#339 Last Shift (2014)

The story is a simple on. Officer Jessica Loren’s first night on the job is at the Sanford Police station, which happens to be it’s last night, and basically all issues are to be sent to the new station up the road. Hazmat should be coming at some point between 10PM-4AM. She is not to leave the place. The commanding Officer, Cohen is a gruff middle aged dude, and he tells her not to go to the holding cells. She gets a creepy call once she is left alone from a girl saying that she thinks every one is dead, but all the calls should be rerouted, and so the fun begins. She hears noises down by the holding cells. I could speculate on where this is going, but I just want to go along for the ride. Honestly, I hope this is some form of sacrifice and not a haunting but I enjoy both ideas.

There’s a knocking at the front door while she has a snack, and she goes out, nobody outside, but then this homeless dude is inside and pisses on the floor, is non responsive, so she gives him the boot, and locks the door. She finds a pair of nasty boots, that may have belonged to the gentleman, so she puts them outside. The pacing for this is pretty solid so far. She explores the men’s bathroom and it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in 20 years, it is foul and putrid. She checks out the locker room and as she looks in one, finds a picture of a man and his daughter, she puts it back and all of the lockers are open. OK, Monica calls again, and she says that she is at a ranch and hears pigs and she has to go. Then the hazmat guy calls, and he’s running behind.  She calls the new place again, and is told that Monica must be calling the department directly. Then more creepy shit.

Then at the back end by the holding cells, a door has been open and there is clanging. She radios in for assistance, but it doesn’t go though and she gets static and a haunting song. The lights go out. She investigates and it’s the homeless dude again, and he’s a big dude. He is going through files. She handcuffs him and drags him in to a cell. The door then closes and the lights go out again. He attacks, but she tasers him. There’s still clanging and she shines her flashlight and what the fuck was that, or who? Well she no longer has her flashlight and it’s not the homeless dude. There is a girl whispering behind the flashlight. The light flashes, 2 bodies behind her with heads wrapped in plastic I think, then the lights come back on. The door is open. She wastes time reciting her oath or whatever it is. She calls Cohen, but he gives her shit. She looks up at the ceiling and sees MOS or SOW spray painted. Now there is some lady, Marigold, outside in the back smoking a cig. Basically this is to give the backstory on shit. There was the Paymon family, a rip off of the Manson Family, and they kidnapped and murdered girls, and they were supposedly killed on the scene of the crime. So there you go.  Marigold was in a cell that night and she claims that they weren’t killed, but rather brought in for holding and says that they would keep humming this song, which is familiar, and then they hung themselves.  As I may not get to make another lewd comment, and that is what I am known for, Marigold has some bouncy titties.

So the Paymon family probably haunt this facility. Seems reasonable. The TV comes on and she sees all of the interrogations of the Paymon family. That part was cool, gave some insight. At this point, you should just bail. Monica calls, and she hears the singing, and her last name is Young, and Jess tells her to call 911. She can’t because the redial button is the only one working. More creepy shit like chairs getting stacked, and she thinks that it’s a joke being played on the rookie. An officer, Ryan Price shows up to check on her, and she blames him for fucking with her. Hahaha. He’s nice, but she isn’t telling him about the stuff aside from the homeless dude pissing on the floor. Price was with her father when he was shot and killed while Price saved 4 girls. We walks away and has this huge exit wound out the back of his head, and he leaves, but no sign of him after he exits the room. I’m going to stop doing play by play and enjoy the rest of this.

Actually, just tossing out a third option that she is insane after her father’s death. This could be one of those it was fake all along type scenarios. Now I watch.

So the guy in the picture with the girl was her and her dad. Monica Young has been dead for a year. A dispatchers told her that weird shit has been happening since the Paymon’s hung themselves. Her mom calls her, but now she is missing her baton. This is the second time that she has kinda blew her mom off.  She is not in an interrogation room and held at gun point by this brunette with beautiful eyes, and she shoots herself to join him on the one year anniversary. I think shes in a mental ward and her mom is trying to talk to her but she is so wrapped up in her dad’s death that she has created all of this shit. That’s the best guess.

So that finished, and a lot of things went down as expected. I won’t reveal which did and which didn’t. Overall, very solid effort here. Great atmosphere, lots of spooky effects. The feeling of isolation is one that serves horror incredibly well. The ending was perfectly fine, and enjoyable. I honestly feel that it deserves better than a 5.7.

Rating – 6.3 Feel appropriate because I would own this and watch it again. Very creepy stuff happening. It would be higher but she did get locked in a holding cell multiple times, and that’s just a rookie movie.

All the pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are the property of Skyra Entertainment, and whoever else may have claims to ownership . Please go find a copy and support the creators. This is on NetFlix, and I think worth a buy as well.

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