#325 We Are Still Here (2015)

This sounded good, and it delivered. It stars Larry Fessenden, Barbara Compton, and a bunch of people who I am not very familiar with.

The story is that Paul and Anne have moved to a place in upstate NY to try to get away from the memories of their teenage son dying. Well, we quickly find out that this house has a history, some people have died in it, and believe me, it goes much deeper than that. Anne’s friends, May and Jacob come visit to check out the house, and she is very much in tune with spiritual stuff. People in the town act weird. We find a repairman who gets killed in the basement, and the May and Jacob’s son and girlfriend visit and they get got, and it spirals uncontrollably.

The cool thing is that this film ¬†doesn’t waste your time. It’s an hour and 24 minutes, but that includes the credits. Speaking of the credits, rest assured, you want to stay around and watch the credits for this one. If provides all kinds of history on the house and what has been going on there for years, and it was such a welcome and nice touch. Tremendous props for that decision. The acting was good to great. Larry in the thing is great, but once him and Paul start the seance, you may see a little bit of Jack Nicholson in The Shining here, and yes, Larry is THAT DAMN GOOD.

I have to say, that 25 films in, this is far and away my favorite “new to me” film that I have seen this October. The cool thing is, watch it on NetFlix, it’s available, and really good.

Rating – 7.3 Seems fair. I like that it was short, yet accomplished so much. Plus the final 15 minutes or so is pretty damn awesome.

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