#305 Final Destination 5 (2011)

As of right now, this is the last of the franchise. Give it time and there will be a 6th or a reboot because Hollywood is just the worst currently. It makes me sad. I hope this is an improvement over the last 1 or 2 of the films. Fingers crossed. This brings Tony Todd back into the fold. I see Emma Bell’s name on here, and she was in the horror film “Frozen” and was Andrea’s sister in the first season of the Walking Dead. Then to round things out, David Koechner is here as well, and I love that dude. Good start!


Start Film

We start off with Sam, who is lousy at his job in sales. His chick is named Molly, and she cancelled a trip for them, and she is breaking up with him. Peter is Sam’s boss, and Candice is his chick. She’s cute. Who is this hooker?Olivia is her name, and her dude says that she has a Lisa Loeb look to her, and yeah, she is a treat. Isaac is a dude who has been friend zoned by Molly. Peter suggests that Sam just apologize, for what, he don’t know. Koechner is the boss, Dennis. Dennis doesn’t know Sam’s name, or he just likes to fuck with him. Either way, I like it. Nathan is another guy that is joining this crew, but he was dealing with this asshole union rep, Roy. As Sam goes to get on the bus, he notices the “Watch Your Step” sign, and now they are heading to bridge construction. Awesome. We find out that Candice is superstitious. A logging truck passes the bus. They finally make it to the bus, and Sam is all observant. When do we get to the “it was all just a dream” part? I assume it’s about here that the premonition starts. He gets a cut on his thumb, and “Dust In the Wind” plays on the radio, and not John Denver. The bridge is a rockin.  The cement is cracking all over. A car just fell in. Bye Candice as she’s impaled on a sailboat. Isaac is at the back of the bus and it’s tipping and it’s falling, see ya Isaac.  Olivia has fallen, and lost her glasses. There’s only a beam to walk across now over about 20 feet. Molly makes it and Sam helps Olivia get on the beam. She is reaching out to Molly, but the beam tilts, and then she falls, and a car lands on her. Nathan just got got by a cable. There’s Sam, Dennis and Molly I believe, Dennis is hanging off the edge and some hot tar just covered him, so bye Dennis. Peter is still alive, and he makes the jump with Sam, but are hanging on some railing perilously. Some rebar just came down and impaled the hell out of Peter. Sam then gets sliced in half. And he wakes up and cuts his thumb again. Dust in the Wind again, and so he panics and says that everybody needs to get off the bus, and Dennis says to relax. Molly and Nathan follow. Dennis insists that Peter get them back due to liability, and Candice follows Peter. Olivia, Isaac, and Dennis all get off as well and the concrete is cracking, as was predicted. He saved everyone, and of course the old “How did you know?”

Agent Block is questioning Sam about this. Then he questions others about Sam. Forensics came back blaming the bridge collapse on high winds. 17 other Presage employees apparently died on the bridge. They all show up at the memorial service. Everybody is asking Sam how it happened. Dennis is giving a eulogy and included Isaac’s name, haha. Dennis is great. As they go to leave, Bludworth is there and tells Sam and Peter that Death doesn’t like being cheated. Tony Todd is a national treasure damnit! Sam is working at a restaurant, he cooks. Sam visits Molly, and invites himself in basically. The tea kettle goes off, lights are flickering, and Sam sees an old pic of him and her. They talk about how Sam is supposed to go to Paris for a job, but she doesn’t want to go and encourages him to chase his dream. Peter visits Candice at some gymnastics practice for college. The music is ominous.  The AC is not working well and one of the uneven bars is awfully loose. Fans are getting plugged in. Candice we know is the first to die. Water is starting to drop from the AC that is just starting to work, and one of the fan cages is coming loose. Candice  is on the balance beam, and there is a screw on the beam, but she kept missing it. The water is landing on the cord and looks like a spark, but she drops a towel unknowingly on it. Candice is now on the ad uneven bar. The bolt is almost out of the bar. This one girl is on the beam with the screw, she falls, knocks over the powder into the fan, blinds Candice and she lands and just snaps in half. That was gruesome.

Sam checks in on Peter. Isaac will be next. Sam sees Bludworth in the distance in the gym, but then he’s gone. Sam and Molly are at work, and Olivia says that she’s surprised more gymnasts don’t die like that. Dennis is dealing with extra responsibilities, and Isaac is at Debbie’s desk and then Robert’s and he’s going through everybody’s shit, stealing whatever, and he cuts his finger. Nathan comes up, and he has beer, Peter has a bottle of booze, and Isaac has left to spend the gift certificate at the spa. There is some gorgeous Asian lady at the front desk. Isaac is such a dorky dude who tries to be a creepy player. He wants an erotic massage, but then backpedals, and wants it to be happy. This guy is awesome. She gets him laid down and prepped so he can be serviced. And of course it ends up being the experienced old lady who can’t speak English. Hahaha. She is trying to align his back in a painful manner, and the table may not hold up. Olivia gets a call, and she breaks a picture frame where the glass shatter over her face. Peter is all pissy about Candice’s death, and Dennis calls Agent Block. Dennis wants to have code names, ha. Block is at the gym/crime scene. Isaac is still getting worked over. Time for acupuncture. Oh good lord, so many pins in him. His phone is vibrating, so she sets it on a desk by a candle and she tells him to sleep for 30 minutes. She turns the light down and all the candles are blowing weird, and now there’s a fire started in there. He rolls off the table, lands on all of those needles, and alcohol has leaked. He is just wrecked. So many bent pins in his flesh. His phone vibrates the candle and it sets the alcohol on fire, but it doesn’t reach him, but the Buddha statue falls on his head and he dead. Olivia is next.

At the spa, Sam, Molly, Peter and Nathan show up, and there’s Bludworth and Sam asks him why he is there, and Bludworth plays coy. He explains that he has seen this before, and then the lucky few who survive, they get taken out one by one. He explains that they shortened death. He explains that a life has to be lost basically to fix this. Sam says that Molly is safe, as she didn’t die in the vision. Peter is just being a dick. Peter wants to kill people to replace him on Death’s list. Nathan ain’t having it. Olivia is at a laser eye surgery place. She is very nervous and shaky. He secures her head in a vice of sort. He numbs her eye and then attaches the thing that keeps the eye lids open. She is squeezing the hell out of the teddy bear and pops his eye off. He needs more paperwork so he leaves her. There was a cup on the water dispenser, it falls on the electrical outlet nearby and causes the laser control to start heating up and it takes out one eye. She is stuck in the vice, burns her hand all to hell, and she gets up. Sam, Molly and the doctor hear screams and she slips on the bear’s eye, falls out the window, lands on the hood of a car, and dies, and her eyeball fell out for good measure. Nathan is next.

Agent Block is questioning Sam and Molly, and Sam tells him about their theory. Sam is starting to piece together the order of deaths, finally. Nathan is at work watching all the men in the warehouse, and he needs to talk to Roy. Nathan sees a hook about to fall and is trying to save Roy, but he gets the hook through his head, and he dead.  Dennis tells Peter that they are getting shut down, and Peter mentions Isaac and Dennis thought that Isaac was already dead. Haha. Dennis calls Agent Block, saying that Pete sounded kind of threatening. Pete accuses Nathan of killing Roy to avoid Death. Nathan admits that he may have. Dennis would be next. Dennis comes down to see what the hell happened and he got a huge wrench flung into his head and he’s dead. So we have Peter then Sam per the premonition. Sam goes to work in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Sam is a little spooked by all the sharp objects blades and whatnot. He approaches his head chef about the Paris apprenticeship, and it’s his for the taking.  Sam makes Molly something.  Damn, Molly looking good here with the red lipstick. The restaurant is closed, and Peter shows up looking shook up. I trust him.  Oh, the candles just danced a bit. Pete is questioning whether he could kill a stranger to save his own life, and so he went for a walk last night. He had numerous opportunities. But he didn’t do it, he couldn’t kill somebody who didn’t deserve to die. Then he thought about all these other people that didn’t deserve to.  But if nobody deserves to die, then why does Molly deserve to live, and he pulls out a gun and Sam buys her time. Agent Block is there on the scene. Pete fires towards Sam, but he’s really after Molly. Sam almost has a knife fall on him. Pete turns on all the stoves and the deep fryer stuff. Block finds Molly, asks what’s happening, and Peter shoots Block. Peter says that it’s now after Sam’s life. Pete can’t just leave after she witnessed the murder. Sam is up and now we have the big brawl. I doubt that Block is dead. These 2 wrestle, and a gun is on the stove. So that’s something. Pete gets the upper hand, so Molly intervenes as well. And Sam impales Peter from behind. Yeah, that didn’t sound inappropriate.  The gun goes off, but Sam and Molly are fine, and they hug.

Two Weeks Later

Sam and Molly are on a plane.  Hahaha, YES, they did it. Sam sees the fight between Alex and Carter from the original, because they were going to Paris too. So they are on Flight 180. Sam puts on some headphones, and hears “Dust In The Wind” and he cuts his thumb. We watch as the plan starts to break down and go into complete shit storm. Molly is being pulled out and Sam hangs out as long as possible, but she is sliced in half, and he gets burned up. Nathan is at a bar, and a coworker explains that Roy had a brain that was hemorrhaging and was going to kill Roy any day. Then the bar’s ceiling gives out and crushes Nathan.

End Film – I love the credits showing all of the franchise’s deaths. The final shot was of Bludworth.

Final Thoughts – This one was really good. This one really surprised me. I like it a lot. The kills were fine, nothing pissed me off. The only throwaway death happened to Dennis, but that was perfect for his character. Some were gruesome like Candice, and others were just well executed like Isaac and Olivia’s. The absolute best part was that they kept saying Paris, and for me, it wasn’t just the Paris thing that gave me hope that this would come full circle. It was more to do with how they never directly talked about any of the past people specifically, which is always a Final Destination trademark. From the moment that Molly agreed to go to Paris, I would have bet anything that this was going to happen, and yet, I’m such a pessimist, I still don’t buy into my logic, so I was still pleasantly surprised to be correct. I have to say, I didn’t like Molly’s character. I know Emma is a very capable actress, so I think it was more the character needed something else to help stand out and make her more 3 dimensional. This one also had plenty of solid one liners. The first one had them, but they got less and less funny as the franchise grew. This brought it back. Maybe it’s a case of severely lowered expectations, but I found this comparable, and in some ways, better, than part 2. Also, the whole bridge thing was my favorite premonition since part 2, and bridges just freak me out a bit, especially after seeing Mothman Prophecies.

Final Score – 6.5 because it did plenty of things very well for a horror flick. Yes, I think this is better than part 2.

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