#341 The Pact (2012)

The basic plot so far is that Nichole and Annie’s mom dies. Nichole has a daughter Eva. Annie doesn’t want to come back home for the funeral because….life. Nichole goes missing while Skyping with Eva. There’s your premise. Liz is taking care of Eva, and they fear that Nichole has taken off. Liz was staying at the house with Annie and taking care of Eva, and now she has disappeared. 30 minutes to get that much. Nice watching Annie walk around the 32 and a half minute mark. That may be as lewd as I get.

Hey, there’s a door hidden behind the sheet rock or whatever that was, maybe drywall. Christ, the loud music scene was painful. Annie went and got this chick named Stevie who can see shit or something like that.  Lights are flickering, the mom is there, and there’s a room where the girls had to go when they were bad. Apparently it was a bad time. Giles is like Stevie’s handler, and they keep running out of flashlights because the mom keep sucking away the electricity I guess.  She falls and is convulsing and screaming Judas and getting dragged around the room.  Some woman appears, but it wasn’t Annie’s mom. Giles is pissed and takes Stevie home. At least business picked up.

Oh God, so Annie does an internet search on Judas, finds that there was a Judas killer, and that he killed Judith Glick, the lady they just saw, and Annie happens to have a picture of her.

I just finished it. This is one of those, “the ghost in the house wants you to see something, solve the mystery, and then it will leave you the fuck alone” type things. Fair enough. Everything is connected and intertwined well enough, and we finally get to see Eva at the end, and I really liked that girl. I hope she has a successful career. Cliches happen. They drag out one scene in particular for way too long in the name of suspense and tension.  A note to aspiring horror writers and directors, we get it. We get that you want to build up suspense and probably do a jump scare. Stop it, it’s lazy. If you are going to have the girl survive, let her stop being a coward and fucking step up instead of whimpering and all that shit. Stop being pussies and being lazy.

All in all, I liked the acting. The character development was there. It was a slow burn, so it requires patience, but in order to love the story, you need the slow burn in this case. I didn’t love the story, but I did like it. I would have loved some flashbacks and seeing for how long Judas was doing his thing. It would have been neat. Oh well, missed opportunity. My gripes are minor, my enjoyment level was in the middle. I can’t foresee me ever watching this one again. It’s very much a one and done because there’s not enough meat in the first 45 minutes for you to look to spot out things that you now know.

Rating 4.9 – I think it’s fair. There have been better one time only horror flicks. This isn’t as bad as it may look, but in order to be above a 5.0, you must be re-watchable, simple as can be.

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