#312 The Invitation (2015)

All I know is that this has John Carroll Lynch and Toby Huss. That’s all I needed. Fingers crossed.

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First of all, allow me to say how nice it is to see an interracial couple that is not the stereotypical black dude and white chick. This black chick is very nice looking by the way. All of the ladies are appealing to the eye.

OK, I just finished it and I am struggling to find a way to comment on this. Here’s what we know by simply reading descriptions. There is a dinner party. Eden and David are hosting it. Eden’s ex husband, Will, and his woman Kira are invited. There are other guests like the 2 gay dudes, the single chick, the chick waiting for the always late boyfriend to show up, and the heavy dude who is funny.We find out that Will and Eden’s son died via freak accident and it hit both of them hard, obviously. We find out that Eden and David met in Mexico, and made friends while joining a group of communion, or what you may classify as a cult. It’s a group of friends and support. I will let you determine how you feel about that. Pruitt and Sadie also show up and they are friends that are also in this same group, but they don’t belong to Eden and Will’s circle for lack of better terms. Will is having a hard time dealing with being at hi sold house, where his son died and his suspicion and paranoia come into play as the night progressively get odder.

With that being said, you realistically have 2 paths to go down. Either something happens or it doesn’t happen. Last night, I saw They Look Like People, and that ended in a particular manner. This also has an interesting ending, but I don’t want to reveal it. Honestly, I really encourage you to watch this if you like the slow burn story that never bores you, but keeps upping the ante every 5 minutes or so, until you reach the crescendo. Both movies has unique endings. I can say that of the two, I would absolutely watch this one again, while the other is debatable. If you have no patience for a story to unfold, this is not the film for you. Also, you’re an idiot. Fucking sit down, put your phone down, and pay attention for 100 minutes and maybe you will feel something at the end. Fuckin millennials.

Final Thoughts – I just kinda gave them to you.

Rating – 6.5 because I think they handled the final act brilliantly. I also love John Carroll Lynch.

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