#320 Hush (2016)

First of all, this is from the director of Oculus, and that is a good thing in my opinion. If you don’t like Home Invasion style horror, avoid this. This is about a deaf lady, Maddie, who is a writer, and she is being harassed by one dude, in a mask. It is a terrifying game of cat and mouse with a great amount of suspense. Her neighbor friend gets killed by this maniac, and Maddie is just fucked. Similar to The Strangers, ILS, and others. The scare is mostly on the the outside, not inside the house. The neighbor chick gets killed, and then John, the neighbor dude should have had shit on lockdown, he is a big dude, but Maddie fucks up by causing a distraction. I love the conversation that she has with herself about the options that she has with a wounded leg, and a crossbow that she doesn’t know how to use. The suspense is actually really well done, but sometimes a tad too drawn out. She does eventually decide to fight, and it gets progressively worst for her, obviously. While I am not at the end, I still fully expect her to win because this is horror and girls always win against the boys because horror has this strange hard on for stupidity.  I won’t ruin it for you with under 10 minutes to go.

OK, I lied, there will be spoilers. So if you don’t want to know, just stop reading. It’s fine for a one time viewing, but you would never watching a second time.  I’m giving it a 3.9. Now I will be spoiling it, so you have been warned.










OK, so obviously she wins, and this whole thing was like a shitty moot point. If they both died, great. If the killer wins, it is logical and makes sense. Sometimes, a person has such an advantage, the weaker person is going to be tormented until they die. That should have been the case here. Instead, we get the typical horror pitfalls of stupidity. The vibe was great, and this had all of the making of an instant classic. With 30 minutes remaining, this movie was already losing me, unfortunately. Yeah, production value and acting were all top not stuff. The issue I have is how anybody with that many advantages would lose to somebody with so many disadvantages. It’s OK to lose if you are that much worse. This was just tacky, and I am saddened by how terrible the last 5 minutes was. Like suddenly our antagonist is an idiot and makes so many silly mistakes, and she’s able to overcome so many obstacles. It’s like watching a John Cena or Hulk Hogan wrestling match. Sometimes, the opponent needs to win to make the struggle seem legit.

Rating – 3.9 because she lived in a situation where there is a less than 0.0000001% chance of surviving.  It bothers me to give people false hope that they can do so much.

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Please go find a copy and support the creators. This is available on NetFlix, so if this is your type of movie, go watch it. You may get more value out of it than I did.

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