is the destroyer and eater of pushes. Cena needs to retire if he’s not going to be putting guys over. BUT you already knew that. Meanwhile, Seth has been the 2nd half of the year’s MVP, without a doubt. He not only is killing it in matches, BUT his mic skills have improved, he is one of the best trash talkers during a match, and he is getting in ridiculously good shape. Despite this, Cena wins, the show ends on a down note.

Rayelene’s Prediction “I already told you Rollins. I just don’t want to give it to fucking Cena.”

So there you have it. I think this ppv has sleeper potential. We have Harper/Dolph, Dean/Bray, Cena/Seth as the 3 matches with most potential. We need one more good match, but where does it come from? I’m guessing the Miz match or Rusev. Divas, and the 2 hoss match ups will be exactly what you expect, little to nothing. Thank you for reading!!!!

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