WWE’s Week In Brooklyn: NXT 08/26/15

This week has been an amazing week for WWE as they had NXT Takeover Saturday, Summerslam Sunday, RAW on Monday, and I’m also checking out the NXT tapings as well. All of this happened at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and there were some highs and lows, but mostly highs unless you’re a pretentious ass clown. I would venture so far as to suggest, if you couldn’t find some entertainment from this week, then WWE simply isn’t for you, and that’s ok, but you’re probably a little SAWFT.


The opening….this is what they should have started Takeover with. My god. Did Enzo and Cass just get the loudest pop out of everybody? Top 3 easily. I know coming from NXT is very hit or miss. For every Shield, Wyatts, Paige, and Kevin Owens, you also have Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Emma, and The Ascension. Then you have the middle ground of Neville, Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha Banks. If WWE just allow Enzo and Cass to do their thing, I swear, they will be one of the biggest acts in the company. They are the NEW New Age Outlaws. In all ways, for better or worst, and I think damn near every team on the main roster would love that comparison as opposed to where they currently are minus New Day. Cass is the Billy Gunn, for a big dude, he can go. He can work, and he has plenty of charisma too. The linchpin though is clearly Enzo Amore. This guy has Road Dogg mic skills with an added layer of intensity. They will sell shirts, they will get people reciting their lines within a month. The one problem is that Enzo is not a great worker, and I don’t know if he ever will be, but Road Dogg was fairly average, and he could last for awhile. I think these guys will go down as a huge success.


Emma is back to NXT after WWE blew her call up. The girl is incredibly charismatic, has great moves, and I think that she is gorgeous. Really, one of the better looking divas. I love that they gave her a new mean streak when she came back. All I know, when her and Paige feuded in NXT, they were electric. We have seen that Paige is incredibly inconsistent on the main roster because she was too green against AJ and they didn’t get a good story to work with. Now that the matches are longer, Paige is improving, if she would just shut the fuck up. Back to Emma, she has all of the tools to be successful in that division, they just need to debut her properly, give her time to establish herself, some vignettes, and not saddle her with Santino.

Of course, the flip side is Eva Marie. She has a look. She has no discernible skills. Hey, and she is taking on Carmella. Oh god, this is a fucking train wreck. Eva is attractive, but she isn’t really in the upper half of the divas looks wise for me personally. I know that is not a popular opinion, but fuck off. Eva is doing a rest hold and mocking Carmella, and she did that well, but in a grating way. This is like watching a sloppy match at like 70% speed. Carmella has at least improved, she really has. She is well over a year away, but I at least see improvement. Eva Marie hits THE Brian Kendrick’s sliced bread move, and it looks fucking awful. Sigh. Eva can just go away and do porn. If she is truly serious about this, I hope it clicks for her, but if not, do porn.

Bull Dempsy made his return against some drifter guy. The match sucked. Bull Dempsy simply doesn’t click with me. He has gotten in better shape, so hopefully he gets it, and keeps improving. He is probably a nice dude, but I give zero fucks about his matches.


We have a 4 diva match with Emma, Dana Brooke, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte. Emma looks stunning, although I wish her shorts were slightly cheekier. Dana, I don’t find her attractive. Not sure if I am supposed to, but I don’t, and she annoys me. Not because she’s a heel. Just because she’s annoying. Becky is actually very funny. Charlotte is incredibly overrated and riding her daddy’s coattails. She’s not hot really, but can be sometimes, and she’s not great in the ring, but can be sometimes. Charlotte is the most overrated on the roster aside from maybe Brie Bella. That girl can’t wrestle. I liked Becky’s orange hair better than trying to be Eva red, I want to say. The match was ok, the heels faced off at some point, same with the faces. Emma won with a huge impact on her Emma Sandwich move. I loved the impact. Of course, after the match, Charlotte beats Emma’s ass, and pins her, the crowd counts, and this is a face move? I don’t get it. She’s being a bully. Now she has the Figure 8 on Dana. She’s a bully and is the face??? Why?


After the show, I read that in regard to the Dusty Rhodes memorial tag team tournament, we will be getting these match ups:

Samoa Joe and Finn Balor vs Lucha Dragons

Rhyno and Baron Corbin vs The Ascension

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable vs Solomon Crowe and Neville

Tyler Breeze and Bull Dempsy vs Johnny Garganno and Tomasso Ciampa

If those are how they are bracketed, I’ll make some bold, incorrect picks now. I’ll take Joe/Finn, Ascension, Jordan/Gable, and Garganno/Ciampa. Then Joe/Finn and Jordan/Gable, with Jordan/Gable winning it all.Now, watch me get all picks wrong and welcome to my hell.

Thank you for reading. Please make sure to check out my other 3 reviews of WWE in Brooklyn.

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