#334 Exeter (2015)

This movie has Stephen Lang, who starred in Don’t Breathe. We start off with a hot chick in just her panties, and she kills herself and we have boobs. All within the first minute. You have my attention, Exeter.

Why do so many films use record plays and old projectors to convey a creepy vibe? Just curious. We find out that Exeter was the name of this sanitarium, basically. They killed off a ton of the patients there.

This guy, Patrick, has been working on the building, renovating it or some shit. Like he helps volunteer with the church to take care of the building. This leads to a ridiculous party.  Lots of obnoxious young assholes, and some chick named Amber who Patrick is not doing a good job at sealing the deal with. They want to do the Light as a feather, stiff as a board, and the one girl promises her boyfriend anal if it fails. Well it really worked, but he still wants it. Good for him.

Nobody pays attention when they drive in this movie. We’ve had 2 people get hit thanks to the driver not paying attention. Rory is possessed seemingly, and we have 2 early deaths, plus original hot chick.

The movie finished, lots of dead people, and the twist is starting to get overused.  I don’t mean that to be demeaning, but for those of us who watch way too much horror, we see the same situations play out. Unfortunately, the films that have these endings tend to not be very mainstream films, so it’s mainly your horror fans that see it. If it was just some idiot on a Friday night looking for a horror flick, they probably don’t see it coming because they don’t plow through this stuff like we do. So it’s not a criticism, but for horror fans, we knew the ending, and others probably didn’t. Still, it didn’t take away too much from the film.  I’m a big believer in doing things the right way, even if predictable, than to have some random M Night twist for the sake of it.

I liked this movie once the majority of the partiers left and we got to meet and know the characters better. That is important to me. Loud parties are boring and a turn off for me in real life and in watching in a film. I get why it was done, but did they ever consider that just as much could have been accomplished by having a small party to begin with? Everybody could have gotten drunk and high just as easily and we got have developed the characters better, so for that reason, I do have to deduct something for that. Never forego character development just to be loud and obnoxious. I found the stereotypical characters to be fun. I don’t mind those cliches if they have fun with it. That was important to me, I feel that they had fun making this one.

Just found out that the director also did Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboots. Good for him! Marcus Nispel is his name.

Rating – 5.5 because it was fun for most of the part, and was cheesy at times, but, the good kind of cheesy. Most importantly, it made sense by and large.

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Please go find a copy and support the creators. It’s on NetFlix, so please go watch it now.

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