#314 They Look Like People (2015)

I see that this is a short movie with a good rating. Fingers crossed.

Start Film

The main guy’s name is Christian, so that’s something. Christian bumps into his buddy Wyatt on the street and shows him his place. Apparently, Christian used to be with a chick named Kat, but that didn’t work. Wyatt was also engaged, but she cheated on him and then broke up with him. Wyatt may be homeless it appears. Christian has a chick named Mara coming over with some other chick, Sandy, as well, so this is good. Wyatt tapes a knife under a table in the basement, because….I don’t know.  Mara is cute, but Sandy got like hit in the face or some shit, so they take her to the hospital, and Mara and Christian part ways in the morning, and she tells him not to get any ideas, then looks disappointed that he didn’t kiss her.  That was a shitty date.

Wyatt gets a call from a deep voice. He is telling Wyatt not to look at Christian. He needs to leave the city now. He cannot help Christian, but Christian is still human. But most people are no longer human. So that is something. Christian made Wyatt a set of keys for the place, so that was nice of him. While Christian is out, Wyatt goes through Kat’s belongings and finds a really fucking up picture with a girl looking not human.

Wyatt visits his psychiatrist by a lake. Wyatt tells him about this dream about how people he knew started not looking human, but he disregards it as being silly. The Psych asks him if his parents knows about these dreams, but then he starts getting some loud buzzing in his head.  There are all of these weird voice overs by some girl. Christian finds Mara and they are in like a sound booth, and he wants a second date, but she is just weird. She does some judo on him, and he tapped her ass, like tapping out in MMA. Not like tap dat ass. And Wyatt is hearing some voice over about monsters and needing to kill these demons. We just had like 10 minutes of buddy bonding between the 2 dudes, and then Wyatt had a nightmare. Wyatt gets a call from a female telling him that the war is going to start soon, and then she asks if something else is in the basement with him and the lights and everything goes out.

This is all just a big build up to some fuckery at the end of this film. Which is fine, but to take notes is pointless because I have no idea what I am even looking for, what is or isn’t important, and it’s 5:55AM and I am exhausted.

It appears that Wyatt’s weapon of choice for this war will be a nail gun. I like that at least. Christian is losing his job and Mara is the one letting him know. Ouch. Wyatt is listening to some audio performed by Kat, and Wyatt just bought sulfuric acid. So that’s something. Mara stops by, with a bottle of peach schnapps, which I enjoy personally. Christian goes to get some tea, and Wyatt asks Mara a bunch of odd questions, like if she hears things that aren’t there. Wyatt clearly thinks that Mara is the one that has been leaving him messages, and genuinely freaking her out. Yeah, it appears that he scared her off. Christian comes back and is confused why Mara is gone, and Wyatt gives him this crazy letter, and a hatchet. Wyatt appears to have lost his shit, and Christian has no idea how to take any of this.

At night, Wyatt gets a call, and the voice is calling him soft and are in your head. Oh and an “I love you Wyatt” at the end. Wyatt meets up with Sandy, who has a neck brace, so I may have missed her initial injury. Anyway, she tells him that she will kill him if he does anything that creepy to a friends of hers ever again, and he tells her that she should. Wyatt sees Mara and tries talking to her, and  she ends up punching him in the nose, so she takes care of him at least. Wyatt hears the buzz, sees a pool of blood, and Mara just like shape shifted her face. Awesome.

Wyatt wants Christian to go to a cabin with him. Christian asks him what he needs to do to kill the bad guys. They have 40 minutes until the great war. Uh oh, there’s the thunderous clap in the clear sky. Oh, and Wyatt has stolen this car. There’s the second boom, and there are the raid sirens. OK, interesting. Time to go back down to the basement. Wyatt tells him about the Mara face twisting shit. They are putting on some suits and gas masks, but the buzzing starts in Wyatt’s head. Uh oh.


Christian tells him to tie him up. There’s 4 minutes to go. He’s going to gag Christian and probably blindfold him. Oh, a brown paper bag for a blindfold. Wyatt has the sulfuric acid.  Christian won’t stop humming this one tune. Christian was calling for Wyatt, but now he is slumped over, and then turns his head, and the lights go out. Wyatt spills so acid. I don’t think I want to ruin the ending.  STOP READING NOW. THE REST OF THIS IS SPOILERIFIC!!!







OK, so we have the big build up. The gag comes out of Christian’s mouth and it’s all bloody. Wyatt is hesitating to pour the acid. Eventually he decides not. He takes the brown paper bag. What is underneath? Normal Christian, with gag intact. He unties him and they hug.

End Film

Final Thoughts – I wanted Wyatt to be right all along, and not have him just be another psycho like most movies are doing now. I must say, the build up was surprisingly well done in a semi-confusing way. It was definitely an interesting ride with an undesired outcome. Just because it was undesired, that doesn’t mean that it was well done. As a matter of fact, it was very well crafted. The acting was good, and there isn’t a ton to critique here. It is a shorter feature length, but it did everything well. My biggest gripes would be that I just never got into the Christian or Mara characters. I wish I did, and they were acted well, but I didn’t care. This felt like a topic of conversation that I had less than 5 hours ago, and I guess that’s where I am let down. I was talking about Sucker Punch, Identity, and Session 9, and I think you can see where I am going with that.

Rating – 5.0 Done well, very well, but I would never watch this film again I don’t think. It’s a movie that doesn’t require or ask for multiple viewings, and therefore 5 is the maximum.

The pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are the property of Gravitas Ventures and whoever else may own it. It’s currently on NetFlix, so please, give this a watch. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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