#344 Mr. Jones (2013)

How do you not start this with that mediocre Counting Crows song? Scott and Penny move, and Scott wants to make some documentary, and Penny gave up a good solid job to do this, and Scott is under stress and basically failing. We also get lots of odd voiceovers that are tied to what is going on. By the way, this is yet another found footage film. Uh huh. I’m having my doubts. ¬†One night, like night 51, birds go crazy during a storm and hit the house a lot…….yeah. Jesus, she is all uptight about being filmed in a bra. How irritating. They find a house nearby and somebody has stolen his keys. They go in the house, find a basement, and lots of cool scarecrows. God damnit, I hate Found Footage films by and large. Penny knows that this guy is like this famous Mr. Jones artist guy, and she wants to go back. I’m just going to watch.

Well……that did me no good. That was an experience. If you want explanations, go to IMDB and pick one of the 30 different ones there. Wowza. I don’t know if what I saw was brilliant, or trash. I like a lot of the ideas there. The fact that Scott has been off of his meds I feel is very important, because if you’ve ever been on any psychotropic meds before for a long period and then just stop, shit is fucked up for a bit, I can attest to this. Myths and realities seems to blur. Who was recording? I just don’t know. If you are a stoner, this movie will blow your fucking mind. If you are not a stoner, this movie may blow your fucking mind.

Here is my major gripe. I’m cool with shit being open to interpretation. I like a movie that makes me think. One of my all time favorite movies is Cube, and that thing will make you think. With that being said, that sort of film is up for speculation. I feel like there is a right answer, it’s just that the film may not have fully conveyed it properly, or maybe it takes 5 viewings. I have no idea. And that is a problem. If you are going to make a film that requires multiple viewing, it needs to be amazing. Watch Fight Club 5 times, you will pick up something new every time. This, well you will pick up on stuff, but you will never walk away with a definitive answer of what the hell happened.

I see the artistic value in this though. I don’t want to rip on it. The odd thing is, I can totally see myself showing this to people.

Rating – 5.1 because I will see this again, even if I am angry about it.


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Please go find a copy and support the creators. I know some of you dig found footage, so please check it out if you are into it, or are just curious. It’s on NetFlix, so why not?

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