#335 The Canal (2014)

Ohhhh, the house where our family lives was built in 1902. The family consists of David, Alice, and their son, Billy. Alice has a client, Alex that David is suspicious of. David’s assistant, Claire, gives him this old film footage about a murder that took place at their house. There you go, saved you a lot of time. There’s also a babysitter named Sophie.

So basically, David sees stuff, like demons, in this film footage that he believe is causing various deaths that I don’t want to spoil. So realistically, the question lies in whether the demon is real or totally fabricated in his head. I will leave that up to you to watch and figure out.

Unfortunately, that means that doing a proper review is incredibly hard without spoiling. I can say that the acting is by and large good, the investigator and Billy are my favorite characters, and Sophie too, to an extent. The deaths were nothing that stand out. The film stuff intrigued me though. The power of this film is in the storytelling. I liked it enough that I would re-watch it I think.

Rating – 5.4, maybe higher or lower upon further viewing.

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