#321 Dementia (2015)

The cast was fine. Gene Jones and Richard Riehle are great actors, and Kristina Klebe and Hassie Harrison both did great work as well.

As for the story, a former Vietnam vet, who was a PoW and has a stroke early on in the movie, and this leads to what they believe to be dementia, which I do believe it was, based on how he interacted with his grand daughter. The son and grand daughter do their best to help, but the son needs to get back to work before he loses his job, so they hire a live in nurse. You can imagine, she displays odd behavior, but you’re not sure of the truth. I’ve seen enough evil people, and I’ve seen enough it’s all in their minds type films, so for me, I was uncertain. I will say that this did have some depth, BUT if you are a fan of horror, you can probably guess where this one is going. All of the clues are there, but are you really focusing on the proper stuff?

This was a fun movie, but I can’t imagine ever watching it again. The “twist” was fairly predictable, so it’s not Fight Club or Usual Suspects, but it was great for what it tried to accomplish.

Rating – 5.0 because I will never re–watch this, so this is the highest rating I can give to a film that I won’t watch a second time. This happens with a lot of horror flicks, it’s a one and done. Still, it’s worth a watch just for Gene Jones alone, and Kristina was fun too.

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