The Wrestling 9 Deuce: September 26 & 27, 2016 – What Was Becky Coming Out For Edition

The Wrestling 9 Deuce – September 26 and 27, 2016

OH, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. Well pull up a chair and listen to Russ, Keri, and I fill all of your orifices with this week’s biggest topics in the world of wrestling.

  1.  Are you happy with the fallout from the Cesaro and Sheamus best of 7 series?

Russ:  I’m going to hold Judgement on this particular angle.  At first, I was really irritated by this cop out! After what was close to being a very special match at Clash I was expecting to get “we won’t let this feud end this way!  It has to be decisive!”  Instead we get “you guys are equally good! Let’s team you up!”  However, after a little time to think about it I can see this playing out as a different story than WWE usually sets up and I would be on board if they go this route.  Basically,  Sheasaro ™ (For Kent so he knows I’m not stealing it!)   Team up for the next few weeks, but instead of working out the way Foley thought it might it ends in disaster.  They fight constantly and do not accomplish the goal of becoming Tag Champs.  This prompts Foley to set up a match at Hell in the Cell to be the final one! Of course this will be in a Cell that is similar to a place south of Heaven.  If they go in this direction I can get behind this angle.  If they go in a different direction from what I just described, I’ll revisit this topic.  (Kent: I smell a riot.)

Keri:  At first, I felt like they left things up in the air. However, after watching the promo with Foley as well as the backstage segment, it became apparent what they wanted to do with both guys. By setting things up the way they did, with neither being declared the winner, it enabled both guys to look strong. As for Foley setting them up as a tag team, all I have to say there is paging Dr. Shelby (oh look Kent made a Team Hell No reference too).  I don’t know if this “tag team” will continue past this week but given the fact that Creative doesn’t use the tag teams they have on RAW, I say that we shouldn’t.

Kent: Once I learned that neither Cesaro, nor Sheamus, had suffered any injuries, I totally expected them to finish this feud in a Hell in a Cell match, which admittedly would have kicked ass. Then Foley puts them in a tag team. My instant reaction was a bit incredulous because I just want Cesaro to get himself, but I quickly figured out that this is the next Team Hell No, and it’s a stroke of genius. Let’s face it, Cesaro losing to KO wasn’t going to him any more over than he already is. Now you add some fun dynamics, both guys get plenty of shine, and we could be on the verge of lightning in a bottle. If they were on Smackdown, I would be slightly more optimistic. RAW already has a great tag division that they don’t know how to utilize properly, so between that, and New Day inching closer to the all-time record, I’m a little hesitant. Maybe they will drop the belts shortly after the record is broken. Also, before my colleagues decide to Brangelina the hell out of this name, yes, it will just be easier to say Sheasaro and be done with it.  League of Nations would be a cool name though…….


  1. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for Charlotte vs. Sasha next week?

Russ:  There was a time when I couldn’t wait for Sasha to be the champ.  Then she became champ, did nothing with it, lost it within a month.  That completely killed my ability to care for her getting the belt again.  Charlotte on the other hand has only gotten better recently.  So I say keep the belt on her!  As far as a rating… I’d give it a 3.  I have such a low interest that I don’t really care who wins.

Keri:  Can I say zero? Because I want to say zero. I don’t care about this match. I know how it’s going to end and I’m not excited about that at all. Something did happen for me this week though. I saw something in Charlotte I hadn’t seen before and it quite frankly shocked me. She actually looked and talked like a champ. Her mic skills were significantly improved and she is starting to make me a believer. She keeps this up and I may start saying Team Charlotte instead of Team Sasha.

Kent:  Remember when fans were chanting for Sasha for months, and she was one of the hottest names out there? Remember how we all wanted Sasha to be the champ? Like, that was going to make this women’s division evolve. Yeah, and here we are. Uhmmm, I have one fuck to give, and that’s hoping that there’s a wardrobe malfunction. 1.1


  1. Rusev has been buried twice by guys who didn’t need the belt. Cena really made the most of that opportunity. Would it be wise to have Roman bring back the US Open Challenge? Who do you foresee getting the Roman push?

Russ:  Would it be wise for Roman to bring back the challenge? Yes!  Will they?  No, of course not.  I honestly wonder if they hate Rusev at WWE cause he is one heck of a performer and yet he keeps getting the short end of the stick.  I like Roman, but he doesn’t need this belt at all.  Who will get the Roman push? Probably Kane.  Who do I think should get it?  It is time for Big E to get back into the singles title picture, or have Sami Zayne get the title.

Keri:  I don’t know about bringing back the open challenge but I do have a theory. My theory has to do with a certain tag team that I predict, will not be together too much longer. This break up will eventually give us a rival for Roman that is not named Rusev. So, who is this mystery tag team you ask? Well Enzo and Big Cass. When I watched Monday night’s main event, Enzo and Cass vs. JerichKO, I noticed something very subtle but yet very important. What is that you ask? Well, I think Creative might be starting to foreshadow the break-up of Enzo and Cass. How can I tell? The things that the commentators are saying for starts. The commentators are burying Enzo with their comments and then doing the opposite with Big Cass. Also, look at the match itself, Enzo ate the pin and Big Cass dominated. Not to mention, Enzo has eaten the pin in every match that both guys have had over the past few weeks. Based on this observation, I think they are going to break up this tag team and Big Cass will be the next person to come after Roman’s US title. I also predict this will happen by the Royal Rumble if not sooner. Face it, what better person to take the title off Roman but the guy who Vince also has a thing for and wants to push to the moon. (Kent: As a person who enjoys outlandish theories, I could see this happening, but I still think that these guys get one title run before they break up, or is the cause of a break up……maybe you’re right!)

Kent: If the goal is to keep Roman a face, then bringing back the challenge is probably an easy solution, and ensure that he puts on great matches against everybody, which he is capable of. It’s not lazy writing to re-hash simple story telling.  As for who gets the Roman rub, call me skeptical, but I think he gets suspended or injured before giving the rub, but otherwise I’ll go with Braun which will be a huge mistake.  Sami Zayn or Rusev would be the smart choices, but Y2J would also be fun to be belt buddies with KO.


  1. Speaking of Jericho, can the greatness of JerichiKO save next week’s segment with Kelso and Hyde, I mean Ashton and Danny?

Russ:  Yes, I still firmly believe that Jericho can make any segment he is involved in into something entertaining.  This will be a true test.  Fortunately, I like both Danny and Ashton so I can see this being a pleasant segment that will generate some laughs.

Keri:  Can I just say how mad I am that they are going to waste JerichKO on Kelso and Hyde? I can. Great. I’m mad. I mean come on Creative! When has special guests (outside of Shaq and maybe Hugh Jackman) even been over with the crowd? This just seems like a waste of time not just for the fans but JerichKO. Also, does creative really think that this crap is going to beat Monday Night Football? I’m going to go with a big NOPE on that one.

Kent:  This is a trap. Sometimes no matter how talented the talker, they can’t save a garbage segment. Drink it in this week because next week’s is not going to go down easy, and we will get…..IT in the worst way possible.


  1. Is RAW in danger of being over crowded again now that they have to give the Cruiserweight division time? In 6 months’ time, which division or section of the roster will suffer the most from the added division?

Russ:  This is hard to call.  On the one hand RAW has 3 hours to fill and every week it seems like a struggle to fill it all in.  On the other hand, where the hell was Zayn, Neville, Bo, and a few others this week?  I was in and out of RAW, but I’m pretty sure they were not on my screen at any point in time.   So I don’t think it will be overcrowded as much as it will be booked poorly.  Three hours should be more than enough for each talent to get in there, show us a good match, or shine in a promo.  The addition of the cruiserweights should be helpful.  Yes we need to establish them right now, but in the coming weeks they should be mixed in with the rest of the roster and not treated as something separate from rest of the WWE.  This should be doable and nothing should be over crowded.  However this is WWE and they know how to screw things up!

Keri:  I say anyone that is not in the main event picture, in the women’s division, or is named either Cesaro or Sheamus. Right now, Creative doesn’t have a clue on what to do with anyone else on the roster. The tag team division is directionless. We have Roman and Rusev fighting over a US title in matches that border between halfway decent or as exciting as watching paint dry. Outside of that, what else is there. A big fat nothing that’s what.

Kent:  Mid and lower card. The tag division is already a joke despite having 4 great tag teams now. The women’s division consists of short Nia matches, and a never ending game of grab ass between the 3 horsewomen and Dana, so that’s dull. Still, they get time. Guys like Sami, Neville, Bo, Curtis, and Rusev are likely to get lost in the shuffle. Now that Roman is the US champ, that takes away more mid card opportunities, in theory, but could be a positive.


  1. AJ Styles took on Dean Ambrose in the Smackdown main event this week. We have recently seen them wrestle. How did you feel about the match?

Russ:  It was serviceable.  There was no way Dean was winning this match and with Cena out there on commentary you knew shenanigans were afoot.  Knowing this information hurt the match, slightly, AJ will always put on a great match and I like that Dean was fired up.  It never felt big though and again knowing that Dean wasn’t winning forced the air out of the match, but I thought the ending was well done.  I liked how Cena didn’t cause a huge distraction, but caused enough of one that it cost Dean his chance at the title.  This gave Dean more of reason to dislike Cena.  When AJ did the exact same thing to Dean 5 seconds later and held the pants it put instant heat on AJ.  Again well done and applaud the effort Smackdown takes for the little things.

Keri:  Wait haven’t I seen this match before? Yes, yes I have. I think it was at Backlash. And it was as good last night as it was then. Also, by having Cena on commentary and come in at the end really sold me on next month’s No Mercy main event. However, I don’t believe Cena is going to win though. At least, well I hope not.

Kent:  I enjoyed Cena on commentary. He made the match feel bigger than it would have been without him.  The match didn’t come close to being as great as their Backlash match. Maybe because it was televised, but the first 15 minutes felt very by the book with Dean notably selling a hurt leg. While the last ten minutes were fine, it felt rushed and never got into a good rhythm.


  1. How do you foresee this Miz vs. Dolph feud now that Dolph has put his career on the line?

Russ:  I’m getting my riot gear ready (mostly consists of tissues and chocolate.)  How did Smackdown make Miz vs Dolph the hottest feud of 2016?  It seriously started as a throw away feud to put Ziggler in something after his loss to Dean.  With last night’s promo, the build picked up considerably.  The segment was real enjoyable.  You can tell the guys are very comfortable with each other and I loved how fast The Miz came back to the ring when Dolph put his career on the line.  This is a tough feud to call.  On the one hand The Miz needs to hold onto that belt, because he has made it relevant again.  On the other hand, Dolph being done wrestling doesn’t seem likely either.  I honestly don’t know how this will play out!  Which is a good thing.

Keri:  Well if you believe the rumors (and my Big Wrestling News Story of the Week on the Are You Not Kentertained podcast), this match may be Ziggler’s retirement match. Depending on what happens with his contract, one of two things could happen here. Either Ziggler will end his career with a great match or the belt comes off of the Miz at a time when it really shouldn’t.  Either way, this will probably be match of the night at No Mercy. Seriously, would you expect anything less from Ziggler in his last match? (Kent: Yes, that’s right. Our very own investigative reporter, Keri, has done her investigating and found this nugget. Fine job right there!)

Kent:  I have a feeling that Russ will be rioting soon enough as that Honkey Tonk Man record is safe in my eyes. Unless Dolph needs a break or his contract is up, which I doubt on both ends, I think that Dolph is the last guy on Smackdown that hasn’t really got his due since the split, and I think they put the belt on Dolph to combat RAW and Roman with the US. That was a great segment. Best of the night.


  1. Aside from Dolph and Miz, who stood out most in your eyes after Smackdown?

Russ:  Since Kent has a raging clue for Alexa, I’ll let him talk about that.  I’m going to comment on Carmella and the fine work she is doing as the psychotic heel.  She is nailing it.  The little things she does makes big differences and everyone in the locker room could take notes on what she does.   Blowing kisses to Nikki and freaking out trying to find Nikki, classic stuff.  Two months ago if you asked me if I thought the women of Smackdown would be competing with my interest in the men, I’d have laughed in your face.  Now, I’m hooked I want to see these feuds play out!

Keri:  I’m going to go with Bray and Randy. That was a great set of storyline segments. It really looked like Randy may have finally gotten the upper hand on the face of fear.

Kent:  I mean, do I go with the typical Kent answer and say Alexa Bliss because she beat down Becky Lynch who was coming out for…….wait, why was Becky coming out? Did she have a match with a jobber? Was she going to cut a promo? Carmella deserves props and I have faith that one of my colleagues will choose her, but I gotta say, I love a good beat down. As Russ alluded to, I gotta say that right now, the women’s division is absolutely as interesting as the men’s. Sasha, if you want to main event Wrestlemania, you’re on the wrong brand. BOOM! Barrett Barrage/Bull Hammer to Sasha’s pride.


  1. What in the blue hell was that last bit with Bray and Randy?

Russ:  I totally zoned out for the Bray and Randy stuff.  Not that it isn’t a bit of interesting predator and prey stuff going on, but honestly Bray has been so badly portrayed that I have ceased to care about most things he is in.  I already know how it is going to end… he is going to job to Randy.  I did however see the last part and thought… “What the fuck am I watching?”  This was as confusing as waking up in one of Kent’s dreams.  Sure you recognize the surroundings (usually a restaurant or food is involved), but why are there sad naked clowns dancing with livestock in the corner (Kent has weird dreams, is what I’m getting at here.)  I hope they totally drop whatever the hell that was and I’ll forgive them on this one.  Kent and his dreams on the other hand I just can’t forgive.  (Kent: I don’t have a snarky comeback. I have troubling dreams, and my therapist says that it’s OK as long as I am eating the food at the restaurant or the livestock, but not eating the clowns. I have failed.)

Keri:  Every single one of those segments last night was fantastic. They were all well written and well thought out. Yes, the ending was kind of a wait what just happened moment but I was still entertained.

Kent:  As a fan of everything up the big final edit-fest, I really liked the horror aspects of it. They tossed in a bit of comedy with Rowan’s door being locked. Everything went fine, and then….I just don’t know what the fuck I saw. It was awful and the writers should feel awful for greenlighting that. This is the stuff though that Bray should be doing.


Bonus Deuce

  1. Rumor has it that Luke Harper may be going to the RAW roster. Good or bad move?

Russ:  Well, I think this is a good thing.  Luke doesn’t need Bray to move his career.  So separating them will help legitimize Luke.  With that said, WWE needs to do right by Luke.  He is an amazing big guy with abilities like guys half his size.  This means WWE needs to put him in meaningful feuds with other talented guys and give him a belt!  He should take the belt off Roman, forgetting all I said about Big E and Sami!  Eventually, Luke should get the RAW title, yes he is that good and if you haven’t seen any of his matches shame on you!

Keri:  I’m on the fence on this one for a couple of reasons. First, we have the potential for a Wyatt family reunion on RAW with the Braun and Harper. Face it, Braun is not going to get completely over on his own. So, why don’t we have him team with Harper and have them tear up the dead-in-the water RAW tag team division for a while?  Perhaps, we can still have the Wyatt family just across brands. This could potentially set up something awesome once Finn comes back and we have the formation of the Balor, I mean, Bullet Club.  Second, the chemistry between the original Wyatt family members was incredible. As a result, I feel we would be missing out if we didn’t have Harper join Bray and Rowan on Smackdown.

Kent:  Honestly, it’s terrible. There’s no real room to move up on that side until Luke Is more established, and he’s not high enough on the roster where an injury may get him a good title run. Plus, it could be just a way for him to help get Braun over, when Luke is the one who needs to be getting the push. Smackdown may be stacked, but Luke vs. Cena, Orton, Dolph, Apollo, Swagger and even Dean still all sound amazing, plus the possible turn on Bray all make so much more sense to me. On RAW, there’s nobody to really reasonably get him over because he’s not perceived to be Seth or Roman’s peer, and Sami should be beneath him.


  1. Russ, why don’t you tell us what you thought about Clash of Champions while Keri and I discuss a far more interesting topic? Keri, if you could take any one wrestler, or tag team, from another wrestling organization and bring them to WWE, who would you pick? Russ, you can also chime in with some man crush of yours.

Russ:  Clash of Champions was a tale of two wrestling shows for me.  Let me explain.  From a pure match prospective, this PPV was very solid!  Cesaro vs Sheamus, Roman vs Rusev, KO vs Rollins, Jericho vs Zayne, even the Women’s match were all above average matches and some came close to amazing.  Even the other matches I didn’t mention were good.  So I couldn’t have been happier with Clash when it comes to in-ring talent putting on a clinic.  The other half to me was just the piss poor storytelling from creative.  The build up to most of these matches was pure trash or simply hey lets wrestle … for reasons.  It didn’t give any of these matches the extra spice that good storytelling can do.  This killed the PPV for me and made it feel kind of like another episode of RAW. (albeit, a good RAW, but still it didn’t have the PPV feel.)  I’d rate the whole thing a 6.8 on the old nine-Deuce Scale.

Keri:  Wow, I have a few on my list so this is going to be a difficult decision. So, I guess if I have to pick one, my pick would be none other than Johnny Nitro-Morrison-Mundo (aka Johnny Abs). His character on Lucha is fantastic and his in-ring work is the best I’ve ever seen from him. Also, he has come out and said he is better than Rollins so why not test that theory by bringing him back to the WWE. We can dub it the Russ’s Ultimate Man Crush Match. (Kent: Fair warning, this statement will be vulgar as hell. Russ’ penis would be absolutely devastated if this happened from the beating he’d put upon it. Yup, classy!)

Kent:  Bobby Lashley is 40, and while the Hardys are brilliant at the moment, age is an issue. Eli Drake Is young, but would get lost I fear. My choice is a man named Moose. He’s a big dude who needs a couple of years of polish and he’ll be a solid main eventer in the same vein as Big Cass, but he’s also black. WWE could truly use a top notch black wrestler that they could really use to bring back a fan base that have gone too long without a proper big name to really get behind.  I think Moose would easily be a better Big E.

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