#331 What We Become (2015)

A zombie film in Denmark. If you are looking for this to bring something fresh to the genre, to reinvent the proverbial zombie wheel, then movie along. If you want a beginning stages of a zombie apocalypse type film, this should be fine for you.

I honestly feel that this is simply a shorter variation on what we saw in season ¬†one of Fear The Walking Dead. Most of the characters are dumbasses. Were we supposed to like the teenage son Gustav? I liked Dino, by and large, but he had some major lapses in judgement. Him and Casper doing a 2 man recon is terribly naive. Yeah, you move faster with 2 men, but early on, not know what you’re up against, you do better with strength in numbers.

That leads to my major gripe that I so often have, especially with the zombie genre. It’s like these mother fuckers live in a world where the horror genre, especially the zombie genre never existed. Like what the fuck? How hard would it be to really consider what real people would do, if you get a group of reasonable people? Granted, I think that this is a reasonable expectation of your common, every day neighborhood. Let’s face it, if that shit goes down where I live, I actually expect it to be even moronic. ¬†Still, I want a smart group in a zombie apocalypse, with their shit together, and present reasonable issues for them to deal with it, and how with some foresight, how you can do in the zombie apocalypse. You don’t need a Rick Grimes to survive, but that is one way, but many have fallen. It’s not a smart group all too often.

I also really hated the opening and closing written flashing shit. It added nothing to it other than to irritate and get your attention. It’s becoming an overused tactic, sometimes accompanied by loud, angry music which is simply off putting. It’s not even that the music is bad, but that’s often not the right tone that you want to set for your film. Use some common sense. Just because it kicks ass doesn’t mean that it is the right song to set the tone for the film. Stylistically, this was very good and watchable. I simply see no point in re-watching this one. It looks good, and it’s fun for a viewing, and it is short. Still, despite it’s length, you may wish for it to just hurry the fuck up and be done with it.

Rating – 4.1 As there are too many issues, and not enough great things to over compensate the flaws. The effort was there, the acting was good, especially by the mom, but the story simply fizzled for somebody like me who has seen too many of these films, and it did nothing to differentiate itself aside from being from Denmark. I wish I had more positive things to say, because the effort was there.

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