#310 Ghostbusters II (1989)

The last TRUE Ghostbusters film to be made, probably ever. I went and saw this as a kid, because I apparently went to the movies quite frequently as a kid I am learning. I truly hope that you enjoy.

Start Film

This takes place 5 years after the original, just so you know. Ray and Winston at the birthday party is just hilarious. Kevin Dunn is on Peter’s TV show and is a psychic and predicts that the world will end on New Year’s Eve at midnight. Elaine, the other psychic predicted the world would end on Valentine’s Day, 2016. Good thing that she was wrong. Kurt Fuller is here as Hardemeyer. That dude is always great too. “Ray, let’s close this place up so you can buy me a calzone.” So Ray and Ego are supposed to be hiding the fact that they are helping Dana from Venkman, but Peter tortured Ray, with some great ear pulling. “Did his father stink?” – Venkman asking about the baby’s daddy. To catch you up, in the beginning, Dana’s baby, Oscar, was in a runaway stroller and Dana is wondering if there was any supernatural something behind how it suddenly stopped.

The guys dealing with the cops, too funny. There’s also this evil spirit named Vigo who wants Dr. Janosz Poha to get him a child so he can do some crazy shit basically. The guys break through the spot where Oscar stopped rolling, and Ray discovers a river of slime while Venkman and Egon deal with the cops again.  27 years later, this stuff is still hilarious. Well, they pull Ray up and the power goes down. Janosz checks on Dana, but really, he wants the baby for Vigo. Louis as the guys’ attorney, just fantastic. Rick Moranis, absolutely ridiculous. I’d love for him to be in an episode of Rick & Morty. The judge reminds me a bit of Powers Boothe, which is a huge compliment. I have often wondered why the Scoleri brothers look the way that they do, not complaining, but just a question. The Ghostbusters are back in business!

Listening to some quality Run DMC. I love the commercial with Louis and Janine. The whole montage will still give kids of the 80’s some goosebumps. Ray and Egon talking smack to the slime, brilliant. Dana is at the museum, and the Vigo painting just gave her a look. Venkman’s “handshake” was charming. So we find out that Vigo was all kinds of a genius and genocidal maniac, so you win some, you lose some.  Dana is about to give Oscar a bath, but the water turns to slime, and Dana took her shirt off, so there’s a lot to like there. She’s scared and goes to Venkman’s while the other guys go to investigate the tub. The team goes to the art studio and check out the Vigo picture, and it is exactly as ridiculous as you would imagine. “No, no, no, I have all new cheap moves.” Oh man, Janine put the dust cover over the PC Monitor. I remember those things. I just got a total nostalgia clue. Louis is going to help Janine babysit Oscar while Peter takes Dana out. I’m sold on this premise.

Ray and Egon are checking out all of the photos of Vigo and the door magically locks and all the pictures go up in flame, but Egon recognizes the river of slime. Ray, Winston, and and Egon are down in the sewer and see all sorts of creepy heads on sticks. But then they are gone. Now they hear a train, despite no trains supposedly around, but it’s just a ghost train. Winston’s face was priceless. Winston gets pulled into the slime, so Ray and Egon dive in after him. I love the Janine flirting with Louis situation. It’s classy. The guys climb out and Winston and Ray start fighting, but they realize that it’s the slime that was causing it. They then find Peter at the fancy restaurant, and how can you not laugh? The guys get in some trouble, and Dana comes back to Peter’s place, and she finds Janine and Louis in the throws of passion. The guys are telling the mayor that the slime flow leads under the museum.  This will explain why New Yorkers are such miserable pricks. “Being miserable and treating other people like dirt, is every New Yorker’s God given right.” – The Mayor. They end up getting sent to the mental ward in straight jackets, naturally.

Janosz is talking to this big Vigo head. Janosz wants Dana is he brings Oscar to Vigo. Vigo approves. The window in Oscar’s room opens, and he’s got some sweet Winnie The Pooh onsie on. I’d wear that, if it came in extra gargantuan size. Dana checks on Oscar, and he is walking on the ledge. Dana crawls out on the ledge, and here comes a ghost pushing a carriage, and the ghost captures Oscar and flies away. Dana makes her way to the museum, and as she enters, the door closes and slime starts covering the building. Dana finds Oscar and Janosz, and he explains that Oscar will become the new ruler of the world, and Dana is pissed, but the baby is ripped from her arms and placed on this pedestal in front of the painting.

It’s montage time as all of the slime is coming up and ghosts and all sorts of mayhem. The cops are getting all sorts of great calls. The Titanic arrived at the dock. “Better late than never” – Cheech. The mayor wants to get the Ghostbusters on this case, and he fires Hardemeyer. The Ghostbusters are freed and they arrive at the slime covered museum. Dana starts Janosz to get out from behind the doors. The Ghostbusters are having issues, the slime is just too negative, and they need to find more positivity. So they are going to utilize the Statue Of liberty, and Venkman wonders if she is naked under her toga. Haha. I also love Ray chomping on his cigar. Oh sweet, an old school NES Advantage controller, which I used to have. Anyway, they cover the statue with slime, and then play some Jackie Wilson, because they know the slime digs that song from earlier.  Oh yeah, the statue is on the move.

Louis gets in some gear, gets some sweet making out and is on the scene now as well. It’s cool seeing the Statue walking down the streets of NY. Haha, Louis finds Slimer, who is driving a city bus. Vigo is now transferring in to Oscar, but there’s the statue, and Dana grabs Oscar during the distraction. The guys break through the ceiling. Vigo is no longer in the picture.  Dana is wrapped up by a hose, and Pete has Oscar. Vigo’s spirit is now there, and Ray is threatening Vigo. They fire on him, and it doesn’t phase him whatsoever. The guys are down, and Vigo now has Oscar. Peter lays there and just insults Vigo, haha. Well, he has officially pissed off Vigo. The people are outside singing, and here comes Louis. The singing is messing with Vigo. Venkman with the catch on Oscar, and Vigo is back in the painting. Ray is enamored by the picture, due to what happened earlier, so he’s part Vigo now. The guys hose Ray down and Louis is firing and the slime all flies up and disappears. Ray is now overly loving due to the slime, as is Janosz. The painting has now changed, and it is delightful. Roll the credits while playing the theme song. I love that Slimer got a credit. Also, they managed to get the Statue back and it’s home.

End Film

Final Thoughts – It’s a sequel to one of my top 100 favorite movies. They did a great job all things considering. Is it perfect? No, but it never needed to be. It just needed to meet the proper criteria, and it totally did that. I probably laughed 10-15 times. I bet there is not a single movie that came out in 2016 that would make me laugh that much. While this movie didn’t have as dark of moments as the first one, it still did good in that department. The Statue of Liberty thing was cool, but it does pale into comparison to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. I have no real complaints, I overall enjoyed it, and recommend it to everybody, unless you hate to laugh. If so, I can think of a movie that came out in 2016 that you would probably love.

Rating – 7.5 It’s fair because it’s close to being timeless, and still holds up in a lot of ways.

All pictures used here are for review purposes. They belong to Columbia Pictures Corporation and anybody else who has any ownership to this. Please, go out and purchase this and the first film, as they are amazing.

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