#315 Trollhunter (2010)

This has a good overall rating, so why not try it?

OK, just finished it. It’s a found footage film in Norway, so all subtitled. These college film makers, stop me when you’ve heard this before, want to get more information on something “Supernatural” and then footage is found. In this case, they meet a gruff dude named Has, and he shows them that there are trolls. One cameraman got eaten. I don’t know what to say. There are various types of trolls including, but not limited to: Tosserlad, Ringlefinch, and Rimetosser. There is also a TSS: Troll security service. You can turn trolls into stone with light and then hit them with a sledgehammer. The film ended, and I was incredibly tired the last 15 minutes of this.

Would I recommend this? Hell no. It looked fine, it told it’s story, but this is not my type of film. No real horror, unless you count the troll farting as horror.  No tits, no real gore. This was a comedy fantasy and doesn’t belong under horror. I expected horror, and I was let down. If you want a comedy, then you may be pleasantly surprised.

Rating – 3.5 as I would never watch this again.

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