#342 The Pact 2 (2014)

Here’s a sequel to a movie that I didn’t think needed a sequel. Prove me wrong sequel!

We have an Officer Meyer who is with this chick, June Abbott. June is an artist and also a cleaner. She just got a job to clean up a rather gory crime scene involving Ellie Ford. June’s mom is Maggie Abbott, and she has a troubled past with drugs and she is kind of a hindrance on her daughter. Then there is FBI agent Ballard, and he is a take charge kind of guy. 16 minutes in, and he reveals that Maggie is not June’s biological mom, but rather Jennifer Glick, who you should be familiar with if you saw the first The Pact. If you haven’t, why the fuck are you watching the sequel first? He just blew her mind. Annie should also be involved eventually, according to IMDB. Ballard is by far the best character so far, and I like Meyer too.  It only took 49 and a half minutes for Annie to get involved in this film on screen.

This is not nearly as fun as the first one, if I may be totally upfront and honest. They tried, and they clearly left it open for a third one. Stevie can still return with her cameos, and she’s probably a franchise favorite at this point. The Judas killer thing is very tame in the horror movie spectrum. I like the idea of ghosts trying to point you in the right direction and help you figure out mysteries. That is the aspect that was the best in part one. Instead, this one, it wasn’t about that as much. Judging by the reviews I have read, I’m actually one of the few that isn’t totally bashing it. Which is unfair because it was still a totally fine movie. It wasn’t bad, although the “twist” was very obvious for a long while, but I am not going to kill this movie for an obvious twist.  I wish Annie had been involved earlier, I wish Stevie was in it more, and Giles for that matter, and I wish the ghost clues were better done.

Rating -4.4 as I probably won’t watch it again, but it’s not a poorly done film. I just have no rhyme or reason unless a part 3 came out and I wanted a refresher.

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