#328 Clown (2014)

My friend Kristi had asked me about this movie, and I promised that I would check it out. I surprisingly lived up to my end of the bargain for once. I tend to forget.  Here’s what you need to know before you watch of purchase this.

The main character’s names are Kent and Meg. Needless to say, the whole time I was begging for Kent to say “Shut Up Meg”, but alas, he failed to. So Kent and Meg’s kid, Jack, really digs clowns, so Kent finds this clown outfit in a house that he is renovating and selling. He puts it on as the booked clown bailed, and Jack’s birthday party was a success. Kent was on the verge of getting laid and finding out that he knocked up Meg again, but he fell asleep on the couch. He wakes up only to find out that he cannot take the outfit off, including the hair and nose.  I thought this would be more of a comedy horror, but it gets dark by the mid point, if not before then.

I liked it quite a bit. It’s an original idea, from what I can tell, so that earns extra points. My name sake and a hot chick named Meg are involved. The movie is about a clown, and with the clown stuff happening, it’s topical. It’s well executed, it had Halo, Mountain Dew, and Chuck E Cheese involved surprisingly. With that being said, I’m not sure how many times you would watch this one. I fear that it is a watch once and never again. There are bad horror movies that are re-watchable, and there are good, sometimes great horror films that you only ever want to see once. This is in the latter half of that statement, for me at least.

Rating – 5.0 because it was very good, but I have no rhyme or reason to watch it ever again, unless I was banging some chick named Meg.

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