#322 We Are What We Are (2013)

I found this on NetFlix and have been putting this one off for months and months. I am happy to say that I sat down and enjoyed this one. Kelly McGillis and Larry Fessenden are both in this, and I love Larry’s work most of the time.

We have a story where we know something isn’t right with this family. Early on, you may question if this is a town wide thing, or strictly family based, and yes, it is just this family and it’s traditions. You can probably make a good guess as to their secret. The matriarch of the family (the mom for you dunskies) dies very early on and responsibilities are passed down to the eldest daughter, Iris. She tries to shoulder the burden, but her sister Rose tries her best to help, as they also have a younger brother who is struggling with everything, especially the loss of their mom, and constantly being hungry.

The storytelling in this may be a tad methodical for some, but I felt that the pacing was pretty spot on for what it needed to be. It’s not scary, but it does have horror elements. The story and the acting are the strengths here. The father, played by Bill Sage, and Iris, played by Ambyr Childers, really carry the film, and the latter half Rose is also a solid player. Michael Parks is the Doctor, and he’s been in so many great things, or even lousy things, but his acting and characters are usually great.

Rating – 5.7 I think I will re-watch this down the road, maybe in a year or 2. It was a fun ride, and it’s on NetFlix, so give it a shot.

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