#318 The Lazarus Effect (2015)

Ray Wise and Olivia Wilde are in this. So is Evan Peters. Oh and Donald Glover is involved. This cast is stacked. This also has the main star from the horror movie, Creep. Geez, even the redhead is hot. Everything is good here.

Basically these scientists come up with a way bring things back to life, for example, a dog. The problem lies in that the neurological side of things goes crazy and you don’t function right. Well, there is a mess up with the contract, and they get taken over basically, so they want to re-record their experiment so that they can lay claim that they discovered and created this serum that just straight up looks like semen. While conducting the experiment, Olivia Wilde’s character gets electrocuted to death and obviously, time to use the serum. On the down side, it comes with some fucked up shit. For us as fans, it’s fantastic. This is actually genuinely creepy at points, and yes, I would have ran or killed myself rather than deal with the reality of stuff at the end.

Rating – I feel that 6.8 is a fair rating. I’d watch it again, and I really did enjoy a lot of aspects of it. I feel that Evan could have had a more substantive role, but everybody did a great job. It looked really good, and has been the scariest film yet for this October.

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Please go find a copy and support the creators. This is currently on NetFlix, so go watch it, now.

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