#319 Bound To Vengeance (2015)

We basically have this hot chick chained up in a room. Her captor comes in to feed her and she hits him with a brick and frees herself and takes him captive. She finds out that there are other girls. Her mission is to find pants and free the other girls who experienced the same terrible process. The bad guy from Kindergarten Cop is the bad guy here, and he’s fucking awesome. I like how things vary as each stop sends her further down the rabbit hole.

Although I liked the pacing and the acting, I did have a few issues. I do wish to compliment the music before I say anything negative. I really disliked all of the flashbacks because it made things abundantly obvious as to what the big reveal would be. And if it’s obvious to us as the viewer, it should have been painfully obvious to our protagonist. Another grievance I have is with the logic behind how some characters acted. If the bad guy wasn’t worried about dying, why not take the chance early on and overpower her? Seriously, it wouldn’t have been hard and he probably could have avoided getting shot even. Even more problematic is the way our main girl does things. She frees the first girl, but she doesn’t really communicate the situation and get a verbal consent. OK, that went poorly, but for the second time, you should know better, yet she repeats the same mistake. It was unbelievable as to how dumb this girl was because she was so focused on being a hero and only had one perspective.

Rating – 5.2 because I think I would watch this again.The flashbacks were bad though and too repetitive, so 5.2 is probably being too kind. It’s worth a watch.

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