#323 Darling (2015)

This is a black and white film, but it looks amazing. Sometimes, it’s the best route to take. It stars Lauren Ashley Carter, who was also in The Woman, Jug Face, and POD. She is such a good actress, and I hope that she continues with her great projects. Also, Larry Fessenden is involved!!!

This movie is odd, and I wish I had paid more attention to it, but it will be re-watched down the road, rest assured. This lady, Darling, is basically housesitting this place that has a reputation for being haunted. The Madame is the Mayor’s Wife in Bone Tomahawk, so there’s that. Darling slowly has a couple of things occur. She is enamored by this door at the end of a creepy hall, but is told to leave that room alone.

Darling slowly spirals downward and I thought it would be like The House of the Devil, and while there are a few similarities, this is not a good comparison whatsoever. My brain is fried or else I would have a more apt comparison, but then I would probably give the whole thing away. The main gripe that I have, and this may have been done for reasons that were possibly explained. At one point, she stabs a dude. She stabs him, removes the knife, no blood on it. When she drags him, there is a very small puddle of blood. Minutes later, no puddle. Now, this could mean that the house took care of it, or just very bad continuity. I can’t figure out what time frame that this took place. Pay attention to the driver’s license, and note the modern air conditioner in the bedroom.

With all of that being said, this is very much a stylistic film that does require you to pay attention to full gain the full story. I should heed my own advice. Oh well. Also, boobs.

Rating – 5.7 as I will re-watch it, but not sure how much of a difference that will make in the end.

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