#336 Haunt (2014)

This is another simple horror story that works well. Once again, I don’t see why horror movies try to do too much and end up doing it poorly instead of focusing on one thing and owning it.

We have the Asher family: Emily and Alan along with their kids Evan, Sara, and Anita, and they move into this house that has a bad reputation because some say it’s cursed, some just are spooked because Matthew Morello died there recently. His parents were both doctors; Janet and Franklin. Through flashbacks we get the full story on Matthew’s death. Finally, they have Sam and her drunk, abusive father as neighbors.

So Sam comes off like she don’t need any help, and Evan  is supposedly socially awkward, but I found him quite outgoing actually. He tries to be nice, so she takes advantage of this. Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, BUT she ain’t messing with no broke……broke….what’s that word I am looking for? Oh well.  All I can say is that I could sniff out the whole thing very early on. Not that that is a bad thing. Every teenage boy should be forced to watch this film as a lesson. That’s all I will say.

The acting was fine. The parents and Mrs. Morello, even Sam and Evan, everybody did their job very nicely. Visually, I thought it was creppy at times, and I liked it. I don’t have any major complaints. I will go so far as to say that I would like to buy this one.

Final Rating – 6.0 because it really delivered on every aspect that it was meant to. Anything 6 or higher for horror is actually a huge compliment because so much has been done or overdone. They took a subject that has been tackled, a cursed house, added their own backstory, and simply delivered. Kudos to them.

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